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Robert Mapplethorpe papers and photographs, circa 1850-2011, bulk 1970-1989

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Container List
Series I. Creative work, circa 1850-2009 (bulk 1960-1988)
Series I.A. Artworks by Robert Mapplethorpe, circa 1964-1988
Series I.B. Artworks by others, circa 1850-2009 (bulk 1969-1988)
Series I.C. Non-editioned prints, 1974-1989, 2008
Series I.D. Portfolios, circa 1970-2005
Series I.E. Commissioned and commercial works, 1970-1993, undated
Series I.F. Jewelry, 1970s
Series I.G. Films, 1978-1984
Series II. Photographic practice, circa 1975-2000
Series II.A. Card inventory of editioned prints, circa 1979-circa 1991
Series II.B. Shooting books, circa 1979-1989
Series II.C. Model releases, 1978-2000
Series II.D. Polaroid test shots, circa 1975-1989
Series III. Photographic documentation, 1969-circa 1989, undated
Series V. Exhibition files, 1977-1992, undated
Series VI. Interviews and documentaries, circa 1980-circa 1989, undated
Series VII. Financial and administrative files, 1964-1995, bulk 1975-1989, undated
Series VIII. Collections and miscellaneous items, circa 1880-1989, undated
Series IX. Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, 1977-2011, undated
Series IX.A. Administrative files, 1989-circa 2011, undated
Series IX.B. Exhibition files, 1989-2011, undated
Series IX.C. Press materials and published works, 1989-2003, undated
Series IV. Correspondence, 1969-1991, undated
Series IV.A. Personal and professional, 1969-1991, undated
Series IV.B. General correspondence files, 1973-1990, undated
Mapplethorpe (Robert) papers
Series VIII. Collections and miscellaneous items, circa 1880-1989, undated 24 Linear Feet (32 boxes)
Series VIII comprises photographs, ephemera, and objects collected or acquired by Robert Mapplethorpe. The materials in Mapplethorpe's personal collection date from circa 1880 to 1989. This includes pornographic magazines, clippings and postcards, some of which may have been used as source material for early collages. Photographic material includes vintage and antique photographs and postcards, beefcake photographs, daguerreotypes, Polaroids, ambrotypes, miscellaneous black-and-white photographs, celluloid plaques, negatives and cartes-de-visite (card photographs). Materials that deal with Patti Smith are mostly ephemera including flyers and press materials from some of her early shows; various photographs and snapshots of Robert Mapplethorpe dating from circa 1946 to 1989, including pictures of him with Patti Smith, Sam Wagstaff, Fay Gold, Dimitri Levas, and Robert Rauschenberg. Other items include his skull cane, a poster inscribed by Marianne Faithful, non-Mapplethorpe exhibition invitations, his academic transcript from the Pratt Institute, and his honorable discharge certificate from the Army. Miscellaneous books and periodicals from the collection are listed at the end of the series. Duplicates are available in The Getty Research Institute general library collections.
This series is arranged alphabetetically by material type or topic, and then chronologically within each category. Miscellaneous books and periodicals from the collection are listed at the end.
Collected pornography, circa 1965-circa 1975
Magazines, clippings, and postcards, circa 1965-circa 1975
Includes pornographic images from magazines and other sources. Some of the items seem to have been collected for use in Mapplethorpe's collages and other artwork and may have pieces that have been cut out or include remnants of paint or ink.
box folder
227 1-4 Ephemera 115 items
box folder
262 4 Negatives and transparencies 10 items
box folder
227 5 Hellbound in Leather, 1966 1 items
Patti Smith ephemera, circa 1968-1982, undated
box folder
227 6 Artist statement and list of works, Patti at Gotham Book Mart, circa 1968-circa 1973 1 items
227 7 Flyer, St. Marks Church-on-the-Bowery, 1971 1 items
Patti stuff, 1975-1979, undated
Original file title retained.
