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Robert Watts papers, 1883-1989 (bulk 1940-1988)

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Watts (Robert) papers
Series I. Personal, 1889-1989 2 Linear Feet
Arranged in chronological order, within 4 subseries, personal material includes official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, military records, and report cards, along with various versions of Watts' curriculum vitae. It also comprises papers regarding Watts' Iowa family background, including records of lineage, illness, and inheritance. There are transcripts of two interviews with Watts. Financial and legal papers, a portion of which are restricted, form the greater part of this series.
Series 1A. Biographical, 1923-1989 75 Linear Feet
Includes official documents, school materials, curriculum vitae.
box folder
1 1 Documents, 1923-1958 20 items
Birth certificate (2 copies), marriage certificate, Social Security card, certificate of Honorable Discharge, various other official papers of the U.S. Navy. [M- #25]
1 2 Clipping, 1927 1 item
Photocopy of clipping about Robert Watts at age four as director of the Bonaparte (Iowa) Booster Band, with photograph. [H-2#2]
1 3 School documents, 1938-1955 10 items
Honor Roll and Honor Society certificates from Dupont Manual Training High School in Louisville, Kentucky; initiation certificate from the Honorary Art Fraternity at Douglas College, in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; report cards from Columbia University, New York. [M-1#24]
1 4 Engineering report, 1942 1 item
Watts' report for University of Louisville Engineering program on his summer employment at Henry Vogt Machine Co. Blueprint drawings moved to Flat file folder 1. [M-1#21]
1 5 Engineering drawings, undated 15 items
Assorted drawings. Blueprint drawings moved to Flat file folder 2. [M-1#20]
1 6 Identification cards, 1943-1981 6 items
Includes driver's license and U.S. Navy cards. [M-1#23]
1 7 List of art and art history courses, circa 1951 2 items
Courses Watts took at the Art Students' League, New York, and at Columbia University. [M-1#1]
1 8 Pamela Kraft's astrological chart, 1968 17 page(s)
Robert Watt's calculations and interpretations for girlfriend Pamela Kraft. [M-4#3]
1 9 Watts' astrological chart, 1969-1985 27 page(s)
Calculations and interpretations provided by an astrologer, with Watts' notes and drawings. Copy of Signpost to the Stars, a pamphlet by George Phillip. [M-1#25]
1 10 Watts' Interest Inventory Profile, circa 1974 1 item
Strong Campbell Interest Inventory Profile, a computer generated assessment of vocational interests. [PH#2]
1 11 Curriculum vitae, circa 1980 21 page(s)
1 12 Curriculum vitae, circa 1981 11 page(s)
Presented in categories of work experience. [L-6#24]
1 13 Jill Weinstein's astrological chart, 1985 2 items
Resume and chart. [M-4#4]
1 14 Watts' curriculum vita and statement, 1987 28 page(s)
1 15 Watts' curriculum vita and statement, 1987 25 page(s)
1 16 Who's Who in American Art entry, 1988 3 items
Letter and printed entry for Robert Watts, submitted for his approval. [PH#2]
1 17 Calendar, 1988 7 folded pages
Wall calendar for months April through December, with Watts' notes regarding his cancer treatments.
1 18 New York Times obituary for Watts, 1988 3 items
Photocopies. Original in Series IX. Serials.
1 19 Watts' bibliography, circa 1989 5 page(s)
Apparently extended after his death. [L-6#21]
1 20 List of Watts' collectors, undated 14 page(s)
Series 1B. Family history, circa 1889-1984 0.2 Linear Feet
Correspondence, clippings, and genealogies.
box folder
1 21 Watts family history, circa 1889 5 items
Clippings from local Iowa publication. [M-1#16]
1 22 Bonaparte Bee, 1902 1 item
Serial publication from Bonaparte, Iowa, Watts' family town. [L-6#27]
1 23 Letter from Watts in Navy to parents, 1945 1 item
1 24 Iowa letterhead and broadsides, circa 1950 10 items
1 25 Family genealogy, circa 1965 35 items
Typewritten and handwritten lists of family members, marriages, heirs, with one photograph and one funeral announcement. [M-1#16]
1 26 Family correspondence and clippings, 1970-1976 12 items
1 27 Family correspondence, 1987-1988 6 items
1 28 Family illness history, undated 13 items
1 29 Earl Watts, letter and drawings, undated 5 items
About measuring locomotive performance. [M-1#17]
1 30 Notice of inheritance, 1984 35 items
Will of Elsie Watts, Watts' sister, and other legal and financial papers regarding the inheritance of her estate. [M-1#18]
Series 1C. Interviews, 1978, 1981 0.05 Linear Feet
Transcripts of interviews with some accompanying materials.
box folder
1 31 Interview transcript, 1978 15 page(s)
Robert Watts interviewed by Michael Oren. [L-6#101]
1 32 Interview transcript, 1981 43 page(s)
George Maciunas interviewed by Larry Miller, with list of performances/events and brochure from The Kitchen, 1979.
Series 1D. Legal and financial, 1948-1988 1.5 Linear Feet
Financial and legal papers, especially regarding real estate holdings in New York, where Watts was one of the owners of the loft building at 141 Wooster that was Fluxhouse. He also owned a farm in Pennsylvania.
Boxes 3 and 4 SEALED; Box 2 SEALED pending further evaluation.
box folder
2 1 Veteran's Administration Life Insurance, 1948-1987 5 items
2 2 Eastman Kodak law suit, 1964 10 page(s)
Correspondence regarding Kodak's refusal to return three rolls of processed film due to its erotic content. [M-8#1]
2 3 DeMenil loan papers, 1970-1984 37 page(s)
Correspondence and loan papers regarding Adelaide de Menil's loan to Robert Watts and its repayment. [M-8#2]
2 4 Divorce papers, 1970-1975 29 page(s)
Correspondence and property settlement agreement regarding Watt's divorce from Virginia Watts. [M-8#12]
2 5 Pollution of Martins Creek, 1971 7 items
Notes and letter from Watts to a government engineer regarding pollution in the stream running through his farm in Pennsylvania. With clippings. [M-10#2]
2 6 Robbery, 1974-1979 24 items
Papers regarding the robbery of Watts' car and possessions in it and their eventual recovery. [M-8#11]
2 7 Internal Revenue Service dispute, 1974-1980 13 items
Correspondence and official papers regarding dispute over the amount Watts owed in taxes. [B-1#4]
2 8 Required sales tax reporting, 1974-1985 9 items
2 9 Floor plans and drawings, 1976 8 items
For Bangor, Pennsylvania farm house. [M-10#1]
2 10 State income tax dispute, 1977-1978 7 items
Correspondence regarding amount Watts owed in Pennsylvania state tax. [B-1#8]
2 11 Mastercard, 1982 1 letters
2 12 Social Security, 1983-1985 7 items
Papers regarding social security benefits. [B-1#6]
2 13 Satellite TV, 1987 3 page(s)
2 14 Food bills, 1988 3 items
2 15 Gun ammunition, undated 1 page(s)
3 141 Wooster Street, 1967-1983 22 Linear Feet
SEALED material regarding Watts' joint ownership of 141 Wooster, a loft building in the Soho district of Manhattan, otherwise known as Fluxhouse. Mortgages, leases, other legal documents, and correspondence regarding lawsuit. [B-1#s1-2; M-8#s3-5]
4 Billie Maciunus lawsuit, 1978-1986 8 file(s)
SEALED material regarding Robert Watts' lawsuit against Billlie Jeanette Maciunus, widow of Bob Maciunus. [B-1#3; M-8#s6-10]

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