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Edward Ruscha photographs of Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard, 1965-2010

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Ruscha (Edward) Photographs
Series II. Hollyood Boulevard, 1973-2005, undated
Series II.B. Then & Now, 1973-2005
In 2005 the German publisher and master printer, Gerhard Steidl, published Then & Now: Hollywood Boulevard 1973-2004, as both a limited edition portfolio of 142 photographic prints and as a trade book. In these works Ruscha's original 1973 images run parallel to their 2004 versions, recording the changes that had occurred to the thoroughfare over three decades. As with Every Building on the Sunset Strip, the images of the north side of the boulevard run along the top of the sheet or page, while those of the south side of the boulevard run inverted along its bottom.
This subseries contains the production materials for the project, ranging from index prints, initial layouts, proof sheets, and dummies, to examples of the final products. Documentation includes maps, street name and numbering systems, image sequence lists, and memos on working and production procedures. Unlike its predecessor, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, wherein cars and pedestrians are frequently chopped off and facades unmatched, as if one is moving along the street too fast to capture the wholeness of any one object, the images in Then & Now are stringently and seamlessly matched, and retouched as needed. The documentation addresses the issues surrounding the difficulties of producing this image justification.
Arranged topically.
27, 31 Production materials, 1973-2003
box item
34 C1 Black-and-white montage, original images 1973, tape made 2003
One DDS3 Dat tape. Written on liner: 25 Ruscha - Then & Now / 16.12.03 / Zwischensicherung des schwarz-weiß montagen (1973) / stand 16.12. [03].
box item
27 DVD1 DVDs 2003 February 25-26; 2003 March 27
3 DVDs of 3 (data discs). Zwischensicherung (temporary back-up).
39-43 Production data and documentation, 1973-2005, undated
box folder
39 1 Shoot notes, 1973
Five pages of photocopied notes and diagrams from the green spiral-bound project notebook (Box 7, F13), regarding shooting set-up, film loading, and so forth for the 1973 shoot.
39 2 Notes for reshooting Hollywood Bloulevard, 2003
Regarding the 2003 and possibly 2004 shoots.
39 3-4 Maps, undated
39 3 Hand-drawn maps and notes
Includes maps of segments of Hollywood Boulevard showing cross streets or street numbers, and some roll notes.
39 4 Thomas Guide maps
Map of Hollywood Boulevard made of pages photocopied from a Thomas Guide and pieced together, and additional photocopied pages.
39 5 Street names and numbering system, circa 2003
39 6 Sequence lists, undated
Sequences of film negatives (rolls, strips and frames).
39 7-9 Index prints, 2004-2005
Thumbnails of TIFFs.
39 7 North side of street, 2004-2005
39 8 South side of street, 2004-2005
39 9 Crosss streets and rolls, 2004
39 10 Working processes and production procedures, circa 2003-circa 2004
Memos and examples from Gustav Steidel and Jonas Wettre to Ed and Paul Ruscha regarding working and production processes.
39 11 Production data, circa 2004
Includes film and digital file specs, production notes by Jonas Wettre, e-mail notes from Ed Ruscha, and color copies of sample book pages.
39-40 Digital files, 2003-2004
box folder
40 1-3 Indices 2003
box folder
39 12 Notes, 2003-2004
39 13 Book design and edition notes, 2003, undated
Notes and diagrams on book and box design from Gerhard Steidl. Includes hand-written roll list.
39 14 Press proof notes, 2003
39 15 Correspondence, 2003-2005
Notes sent (e-mails and faxes) between Steidl Verlag and Ruscha's studio.
40-43 Printouts with production notes, 2003-2004
Printouts for Then & Now from various stages of production with production notes regarding layout, image problems, and so forth.
41 1
42 2
box folder
43 1-5 3
Also includes enlarged maps of Hollywood Boulevard and sample vinyl lettering for title.
43 1 Printouts with maps
43 2 North and south side examples
43 3 Individual frames and montage
43 4 Corrected printout
43 5 Vinyl lettering samples
44 4
45-46 Dummies, 2003
box folder
45 1 Printcuts
In three sections.
45 2 Title page mock-up
On adhesive clear vinyl.
box folder
46 1 Book dummy with photographs
Written on cover: Saturday 27.4.03 / Ed Ruscha / Gerhard Steidl / Paul Ruscha / Gary Regester / Jessica Newsmith / Greg Heine.
46 2 Empty book dummy
47* Iris proofs circa 2004
48 Blue print circa 2004
49, 50** Then & Now, 2005
49 Trade book
Finished book in slipcase.
50** Boxed portfolio
The boxed set of 142 C-prints is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper, each print measuring 70 x 100 cm (27 1/2 x 39 3/8 inches). The back of each print includes a stamp with the number of the print in the sequence of 142; the edition number, and date. The cover sheet of the set is signed by the artist, dated, and numbered. All are housed in a handmade wooden crate (75.8 x 104.5 x 8.6 cm). Inside the crate is a label, signed by the artist, dated, and numbered.
Then & Now was produced in a numbered edition of 10 copies (plus six artist's proofs and two printer's proofs). This copy is A.P. V/VI.

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