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Harald Szeemann papers, 1800-2011, bulk 1949-2005

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Project files, 1836-2007, bulk 1949-2005
Series II. Artist files 1888-2009, bulk 1969-2005
Series III. Curator and museum professional files, 1903, 1942, 1955-2007
Series III.A. Curator files, 1903, 1942, 1955-2007
Series III.B. Correspondence binders, 1973-1998
Series III.C. Unfiled materials, 1958-2007
Series IV. Photographs, 1800, 1836-2011, bulk 1957-2005
Series IV.A. Projects, 1895-2007
Series IV.B. Artists, 1892-2007, bulk 1960-1999
Series IV.C. Margarethe Fellerer photographs of Monte Verità, 1904-1979, undated
Series IV.D. Topical, 1900-2004
Series IV.E. Slide carousels, 1997, undated
Series IV.F. Personal, approximately 1880-2004
Series V. Audiovisual files, 1926-2005, undated, bulk 1983-2005
Series V.A. Project files, 1969-2005, undated, bulk 1983-2005
Series V.B. Artist files, 1926, 1950-1956, 1965-2005, undated
Series V.C. Curator and museum professional files, 1989-2005, undated
Series V.D. Topical files, 1956, 1960, 1965-1972, 1984-2004, undated
Series V.E. Gallery and museum ephemera, 1995-2005, undated
Series V.F. Personal files, 1996-2005
Series V.G. Unidentified, undated
Series VI. Topical files, 1806-2005, bulk 1967-2005
Series VI.A. Arts and letters, 1905-2005, bulk 1956-2005
Series VI.B. Clippings and assorted research materials, approximately 1969-2005
Series VI.C. People and organizations, 1967-2004, undated
Series VI.D. Places, 1851-2004, undated
Series VI.E. Politics, environment, and society, 1905-2004, undated
Series VI.F. Professional associations, 1961-2005, undated
Series VI.G. Themes, 1912-2004, undated
Series VI.H. Unfiled materials, 1806, 1924-1929, 1948-1958, 1967-2004, undated
Series VII. Gallery and museum ephemera, 1915, 1937, 1953-2007, undated
Series VII.A. Galleries, 1953-2007, undated
Series VII.B. Museums, 1915, 1937, 1954, 1960-2007, undated
Series VII.C. General, 2004-2005
Series VIII. Personal files, 1800, 1933-2007, undated
Series VIII.A. Individuals, 1800, 1933-2007, undated
Series VIII.B. Objects, 1997, 2000, undated
Series IX. Business files, 1923-2011, bulk 1974-2004
Series IX.A. Receipts and bank documents, 1968-2006
Series IX.B. Taxes and balances, 1969-2004
Series IX.C. Miscellaneous business, 1923-2004, 2011, bulk 1974-2004
Series X. Digital files, approximately 2001-approximately 2006
Szeemann (Harald) Papers
Series VIII. Personal files, 1800, 1933-2007, undated 35.98 Linear Feet (51 boxes, 1 flatfile)
Series VIII.B. Objects, 1997, 2000, undated 8.76 Linear Feet (8 boxes)
Series VIII.B. Objects, includes personal use objects not directly related to Szeemann's business or career. These are organized alphabetically, and include cigars and cigar boxes, personalized photograph frames, souvenirs, and a t-shirt with a Harald Szeemann caricature. All of the items in this subseries have been drawn from the unfiled materials found loose in the Fabbrica. They have been labeled [unfiled].
Arrangement note
The material in this subseries has been arranged alphabetically by the archivist.
2393A Cigar boxes, undated
box folder
2392 1a-1b Cigarettes, undated
3947 Crucifix, undated
2393B Cuvée Victor Hugo bottles, 2000
box folder
2396* 8 Greenpeace commemorative memorabilia, undated
2394 Hat, undated
2393C Jukebox emblem, undated
box folder
2392 2 Key, undated
B-13** Luggage tag tree undated
This is a tree made out of airline luggage tags from Szeemann's travels. Restricted and housed off-site. Contact respository regarding access.
3125 Matchboxes and sugar packets, undated
box folder
2392 3 Photograph frames, undated
box folder
3946 5 Pin badge, undated
box folder
2392 4 Souvenir coasters, undated
2392 5 Polaroid viewers, undated
2392 7 Medallion, undated
2395 T-shirt, undated
Includes t-shirt with Harald Szeemann caricature by unknown artist.
3948 Violin, undated
B-48** Watch band storage chest of drawers, undated
Claimed by Szeemann's family to be part of the watch factory history of the Fabbrica and found there when they moved in. Restricted and housed off-site. Contact repository regarding access.
box folder
3735 10 Wine, 1997, 2000

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