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Robert Mapplethorpe papers and photographs, circa 1850-2011, bulk 1970-1989

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
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Administrative Information
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Container List
Series I. Creative work, circa 1850-2009 (bulk 1960-1988)
Series I.A. Artworks by Robert Mapplethorpe, circa 1964-1988
Series I.B. Artworks by others, circa 1850-2009 (bulk 1969-1988)
Series I.C. Non-editioned prints, 1974-1989, 2008
Series I.D. Portfolios, circa 1970-2005
Series I.E. Commissioned and commercial works, 1970-1993, undated
Series I.F. Jewelry, 1970s
Series I.G. Films, 1978-1984
Series II. Photographic practice, circa 1975-2000
Series II.A. Card inventory of editioned prints, circa 1979-circa 1991
Series II.B. Shooting books, circa 1979-1989
Series II.C. Model releases, 1978-2000
Series II.D. Polaroid test shots, circa 1975-1989
Series III. Photographic documentation, 1969-circa 1989, undated
Series V. Exhibition files, 1977-1992, undated
Series VI. Interviews and documentaries, circa 1980-circa 1989, undated
Series VII. Financial and administrative files, 1964-1995, bulk 1975-1989, undated
Series VIII. Collections and miscellaneous items, circa 1880-1989, undated
Series IX. Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, 1977-2011, undated
Series IX.A. Administrative files, 1989-circa 2011, undated
Series IX.B. Exhibition files, 1989-2011, undated
Series IX.C. Press materials and published works, 1989-2003, undated
Series IV. Correspondence, 1969-1991, undated
Series IV.A. Personal and professional, 1969-1991, undated
Series IV.B. General correspondence files, 1973-1990, undated
Mapplethorpe (Robert) papers
Series IV. Correspondence, 1969-1991, undated 6.2 Linear Feet (15 boxes, 2 flatfile folders)
Series IV.B. General correspondence files, 1973-1990, undated 3.3 Linear Feet (8 boxes, 1 flatfile folder)
Series IV.B. comprises correspondence files kept in roughly chronological order by Mapplethorpe and his assistants from 1973 to 1989. These folders contain both personal and professional correspondence including fan mail, birthday, holiday and get well cards, invitations, and inquiries from galleries, museums and publications. Some of the correspondents include Harry Lunn, Germano Celant, Lisa Lyon, Philip Johnson, the Holly Solomon Gallery, Dominick Dunne, Ken Moody, Edward de Celle, and Fay Gold.
Files are arranged in chronological order.
box folder
186 1-2 Personal notes, returned invitations, 1973-1980 39 items
Includes correspondence from Germano Celant, Jeff Fraenkel and Harry Lunn and announcements for the exhibition Just Photographs at the Texas Gallery in 1979. Also includes a card with human hair attached from an indiviudal Robert had met.
186 3 1973-1978 30 items
186 4 Loose envelopes, 1977-1981 4 items
Miscellaneous items, circa 1977-circa 1982
circa 1977-circa 1982
Includes blank postcards and exhibition programs.
box folder
186 5 Papers 7 items
box folder
193 1 Polaroid 1 item
1978-circa 1981
box folder
186 6 Postcard to John Cheim, 1978 1 items
186 7 Frank Rose and unidentified guest list, 1979, undated 2 items
Labeled: "look at this NOW."
186 8 Exhibition commentary, circa 1979-circa 1981 2 items
186 9 "The Irresponsible Art of Robert Mapplethorpe," Edmund White, undated 1 items
186 10 Typed quotation by "K. Narric, arresting officer, Rheims," undated 1 items
186 11 "Yes Ma'am" by Frank Rose, undated 1 items
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1989
Includes correspondence from Lisa Lyon, production schedules, and a treatment for Lady, Lisa Lyon. Also includes correspondence from Phyllis Tweel, Claudia Sternberg, Udo Breger, Fredericka Hunter, Germano Celant, Pociao, and Glenn Close.
box folder
186 12-15 Papers, 237 items
box folder
193 2 Color photographs and one slide, 6 items
box folder
187 1 1984-1985 27 items
Includes correspondence from Sheila Metzner, Udo Breger, Lisa Lyon, Janet Kardon, Fay Gold, and Elsa Rady.
box folder
187 2-3 Papers 68 items
box folder
193 3 Color Polaroids, slides and photographs 11 items
Contains notes congratulating him on his National Portrait Gallery exhibition in Spring 1988 and Vanity Fair profile in early 1989. Includes correspondence from Holly Solomon, Dominick Dunne, Ingrid Sischy, Edward de Celle, Janet Kardon, Milton Moore, Yoko Ono, and Anna Wintour.
box folder
187 4-7 Papers 102 items
box folder
193 4 Color photographs and Polaroids 21 items
box folder
188 1 1978 14 items
Includes correspondence from Harry Lunn, Philip Johnson and the Holly Solomon Gallery.
