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Harald Szeemann papers, 1800-2011, bulk 1949-2005

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
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Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Project files, 1836-2007, bulk 1949-2005
Series II. Artist files 1888-2009, bulk 1969-2005
Series III. Curator and museum professional files, 1903, 1942, 1955-2007
Series III.A. Curator files, 1903, 1942, 1955-2007
Series III.B. Correspondence binders, 1973-1998
Series III.C. Unfiled materials, 1958-2007
Series IV. Photographs, 1800, 1836-2011, bulk 1957-2005
Series IV.A. Projects, 1895-2007
Series IV.B. Artists, 1892-2007, bulk 1960-1999
Series IV.C. Margarethe Fellerer photographs of Monte Verità, 1904-1979, undated
Series IV.D. Topical, 1900-2004
Series IV.E. Slide carousels, 1997, undated
Series IV.F. Personal, approximately 1880-2004
Series V. Audiovisual files, 1926-2005, undated, bulk 1983-2005
Series V.A. Project files, 1969-2005, undated, bulk 1983-2005
Series V.B. Artist files, 1926, 1950-1956, 1965-2005, undated
Series V.C. Curator and museum professional files, 1989-2005, undated
Series V.D. Topical files, 1956, 1960, 1965-1972, 1984-2004, undated
Series V.E. Gallery and museum ephemera, 1995-2005, undated
Series V.F. Personal files, 1996-2005
Series V.G. Unidentified, undated
Series VI. Topical files, 1806-2005, bulk 1967-2005
Series VI.A. Arts and letters, 1905-2005, bulk 1956-2005
Series VI.B. Clippings and assorted research materials, approximately 1969-2005
Series VI.C. People and organizations, 1967-2004, undated
Series VI.D. Places, 1851-2004, undated
Series VI.E. Politics, environment, and society, 1905-2004, undated
Series VI.F. Professional associations, 1961-2005, undated
Series VI.G. Themes, 1912-2004, undated
Series VI.H. Unfiled materials, 1806, 1924-1929, 1948-1958, 1967-2004, undated
Series VII. Gallery and museum ephemera, 1915, 1937, 1953-2007, undated
Series VII.A. Galleries, 1953-2007, undated
Series VII.B. Museums, 1915, 1937, 1954, 1960-2007, undated
Series VII.C. General, 2004-2005
Series VIII. Personal files, 1800, 1933-2007, undated
Series VIII.A. Individuals, 1800, 1933-2007, undated
Series VIII.B. Objects, 1997, 2000, undated
Series IX. Business files, 1923-2011, bulk 1974-2004
Series IX.A. Receipts and bank documents, 1968-2006
Series IX.B. Taxes and balances, 1969-2004
Series IX.C. Miscellaneous business, 1923-2004, 2011, bulk 1974-2004
Series X. Digital files, approximately 2001-approximately 2006
Szeemann (Harald) Papers
Series VI. Topical files, 1806-2005, bulk 1967-2005 193.53 Linear Feet (406 boxes, 6 flatfiles, 1 telescope roll box)
Series VI.E. Politics, environment, and society, 1905-2004, undated 21.7 Linear Feet (52 boxes)
Series VI.E. Politics, environment, and society includes clippings, publications, ephemera, notes, and documents photocopied from archives regarding humanitarian and environmental organizations and the topics of anarchism and socialism.
The section Humanitarian and environmental organizations focuses on local, regional, and international organizations. Well-represented areas include DA! (Demokratische Alternative, Bern); Friedenspolitik [peace politics]; Longo Mai; Menschenrechte [human rights]; Pro Veritate; Tierschutz [animal protection]; Fondation Fritz Weber; and work in countries including Kuba and Chile. The section also includes many issues of the periodicals Paraplegia, Terre des Hommes Suisse, Journal Franz Weber, and Virus - antimilitarisches Monatsmagazin [antimilitarian monthly].
