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Oscar Birkett Payne Views of China, circa 1924-circa 1929

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Payne (Oskar Birkett) views of China
Series I. Nitrate negatives, circa 1924-circa 1929 6.5 Linear Feet (9 boxes)
The 361 nitrate negatives are numbered N1-N362 with the following anomalies: numbers N71, N193; and N194 are lacking; there are 3 numbers N290 (A-C). For content description see boxes 19-24. All titles were devised by the catalogers.
Nitrate negatives are restricted; use copy prints in boxes 19-24.
Arranged in numerical order N1-N362.
1-3 Nitrate negatives
19-23 Copy prints
Copy prints (digitized version)

19 2002.R.4-N1 [Two Men and a Boy Eating Noodles on a Junk]
19 2002.R.4-N2 [Reclining Water Buffalo under Tree by River and Fields]
19 2002.R.4-N3 [Ornate Roof Beam Details]
19 2002.R.4-N4 [Junks Sailing]
19 2002.R.4-N5 [Junks Sailing]
19 2002.R.4-N6 [Cloud Study]
19 2002.R.4-N7_2004.R.2-N26 [Junks Sailing]
Twenty images.
19 2002.R.4-N27 [Fishing Net on Riverbank, Held Suspended by Poles]
19 2002.R.4-N28 [Fishing Net on Riverbank, Held Suspended by Poles]
19 2002.R.4-N29-2002.R.4-N35 [Junks Sailing]
19 2002.R.4-N36 [Cloud Study]
19 2002.R.4-N37 [Junk Sailing]
19 2002.R.4-N38 [Cloud Study]
19 2002.R.4-N39-2002.R.4-N6 [Junks Sailing]
19 2002.R.4-N47 [Junk with Tattered Sails Floats toward a Man on a Carpet of Floating Logs]
19 2002.R.4-N48_2002.R.4-N60 [Junks Sailing]
Thirteen images.
20 2002.R.4-N61_2002.R.4-N70 [Junks Sailing]
Ten images.
20 2002.R.4-N71 Number not assigned
20 2002.R.4-N72-2002.R.4-N84 [Junks Sailing]
20 2002.R.4-N85 [Shanghai Street Scene: Classical Facade and Two Rickshaws]
20 2002.R.4-N86 [Shanghai Bund]
20 2002.R.4-N87 [Shanghai Street Scene: Chinese Shop Facade and Pedestrians]
20 2002.R.4-N88 [Shanghai Bund]
20 2002.R.4-N89 [Shanghai: Government Buildings (?)]
20 2002.R.4-N90 [Shanghai: Battleships on River]
20 2002.R.4-N91 [Shanghai Bund: Quays, Ships and Shoreline Street]
20 2002.R.4-N92 [Shanghai Bund]
20 2002.R.4-N93 [Shanghai Bund]
20 2002.R.4-N94 [Shanghai: Waterfront Monument]
20 2002.R.4-N95 [Shanghai: Classical Buildings]
20 2002.R.4-N96 [Shanghai: Riverfront Scene with Clock Tower]
20 2002.R.4-N97 [Shanghai Bund]
20 2002.R.4-N98 [Man in a Junk]
20 2002.R.4-N99 [Temple Eaves in a Forested Environment]
20 2002.R.4-N100 [Man in Cap]
20 2002.R.4-N101 [Man in Cap]
20 2002.R.4-N102 [Old Man with Wispy Beard and Moustache]
20 2002.R.4-N103 [Old Man with Wispy Beard and Moustache]
20 2002.R.4-N104 [Old Man with Wispy Beard and Moustache]
20 2002.R.4-N105 [Three Riverside Pagodas]
20 2002.R.4-N106 [Man]
20 2002.R.4-N107 [Ornate Curved Eaves with Dragon and Human Ornamentation]
20 2002.R.4-N108 [Beams under Chines-style Eaves]
20 2002.R.4-N109 [European Man Standing amidst Shrubbery]
20 2002.R.4-N110 [Old Man]
20 2002.R.4-N111 [Old Man in Fur Cap and Large Round Wire Rim Glasses]
20 2002.R.4-N112 [Old Man in Fur Cap and Large Round Wire Rim Glasses]
20 2002.R.4-N113 [Old Man]
20 2002.R.4-N114 [Old Man]
20 2002.R.4-N115 [Old Man]
20 2002.R.4-N116 [Old Man in Fur Cap and Large Round Wire Rim Glasses]
20 2002.R.4-N117 [Two Seated Monks Holding Religious Accoutrements]
20 2002.R.4-N118 [Man]
20 2002.R.4-N119 [Old Man]
20 2002.R.4-N120 [Chubby Baby Seated on Ground]
21 2002.R.4-N121 [Man Seated with Baskets in front of Shop]
