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Thomas S. Hines interviews regarding Richard J. Neutra, 1972-1980

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Hines (Thomas S.) Interviews Regarding Richard J. Neutra
Series I. Family and friends, 1972-1980 20 audiocassettes
In this series Thomas S. Hines interviews the family and friends of Richard J. Neutra. The audio cassettes have been digitized and are available online to on-site readers and to Getty staff. Click here to connect to the digital audio files.
Arranged alphabetically by interviewee and then chronologically.
box item
1 C1 Cousins, Norman, 1980 Mar 17
Norman Cousins was a friend of Neutra.
1 C2-C3 Davidson, Greta and J.R., 1974 Jun 27
Greta and J.R. Davidson were friends of Neutra.
Fybel, Regula Niedermann (Thorston), 1974
Regula Niedermann Fybel was the office manager for, and sister-in-law of, Neutra.
box item
1 C4 1974 May 16
1 C5-C6 1974 May 30
1 C7-C8 1974 Jun 27
1 C9 1974 Jul 24
Neutra, Dion, 1978
Interview with Neutra's son, Dion Neutra.
box item
1 C10-C11 1978 Dec 12
1 C12-C13 1978 Dec 20
Neutra, Dione, 1972
Interview with Neutra's wife, Dione Neutra.
box item
1 C14 1972 Feb 20
1 C15 1980 Feb 29
box item
2 C16-C17 1980 May 1
2 C18 Neutra, Frida and Agnes Koschin, 1978 Dec 5
Frida Neutra was the sister-in-law of Richard J. Neutra. Agnes Koschin was the wife of Sergei Koschin, an associate of Neutra.
2 C19-C20 Neutra, Raymond J., 1978 Feb 16
Interview with Raymond J. Neutra, Neutra's son.

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