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Bo lan Zhonghua tu zhi albums, 1873-1897

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Bo lan Zhonghua tu zhi albums

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Volume 19A 1873-1897, undated
Bo lan Zhonghua tu zhi albums A and B (digital version): between 1873 and 1897

The British Legation in Beijing and its denizens are featured in Album 19A. Included are exterior and interior views of legation buildings, two group photographs of its fire brigades, and another of the cast of a legation theatrical performance. Sites and monuments in and around Beijing featured in the album include Summer palace, the Temple of Heaven, the observatory, and the Ming tombs. There are also views of the city's gates, walls, and streets. There are several images of the Great Wall, one of which includes a figure who may be Thomas Child.
Scattered throughout both albums are photographs of Chinese people. Included is a portraits of the general-statesman Li Hongzhang (Li Hungchang). A photograph by Thomas Child is a rare depiction of a Buddhist priest doing penance. Also included are studio portraits of Chinese beauties, actors, and officials.
In original order.
1 flyleaf verso 2014.R.11- flyleaf verso Photographer unknown, Group of the Chinese Inland Misssionaries at Hankow, undated
Depicts male and female British missionaries in Chinese garb.
1 1r 2004.R.11-1r H. M.'s Legation Peking Performance of the "Liar," undated
Annotation continues: A. E. Parkis, Mrs. Parkis, A. Nicholson, Mm. Fraser [seated], H. F. Brady, W. R. Carles.
1 1v 2004.R.11-1v Fisler, L. F., Viceroy or Governor General of Chi-li, undated
In negative: His Excellency Li Hung-Chang. Copy photograph after Fisler, Shanghai.
1 2r 2004.R.11-2r Child, Thomas, Our Quarters in the Legation, Peking, 1875
Signed in negative: T. Child 1875.
1 2v 2004.R.11-2v Photographer unknown, [Bearded European Man with Horse], undated
1 3r 2004.R.11-3r Photographer unknown, Legation Group, 1897
1 3v 2004,R.11-3v Photographer unknown, [View of Front Gate to the Imperial Palace], undated
Collodion print.
1 4r 2004.R.11-4r Child, Thomas, "Chien Mên' or Entrance to the Imperial Palace Peking, 1875
Annotation continues: The palace faintly showing in the distance. Signed in negative: T. Child 1875.
1 4v 2004.R.11-4v Photographer unknown, A Peking Carriage!, undated
1 5r 2004.R.11-5r Photographer unknown, The "Chien Mên" or City Gate, Peking, undated
1 5v 2004.R.11-5v Photographer unknown, The Observatory, Peking, from the Wall of the Tartar City, about 1279?, undated
Annotation continues: The oldest observatory in the world, established by Kubla Khan about 1279(?). Collodion print.
1 6r 2004.R.11-6r Photographer unknown, City Wall, Peking, undated
1 6v 2004.R.11-6v Photographer unknown, Emp. Yung-lo's Mausoleum. Ming Tomb near Peking, undated
Emperor Yongle/Ming Chengzu. Collodion print.
1 7r 2004.R.11-7r Child, Thomas, "Wan Show Shan" or "Hill of Ten Thousand Ages," 1875
Annotation continues: The Summer Palace of the Emperor - sacked by the Allied troops - French and English - in 1860. Signed in negative: T. Child 1875.
1 7v 2004.R.11-7v Photographer unknown, The [_]orad Hall. Yung-lo's Tomb, undated
Emperor Yongle/Ming Chengzu. Collodion print.
1 8r 2004.R.11-8r Child, Thomas, Buddha Priest Doing Penance, undated
Signed twice in negative: T. Child.
1 8v 2004.R.11-8v Photographer unknown, The "Beggars' Bridge" in Chinese City, Peking, undated
Collodion print.
1 9r 2004.R.11-9r Photographer unknown, "Pa Ta Ch'u" or the Eight Great Places. Western Hills, Peking, undated
Annotation continues: The temples are taken by foreigners during the summer months.
1 9v 2004.R.11-9v Photographer unknown, The Ha Te Mên Ta Chih (One of the Main Streets in Peking) as Seen from the City Wall, undated
Now Chong Wen Men in the center of Beijing. Collodion print.
