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Robert Watts papers, 1883-1989 (bulk 1940-1988)

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Watts (Robert) papers
Series II. Academic files, 1949-1988 1.5 Linear Feet
This series encompasses Watts' term papers and Master's thesis from Columbia, applications for grants and funding written while he was a professor at Rutgers, teaching files from Rutgers and University of California, Santa Cruz, and correspondence with administrators at Rutgers, which is SEALED.
Series IIA. Academic papers, 1949-1952 0.5 Linear Feet
Watts' term papers and Master's thesis for Columbia University on Ancient Art
box folder
5 1 The Shields of Australia, 1949 15 page(s)
5 2 Kwakiutl Bird Masks, 1950 19 page(s)
5 3 Alaskan Eskimo Masks, 1950 12 page(s)
5 4 New Guinea Drums, 1950 50 page(s)
With extensive illustrations drawn by Watts.
5 5 Masked Designs of Nazca, 1951 26 page(s)
With extensive illustrations and photographs.
5 6 Masks of the Alaskan Eskimo, 1951 70 page(s)
M.A. thesis with extensive illustrations drawn by Watts.
5 7-11 Ancient Art of Mexico, Part I - Part V, 1952
This five-part series was published in pamphlet form by Herbert E, Budek, Company, Inc., Hackensack, N.J.
5 7 Part I, 1952 6 page(s)
5 8 Part II, 1952 6 page(s)
5 9 Part III, 1952 6 page(s)
5 10 Part IV, 1952 5 page(s)
5 11 Part V, 1952 6 page(s)
Series IIB. Grant applications, 1961-1988 0.25 Linear Feet
Applications for funding from universities, art councils and other sources.
box folder
6 1 Research Council applications, 1961-1965 43 page(s)
Applications for funding that Watts made on a yearly basis to Rutgers University. Includes descriptions of prospective projects, projected costs, and correspondence. [M-1#6]
6 2 Proposal for University of California, Santa Cruz, 1967-1970 16 page(s)
Proposal to develop a multi-media program or institute. Includes intellectual justification and statements from Fluxus artists. [M-1#10]
6 3 Material accompanying the above proposal, 1967-1970 31 pp; 3 serials
Includes clippings, and a few E.A.T. bulletins [M-1#10]
6 4 Research Council applications, 1967-1980 28 page(s)
Description of projects with projected budgets. [M-1#6]
6 5 Research Council applications, 1970-1979 25 page(s)
Description of projects with projected budgets. [M-1#6]
6 6 Associated Council of the Arts, 1973 7 page(s)
Letter and summary of meeting Watts attended. [M-1#7]
6 7 Creative Arts Program Service application, 1975-1976 35 page(s)
Watts' project proposal, curriculum vita, correspondence, application forms, and various CAPS printed matter. [M-1#11]
6 8 National Endowment for the Arts (N.E.A.) application, 1976-1977 13 page(s)
Project description, correspondence, printed matter. [M-1#12]
6 9 Rutgers Instructional Development Grant, 1976-1980 14 page(s)
Correspondence and proposal for a grant to develop the Film and Mixed Media program. [M-1#18]
6 10 DAAD application, 1980-1981 4 page(s)
Grant to work in Berlin. [M-1#13]
6 11 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts application, 1980-1981
7 pages; brochure.
6 12 Rutgers Research Council Applications, 1980-1983 32 page(s)
6 13 Massachusetts Council of the Arts, 1985-1988
Brochures regarding funding. L-6#91
Series IIC. Teaching files, 1957-1987 0.5 Linear Feet
Material related to courses Watts taught, faculty appointments, and administrative wranglings. Most of this subseries is SEALED (Box 7).
box folder
6 14 Ancient Art of the Americas, 1957 circa 60 pages
Student paper submitted to Watts, with his comments on inside of cover.
6 15 University of California, Santa Cruz course, 1966-1967 circa 30 pages
Materials concerning the Art Seminar and Experimental Workshop Watts taught, with detailed list of course requirements and some student work. [M-1#5]
6 16 University of California, Santa Cruz Experimental Workshop, 1969 18 items
Letters, clippings and posters. [M-1#4]
6 17 Rutgers University appointment letters, 1952-1978 14 page(s)
6 18 Retirement and emeritus letters, 1984 2 page(s)
Letters from Rutgers accepting Watts' retirement and assigning him emeritus status. [M-1#3]
6 19 Larry Miller recommendation, 1987 1 page(s)
7 Correspondence between Watts and Rutgers administrators, 1969-1980
SEALED. Five files of correspondence.

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