21 2002.R.4-N122 [Man with Baskets of Chickens]
21 2002.R.4-N123 [Seated Priest]
21 2002.R.4-N124 [Standing Man Posing, Building in Distance]
21 2002.R.4-N125 [Ragged Beggar Standing along a Dirt Road]
21 2002.R.4-N126 [Barber and Seated Customer]
21 2002.R.4-N127 [Man Seated In Front of Shop with Bundles of Old Shoes]
21 2002.R.4-N128 [Man Seated In Doorway, Holding Rag]
21 2002.R.4-N129 [Man Standing Pensively in front of Tall Piles of Split Wood]
21 2002.R.4-N130 [Man Examining Something While Standing in Street]
21 2002.R.4-N131 [Young Boy and Toddler]
21 2002.R.4-N132 [Seated Man Stitching Shoe Soles]
21 2002.R.4-N133 [Seated Man with Arms Akimbo]
21 2002.R.4-N134 [Seated Man Reaching over His Tray of Sticks]
21 2002.R.4-N135 [Man Standing in front of Stacks of Full Burlap Sacks]
21 2002.R.4-N136 [Elderly Roadside Beggar]
21 2002.R.4-N137 [Old Woman Seated with Sack]
21 2002.R.4-N138 [Seated Dark-Skinned Man in Padded Coat]
21 2002.R.4-N139 [Smoking Elder with Cane]
21 2002.R.4-N140 [Man in Long Quilted and Hooded Coat]
21 2002.R.4-N141 [Children Clustered around Man, Examining What He Is Showing Them]
21 2002.R.4-N142 [Seated Priest]
21 2002.R.4-N143 [Monk Standing in Garden]
21 2002.R.4-N144 [Young Monk with Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N145 [Merchant with Baskets of Leafy Produce]
21 2002.R.4-N146 [Three Children Seated by Upended Wheelbarrow and Piles of Full Sacks]
21 2002.R.4-N147 [Fortune Teller or Calligrapher Seated at a Table]
21 2002.R.4-N148 [Man on Sawhorse, Splitting Bricks]
21 2002.R.4-N149 [Man Strolling Past Baskets]
21 2002.R.4-N150 [Kneeling Man Supplicating or Praying]
21 2002.R.4-N151 [Ragged Old Woman in Wadded Pants Pausing along Dirt Road]
21 2002.R.4-N152 [Two Men Seated on Wheelbarrow-like Cart]
21 2002.R.4-N153 [Man Relaxing and Smoking at Outdoor Table of a Teahouse]
21 2002.R.4-N154 [Three Children Posing with Reclining Water Buffalo]
21 2002.R.4-N155 [Man in Long Coat, Standing on Riverbank]
21 2002.R.4-N156 [Young Child Seated outside Hut]
21 2002.R.4-N157 [Old Standing Man Wearing Thickly Padded Clothing]
21 2002.R.4-N158 [Man Seated on Wheelbarrow Cart]
21 2002.R.4-N159 [Two Men Seated with Bundles of Straw]
21 2002.R.4-N160 [Standing Child in Padded Coat]
21 2002.R.4-N161 [Calligrapher (?) at Desk]
21 2002.R.4-N162 [Elder Standing Proudly]
21 2002.R.4-N163 [Smoking Man Seated at Teahouse Table]
21 2002.R.4-N164 [Man Seated outside Shopfront]
21 2002.R.4-N165 [Seated Monk Posing with Young Girl; Dog on Steps]
21 2002.R.4-N166 [Man Enjoying a Mug of Tea]
21 2002.R.4-N167 [Priest with Feather Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N168 [Man in Broad-rimmed Hat]
21 2002.R.4-N169 [Priest in Garden]
21 2002.R.4-N170 [Monk in Garden]
21 2002.R.4-N171 [Woman Seated with Long Pole]
21 2002.R.4-N172 [Young Monk in Garden]
21 2002.R.4-N173 [Three Young Monks in Garden, Holding Fans]
21 2002.R.4-N174 [Seated Priest]
21 2002.R.4-N175 [Seated Monk with Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N176 [Young Man or Woman in Knicker-Length Pants, Holding Large Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N177 [Seated Monk with Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N178 [Young Man or Woman Seated with Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N179 [Priest Seated with Fan]
21 2002.R.4-N180 [Monk Standing with Fan on Steps]
22 2002.R.4-N181 [Standing Man]
Blind man?
