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Israel Stollman collection of stereographs, 1850-1979, undated

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Stollman (Israel) collection
Series II. Boxed sets, 1890-1970s? 12 Linear Feet (22 boxes)
The series comprises boxed sets, that is stereographs purchased as sets and usually sold housed in special boxes. In addition to the Keystone View Company, Tour of the World set, there are sets for individual countries, a set of stereographs documenting medical conditions, small-format sets and sets of film positive stereographs. Included among the small sets is a set of ten homemade stereographs of local Cincinnati exterior and interior views by an unknown amateur photographer pasted onto cards whose versos contain endorsements for political candidates running in the 1895 Cincinnati election.
After the Tour of the World set the boxed sets are arranged alphabetically by country.
Keystone View Company, Tour of the World, between 1892 and 1933
49 Vol. I-II
50 Vol. III-IV
51 Vol. V-VI
52 Vol. VII-VIII
53 Vol. I
64 Original boxes
54 Underwood & Underwood, China, 1900-1901
box folder
55 1 Underwood & Underwood, Belgium, 1901
55 2 H.C. White Co., France, 1901
56 Underwood & Underwood, Egypt, 1905
Accompanied by James Henry Brested, Egypt through the Stereoscope, Underwood & Underwood, 1905.
57 Underwood & Underwood, England, approximately 1900
58 Underwood & Underwood, India, approximately 1900
59 Underwood & Underwood, Italy, 1901
box folder
60 1 Underwood & Underwood, Jerusalem, approximately 1900
60 2 H.C. White Co., Perfec-Stereographs, 1901
Original boxes, 1900-1905
Includes original boxes for the boxed sets housed in boxes 54-60.
Dr. S.I. Rainforth, Medical Conditions, 1910
61 I
62 II
Small sets 1890-1939
box folder
63 1 Keystone View Company, Universal Unit X-2, 1930s
Five 2 1/2 x 4 3/4 inch gelatin silver stereographs (assorted views) with printed set description and original cellophane wrapper bearing a Marshall Field and Company gummed label.
63 2 # 107 Tour of the Big Cities of America, 1890-1900?
Twenty-three color letterpress halftone stereographs from a set of 25 by an unknown maker. Includes original box.
63 3 Rellev, Views of Morroco and Spain, 1933-1934
Seventy-seven 2 1/4 x 5 inch gelatin silver stereographs from various Rellev series.
63 4 World Views proofs approximately 1900
Twenty-three 4 1/2 x 7 inch gelatin silver sterographic proof prints. Some numbered in the negative; all numbered in pencil on verso and stamped either "Good" or "Medium."
63 5 Cincinnati Election Views, 1895
Ten homemade collodion [?] stereographs of local exterior and interior views by an unknown amateur photographer. Prints 1 1/2 x 2 inches on cards 2 5/8 x 4 1/8 inches. Versos of cards printed by Allied Printing, Cincinnati, each containing an endorsement for a political candidate running in the 5 November 1895 Cincinnati [?] election. Texts are in English and German.
63 6 American Stereoscopic Views, San Francisco and Environs, circa 1930s
Seven sets of gelatin silver stereographs, 3 5/16 x 4 7/16 inches, with original printed envelopes: San Francisco I (11); San Francisco II (10); Golden Gate Park, San Francisco (10); Oakland (10); Lake Merritt, Oakland (10); Marin County (10); Round San Francisco Bay (9). Left image with Series name and number in negative; right image with title in image. Distributed by Oliver Enders.
63 7 Universal Photo Art Co., Stereograph Gems, vol. 1 1900-1904
Thirty-six platino print stereographs (world views and genre scenes) bound in a leather book for use with an Ideal Stereoscope viewer. Published by G. H. Graves, Philadelphia. Descriptions are printed on the verso of the succeeding stereograph so that they can be read while the image is being viewed.
65 Film positives, 1930s?
Stereographs on reversal film, i.e. photographic transparencies.
65 1 Russia (Hermitage), 1960s-1970s?
Twenty chromogenic color or tinted stereographs with one sheet of description; mounts 1 7/8 x 4 inches.
Stéréofilms Bruguière, 1950s?
Black-and-white stereopositives; 1 3/4 x 4 1/8 inches. Views of France and Italy (Rome) in sets of twelve. Some sets are incomplete. Titled and numbered on the film in the space between the images. For the stereoviewer that accompanies the set see box 74.
box folder
65 2 I
Nine stereographs.
65 3 II
65 4 L'Alsace I
Eleven stereographs.
Cité de Carcassone
box folder
65 5 Stereopositives
Eleven stereographs.
65 6 Glass slides
Eleven brown-tinted stereographs; numbered on glass between images.
65 7 Château de Fontainebleau
65 8 Lisieux
65 9 Lourdes
65 10 Nice
65 11 Nîmes
65 12 Paris
Set is randomly numbered and contains a variety of views.
65 13 Les Invalides
Set is randomly numbered.
65 14 Paris IX: Montmarte
Musée du Louvre
box folder
65 15 I
Two stereographs are from the Paris: II. Monuments series.
65 16 II
Eleven stereographs.
65 17 Château de Versailles
65 17 I
65 18 II
65 data_value_missing_fae865ce78394a17829c7b14f4697170 Le Calvaire
65 20 Rome
65 21 Musei gallerie Pontificie
66 Original boxes

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