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Edward Ruscha photographs of Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, 1965-2010

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Ruscha (Edward) Photographs
Series I. Sunset Boulevard, 1965-2010, undated
Series I.A. Shoots, 1965-2010
Series I.A. contains materials pertaining to Ruscha's documentation of Sunset Boulevard between 1966 and 2001. The twelve shoots made during these years covered the twenty-five mile length of Sunset Boulevard and included both sides of the street, which Ruscha shot using a motorized camera mounted on a tripod in the bed of his pickup truck. This subseries contains the original negatives and contact sheets from the 1966, 1976, and 1998 shoots, and from the seven shoots made between 1973 and 1997 (excluding 1976). The negatives from each of these shoots were spliced together into large rolls, one per shoot, and positive rolls were created by Foto-Kem in 2010. The 2000 and 2001 shoots are present as videotapes. Most of the documentation files include such materials as photocopies of notes from the spiral-bound shootings notebooks, photocopies of original roll notes, and Foto-Kem materials such as cue and footage sheets and invoices.
Arranged chronologically by shoot date. See Series I.B. for Jerry McMillan's test 1965 shoot of Sunset Boulevard.
1966 June 11 shooting session, 1965-1966
box folder
1 1 Negatives, 1966 June 11
Forty-four bundles of 13-frame negative strips (Ilford Fine Grain Panchromatic (FP3) film)comprising 513 strips (6,373 frames). The strips numbered in their lower left corners. Written on wrapper: Original "Sunset Strip" negs. / Book.
2* 16 x 20 inch contact sheets, 1966
Forty-five contact sheets, most containing 12 strips of 13 frames, and corresponding to the negatives above (includes one duplicate of print 399-410), and one cut contact sheet of two rows. Strip numbers are written on left edges; additional codes are written on lower right edges; occasional annotations and markings are on individual frames. Labels on upper right corner of versos read: Edward Ruscha Photo-documentation of Sunset Blvd. - 1966; and include fill-in spaces for subject, proof sheet number, and negative numbers.
box folder
7 1 Documentation, 1965-1966
Four pages of photocopies from Record book, 1966-1972 (Box 17, Folder 6) including three pages of expense notes for first shoot probably prior to June 11, 1966 (approach abandoned), and between June 11 and September 24, 1966; and one page of notes containing film loading instructions.
1973 July 1 shooting session, 1973-2010
box item
3 FN1 Negative film reel, 1973 July 1
1 x 35 mm, 8 perf. created from 36 rolls of film; 907 feet of film.
box item
4 FP1 Positive film reel, 2010
box folder
7 2 Documentation, 1973-2010
Also includes masking tape pieces with roll information, unused film ends, and paper film wrapper.
1974 July 14 shooting session, 1974-2010
box item
3 FN2 Negative film reel, 1974 July 14
1 x 35 mm, 8 perf. created from 40 rolls of film; 1,069 feet of film.
box item
4 FP2 Positive film reel, 2010
box folder
7 3 Documentation, 1973-2010
Also includes unused film end and paper film wrapper.
1975 August 3 and 24 shooting sessions, 1975-2010
box item
3 FN3 Negative film reel, 1975 August 3-1975 August 24
1 x35 mm., 8 perf created from 45 rolls of film; 1121 feet of film.
box item
4 FP3 Positive film reel, 2010
box folder
7 4 Documentation, 1975-2010
Includes two black-and-white photographs by Paul Ruscha of Ed Ruscha and crew taken during the August 3 shoot. Annotations on versos: Danny Kwan (driver) in Ed's maroon Datsun pick-up, Ed Ruscha (photographer) and Bryan Heath (camera assistant). Photo by Paul Ruscha Aug. 3, 1975; and: Ed Ruscha with Nikon-F w/motor drive (250 frame back). Photo: Paul Ruscha / August 3, 1975.
1976 August 22 shooting session, 1976
box folder
1 2 Negatives
Fifteen bundles of 13 frame negative strips of Ilford Fine Grain (FP4) film corresponding to contact sheets listed below. Strips numbered in lower left corners.
box folder
8* 1 Contact sheets
Fifteen 16 x 20 inch contact sheets corresponding to negatives listed above. Sheets are numbered on lower left corners and have annotations on individual frames; versos are numbered on lower right corner and dated in center. Yellow sticky notes on some sheets point to frames printed, possibly for 1995 Patrick Painter portfolio project. Written on original box: Photos taken Aug. 22, 1976 / 16 x 20 Sunset Strip contacts (and negs). Nb: no negatives in box.
box folder
7 5 Documentation
1985 August 22 shooting session, 1985-2010
box item
3 FN4 Negative film reel, 1985 August 22
1 x 35 mm, 8 perf. created from 32 rolls of film; 791 feet of film.
box item
4 FP4 Positive film reel, 2010
Made by Foto-Kem.
box folder
7 6 Documentation, 1985-2010
1990 September 8 shooting session, 1990-2010
box item
5 FN5 Negative film reel, 1990 September 8
1 x 35 mm, 8 perf. created from 25 rolls of film; 753 feet of film.
box item
6 FP5 Positive film reel, 2010
Made by Foto-Kem.
box folder
7 7 Documentation, 1990-2010
Also includes two film wrappers and photocopies of three loose notes found inside 1973-1990 project notebook, and Foto-Kem plastic wrapper.