22 2002.R.4-N182 [Seated Smoking Man]
22 2002.R.4-N183 [Old Woman on Rural Road with Staff and Sack]
22 2002.R.4-N184 [Children Playing with Butter Churn]
22 2002.R.4-N185 [Old Man in Straw Hat with Cane and Basket]
22 2002.R.4-N186 [Seated Old Woman with Cane]
22 2002.R.4-N187 [Man in Fur Cap and Round Glasses Seated at Outdoor Table]
22 2002.R.4-N188 [Man Seated at Carved Table with Tray of Cylindrical Objects]
22 2002.R.4-N189 [Man Seated at Carved Table with Tray of Cylindrical Objects]
22 2002.R.4-N190 [Two Men Seated on Outdoor Steps]
22 2002.R.4-N191 [Children Playing with a Cane]
22 2002.R.4-N192 [People around a Table with a Mound of Cotton Bolls (?)]
22 2002.R.4-N193 Number not assigned
22 2002.R.4-N194 Number not assigned
22 2002.R.4-N195 [Five Children Holding Flowers]
22 2002.R.4-N196 [Standing Priest with Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N197 [Five Children Holding Flowers]
22 2002.R.4-N198 [Standing Monk Holding Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N199 [Two Standing Monks Holding Fans]
22 2002.R.4-N200 [Two Standing Monks Holding Fan and Vase of Flowers]
22 2002.R.4-N201 [Two Seated Monks with Religious Paraphernalia]
22 2002.R.4-N202 [Seated Monk]
22 2002.R.4-N203 [Seated Monk with Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N204 [Standing Monk with Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N205 [Seated Child with Fan and Person of Ambiguous Sex]
22 2002.R.4-N206 [Standing Monk and Person of Ambiguous Sex, Holding Fans]
22 2002.R.4-N207 [Young Monk Holding Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N208 [Three Monks Holding Fans]
22 2002.R.4-N209 [Two Seated Monks Holding Fans]
22 2002.R.4-N210 [Old Seated Priest with Long Pipe]
22 2002.R.4-N211 [Seated Monk with Gourd]
22 2002.R.4-N212 [Seated Monk or Priest with Handful of Leaves]
22 2002.R.4-N213 [Seated Priest with Gourd]
22 2002.R.4-N214 [Group of Five Standing Monks with Priest, Holding Paraphernalia]
22 2002.R.4-N215 [Seated Priest with Gourd]
22 2002.R.4-N216 [Half-length Portrait of an Old Man]
22 2002.R.4-N217 [Group of Five Standing Monks with Priest, Holding Paraphernalia]
22 2002.R.4-N218 [Group of Five Standing Monks with Priest, Holding Paraphernalia]
22 2002.R.4-N219 [Priest Wearing Striped Robe in Meditation Pose and Holding a Fly Whisk]
22 2002.R.4-N220 [Seated Priest with Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N221 [Priest Wearing Striped Robe in Meditation Pose and Holding a Fly Whisk]
22 2002.R.4-N222 [Three Standing Priests Holding Paraphernalia]
22 2002.R.4-N223 [Priest Wearing Striped Robe in Meditation Pose and Holding a Fly Whisk]
22 2002.R.4-N224 [Old Priest Seated, Smoking Long Pipe]
22 2002.R.4-N225 [Monk Sitting Cross-Legged, Holding Flywhisk]
22 2002.R.4-N226 [Seated Monk Holding Fan]
22 2002.R.4-N227 [Thumb Sucking Child by Cistern]
22 2002.R.4-N228 [Old Woman Seated with Child]
22 2002.R.4-N229 [Old Man Standing in Road]
22 2002.R.4-N230 [Seated Woman Performing a Task]
22 2002.R.4-N231 [Boy Child and Girl Child Playing in the Dirt]
22 2002.R.4-N232 Number not assigned
22 2002.R.4-N233 [Children Clustered around Something in the Dirt]
22 2002.R.4-N234 [Young Boy Standing]
22 2002.R.4-N235 [Water Buffalo Swimming in River]
22 2002.R.4-N236 [Canal, River Boat and Village Buildings]
Two photos numbered as 236. One now assigned #235.
