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Harald Szeemann papers, 1800-2011, bulk 1949-2005

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Project files, 1836-2007, bulk 1949-2005
Series II. Artist files 1888-2009, bulk 1969-2005
Series III. Curator and museum professional files, 1903, 1942, 1955-2007
Series III.A. Curator files, 1903, 1942, 1955-2007
Series III.B. Correspondence binders, 1973-1998
Series III.C. Unfiled materials, 1958-2007
Series IV. Photographs, 1800, 1836-2011, bulk 1957-2005
Series IV.A. Projects, 1895-2007
Series IV.B. Artists, 1892-2007, bulk 1960-1999
Series IV.C. Margarethe Fellerer photographs of Monte Verità, 1904-1979, undated
Series IV.D. Topical, 1900-2004
Series IV.E. Slide carousels, 1997, undated
Series IV.F. Personal, approximately 1880-2004
Series V. Audiovisual files, 1926-2005, undated, bulk 1983-2005
Series V.A. Project files, 1969-2005, undated, bulk 1983-2005
Series V.B. Artist files, 1926, 1950-1956, 1965-2005, undated
Series V.C. Curator and museum professional files, 1989-2005, undated
Series V.D. Topical files, 1956, 1960, 1965-1972, 1984-2004, undated
Series V.E. Gallery and museum ephemera, 1995-2005, undated
Series V.F. Personal files, 1996-2005
Series V.G. Unidentified, undated
Series VI. Topical files, 1806-2005, bulk 1967-2005
Series VI.A. Arts and letters, 1905-2005, bulk 1956-2005
Series VI.B. Clippings and assorted research materials, approximately 1969-2005
Series VI.C. People and organizations, 1967-2004, undated
Series VI.D. Places, 1851-2004, undated
Series VI.E. Politics, environment, and society, 1905-2004, undated
Series VI.F. Professional associations, 1961-2005, undated
Series VI.G. Themes, 1912-2004, undated
Series VI.H. Unfiled materials, 1806, 1924-1929, 1948-1958, 1967-2004, undated
Series VII. Gallery and museum ephemera, 1915, 1937, 1953-2007, undated
Series VII.A. Galleries, 1953-2007, undated
Series VII.B. Museums, 1915, 1937, 1954, 1960-2007, undated
Series VII.C. General, 2004-2005
Series VIII. Personal files, 1800, 1933-2007, undated
Series VIII.A. Individuals, 1800, 1933-2007, undated
Series VIII.B. Objects, 1997, 2000, undated
Series IX. Business files, 1923-2011, bulk 1974-2004
Series IX.A. Receipts and bank documents, 1968-2006
Series IX.B. Taxes and balances, 1969-2004
Series IX.C. Miscellaneous business, 1923-2004, 2011, bulk 1974-2004
Series X. Digital files, approximately 2001-approximately 2006
Szeemann (Harald) Papers
Series VI. Topical files, 1806-2005, bulk 1967-2005 193.53 Linear Feet (406 boxes, 6 flatfiles, 1 telescope roll box)
Series VI.G. Themes, 1912-2004, undated 18.7 Linear Feet (33 boxes, 2 flatfiles)
Series VI.G. Themes contains clippings, periodicals, booklets, souvenirs and ephemera, promotional materials, calendars, postcards, and brochures on a variety of topics.
A to Z themes include AIDS, Cadmium, Flugzeuge [airplanes], Fremdenhass [xenophobia], Liebe [love], and many more. Well represented are materials concerning Werbung [advertising], with material organized into subtopics including Werbung - Alkohol; Werbung - Auto; Werbung - Kunst [art]; Werbung - mit Sex [with sex]; and more.
Assorted contains files organized by Szeemann into categories including Architecture, Karikatur, and Erotik und Sex. This section also contains collections of greeting cards and covers and articles from the German magazine, Der Spiegel. Of interest is a Batman hand puppet.
Arranged into two sections: A to Z, containing a run of folders created by Szeemann arranged alphabetically; and Assorted, containing materials found in labeled boxes not part of the A to Z run. In Assorted, the labeled envelopes of Design, Drogen [drugs], Fahrrad [bicycle], Glas [glass], Karikatur [cartoons or caricatures], Keramik [ceramic], Kitsch, and Kuriosa [curiosities] were found together in an unlabeled box; the envelopes for Haus [house] were found together in a box marked "Haus"; and the labeled envelopes of Mund und Fuss [mouth and foot], Plakat [poster], Reklame [advertisement], Schiff, Speisekarten [menus], Spielzeug [toy], Textil, and Weltausstellungen [world expositions] were found together. Oversize and unfiled materials are at the end.