1 10r 2004.R.11-10r Child, Thomas, Entrance to "Wan Show Shan" - Emperor's Summer Palace, undated
Annotation continues: Bronze lions of great beauty - placed at the entrances of all palaces. Signed in negative: T. Child.
1 10v 2004.R.11-10v Photographer unknown, Another Main Road in Peking from City Wall, undated
Collodion print.
1 11r 2004.R.11-11v Photographer unknown, The Emperor's Summer Palace, Sacked by the French and English Troops in 1860, undated
1 11v 2004.R.11-11v Photographer unknown, Facade of the R[oman] Cath[olic] Cathedral, Peking, undated
Annotation continues: Built by the [___] Jesuits in 1[___]. Collodion print.
1 12r 2004.R.11-12r Child, Thomas, View in the Grounds of the Summer Palace, undated
Signed in negative T. C. Depicts a stone bridge.
1 12v 2004.R.11-12v Photographer unknown, Interior of Old R.C. Cathedral, Peking, undated
Annotation continues: Purchased by late Dowager Empress for the Missionaries - to be incorporated in the Imp. Palace. [?] Dowager's Reception __ __ for Reppi [?]. Collodion print.
1 13r 2004.R.14-13r Photographer unknown, Peking Canal, Connecting Peking with the Sea, undated
1 13v 2004.R.11-13v Photographer unknown, [Entrance Gate, British Legation], undated
Collodion print.
1 14r 2004.R.11-14r Photographer unknown, The Examination Cells, Peking, undated
1 14v 2004.R.11-14v Photographer unknown, Chinese Official, undated
1 15r 2004.R.11-15r Photographer unknown, The Altar of The "Temple of Heaven," Peking, Where the Emperor Sacrifices, undated
1 15v 2004.R.11-15v Photographer unknown, [Inside of Entrance Gate, British Legation (?)], undated
Collodion print.
1 16r 2004.R.11-16r Photographer unknown,Students' Quarters - Peking. British Legation. Library, Billiard Room, Reading Room, Theatre, Mess Room, undated
1 16v 2004.R.11-16v Photographer unknown, First Sec.'s House, Peking Legation, undated
Annotation continues: Rt. Hon. Sir W.H. Sachen [?] & Servt. On lawn. (fw W.H.S. later ____: in Berlin on outbreak of war - "Scrap of Paper" - Incident.) Collodion print.
1 17r 2004.R.14-17r Photographer unknown, Fire Brigades, B[ritish] Legation, Peking, undated
Annotation continues: Taken to show the entrance into Sir Thomas F. Wade's private residence.
1 17v 2004.R.11-17v Saunders, William, [attributed], Chinese Actors, undated
1 18r 2004.R.11-18r Photographer unknown, Fire Brigade, Peking, undated
1 18v 2004.R.11-18v Child, Thomas, Reception of the Foreign Ministers by the Emperors of China, 1873
1 19r 2004.R.11-19r Photographer unknown, Entrance to B[ritish] Legation, Peking, undated
1 19v 2004.R.11-19v Photographer unknown, Winter in Tientsin - H.M.S. "Mosquito" Housed in for the Winter, undated
Annotation continues: B. Consulate in background.
1 20r 2004.R,11-20r Photographer unknown, Inside the B[ritish] Legation. Peking (Winter), undated
1 20v 2004.R.11-20v Photographer unknown, Fancy Photo of Two Cherubs with their Chinese Attendants Awaho, undated
Photograph of a painting or drawing, signed: Betsie Pinkis Peking, 1877.
1 21r 2004.R.11-21r Photographer unknown, Another View in the B[ritish] Legation - Peking, undated
1 21v 2004.R.11-21v Photographer unknown, H.M.'s Minister's Residence, Peking, Showing Entrance Hall, undated
Collodion print.