22 2002.R.4-N237 [Outdoors Stone Statue of Crouching Mythical Beast]
22 2002.R.4-N238 [Small Riverboat Being Paddled past Village]
22 2002.R.4-N239 [Large Net Suspended by Poles over River]
22 2002.R.4-N240 [Outdoors Stone Statue of a Sage or Emperor]
23 2002.R.4-N241 [Small Junks by Village River Shore]
23 2002.R.4-N242 [Outdoors Stone Statue of Winged Western-Style Dragon]
23 2002.R.4-N243 [Small Junks Sailing along Village River Shore]
23 2002.R.4-N244 [Small Junks Sailing along Village River Shore]
23 2002.R.4-N245 [Roof Beams]
23 2002.R.4-N246 [Outdoor Stone Sculpture of Ancient Warrior General]
23 2002.R.4-N247 [Three Riverside Pagodas]
23 2002.R.4-N248 [Three Riverside Pagodas]
23 2002.R.4-N249 [Three Riverside Pagodas]
23 2002.R.4-N250 [Three Riverside Pagodas]
23 2002.R.4-N251 [Ornamental Riverside Gateway]
23 2002.R.4-N252 [Clothes Drying on a Line]
23 2002.R.4-N253 [Outdoors Stone Statues: Emperors, Mythical Beasts, Lantern Pagoda]
23 2002.R.4-N254 [Outdoor Stone Statues: Emperors, Mythical Beasts, Lantern Pagoda]
23 2002.R.4-N255 [Man Striding Across Stone Bridge in Village]
23 2002.R.4-N256 [Decaying Stone Pagoda in the Woods]
23 2002.R.4-N257 [Stone Lion Dog Sculpture outside Building]
23 2002.R.4-N258 [Stone Lion Dog Sculpture outside Old Building]
23 2002.R.4-N259 [Walkway and Tree along Shore]
23 2002.R.4-N260 [Large Bell Mounted on Plinth]
23 2002.R.4-N261 [Two Facing Rows of Stone Sage or Emperor Outdoor Statues]
23 2002.R.4-N262 [Row of Steamboats Floating along a River]
23 2002.R.4-N263 [Ornamental Gateway]
23 2002.R.4-N264 [Ornamental Two-story Pagoda at Riverside]
23 2002.R.4-N265 [Cloud Study over Wide Water]
23 2002.R.4-N266 [Moon Door Flanked by Painted Wall Decoration, Entering Similar Area]
23 2002.R.4-N267 [Riverside Building Complex with Two Large Odd Staffs]
23 2002.R.4-N268 [Temple Complex, Including Brazier, and Visitors Ascending Steps]
23 2002.R.4-N269 [Temple Complex Seen from Lawn]
23 2002.R.4-N270 [Waterside Pavilion and Trees with Reflections]
23 2002.R.4-N271 [Waterside Building and Reflection]
23 2002.R.4-N272 [Pavilion on Moon Bridge over a Stream]
23 2002.R.4-N273 [Pavilion on Moon Bridge over a Stream]
