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Guerrilla Girls records, 1979-2003

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Guerrilla Girls Records
Series IX. Other groups and institutions, 1979-2003, undated 12 boxes
Writings by others, including articles, reports, and graphic artwork, and ephemera from various women's groups, art institutions, and feminist art groups.
Arrangement note
Arranged in three groupings: writings, art institution research, and ephemera. Within each grouping, material is in chronological order by year.
65 Writings by others, 1979-2000, undated 1 box
65 1 "Interaction: the work women do," and "What do couples talk about when they're alone?" by Pamela M. Fishman 1979 2 articles
65 2 "Report on Hispanic arts," by Howardena Pindell, 1987 40 pages
65 3 "White Privilege and Male Privilege," and "Gender and Race," by Peggy McIntosh, 1988 30 pages
65 4 Photos of statistics about women on blackboards, by Sarah Carnwright, 1991 24 large acetate negatives,
65 5 "Guerrilla Girls: Feminist Warfare with Panache," by Miriam Kershaw, 1992 40 pages
65 6 "The Guerrilla Girls and WAC," by Joy Sperling, 1993 40 pages
65 7 "Some thoughts on doing fieldwork at the royal court of Benin, Nigeria," 1994 20 pages
65 8 "Statistics: Gender Discrimination in the Art Field," by Eleanor Dickinson, 1995 20 pages
65 9 "Wer hat Angst vor Josephine Beuys?" by Marta Reichenberger, 1996 15 pages
65 10 present tense: writings by women, an anthology from Calyx Books, 1996 150 pages
65 11 "March is Women's History Month," by the New York City Commission on the Status of Women, 1997 25 pages; 2 copies
65 12 "Teaching Sexual Ethics," by Joseph Weinberg & Associates, 1997-1999 4 reports, 20 pages
65 13 "Living the Legacy," by New York City Commission on the Status of Women, 1998 20 pages
65 14 "Where Are All the Women in Museums?" thesis by Kara Kelley Hallmark, 2000 40 pages
65 15 "The Jewish American Prince," by Marcelle Clements, undated 10 pages
65 16 "Louise Nevelson," by Josephine Withers, undated 10 pages
65 17 "Virtual Gallery," (artist book) by Dooley Le Cappellaine, undated 50 pages
66-70 Art Institution research, 1990-2003 5 boxes
For a research project apparently led by Jerilea Zempel (Frida Kahlo), art institutions were queried about their gender-related practices, and asked to send information. Though the query letters were sent in 1993, material precedes and follows that date.
Arrangement note
Except for the first three files in Box 66, which are about the project, materials from each institution is in a separate file, and files are arranged by date, 1990-2003.
71-74 Ephemera, 1972-1997, undated 4 boxes
Including brochures, posters, press releases, postcards, invitations, other mailings, and a legible T-shirt.
Arrangement note
Arranged in chronological order, with each file containing material from one year only.
4** Some living American women artists, 1972 1 posters
box folder
71 1-12 1985-1993 17 folders
box folder
72 1-14 1994-1995 14 folders
box folder
73 1-11 1995-1996 11 folders
box folder
74 1-10 1997 and undated 10 folders
84* Women's Wire t-shirt, undated 1 item
91* Posters by others, undated 3 items

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