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M. Knoedler & Co. records, approximately 1848-1971

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Descriptive Summary
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Scope and Content of Collection
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Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Stock books, 1872-1977
Series I.A. Paintings, 1872-1970
Series I.B. Watercolors, 1872-1972
Series. I.C. London, 1894-1977
Series I.D. Other stock books, 1877-1976
Series II. Sales books, 1863-1971
Series III. Commission books, 1879-1973
Series IV. Inventory cards, 1859-1971
Series V. Receiving and shipping records, 1893-1972
Series V.A. Receiving records, 1893-1972
Series V.B. Shipping records, 1896-1971
Series V.C. Shipping records from the London office, 1946-1972
Series V.D. Receiving and shipping records from the Chicago office, 1929-1932
Series VI. Correspondence, 1878-1971
Series VI.A. General correspondence, 1879-1971
Series VI.B. Interoffice correspondence, 1911-1969
Series VI.C. Library correspondence, 1913-1971
Series VI.D. Copies of letters sent, 1878-1958
Series VI.E. London office correspondence, 1902-1971
Series VI.F. Correspondence from other offices, approximately 1900-1971
Series VI.G. Correspondence dossiers, undated
Series VII. Photographs, approximately 1890-1971
Series VII.A. Artist files, approximately 1890-1971
Series VII.B. London office photographic files, approximately 1900-1971
Series VII.C. Paris office photographic files, approximately 1900-1971
Series VII.D. Restoration photographs, 1931-1967
Series VII.E. Other photographic files, approximately 1900-1971
Series VIII. Exhibition files, 1869-1971
Series VIII.A. General exhibition files, 1869-1971
Series VIII.B. London exhibition files, 1904-1926
Series VIII.C. Paris exhibition files, 1913-1971
Series VIII.D. Other offices, 1903-1907, 1928-1935
Series IX. American Department records, 1913-1971
Series IX.A. American collections, 1913-1969
Series. IX.B. American data, 1928-1971
Series X. Framing and restoration records, 1914-1972
Series X.A. Gallery frame books, 1921-1958
Series X.B. Charges and orders, 1914-1972, undated
Series X.C. Other ledgers, 1920-1976
Series XI. Print Department records, 1887-1971
Series XI.A. Print retail books, 1902-1967
Series XI.B. Print sales books, 1911-1941
Series XI.C. Print bill books, 1918-1959
Series XI.D. Other ledgers, 1888-1971
Series XI.E. Inventory cards, 1882-1958, undated
Series XI.F. Miscellaneous, 1893-1942
Series XII. Other financial records, 1873-1977
Series XII.A. General financial records, 1873-1977
Series XII.B. London office financial records, 1902-1977
Series XII.C. Other offices, 1895-1965
Series XIII. Library cards, scrapbooks, and research materials, 1905-1973
Series XIII.A. Library index cards, undated
Series XIII.B. Library guides and microfiche, 1835-approximately 1971
Series XIII.C. London Library inventory, undated
Series XIII.D. Scrapbooks,
Series XIII.E. Research files,
Series XIV. Knoedler family papers, 1866-1969
M. Knoedler & Co. records
Series I. Stock books, 1872-1977 83 Linear Feet (60 boxes)
Series I.A. Paintings, 1872-1970 24 Linear Feet (11 boxes)
The subseries contains eleven volumes of Knoedler's stock books for paintings acquired by the firm from 1872 to 1970. Stock of paintings was numbered 1 to 17039, a numbering system that was initiated in 1876 with the recording of new acquisitions in stock book number 3 and was in use until December 1927. Beginning in January 1928, a new numbering system was adopted with the letter A preceding the numbers. The first volumes provide indices for steamers that were used for the shipment of the artworks. The later volumes provide indices for the vendors from whom Knoedler acquired the paintings. The first two books record a variety of transactions, including joint acquisitions and commissions from other dealers, such as Goupil.
There are entries in this set of stock books for transactions relating to watercolors, but the bulk of the transactions relating to watercolors are recorded in ledgers described in Series I.B. M. Knoedler & Co. did not maintain stock books dedicated to artworks such as sculptures, tapestries, or medals. Rare transactions for these are listed in the ledgers described in Series I.A.
The stock books in Series I.A. have been digitized and made available online. Connect to digitized stock books. For transcriptions of individual entries in these ledgers, search the Dealer Stock Book database.
The arrangement is by chronological and numerical order.
1 Painting stock book 1, 1872 December-1881 September 1 volume
Painting stock book 1: 1872 December-1881 September

Includes commissions.
2 Painting stock book 2, 1873 April-1878 August 1 volume
Painting stock book 2: 1873 April-1878 August

3 Painting stock book 3: 1-4368, 1875 December-1883 December 1 volume
Painting stock book 3: 1-4368: 1875 December-1883 December

Includes commissions; stock numbers 378-477 are recorded in Painting stock book 2.
4 Painting stock book 4: 4369-8799, 1883 April-1899 April 1 volume
Painting stock book 4: 4369-8799: 1883 April-1899 April

5 Painting stock book 5: 8800-12652, 1899 April-1911 December 1 volume
Painting stock book 5: 8800-12652: 1899 April-1911 December

6 Painting stock book 6: 12653-15139, 1911 December-1920 July 1 volume
Painting stock book 6: 12653-15139: 1911 December-1920 July

Loose sheets listing commissions for M. Knoedler & Co., Chicago, dated March 25, 1931 and July 1, 1930, are inserted inside the back cover.
7 Painting stock book 7: 15140-17039, 1921 January-1927 December 1 volume
Painting stock book 7: 15140-17039: 1921 January-1927 December

8 Painting stock book 8: A1-A2680, 1928 January-1943 November 1 volume
Painting stock book 8: A1-A2680: 1928 January-1943 November

9 Painting stock book 9: A2681-A4782, 1943 November-1952 February 1 volume
Painting stock book 9: A2681-A4782: 1943 November-1952 February

10 Painting stock book 10: A4783-A7177, 1952 January-1959 February 1 volume
Painting stock book 10: A4783-A7177: 1952 January-1959 February

Inventory A4783-A7177 begins on page 67.
11 Painting stock book 11: A7178-A9437, 1959 February-1970 December 1 volume
Painting stock book 11: A7178-A9437: 1959 February-1970 December

Inventory A7178-A9437 begins on page 68.

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