23 2002.R.4-N274 [Hillside Pathway Curving under Trees toward Downhill Cottage]
23 2002.R.4-N275 [Riverside Town from the Water with Pagoda on Hilltop]
23 2002.R.4-N276 [Twelve-story Pagoda on Hillock]
23 2002.R.4-N277 [Group of Bronze Temple Buddhas]
23 2002.R.4-N278 [Garden Bridge Zigzagging over Placid Water Reflections]
23 2002.R.4-N279 [Canal-side Houses]
23 2002.R.4-N280 [Ornate Chinese-style Facades along a City Street]
23 2002.R.4-N281 [Ornate Chinese-style Facades along a City Street]
23 2002.R.4-N282 [Dead Hog Strapped onto a Cart]
23 2002.R.4-N283 [Stone Lion Dog Playing with Cub outside Building]
23 2002.R.4-N284 [Stone Lion Dog Playing with Ball or Cub outside Building]
23 2002.R.4-N285 [Small Ornamental Bronze Pagoda with Bells]
23 2002.R.4-N286 [Ornamental Temple Gate in the Woods]
23 2002.R.4-N287 [Ornamental Stone Tablets in Field]
23 2002.R.4-N288 [Tall Ornamental Stone Pagoda, and Grotto Entrance Embellished with Calligraphy]
See also #341.
23 2002.R.4-N289 [Wooded Hillside with Gateway and Walled Compound]
23 2002.R.4-N290A [Temple Compound, Small Ornamental Pagoda]
23 2002.R.4-N290B [High Arched Bridge over Canal with Pole Boats]
23 2002.R.4-N290C [Brazier in Temple Compound]
23 2002.R.4-N291 [Two Men Seated and Sawing (?) an Upright Log]
23 2002.R.4-N292 [Tall Stone Pagoda]
23 2002.R.4-N293 [Walls, Dirty Canal, Arched Gateway and Person with Umbrella]
23 2002.R.4-N294 [Pagoda in a Temple Complex]
23 2002.R.4-N295 [Village, Canal and Junk]
23 2002.R.4-N296 [Ox Tethered to Wheel in Fields]
23 2002.R.4-N297 [Man Ploughing With Ox]
23 2002.R.4-N298 [Man Directing Ox Tethered to Wheel in Fields]
23 2002.R.4-N299 [Bronze Ornamental Pagoda with Bells]
23 2002.R.4-N300 [Stone Outdoor Sculpture of Warrior General]
24 2002.R.4-N301 [Sage or Emperor Outdoor Stone Sculpture]
24 2002.R.4-N302 [Large Garden Pond with Baroque Boulder and Small Pavilion]
24 2002.R.4-N303 [Canal Boat Floating Past Crenellated Stone Walls]
24 2002.R.4-N304 [Old Ornamental Stone or Stucco Gateway]
24 2002.R.4-N305 [Old Ornamental Stone or Stucco Gateway]
24 2002.R.4-N306 [Seven-story Pagoda in Fields]
24 2002.R.4-N307 [Wall Painted with Long Dragon and Pierced by Moon Gateway]
See also #266.