The section Anarchism, socialism, and communism focuses on materials from the early 20th century and with thinkers associated with Monte Verità. It contains clippings, handwritten notes, and a great deal of photocopied material, much of it from archives. People and topics include Margarethe Faas-Hardegger (later Faas); Gustav Landauer; Mikhail Bakunin; Fritz Brupbacher; Ernst Frick; Langhard, Erich Mühsam, and Else Lasker-Schüler, as well as anarchism in Switzerland, particularly Ascona. Also noteworthy are photocopied police files on many individuals from the first two decades of the 20th century. The section Periodicals contains issues of the Kommunistische Internationale, Polis, and Der Sozialist.
The archivist has combined subcategories created by Szeemann into broader categories: Humanitarian and environmental organizations; and Anarchism, socialism, and communism; with oversize and unfiled materials at the end.
Humanitarian and environmental organizations: A-Z, 1967, 1973-1999, 2004
3436 Allgemeines [General] - Asilanti, 1967-1998, undated
Predominant topics include general information about humanitarian and environmental organizations and Asilanti.
3437 Asylkoordination Schweiz - Caritas: Ticino, 1986-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Caritas-Svizzera and Caritas-Ticino.
3438 Caritas: Ticino - Christen [Christians], 1986-1998, undated
Topics include Caritas-Ticino; Causes Communes Suisse; Comité Européen pour la defénse des réfugiés et immigrés; Centrale Sanitaria Svizzera; Centroamerica; Cerebral; and Chiapas.
3439 Ciechi - Cuba, 1980, 1984-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Croce Rossa [Red Cross] and Christian Solidarity International.
3440 Da! (Demokratische Alternative) - Greenpeace, 1976-1998, undated
Predominant topics include DA! [Demokratische Alternative]; Friedenspolitik [politics of peace]; folder 8 contains issues of a newsletter entitled Friedenspolitik); and Greenpeace.
3441 Helvetas - Longo Maï, 1973-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Helvetas and Longo Maï.
3442 Longo Maï - Ostermarsch, 1974-1999, undated
Predominant topics include Longo Maï and Morija.
3443 PACE (Movimento Svizzero della Pace / Swiss Peace Movement) - Protezioni Svizzera degli Animali, 1978-1998, undated
Predominant topics include Paraplegia (periodical) and Protezione svizzera degli Animali [Swiss Animal Protection].
3444 Pro Veritate - Sahara-Info, 1975-1997, undated
Predominant topics include Pro Veritate and and Sahara Info (newsletter).
3445 Schweizerischer Friedensrat [Swiss Peace Council] - Schweiz ohne Armee [Switzerland without the Army], 1978-1999, undated
Topics include Schweizerischer Friedensrat [Swiss Peace Council] and Schweiz ohne Armee [Switzerland without the Army].
3446 Schweiz ohne Armee [Switzerland without the Army] - Sordomuti, 1982-1999, 2004, undated
Predominant topics include Schweiz ohne Armee [Switzerland without the Army]; Schweizerisches Arbeiterhilfswerk [Swiss Workers' Assistance]; and Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv [Swiss Social Archive].
3447 Studienbibliothek Info - Terre des hommes Suisse, 1985-1999, undated
Topics include Studienbibliothek Info; Swissaid; and Terre des Hommes Suisse (newsletter).
3448 Terre des hommes Suisse - Vita, 1978-1998, undated
Include issues of Virus - antimilitarisches Monatsmagazin, dated from 1978 to 1981.
3449 Journal Franz Weber - Zivildienst, 1982, 1987-1998, undated
Predominant topics include the Fondation Franz Weber and its newspaper Journal Franz Weber.
Anarchism, socialism, and communism, 1905-2004, undated
A to Z, 1905-1921, 1926-1927, 1938, 1951-1957, 1965-1989, 2004, undated
3450 ABC [newspaper] - Bertoni, approximately 1965-1983, undated
Predominant topics include Friedrich and Viktor Adler; Mikhail Bakunin; and Luigi Bertoni.
