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Elizabeth Roth research papers on festivals, 1956-2006

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Roth (Elizabeth) Research Papers on Festivals

Container List

Series I. Notebooks on festival books, 1957-2006 6.27 Linear Feet (30 boxes)
Series I comprises draft entries for a bibliography of festival books, assembled in notebooks dedicated to France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and other countries. In these notebooks, Roth compares copies of festival books held in institutional and private collections, and by book dealers. Bibliographic differences are noted, such as paginations, illustrations, dedications, editions and printings. The sections on Germany and Italy also include catalog entries for festival books in the Spencer Collection at the NYPL.
Festival books in other countries are also surveyed, although in less depth: Austria (1723-1880), Belgium (1853-1856), Canada (1810), Denmark (1588-1749), England (1493-1937), Mexico (1760-1849), Norway (undated), Peru (1619), Poland (1669), Portugal (1582-1862), Russia (1742-1899), Spain (1513-1917), Sweden (1663-1845), and United States (1825-1913).
The series is arranged alphabetically by country and then in chronological order within each country. As per Roth's arrangement, festivals in Brussels and Antwerp held prior to the creation of Belgium (1830) are filed under the Netherlands, whereas festivals held in these cities after 1830 are filed under Belgium. Several countries, such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, were grouped together by Roth, and these groupings are filed according to their original order in the archive. Correspondence in these notebooks has been left in situ. For further correspondence, see Series III.
1 Austria, Belgium
1 Canada, Peru, United States
1 Denmark, Sweden, Norway
2 England
3-4 1493-1634
5-7 1645-1749
8-9 1750-1900
10 NYPL Spencer Collection, 1485-1958
11-12 1484-1673
13 1674-1699
14-15 1716-1846
16 1850-1958
17 NYPL Spencer Collection, 1591-1835
17-18 1499-1619
19-20 1620-1680
21-22 1680-1749
23-24 1750-1963
25-26 1515-1695
27-28 1700-1906
29 Russia, Poland
30 Spain, Portugal, Mexico
Series II. Other research materials, 1956-2005 0.69 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Series II includes bibliographies, card catalogs, clippings from auction and dealers' catalogs, bibliographic references, Roth's annotated personal notebook and notecards, and articles and conference papers by other scholars.
The bibliographies are primarily of French and Italian festival books. Also present are bibliographies related to festival books from the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, and other countries. There is also a bound photocopy of the Katalog der Lipperheideschen Kostümbibliothek (pages 635 through 720), annotated by Roth.
Filed by type of research materials.
box folder
31 1 General
31 2 France
31 3 Italy
31 4 Netherlands
31 5 Spain, Portugal
31 6-7 Lipperheidesche Kostümbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Auction catalog clippings and book dealers' holdings
box folder
31 8 E.P. Goldschmidt and Company, London, Catalog 171
31 9 Leona Rostenberg, New York
31 10 Lucien Goldschmidt and Company, New York, Catalog 57
31 11 Marlborough Rare Books Limited, London
31 12-13 Personal notebook
Annotated with notes on festivals, festival books, monarchies, conferences, artists, and references.
box folder
32 1-3 Articles
32 4 Conference papers
32 5-6 References
32 7-8 Newspaper and magazine clippings
32 9-11 Miscellaneous
Includes notes and photocopies on German script and black letter, paper definitions, measurement conversions, and a chart of the papal coat of arms.
Series III. Correspondence, 1981-2006 0.14 Linear Feet (1 box)
Series III contains correspondence of both a personal and official nature. While most of the correspondence from the archive can be found in Box 32, the correspondence in the notebooks was left in situ. For the correspondence related to festival prints by Herrera, which in fact comprises letters between Janet Byrne, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Eleanor M. Garvey, Houghton Library, see Series I, under Spain (Box 30).
Arrangement is alphabetical.
box folder
32 12 Antonucci, Emil
32 13 The Bookpress Ltd.
32 14 Bowles, Edmund A.
32 15 C.G. Boerner
32 16 Christie's
32 17 Hoffman, Léon-François
32 18 [Le Corbeiller], Clare
32 19 Reed, Marcia
32 20 Waddell, Roberta
32 21 Unidentified

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