24 2002.R.4-N308 [Detail of Moon Gateway and Inner Rectangular Doorway, Embellished with Painted Decorations]
24 2002.R.4-N309 [Ox Tethered To Wheel in Fields]
24 2002.R.4-N310 [Old Town Lane in the Rain, with People under Umbrellas]
24 2002.R.4-N311 [Man Ploughing Sodden Field with Ox]
24 2002.R.4-N312 [Stone Lion Dog Playing with Cub, Outdoor Sculpture]
24 2002.R.4-N313 [Town, Canal and Pole Boats]
24 2002.R.4-N314 [Boats Floating along Canal beside Crenellated Stone Walls]
24 2002.R.4-N315 [Rickety House Backs alongside a Canal]
24 2002.R.4-N316 [Steps and Buildings of Temple Complex with Pagoda in Distance]
24 2002.R.4-N317 [Old Decaying Stone Brick Pagoda]
24 2002.R.4-N318 [House Backs and Canal]
24 2002.R.4-N319 [Arched Bridge over Canal]
24 2002.R.4-N320 [Seven-story Pagoda in Fields]
24 2002.R.4-N321 [Ornamental Gateway by Water with a Horse nearby]
24 2002.R.4-N322 [Old Ornamental Gateway in Fields]
24 2002.R.4-N323 [Canal, Boat and Town Buildings]
24 2002.R.4-N324 [Bronze Sculptures of Two of the Heavenly Kings]
24 2002.R.4-N325 [Ornamental Gateway along a Riverbank]
24 2002.R.4-N326 [Ornamental Urn in Temple Complex]
24 2002.R.4-N327 [Indoor Statues of Four Seated Emperors or Sages]
24 2002.R.4-N328 [Weaver Family Working at Outdoor Loom]
24 2002.R.4-N329 [Man and Woman Weaving on Large Outdoor Loom]
24 2002.R.4-N330 [Ornamental Pavilion on an Arched Bridge over a Stream]
See also #s272 – 273.
24 2002.R.4-N331 [Ornamental Doorway and Laundry Drying on Lines]
24 2002.R.4-N332 [Stone Lion, And Trees on Riverbank]
24 2002.R.4-N333 [Stone Grotto with Stone Steps Leading to a Trio of Buddhas]
See also #361.
24 2002.R.4-N334 [Man Leading Cow and Calf]
24 2002.R.4-N335 [Gilded Grotto Sculpture of Priest with Fly Whisk]
24 2002.R.4-N336 [Road through a Town]
24 2002.R.4-N337 [Temple Visitors and Brazier in Temple Complex]
24 2002.R.4-N338 [Pavilion, White Building and Old Pagoda on Hill Overlooking a Town or City]
24 2002.R.4-N339 [Homes along Canal]
24 2002.R.4-N340 [Canal Boat and Homes along Canal]
24 2002.R.4-N341 [Tall Ornamental Stone Pagoda and Grotto Entrance Embellished with Calligraphy]
See also #288.
24 2002.R.4-N342 [Canal and Buildings with the Top of a Pagoda Visible beyond It]
24 2002.R.4-N343 [Stone Pathway and Steps through Avenue of Fir Trees]
See also #345.
24 2002.R.4-N344 [Ornamental Sliding Panel Doors]
24 2002.R.4-N345 [Stone Pathway and Steps through Avenue of Fir Trees]
See also #343.
24 2002.R.4-N346 [People Walking toward a Brazier and Temple Building]
24 2002.R.4-N347 [Ornamental Building and Trees Casting Reflections in a Pond]
24 2002.R.4-N348 [People Enjoying a Complex of Pavilions and Trees]
24 2002.R.4-N349 [Riverfront Buildings, Rocky Hill and Distant Pagoda]
See also #338.
24 2002.R.4-N350 [Canal through a Town, with Bridge]
24 2002.R.4-N351 [Curving Tiled Rooftop]
24 2002.R.4-N352 [Stone Lion Dog Playing with Ball, Sculpture]
24 2002.R.4-N353 [Three-story Temple Building with Brazier; Sedan Chairs in Foreground]
24 2002.R.4-N354 [Buildings in Temple Compound]
24 2002.R.4-N355 [Stone Warrior General Outdoor Sculpture]
Two copies, both numbered 355.
24 2002.R.4-N356 [Simple Stone Piling Bridge in Village]
24 2002.R.4-N357 [Village Buildings and a Wheelbarrow Cart]
24 2002.R.4-N358 [Stone Lion Dog Outdoor Sculpture]
24 2002.R.4-N359 [Temple Complex and Metal Brazier]
24 2002.R.4-N360 [Town Walls Pierced by Arched Passage for Canal Boats]
24 2002.R.4-N361 [Trio of Buddhas in Stone Grotto Alcove]
See also #333.
24 2002.R.4-N362 [Arched Stone Bridge with Long Building Beyond]

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