3451 Bertoni - Buek, 1907-1908, 1926, 1974, 1988, undated
Predominant topics include Luigi Bertoni and Fritz Brupbacher. Folder 2 contains photocopies of Bertoni's police files from 1902, 1904, and 1908.
3452, 3737 Cafiero - Friedensbewegung (Faas-Hardegger), 1909-1911, 1955, 1975-1985, 1990, undated
Predominant topics include Margarethe Faas-Hardegger; materials include periodicals, a dissertation, photocopied police reports, and contains numerous booklets and pamphlets about the peace movement.
3453 Faas-Hardegger: L'Exploité and Die Vorkämpferin, 1906-1909
Contains issues of L'Exploité from 1907 to 1908 and two sets of the journal Die Vorkämpferin, one set of loose issues enclosed in cloth covers (from 1906 May 1 through 1907 December 1) and one set of loose issues (1908 January 1 through 1909 April 1). Both journals were edited by Margarethe Faas-Hardegger.
3454 Friedensbewegung [peace movement] (Faas-Hardegger) - Friedeberg, 1905-1919, 1938, 1951-1957, undated
Predominant topics include the Friedensbewegung [peace movement] and Margarethe Faas-Hardegger; Margarethe Hardegger: World Harmony Movement; Ernst Frick; and Raphael Friedeberg.
3455 Friedeberg - Landauer, 1908, 1919-1921, 1977, 1989, 2004
Predominant topics include Raphael Friedeberg; James Guillaume; Petr Kropotkin; and Gustav Landauer.
3456 Landauer - Langhard, undated
Topics include Gustav Landauer and Johann Langhard.
3457 Langhard - Mühsam, 1920, 1974-1977, undated
Predominant topics include Bernhard Mayer; Erich Mühsam; Ulrich Linse; and Enrico Malatesta. Contains the original container for Johann Langhard's Die anarchistische Bewegung in der Schweiz, a photocopy of which is in box 3456.
3458-3458A Mühsam, 1974-1975, undated
Contains photocopies of a dissertation about Mühsam; Mühsam's Unpolitische Erinnerungen and assorted articles; and police and legal documents (the latter from 1906-1910); also includes articles and an issue of Stern magazine featuring an article about Mühsam (1975). Box 3458A contains Mühsam's book Handzeichnungen und Gedichte.
3459 Mühsam - Russland, 1927, 1972-1976, 2000, undated
Predominant topics include Erich Mühsam; and Johannes Nohl. Folder 13 contains photocopied police files from 1913.
3460 Sowjetunion - Tolstoy, Leo, undated
Topics include the Soviet Union, Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv, Henry David Thoreau, and Leo Tolstoy.
Periodicals, 1909-1913, 1919-1920
3461A Kain: Zeitschrift für Menschlichkeit, 1919?
3461B Die Kommunistische Internationale, 1919-1920
3462 Polis, undated
Contains photocopies of issues from 1906-1908.
3463 Der Sozialist (Landauer), 1909-1913
3464 Political broadsides and posters, 1918-1919, approximately 1930-1960
Many of the broadsides were produced in Munich, Germany; some support National Socialism and others socialism and other causes. Folder 12 contains undated posters supporting the German Christlich-Demokratische Union (CDU) and the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD), and folder 13 an undated poster with text, "Helden von der Front! Die Heimat grüsst euch!" [Heroes from the front! The homeland greets you!].
Unfiled, 1918-1919, 1960, 1967-1970, 1977, 2001-2004, undated
3464 Assorted political broadsides, 1918-1919, approximately 1960, undated
3465 Assorted print materials, 2000-2003, undated
Items were found loose on Szeemann's bookshelves, in a bag that has been retained in folder 3; most of these materials concern humanitarian and environmental organizations.
3466, 3944 World politics, 1967-1970, 1977, 2001-2004
Materials in folder 1 were found in a box labeled Mondo + Politica [World and Politics]. The rest of the folders in this box were unfiled.

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