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Varias Fotografias, circa 1890

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Varias Fotografias

Scope and Content of Collection

The album contains collotypes of Mexican antiquities, primarily Mesoamerican ceramic or stone objects, as well as two colonial pieces. Most of the objects were photographed while on display in the former Museo Nacional de México. Many of them are numbered either on the object itself or on their bases, and a scale is often included in the image. Several objects are represented in two or more views, either in the same image or in separate images. Also included are two views of the Pyramid of the Niches at the Totonac site of El Tajin.

The objects depicted include a wide array of human, god, and animal figures (dogs, frogs, fish, jaguars, crocodiles, snakes, tigers, etc.), as well as relief sculptures and musical instruments. Captions indicate that the objects came from Veracruz, Santiago Tlatelolco, Tula, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tehuantepec, and Texcoco, and that they represent the Aztec, Zapotec, Toltec, and Tlaxcalan cultures.

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