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Duveen Brothers stock documentation from the dealer's library, 1829-1965

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Duveen Brothers stock documentation from the dealer's library
Series XII. Designs and architectural plans, undated 20 Linear Feet (5 boxes, 5 flatfiles, 2 rolls)
Series XII contains plans, drawings, and photographs of residences and institutions, including the estates of the firm's clients, where Duveen Brothers played a role in the furnishings and decorations. There is a large dossier with plans, drawings, photographs, and fabric swatches related to Edward Fowles' project at the Rheem Estate, California. Included in this series are also plans for the National Gallery in Washington D.C.
Plans and drawings are listed by project.
5** Blumenthal Residence 1 drawing, 1 photograph
Blumenthal Residence

box folder
680* 1 Combe Abbey Oak and Gilt Room 1 envelope (5 drawings), 6 photographs
Combe Abbey Oak and Gilt Room

Edward Fowles project related to Rheem Estate
box folder
681* 1-3 Drawings and blueprints circa 10 envelopes, circa 50 drawings, 2 watercolors
Drawings and blueprints

681* 4 Fabric swatches and publication 1 volume, 1 envelope (1 small sheet, 6 groups of swatches)
Fabric swatches and publication

6** Oversize

682* Frick House 7 drawings, circa 20 photographs, 2 sheets
Frick House

7** Hooton Hall Pine Room 1 folder (6 drawings)
Hooton Hall Pine Room

7** Litchfield Oak Room 3 drawings
Litchfield Oak Room

8** National Gallery, London 2 drawings
National Gallery, London

Architects: Romaine, Walker and Jenkins.
box folder
683* 2 National Gallery, Washington, D.C. 1 portfolio cover, 1 folder, 6 drawings
National Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Charles A. Platt portfolio.
683* 1 Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel

John Russell Pope
684 National Gallery, Washington 1 volume
National Gallery, Washington

box folder
683* 2 Others 5 photographs

Includes written description of designs for Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
box folder
680* 2 St. James' Oak Room 1 folder (5 drawings), 1 small sheet
St. James' Oak Room

680* 3 Spettisbury Pine Rm. No. 1 5 drawings, 2 photographs
Spettisbury Pine Rm. No. 1

680* 4 Wingerworth Hall Room 1 envelope, 5 drawings, 3 photographs
Wingerworth Hall Room

Unidentified circa 20 drawings
box folder
680* 5 General

9**-10** Oversize

1**-2** Plans and drawings
Plans and drawings

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