1 22r 2004.R.11-22r Photographer unknown, Entrance of Private Residence of Sir T. F. Wade K.C.B., undated
1 22v 2004.R.11-22v Photographer unknown, [View of a Pavilion in the Forbidden City (?)], undated
1 23r 2004.R.11-23r Photographer unknown, "Yuen Ming Yuen," Palace of the Emperors of China, undated
Annotation continues: …built 200 years ago by the Jesuits & burnt by the allied troops 1860. Building composed of white marble decorated with coloured tile ware ornaments!
1 23v 2004.R.11-23v [Blank page]
1 24r 2004.R.11-24r Photographer unknown, Ruins of Yuen Ming Yuen, undated
1 24v 2004.R.11-24v [Blank page]
1 25r 2004.R.11-25r Photographer unknown, Yuen Ming Yuen, undated
1 25v 2004.R.11-25v [Blank page]
1 26r 2004.R.11-26r Photographer unknown, Yuen Ming Yuen, undated
1 26v 2004.R.11-26v Photographer unknown, The Temple of Heaven, Peking, undated
1 27r 2004.R.11-27r Photographer unknown, Pagoda (Porcelain) in Yuen Ming Yuen, undated
Annotation continues: Very beautiful.
1 27v 2004.R.11-27v [Blank page]
1 28r 2004.R.11-28r Photographer unknown, Observatory Constructed by the Jesuits Some 200 Yrs. Ago in Peking, undated
Annotation continues: Instruments of bronze exquisitely made, now abandoned.
1 28v 2004.R.11-28v Photographer unknown, The Great Wall of China, undated
1 29r 2004.R.11-29r Photographer unknown, Pass into Mongolia - Great Wall of China Running over the Hills, undated
1 29v 2004.R.11-29v Photographer unknown, Soochow Damsel, undated
Hand-colored albumen print.
1 30r 2004.R.11-30r Photographer unknown, Gateway of Peculiar Construction in Pass into Mongolia, Ch'a't'ou, undated
1 30v 2004.R.11-30v Photographer unknown, Gt. Wall of China. Taking a Stretch, (Great Wall of China), undated
Annotation continues: F. G. Marshall in foreground. Collodion print.
1 31r 2004.R.11-31r Child, Thomas, The Great Wall, undated
Unsigned. Child(?) is leaning against the tower.
1 31v 2004.R.11-31v Photographer unknown, The "Ming" Tombs, undated
1 32r 2004.R.11-32r Child, Thomas, Avenue Leading to the Emperor's Tombs, 1877
Signed in negative: T. Child 1877.
1 32v 2004.R.11-32v Photographer unknown, Avenue to the Ming Tombs, undated
Shows the stone elephants.
Volume 19B 1878-1897, undated
Images from Hankou and Jiujiang in Album 19B include views of the British consulates and social clubs and group portraits of members of the local British communities. There are images of outings to places such as the monastery at Yichang, the Lu-shan hills near Jiujiang, and the Hankou plain, as well as race meets and fancy dress balls. The album also contains views of the Hankou harbor during tea season, the bund, guild houses, and city gates, and the Ningbo pagoda and Tian Tong temple. There are also city views of Yantai and Shanghai.
The album contains a group portrait of members of the Hankou Chinese Inland Mission garbed, according to the sect's custom, in traditional Chinese dress.
Scattered throughout the album are photographs of Chinese people. Included is a portrait of the general-statesman Zuo Zongtang (Tso Tsung-t'ang). The Chinese judicial system is represented by a court scene and a group of prisoners wearing the cangue. Also included are studio portraits of Chinese beauties, actors, officials, and a group portrait of bankers and merchants.
2 1r 2004.R.11-1r Photographer unknown, British Consulate, Hankow. Rebuilt, 1885
Additional annotation: Volume 19B. Chinese reads: Hankow British Consulate Guangxu, 8-9th year, rebuilt.
2 1v 2004.R.11-1v Photographer unknown, The Bund – Hankow, undated
Chinese reads: Hankow streets.
2 2r 2004.R.11-2r Photographer unknown, Hankow during the "Tea Season" in May and June, undated
Chinese reads: Hankow tea merchants trade fair opening.
2 2v 2004.R.11-2v Photographer unknown, The China Inland Mission at Hankow, undated
Chinese reads: The China Inland Mission. Shows male and female British missionaries in Chinese garb.