box folder
227 8-9 Papers 35 items
box folder
262 5 Color photograph 1 items
Photograph of Patti Smith and a cat.
box folder
244 3-5 Oversized items 10 items
box folder
227 10 CBGB guest pass, 1977 1 item
227 11 Kommt, Galerie Verth Turske, ephemera, 1977 1 items
227 12 Patti memorabilia, 1978-1982, undated 5 items
227 13 Description of Mapplethorpe's first meeting with Patti Smith, undated 1 items
box folder
243 1 Typewritten note by Patti Smith describing Mapplethorpe's Polaroids, undated 1 item
Photographs of Mapplethorpe, circa 1946-1989, undated
box folder
228 1 Photograph of three Mapplethorpe children, circa 1946-circa 1956 1 items
229 Robert Mapplethorpe with Patti Smith, circa 1968-circa 1975 40 items
Black-and-white contact sheets from a nude photo shoot of Mapplethorpe and Smith. The photographer is unknown.
box folder
262 6 1973 3 items
Color photographs.
262 7 Mapplethorpe taking Polaroids of two children, circa 1975 1 item
Three color photographs mounted in a cardboard frame.
262 8 1980-1981 4 items
Color photographs.
box folder
228 2 With Sam Wagstaff in Arles, France, 1981 26 items
228 3 With Dimitri Levas and Robert Rauschenberg at Whitney Retrospective opening, 1988 3 items
228 4 At the Warhol Retrospective opening, circa 1988-1989 1 items
box folder
262 9 With Fay Gold, undated 1 items
Color photograph.
262 10 Color photographs of a gallery opening, undated 8 items
With Harry Lunn and the Jakobsons. These are possibly photographs from Mapplethorpe's first solo exhibition at the Robert Miller Gallery per a letter included in Press books: unnumbered, 1989-1993 in Box 135.
Vintage and antique photographs and postcards, circa 1880-circa 1970
Antique and vintage photographic materials and postcards, circa 1880-circa 1970 74 items
230-232 Daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, 10 items
233 Stereoscopic viewer, 2 items
Contains one stereoscopic photograph (daguerreotype).
234 Framed stereoscopic photograph, 1 item
235 Photo album, 1940's 1 item
Small photo album (4.5 x 3.35") containing 38 black-and-white photographs from around World War II.
236 Celluloid plaques, circa 1970 2 items
Contains two 4 x 6 inch placques.
box folder
237 1 Black-and-white photographs, annotated, 1928, undated 2 items
237 2 Black-and-white film and celebrity stills, undated 4 items
237 3 Collected black-and-white photographs, undated 5 items
237 4 Collected photographic items and postcards, circa 1880-circa 1910 8 items
Includes stereoscopic cards, cabinet photographs and a postcard.
237 5 Cartes-de-visite (card photographs), circa 1880-circa 1910 9 items
Small black-and-white and colorized photographs featuring children.
237 6 Photographs and photographic cards of nude women, undated 46 items
Includes black-and-white and colorized cards and photographs.
Vintage photographs of nude men, circa 1940-circa 1960 298 items
Includes black-and-white beefcake photographs, most likely from the 1940's and 50's from various photographers or companies, including KoVert of Hollywood, Western Photography Guild, and Tony Lanza of Montreal. Sizes include 1.5 x 2 inches (appear to be cut from contact sheets), 4 x 5, 4 x 6, and 8 x 10 inches. Some of the images are duplicated amongst the sizes.
box folder
238 1 Contact sheet prints, 1.5 x 2 inches 66 items
Includes two postage stamps that were in the box of contact prints.
238 2 8 x 10 inch prints 64 items
box folder
239 1 4 x 5 inch prints 136 items
239 2 4 x 6 inch prints 32 items
Miscellaneous photographic material, circa 1974-1980, undated
box folder
262 11 Constructions, negatives, circa 1974 70 items
From Modernage printing of unidentified subject.