188 2 1978-1979 40 items
Includes correspondence from Helmut Newton, Pociao, Fredericka Hunter, and Rob Jurka.
box folder
188 3-4 Papers 32 items
box folder
193 5 Color photographs 4 items
box folder
188 5 Circa 1978-circa 1981 16 items
188 6 Personal notes, 1979-1980 6 items
188 7 Business notes and items, 1979-1980, undated 13 items
Contacts, correspondence, notes, ephemera, 1979-1980
box folder
188 8-9 Papers 99 items
box folder
193 6 Color photograph 1 item
Invitations, 1980-1981
box folder
188 10 Papers 12 items
box folder
193 7 Color photograph 1 item
box folder
188 11 1984, undated 6 items
Christmas 1986 and New Year 1987, cards and notes, 1985-1987
box folder
189 1-4 Papers, 1985-1987 83 items
Includes other types of correspondence and a zodiac chart.
10** Poster, "How to Paint with Dice," 1985 1 item
Annotated: "Robert's copy with handshakes, Reinhard "Kiki[?]" Heinrichsmeyer 85."
box folder
189 5 1986 47 items
Includes correspondence from John Pope-Hennessy, Jan Fabre, Robert (Bob) Kushner, and Eiko Ishioka.
189 6 Notepads, posters, contact lists, 1986-1987, undated 53 items
Contains a draft of a eulogy for Sam Wagstaff.
Includes a birth announcement for Patti Smith's daughter and correspondence from Ken Moody and Tom of Finland.
box folder
190 1-3 Papers 137 items
box folder
193 8 Color photographs and slides 18 items
Includes correspondence from Ken Moody, Jan Fabre and Patricia Field.
box folder
190 4 Papers 34 items
box folder
193 9 Color photographs and slides 14 items
box folder
190 5 (Photo) correspondence, 1987-1990 36 items
This includes correspondence from around the time of his death (February 1989). Suzanne Donaldson (Robert Mapplethorpe Studio manager) continued to add to the file and respond to inquiries through the rest of 1989.
Correspondence in hospital, 1988 July
box folder
190 6 Papers 12 items
box folder
193 10 Color photograph 2 items
Includes correspondence from Edward de Celle, Patricia Morrisroe, Joan Mapplethorpe, John Walsh, Fay Gold, Tina Brown, Fawn Hall, Frank Rose, Lara Harris, and Harry Lunn.
box folder
191 1-4 Papers 116 items
box folder
193 11 Color photographs 13 items
Whitney show correspondence, 1988
Also includes other miscellaneous correspondence. Correspondents include Jeffrey Fraenkel, Patricia Morrisroe, Ken Moody, Joan Mapplethorpe, Mel Sprague, Fredericka Hunter, John Cheim, Janet Kardon, Harry Lunn, and Edward de Celle.
box folder
191 5-7 Papers 85 items
box folder
193 12 Polaroids 36 items
Polaroids of people at the opening of the Whitney show. Some have notes written to Robert on the photographs.
193 13 Color photographs and slides 8 items
November 4, 1988 birthday, 1988
Also includes other miscellaneous correspondence. Correspondents include Ed Ruscha, Robert Sherman, Rob Jurka, Robert Miller, Sandy Daley, and Barbara Jakobson.
box folder
192 1-3 Papers 78 items
box folder
193 14 Polaroids 3 items
box folder
192 4 Letters out, 1988-1990 15 items
Personal, 1989
Includes note from Suzanne Donaldson saying she sent some of this mail to him in the hospital for entertainment. Also includes correspondence dated after his death.
box folder
192 5-6 Papers 44 items
box folder
193 15 Color slide and photographs 4 items
box folder
192 7 Condolences [and get well cards], 1989 28 items
Condolence and get well cards filed by the Robert Mapplethorpe Studio.

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