2 3r 2004.R.11-3r Photographer unknown, R.C. Cathedral – Hankow, (Roman Catholic Cathedral, Hankow), undated
Chinese reads: Hankow Catholic Church.
2 3v 2004.R.11-3v Photographer unknown, [Steamship on a River], undated
2 4r 2004.R.11-4r Photographer unknown, Tung-chih-Mên – Hankow, undated
Chinese reads: Tung-chih gate. The Temple of Guyandi is positioned to the right of the gate's arch.
2 4v 2004.R.11-4v Photographer unknown, Pic-nic at "Hung-shau" Pagoda, March 1881
Back row: A. R. Greaves, J. Daëth; J. Tarnem +'86; F. W. White J.M.C.; E. Fischer. Middle row: Miss E. MacLatchie; Mrs. Grieg +'86; Mrs. Alabaster; H. F. Brady; Miss MacLatchie; W. G. Greig +'86. Front row: E. Farago J.M.C.; W.S. Ayrton H.M.C.C.S.; Miss White; H. M. Cunningham. Chinese reads: ?
2 5r 2004.R.11-5r Photographer unknown, Autumn Race Meeting – Hankow, 1878
Chinese reads: Hankow foreign merchant's horse race course, Guang-xu, 4th year, winter.
2 5v 2004.R.11-5v Photographer unknown, [Steamship on a River], undated
2 6r 2004.R.11-6r Photographer unknown, Kiang-si Guild, Hankow, undated
Chinese reads: Kiang-si guild. Central board in photo reads: Fortune protects Kiang-si fellows. Depicts an unofficial gathering place for Kiang-si fellows.
2 6v 2004.R.11-6v Photographer unknown, [Portrait of a Chinese Lady], undated
Hand-colored albumen print.
2 7r 2004.R.11-7r Photographer unknown, Spring Meeting, Hankow, 1879
Chinese reads: Hankow foreign merchant's horse race course, Guang-xu, 5th year, 4th month race.
2 7v 2004.R.11-7v Photographer unknown, "Pao-shun" - Evans Pugh Co., Hankow, undated
Chinese reads: ?
2 8r 2004.R.11-8r Photographer unknown, The Old Club Hankow - Rebuilt 1881, undated
Chinese reads: Hankow Laobo Club.
2 8v 2004.R.11-8v Photographer unknown, "E-wo" Hong, Hankow, Robt. Anderson & Co., 1881
2 9r 2004.R.11-9r Photographer unknown, Monastery at Ichang, undated
Chinese reads: "San-yao" cave. Sign on lower building reads: Ling-quan Monastery. Sign on upper building reads: Number one sky see through a cave.
2 9v 2004.R.11-9v Photographer unknown, Bridge at "Shih-li-p'u," Half way to the Bungalow, Kiukiang, undated
Chinese reads: From Kiukiang to Lu-shan. Shih-li-pu on the halfway.
2 10r 2004.R.11-10r Photographer unknown, "E-wo[_], Kiukiang, 1878
Chinese name of Jardine-Matheson. Back row: P. M. Grant; J. Hunt. Third row: P. King; Mrs. Hunt; T. Moorehead; W. S. Ayrton. Second row: E. T. Holwill; Mrs. Moorehead; A. Campbell; T. Wade. Front row: Customs outdoor staff; Mrs. Holwill; Dr. Jardine. Chinese: Kiukiang, E-wo. Photo at a foreign company.
2 10v 2004.R.11-10v Photographer unknown, "Hsiao-Ku Shaw" or Little Orphan below Kiukiang, undated
In negative: Chunkeng ocean. Depicts a mountain island in the Yangtze river a with two-story pagoda on it. Chinese reads: ?
2 11r 2004.R.11-11r Photographer unknown, "Hsia Ku Shaw" (Yangtze), undated
Chinese reads: ? Depicts the same mountain island as 10v.
2 11v 004.R.11-11v Photographer unknown, Tso Tsung-t'ang - Governor General of the "Two Kiang," undated
His name and titles are written in Chinese characters. Photograph of a print.