262 12 Polaroid of artwork by William Wauer, Basel, 1979 1 items
262 13 Unidentified bondage color Polaroids, 1979, undated 2 items
262 14 Photograph of Adal Alberto Maldonado, 1980 1 items
From the cover of Adal Alberto Maldonado's book, Falling Eyelids: A Photo Novella. The invitation to the book party is in Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1983 (Box 186, F. 12-15).
262 15 Color photograph of unidentified male, undated 1 items
Miscellaneous items and ephemera, 1944-1989, bulk 1965-1989, undated
box folder
243 2 Song Folio Music score: "Buy a Bond Today," 1944 1 items
box folder
228 5 Die-cut invitation for Dwan Gallery, 1965 1 items
228 6 Army honorable discharge certificate, 1967 1 items
box folder
245* 2 Pratt Graphic Art and Design poster, circa 1968 1 item
box folder
228 7 Pratt Institute transcript 1968
228 8 "Girl on a Motorcycle" poster inscribed by Marianne Faithful, circa 1968-circa 1976 1 items
228 9 Newspaper clipping, circa 1970-circa 1979 1 items
With photo of David Croland, Eddie, Mapplethorpe, and an unknown woman.
228 10 Photo of James Abbe print and exhibition brochure, 1975, undated 2 items
228 11 Sketchbook with enclosures, circa 1977-circa 1980 1 items
228 12 Rimshots: Inside the Fetish Factor, 1979 1 item
Non-fiction essays by Mapplethorpe and Jack Fritscher.
228 13 Invitation to "Rookwood" at Jordan Volpe Gallery, 1980 1 items
240 Box of textiles, lures, and polaroids, 1980s
Audiovisual material, 1980-1988
All items are VHS.
box item
197 V28 World of Photography, 1980's 1 item
Episode 16. (30 min.) Episode is regarding photography in general.
197 V39 "Mia Boca," Jill Jones music video, 1987 1 item
(5 min.)
197 V31 Personal Invitation to the Rita Hayworth Gala, 1988
Gala to benefit Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. (12 min.)
box folder
228 14 Tear sheet with image of Mapplethorpe's living room, circa 1980-circa 1989 1 items
228 15 Invitation for George Dureau at Robert Samuel Gallery, 1981 2 items
228 16 Miscellaneous ephemera, 1982, undated 2 items
Cover of Artforum magazine and small Chinese booklet. No connection to Mapplethorpe exhibits or work.
228 17 "Tiger" print, R. Federman, 1983 1 items
228 18 Bufo-Bufo, 1985 1 items
Small pop-up book inscribed to Mapplethorpe.
241** Marble bust of Hermes, circa 1988 1 item
242** Skull cane, circa 1988 1 item
Used in editioned prints Map# 1859 and 1860.
box folder
228 19 Bag from La Croisette with patch and carved monkey, undated 3 items
228 20 Dice, undated 6 items
Six dice in a small plastic bag.
228 21 Cards with reproduced paintings of the Grand Canyon, undated 12 items
box folder
243 3 Number and letter rub-on transfers, undated 2 items
box folder
228 22 Telephone/ address book with small photograph enclosed, undated 2 items
box folder
245* 3 Zodiac chart for Mapplethorpe, undated 1 item
Books and periodicals
304, 309 Commercial works 1983-1988
Publications featuring work made by Robert Mapplethorpe for specific commercial projects including magazine articles, advertisements, and portraits.
307-309, 311 Exhibition and collection catalogs including Mapplethorpe, 1977-1988
300-303, 310-311 Publications by or about Mapplethorpe and his work, 1977-1997
305-306, 309 Publications featuring Mapplethorpe images 1977-1989
Includes periodicals, photography annuals and various language editions of Camera Lucida featuring a segment about Mapplethorpe.
295, 308 Miscellaneous books, 2006, undated 5 items
293-294 Miscellaneous periodicals, 1976-1993 8 items

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