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Yvonne Rainer papers, 1871-2013 (bulk 1959-2013)

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Rainer (Yvonne) Papers
Series III. Works, 1960-2005, undated 7 Linear Feet (16 boxes)
Dance, performance, and film, 1960-2005, undated 4 Linear Feet (9 boxes)
The subseries begins with Rainer's comprehensive resume. Dance files include dance scores, drawings, descriptions of dances and choreography, notes, directions for performers, programs and fliers, information for programs, and reviews. Files on Rainer's films include scripts, shooting notes, production notes and notebooks, production schedules, production stills, accounting sheets, budgets and files on distribution and sales.
Arrangement note
Files are arranged chronologically, with some exceptions.
box folder
21 14 Résumé, undated
21 14 Watering Place score, circa 1960 4 page(s)
Orange crayon, pencil and ink on unlined paper with rounded corners. At the top of each page: "Instructions for..." and the name of each dancer: Steve, Ruth, Marnie, Paul. According to Rainer, Watering Place was never performed outside of Robert Dunn's workshop (Merce Cunningham's studio, New York City).
21 15 Three Satie Spoons, copy of score, 1961
Colored crayon on paper with handwritten description by Rainer in pencil on the reverse. Rainer's first choreographed solo.
21 16 Ordinary Dance, score and monologue, 1961-1962
Score, pencil and ink on paper.
Terrain, 1963-1965
Scores, typed and handwritten; Spencer Holst, On the Truth, and On Evil, in handwritten and typed form; programs; reviews; posters and flyers. Poster designed by Robert Rauschenberg.
box folder
21 17-18 Scores and notes, 1963
Typed and handwritten for various sections: "Bach," "Holst Solos," "Diagonal Section," and other directions for dances and notes.
21 19 Programs and reviews, 1963-1965
Programs, announcements for various performances; 1963 review by Jill Johnston; poster: An Evening of Dance, designed by Robert Rauschenberg; also, program for The Dance at Judson Hall, 1963 Feb 15, Ten performances, which do not include Terrain.
21 20 Dialogues, 1964
Two versions of a script, one in manuscript and the other typescript (and carbon copy and photocopy). Four pages of notes with sections: "with Cindy," "Cindy," "Weights and Measures," and "with Judy."
21 21 Parts of Some Sextets, 1965
Score; notes; program with annotations; photocopy captioned: "two stories from a forty-five minute tape taken from the Diary of William Bently, used as a sound track for Parts of Some Sextets."
Carriage Discreteness, 1966, 1998
Performed as part of 9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering, produced by Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) at the 69th Regiment Armory, New York City, 1966 Oct 15.
box folder
21 22-23 Typed description and other materials, 1966
Typed description of Carriage Discreteness, list of objects for the piece. Also includes a review of a performance, and information about the piece by Per Biorn, a performance engineer.
21 24 9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering, 69th Regiment Armory, New York, 1966
Press releases, reviews of 9 evenings events. Also includes materials titled "Projects for Stockholm Festival."
box folder
22 1 Documentation provided by Julie Martin, 1966, 1968
Documentation of Rainer's piece Carriage Discreteness sent to Rainer by Julie Martin with a letter, 1998. Photocopied documentation of 9 Evenings event produced by E.A.T.
22 2, 4-5 The Mind is a Muscle, 1966-1968
Programs, reviews, letters, sample of silver material. Includes programs for Brandeis and Spoleto performances. Also includes annotated paste-up program for performance at Anderson Theater, April 1968.
Trio A, 1966, 1997, 2001-2005
box folder
22 6 "Dance Talking: Trio A", 1966
Text of lecture with note that it was for publication in 0 to 9 magazine; notes, clipping of an essay by Vladimir Nabokov (from New York Times Book Review).
22 7 Letter from Pat Catterson, 1997
22 8 London International Summer School, 2005
Printed text; Rainer taught Trio A at the summer school.
22 9 Greg Catellier, 2001
Letters from Catellier, who learned and performed Trio A.
22 3 Trio B scores, 1968
Two drawings, pencil on graph paper: Trio B Second Part, and Trio B running. Performed Anderson Theater, New York City.
22 10 Performance Demonstration, 1968
Some materials in this folder (including negatives) were originally in a folder with a note from Rainer that said, "Performance Demonstration - maybe?" Black-and-white negatives are in Box 94.