1995 August 20 and 21 shooting sessions, 1995-2010
box item
5 FN6 Negative film reel, 1995 August 20-1995 August 21
1 x 35 mm, 8 perf. created from 31 rolls of film; 964 feet of film.
box item
6 FP6 Positive film reel, 2010
Made by Foto-Kem.
box item
9 V1 Photo documentation of Sunset Blvd., 1995 August 20
1 video 8 tape. Includes list of credits on paper insert of video tape case. Video of the filming process taken by Ruscha's son Eddie.
box folder
7 8 Project notebook, 1995 August 20-21
Red spiral-bound notebook. Written on front cover: Sunset Blvd. (and other streets) photography notebook / Sunday, Aug. 1995 and Monday, Aug. 21, 1995.
7 9 Documentation, 1995-2010
Also includes a 12-page typed script for the shoot; hand-written notes on two large yellow sticky notes; photocopies of two loose notes from the green project notebook; and a one page photocopy from a film (motion picture) lab directory.
1997 September 14 - September 16 shooting sessions, 1997-2010
box item
5 FN7 Film negative reel, 1997 September 14-1997 September 16
1 x 35 mm., 8 perf. film reel; 1038 feet of film.
box item
6 FP7 Film positive reel, 2010
Made by Foto-Kem.
box folder
7 10 Project notebook, 1997 September 14-1997 September 16
Blue spiral-bound notebook. Cover reads: 1997 Sept. 14, 15, 16th / Sunset Blvd. / Driver: Shane Gufogg / Photographer: Gary Regester / Film changer: Paul Ruscha / I.D.ographer: Eddie Ruscha.
7 11 Documentation, 1997
Also includes one note hand-written by Ed Ruscha in marker with annotations in darker marker by Paul Ruscha; and one sheet of printed roll notes.
1998 August 9 shooting session, 1998
10 Negatives
Eighteen bundles each containing between 11 and 22 strips of 13 frame Ilford FP4 Plus Safety film negatives corresponding to the contact sheets below, plus seven small strips of extra negatives (2-6 frames each). Strips numbered in lower left corners; some annotations on film and on sticky notes.
box folder
8* 2 Contact sheets
Thirty 16 x 20 inch contact sheets corresponding to negatives above, 11 rows by 13 frames; and one 20 x 8 1/2 inch sheet containing seven rows. Annotations written on negatives. Written on original box: Sunset Blvd. - Aug. 9, 1998.
box folder
7 12 Documentation, 1998
Includes one hand-written note by Ed Ruscha regarding shoot expenses; one typed to-do list with hand-written note added by Paul Ruscha; and one hand-drawn schedule [not filled in].
2000 December 17 shooting session, 2000
box item
9 V2 Sunset Blvd.: Crescent Heights east to Gower, north side of street,
1 VHS cassette tape. Material extracted from V4, possibly for a screening copy.
9 V3 Vertical image with display i.d. info, projected horizontally,
1VHS cassette tape. Material extracted from V4, possibly for a screening copy.
9 V4 Sunset Blvd. shot on Mini DVs
4 mini DV tapes of 4. Material found on V2 and V3 was extracted from this original set of tapes.
2001 June 24 shooting session, 2001
box item
11 D1 Sunset Strip 2001
Six CDs of 6.
box item
9 V5 Sunset Blvd. 2001
Two VHS cassette tapes of 2. Copies of V6.
9 V6 Sunset Blvd., 24 June 2001
Four mini DV tapes of 4.
Shootings materials, 1970-1990, undated
box folder
7 13 Production notebook, 1973-1990
Green spiral-bound notebook containing notes written by Ed Ruscha, Paul Ruscha, Susan Haller, Bryan Heath, and Eddie Ruscha. Written on cover: Motorized photographs Sunset Blvd. and other L.A. streets. Includes two loose notebook pages for 1973 July 1 shoot, and four loose sheets of notes and diagrams.
7 14 Los Angeles - Orange Counties Popular Street Atlas, 1970
"Thomas Guide." Note on yellow sticky note from Ed Ruscha on page 52.
7 15 Truck specs, circa 1987-1989
Note and diagram on matt board, made by Ed Ruscha in black marker, reads: Ford "E Super Duty" chassis / Ford E350 chassis w/van added / Made by Goshen Coach / 3 or 4 windows / These slide open for camera [arrow to window diagram].
7 16 Sunset Boulevard. cross streets, not after 1994
List of cross streets on both sides of Sunset Blvd., starting at Pacific Coast Highway and traveling east.
7 17 Signs, undated
Matt board scraps containing the numbers 1 to 30.
7 18 Miscellaneous materials, undated
Includes film ends and a negative strip enclosure.
box folder
12 1 Schematic map for shooting times, undated
Hand-drawn map showing timings along route and location of sun.

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