A to Z, 1914-1918, 1924, 1933-2004, undated
3470 Aborto - Bikini, 1924, 1969-1999, undated
Includes clippings and advertisements concerning automobiles, and may be related to Szeemann's unrealized exhibition on Automobility. Folder 33 contains color photographs featuring Szeemann and others at an event, L'Automobile più Bella del Mondo.
3471 Biotop - Computer, 1969-1997, undated
Predominant topics include Computer.
3472 Crédit National-France - Erdöl [petroleum], 1969-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Crédit National-France and Drogen [drugs].
3473 Erfindungen [inventions] - Fussgängerzone [pedestrian zones], 1969-2002, undated
Predominant topics include Europa [Europe]; Flugzeug [airplane] and related subjects; and Frauen [women] and related subjects.
3474 Gangster - Sechziger Jahre [1960s], 1967-2003, undated
Predominant topics include Genetica [genetic engineering]; Haus [house] and related subjects; and Heilertum [healers and healing] and related subjects.
3475 Siebziger Jahre [1970s] - Erster Weltkrieg 1914-1918, 1968-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Siebziger Jahre [the 1970s] and Krieg [war], including World War I.
3476 Zweiter Weltkrieg [World War II] - Leim [glue], 1969-1998, undated
3477 Lesen [reading] - Miss Universo, 1968-2001, undated
Predominant topics include Medizin [medicine].
3478 Mode [fashion] - Natur, 1968-2000, undated
3479 Naturgeschichte [natural history] - Pychosomatische Klinik, 1937-2000, undated
Predominant topics include Philatelia; and a collection of original postage stamps and stamp books dating from approximately 1920 to 2000.
3480 Puppen [dolls] - Sekten [sects], 1933, 1969-1998, undated
Predominant topics include Rauchen [smoking]; Raumfahrt [space travel]; and Religion and Sekten (sects). Of particular interest on the topic of smoking is a 1933 issue of Der Raucher: Österreichischer Raucherzeitung [The Smoker: Austrian Smokers' Newspaper].
3481 Selbstmord [suicide] - Theater, 1961-1998, undated
3482 Tic(k)s - Vampire, 1966-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Tiere [animals] and related subjects; Uhren [clocks] Umweltschutz [environmental protection] and Unweltverschmutzung [environmental pollution]; and Unfälle and Unglücke [accidents].
3483 Vater [father] - Werbung und Kunst [advertising and art], 1969-2001, undated
Predominant topics include Wein [wine]; and Werbung [advertising] and related subjects. Folder 23 contains wine labels.
3484 Werbung: Leuchtkörper [advertising: illuminants] - Zwillinge [twins], 1967-2004, undated
Assorted, 1939, 1947-1999, 2002-2005, undated
Architektur - Haus, 1947-1989, undated
3485 Papers, 1947-1989, undated
Topics include Architektur; Badges; Buch [book] - Papier; Computer; Design; Drogen [drugs]; Fahrrad [bicycle]; Glas; and Haus. Materials include periodicals, clippings, brochures, booklets, and a Batman hand puppet (filed under Badges, folder 3).
box folder
3508 4 Oversize, 1959, undated
Contains a promotional item for a special issue of Lotus magazine devoted to "La Casa," and an issue of American Home (1959).
3486 Karikatur - Weltausstellungen [world expositions], 1939, 1963-1989, undated
Topics include Karikatur; Keramik; Kitsch; "Kuriosa"; Mund und Fuss [mouth and foot; regards artists painting using their mouths or feet]; Plakat [poster]; Reklame [advertisement]; Schiff [ship]; Speisekarten [menus]; Spielzeug [toy]; Textil; and Weltausstellungen [world expositions]. The Italian Line published the booklet under the "Schiff" topic for the 1939 New York World exposition, as well as two menus from that year in the "Speisekarten" topic.
3487 Greeting cards and messages, 1998, 2002, 2004-2005
Items in folders 1-2 were filed in a hanging folder labeled "Auguri"; items in Folders 3-5 were found loose with material labeled "cartoline di auguri 2004." Folders 3 and 4 contain items with handwriting on them, and folder 5 contains items with no handwriting. Folder 6 contains two unfiled greeting cards.