22 11 Connecticut Composite, 1969
Typed description, scores, programs. Performed at Connecticut College, New London, CT. Connecticut Composite included an early version of Continuous Project Altered Daily.
Rose Fractions, 1969
box folder
22 12 Billy Rose Theater, New York
22 13 Program information, scores and programs, and correspondence
Includes letter from Carl Andre written on graph paper about the performance.
Continuous Project, Altered Daily, 1969-1970, 1998
box folder
22 14 Programs, contracts, flyers for performances, 1969-1970
22 15 Handwritten notes and directions for performances, letters, 1969-1970
22 16 Copies of score, texts, 1969-1970
Apparently scores used in Connecticut Composite, then reused for Continuous Project, Altered Daily. These papers were in a folder that was labeled "from Continuous Project, shown at MOCA [Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles]."
22 17 Laban notation score, 1998
box folder
133* 12 Scores for CP-AD "Chunks and Insertables"
Three hand-written copies/versions on graph paper.
133* 12 Oversize clipping
From the New York Review of Books, part of an article about People's Park.
box folder
22 18 War, 1970
Scores, other texts. War re-used parts of Continuous Project-Altered Daily and was performed by Grand Union.
Grand Union, 1970-1972
Programs, brochures. See also files on Touring.
box folder
22 19 New York University, 1970
Grand Union and War. Description of piece and contract with New York University.
22 20 Grand Union Dreams, 1970-1971
Scores and programs. Also in Box 23, folder 1.
box folder
23 2 Handwritten dreams of Grand Union dancers (?), circa 1971
23 3 Programs, fliers, and public relations material, 1970
23 4 Biographies of dancers, 1970-1971
Typed and handwritten - Grand Union dancers?
23 5 Correspondence, 1970-1972
Some letters relate to the incorporation of Grand Union, others to tours and performances. See also files in Series V for more information about Grand Union performances at various venues.
23 6 Performance, 1972
Script, etc. Includes Instructions for Story section from Lives of Performers, first performed in Performance, Hofstra University and the Whitney Museum.
Lives of Performers, 1972, undated
box folder
23 7 Working script, draft pages, 1972
Handwritten on yellow, lined paper. Lives of Performers is Rainer's first full-length film, and includes actual footage from the rehearsal of one of Rainer's pieces, Walk, She Said.
23 8 Original script and related pages, 1972
23 9 Wall text, 1972
Text is on index cards. Corresponding black-and-white slides, :identified as "Slides for Brenda" described in "slides" section below.
23 10 Script, 1972
Two copies of typescript.
23 11 Distribution, 1972
Letters and receipts regarding distribution and sales, plus one sheet of corrections to be made to future copies of the video/film.
23 12 Pandora's Box (Lulu), G.W. Pabst, 1972
Paperback copy of book, with film stills cut out and loose. Source for Lives of Performers. Also used to illustrate Work, 1961-1973.
7** Louise Brooks, Delta Productions, Montpellier, France, undated
Slides, 1972
96 Text slides for ocean, English
31 duplicate slides.
96 French text, tray 1
33 slides. Up to "she starts to leave...".
96 Text slides for ocean, French
30 duplicate slides.
96 French text, tray 1 (end), tray 2
15 slides.
96 English and French text
27 duplicate slides.
96 Slides for Brenda
9 slides.
box folder
23 13 In the College, 1972
Notes and typed "Narrative suggestions." Piece created at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio and performed 1972 Jan.
Photo Romanza, 1972
Black-and-white photographs and notes for the poster designed by Rainer. See also Box 24, folder 8, Kristina (For a....Opera) published in Interfunktionen, 1975, edited by Benjamin Buchloh, photographs by Babette Mangolte.
box folder
23 14 Photographs and notes
8** Oversize
box folder
23 15 Sentimentale, 1972
Magazine that served as a model for Rainer's Photo Romanza, purchased when she was in Italy.
