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Kirk Varnedoe papers, 1890-2006 (bulk 1970-2003)

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Varnedoe (Kirk) Papers
Series VI. Research and Writings, 1890-2006, undated 34.59 Linear Feet (86 boxes)
Files on the artists or topics Varnedoe wrote on or curated exhibitions about, with ample visual material, historical scholarship in the form of photocopied articles and books, and often including correspondence with artists or the sponsoring institutions, and occasionally also exhibition installation photographs and checklists.
Arranged in three subseries.
Series VI.A. Artists, 1890-2006, undated 28 Linear Feet (67 boxes)
Files contain notes, readings, drafts of essays, study photographs and slides, with occasional audiotaped interviews of living artists.
Arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the artist.
34A, 35-42, 121 Gustave Caillebotte, 1972-2001
43 Edgar Degas, 1899-1998
43, 137 Duane Hanson, 1974-1985
43-49 Jasper Johns, circa 1960-1996
50-51 Matisse/Picasso, 1959-2003
52-58 Jackson Pollock, 1926-2006
59-82, 122-125, 133 Auguste Rodin, 1892-2003
Including numerous authentication files, and research dating from Varnedoe's Stanford years through the 1990s when he wrote A Fine Regard.
83-86, 133 Scandinavian artists, circa 1950- circa 1988
Research on various artists for Varnedoe's Northern Lights exhibition in 1982, and book published in 1988.
87 Richard Serra, 1987-2002
87 James Turrell, 1967-2004
Cy Twombly, 1920-2000, undated
Cy Twombly (digital version available on-site only): 1920-2000

88-90, 121, 133 Drafts, readings, photographs
box folder
135 C1-C11 Audio tapes
C1: Lecture 1 of 3 from MOMA's Cy Twombly exhibit. October 4, 1994. Speakers are Richard Serra, Francesco Clemente, and Brice Marden.
C5: Lecture 3 of 3 from MOMA, titled "The Latin Class," October 25, 1994. Rosalind Krauss is the lecturer.
C8: Lecture 2 of 3 lectures from MOMA, titled "Rethinking Cy Twombly," October 11, 1994. Kirk Varnedoe is the lecturer.
C11: Kirk Varnedoe lectures on Cy Twombly at the National Gallery on May 17, 2001.
C2-C4 are duplicates of C1. C6, C7, and C10 are duplicates of C5. C9 is a duplicate of C8.
91-93 Vincent Van Gogh, circa 1890-2003
94-95 Andy Warhol, 1987-1999
Series VI.B. Topics, 1911-2002, undated 2.5 Linear Feet (7 boxes)
A selection of topics Varnedoe pursued during his lifetime.
Arranged in alphabetical order by topic.
96 Abstraction, 1963-2002
96 Aviation, 1911-1970
97 High and Low, 1962-1992
Including reviews of the landmark show and numerous installation shots.
98-99, 126-127 Ruins, 1968-2001
Box 99 contains eleven notebooks with Varnedoe's reflections on ruins and other themes, mainly from his 1977 research trip.
100 Primitivism. 1984
100 Propellers, 1944-1992
100 Vienna, 1985-1986
Series VI.C. Assorted, 1944-2003, undated 4.09 Linear Feet (12 boxes)
Including articles about critical theory, clippings of general interest, and research possibly related to other curatorial and writing interests. Includes card catalog of Varnedoe's upstate New York library and audio visual material relating to topics other than the artists listed in subseries VI.A.
Arranged in chronological order by year.
101-106 Articles by others, 1944-2003
128-133 Slides, undated
Including views of monuments in Europe and commercially available slides of the work of various artists.
box folder
134 F1-F4 Films, undated
Including four reels, 3 unidentified, 1 about the artist Krogh.
box folder
137 C32-C33 Audiotapes, circa 1995
Including a Varnedoe interview with Jeff Koons.
box folder
138 D1-D19 Digital media, circa 1980 - circa 2003
Media generally pertains to lectures and includes one recording of the card catalog of Varnadoe's library. 14 computer discs (floppy disk) : 3 1/2 in. 3 computer disc (floppy disk) : 5 1/4 in. 2 computer disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in.

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