3488, 3737, 3775 Der Spiegel: covers and articles, 1967-1999
Contains mostly issues and cover stories from Der Spiegel magazine, some photocopied and some marked with sticky notes; materials were found together. Topics include astronomy, mafia, end of the world and of the millennium, Year 2000, cults and suicide, the Holocaust, mythology and myths, environmental pollution, epidemics, genetic engineering, nuclear disaster, and traffic. Unfiled photocopies are in box 3775.
Erotik und Sex, 1958, 1960-1998, 2004, undated
Includes materials concerning sexuality, gender, pornography, eroticism, women, genetic engineering, and other topics, possibly related to Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany and other exhibitions. Materials were originally found together in a box labeled Erotik und Sex. Files were not in alphabetical order; the order in which they were found has been retained. Several items in box 3491 (folders 3 and 44) and 3492 (folders 4, 7, 9, and 10) contain handwritten annotations referencing "La Mamma"; one item in box 3492, folder 15 references Monte Verità. Materials from box 3493, some of which contain handwritten notes regarding planning (see folders 29, 31, 35, and 37), were found together in packets among the materials in boxes 3489-3492; their order and groupings have been maintained.
3489 Genetische Technologie - Viagra, 1960-1998, undated
3490 Geburt [birth] - Frau im Sport [women in sports], 1958, 1969-1994, undated
3491 Frau: Sprache für die Liebe [woman: language for love] - Frau: Erziehung [education], 1968-1994, undated
3492 Frau: Familie, Paar [family, couple] - Witze [jokes], 1970-2004, undated
Also includes loose clippings, a greeting card, and unfiled material on topics related to materials in boxes 3489-3492; and a photocopied book, Die Wurliblume by Jo Imog.
3493 Körperkult [body cult] - Sexuality: magazine articles and photographs, 1963-1998, undated
Topics include sexuality, eroticism, the body, gender, violence, AIDS, the female and male gaze, male fantasies; magazine articles and photographs; and more. Materials also include pages of notes. Items were found batched together in folders or by rubber bands; materials have been re-foldered and the order and grouping maintained.
3494 Various, 1980-2003, undated
Items were found with the materials in boxes 3489-3493. Includes articles, magazine and newspaper clippings and complete issues of magazines, a paperback book, postcards, pages from catalogs, correspondence, and handwritten notes.
Oversize, approximately 1930-1998
447**-448** Posters and other materials, 1969, 1980-1991, undated
Contains posters, broadsides, and diagrams concerning sexuality and gender, automobiles, military and votive images, machines, toys, and other assorted materials, including a user's manual.
3506*-3507, 3509-3510, 3512 Various, approximately 1930-1998
Box 3506, folders 6 and 7 contain four posters concerning cuisine, drugs, gender, and sex. Box 3507, folder 5 contains a photocopy of the book, Patterns of desire, by Joyce Kozloff (approximately 1990). Box 3509, folder 3 contains an undated diagram of a machine. Box 3510, folder 5 contains educational wall posters on various topics; folder 6 contains facsimiles from Der illuminierte Codex Urgellensis, published by Verlag Biblioteca Rara, Münster, Germany (1998); and folder 7 contains an unidentified drawing. Box 3512, folder 1 contains unfiled, undated reproductions of German illustrated manuscripts, and folder 2 contains a menu and restaurant souvenir originally filed in Themes: A to Z under Restaurant Mövenpick, 1955.
Unfiled, 1912-1922, 1929, 1949, 1964-2004, undated
3495, 3505*, 3774-3775, 3777 Assorted, 1929, 1949, 1964-2004, undated
Themes include anarchy (Nestor Makhmo); apocalypse; architecture; automobiles (printed toilet paper); bicycles; business and corporations; cartomancy/Mademoiselle Lenormand; coins; education (Christian-von-Bomhard Schule, Uffenheim, Germany); famine; hairdressing; humor; labels (for pewter figures); medicine (1929 monograph); pyramidology; Homer Simpson; and war (1949 book by Ernst Jünger.) Includes materials with unidentified topics. Box 3777 contains a scrapbook with the label "Krieg u. Diverse" mainly with magazine images regarding World War II.
3402 Matchbooks, undated
3496 Periodical: Jung-Wandervogel: Zeitschrift des Bundes für Jugendwandern "Jung-Wandervogel", 1912-1922
Includes issues from Volume 2, Number 12, 1912 December - Volume 12, Number 3, 1922 July-September.
3497 September 11, 2001: Clippings, 1997-2004
Folders 1 through 4 contain clippings and were found together. Folder 5 contains an issue of Geo Epoche magazine devoted to the September 11, 2001 events; many of its pages have Post-it notes attached.
box folder
3737 6 Votives, 1969-1972

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