Inner Appearances, circa 1972
box folder
30 1-2 Wall texts
137* Inner Appearances props
Items used for performance: sun visor, toy gun, wrapped package, etc.
box folder
23 16 This is the Story of a Woman and Man Who..., 1973
This is the Story of a Woman Who..., 1973
box folder
23 17-18 Scripts
Parts of the script, outline of sections, including Inner Appearances, Shirley's Dream and Grand Union Dreams pieces (for performance at Whitney? Theater for the New City?), plus flyers/programs for these two venues. Also includes part of a script, photographs, flyers, letter from "Steve," lighting and sound cues.
box folder
24 1 Wall projections
Texts for wall projections, index cards with text, "Instructions for the performance of Inner Appearances," which was incorporated into This is the Story...
24 2 Annotated photographs
With mailing list, flyers, images of Rainer and train (from newspaper), and two posters: 5 Evenings (Boston) and questa e la storia di una donna che... (Rome).
Film About a Woman Who..., circa 1974
box folder
24 3-4 Script
24 5 Titles
24 6-7 Notebooks
Two notebooks with shooting notes.
"Kristina (For a...Opera)," 1975
box folder
24 8 Interfunktionen, no. 12
24 9 Collected images
Photographs, images clipped from publications used for the publication "Kristina (For a...Opera)" in Interfunktionen, 1975.
Kristina Talking Pictures, 1976, 1978
box folder
25 1 Script, first draft, 1976
Handwritten and typed pages.
25 2 Shooting notes, 1976
25 3 Sixty-two index cards, 1976
25 4 Script, notebook with shooting notes, 1976
Script is partial.
25 5 Film strips, production stills and photographs, 1976
25 6-7 Collage images, 1976
25 8 Script annotated for Afterimage, 7: 37-73, 1978
Journeys from Berlin / 1971, 1978-1980
box folder
25 9-10 British Film Institute, 1978-1980
Letters, budgets, contacts relating to BFI support for production costs of the film.
box folder
26 1 Working notes, 1979-1980
Extensive notes, prospectus for the film, black-and-white photographs of hand holding a stone (negatives in Box 94).
26 2 Images for Journeys from Berlin/ 1971, 1979-1980
Black-and-white photographs, postcards.
26 3 Research, 1979-1980
Clippings, articles from newspapers. See also folders on Baader Meinhof, Box 45, folders 5-7.
26 4 Production notes and schedules, 1979-1980
26 5-8 Scripts, 1979-1980
26 9 Story of a Filmmaker Who..., 1980
Text of lecture performance (?) and cues.
The Man Who Envied Women, 1985
box folder
26 10-12 Scripts, prospectus
Three scripts, plus prospectus; budget for film (?)
box folder
27 1-5 Production notebooks and budget
Includes production schedules, cast and crew lists, notes, script, and list of shots. Includes typescript: "The Man Who Envied Women: Collage with Martha Rosler," 1984 June 23; a dialogue between Rainer and Rosler.
Privilege, circa 1990
box folder
27 6-9 Scripts
Script in folder 8 is annotated; see also color photographs in Box 91.
27 10 Production
Notes and accounting sheets for payroll. Description of project.
27 11 Carlos
Photocopied articles and notes related to background of this character.
27 12 Rights
Mostly relating to music.
27 13 Distribution
MURDER and murder, 1996-1997
box folder
28 1-5 Scripts
Includes three scripts and one annotated shooting script.
28 6 Shooting notes and scene break-downs
28 7 Budgets
28 8 Credits
28 10 Distribution
box folder
29 1-4 Film festivals,
29 5 Lesbians and cancer
Information for distribution of film.
29 6 30 anos de dança
29 7 Letter from Barbara Haas regarding role of Doris
Color photographs in Box 149.
29 8 Mailing lists and phone numbers
29 9 Music
29 10 Music rights
29 11 Script
Photocopy from Performance Art Journal.
29 12-14 Production notebook
29 12 Notebook/folder with notes attached
See folders 13-14 for papers that were inside.
29 13-14 Production papers from notebook
Regarding production and post-production.
After the Summer Dies the Swan, 2000-2002
box folder
30 3 Carl Schorske, Vienna Fin de siècle, annotated copy
Rainer's source for After the Summer Dies the Swaan.
30 4 Notes and images
30 5 After the Summer Dies the Swan - Hybrid
Typed and annotated working script, photocopies of photographs and texts for video.
30 6 Unidentified and undated materials for works, undated
Two newspaper clippings titled "Child Hood" and "Adult Hood;" one clipping of sites in Egypt; one typescript page for a slide, beginning "I am tired of your cunning and docility..."

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