2 12r 2004.R.11-12r Photographer unknown, Riding Pic-nic on the Plain at Hankow, 1881
Annotation continues: Miller - Greaves- McEwen - Anton [?] - Ywinew [?] - Robertson - Price - Watson - Scherzen - Fisher - Hawe - Letchford.
2 12v 2004.R.11-12v Photographer unknown, Kiukiang, 1897
Annotation continues: P. H. King - J. M. Cory - A. Campbell - A. Maries - W. S. Ayrton - P. M. Grant - E. T. Holwill. Chinese: ?
2 13r 2004.R.11-13r Photographer unknown, Old Bungalow, Lu-shaw Hills, Kiukiang, undated
Chinese reads: Kiukiang, Lu Shan, Long-wang Tang. Temple of Dragon King.
2 13v 2994.R.11-13v Photographer unknown, Present Bungalow, Lu-shaw, near Kiukiang, undated
Annotation continues: …with B. J. Bousfiled, Mme. Glower, A. Campbell and H. de la Bastide in foreground. Chinese reads: Lu Shan.
2 14r 2004.R.11-14r Photographer unknown, Hankow "Pig & Whistle" Club, French Consulate, 1880
Annotation continues: A. Scherzen, H.F.B., W. S. Ayrton, E. Fisher, A. R. Greaves, T. Rawson, A. Price, J. Fairview. Chinese reads: Hankow French Consulate.
2 14v 2004.R.11-14v Photographer unknown, Hankow Bund by "Moonlight," 1878-1883
2 15r 2004.R.11-15r Photographer unknown, Hankwo Spring Meeting, 1881?
Chinese reads: Hankow.
2 15v 2004.R.11-15v [Blank page]
2 16r 2004.R.11-16r Photographer unknown, Chefoo, undated
Chinese reads: Yan Tai. A view towards the harbor.
2 16v 2004.R.11-16v Photographer unknown, Chinese Native Soldiers with Officer, undated
Printed caption.
2 17r 2004.R.11-17r Photographer unknown, Honorary Portal, undated
Located outside a mountain village.
2 17v1 2004.R.11-17v1 Photographer unknown, [Portrait of a Seated Chinese Lady with Her Servant], undated
Hand-colored albumen print.
2 17v2 2004.R.11-17v2 Photographer unknown, [Portrait of a Seated Chinese Lady] , undated
Hand-colored albumen print.
2 18r 2004.R.11-18r Saunders, William (attributed), Mode of Punishment - Prisoners Wearing the "Cangue," (China) undated
2 18v 2004.R.11-18v Photographer unknown, Scene in a Chinese Court, undated
Annotation continues: Witnesses kneeling in foreground.
2 19r 2004.R.11-19r [Blank page]
2 19v 2004.R.11-19v [Blank page]
2 19Ar 2004.R.11-19Ar [Blank page]
Leaf number supplied.
2 19Av 2004.R.11-19Av Photographer unknown, Fancy Dress Ball, Hankow, 1882
Annotation continues: Paul Tanner, H.M. Customs; F. E. Nicol; H.F.B. "Don Carlos;" A. R. Greaves; T. Hamer, Chinese Customs. Hand-colored albumen cabinet card. Leaf number supplied.
2 20r 2004.R.11-20r Photographer unknown, F. E. Nichol, Dr. Begg & Mrs. Begg, Hankow, 1882
2 20v 2004.R.11-20v [Blank page]
2 21r 2004.R.11-21r Photographer unknown, Chinese Military Official, undated
Chinese reads: Chinese military official. Possibly by William Saunders.
2 21v 2004.R.11-21v Photographer unknown, "E-Wo" in Kiukiang, 1881
Annotation continues: Dr. Jardine. F. E. Nichol. S. Campbell. A. L. Robertson. H. F. Brady. H. De la Bastide. A. McInnes. G. Glover +'85. _ C. Stuhlmann. Chinese reads: Kiukiang, E-wo.
2 22r 2004.R.11-22r Photographer unknown, H.M. Consulate, Kiukiang, 1881
Annotation continues: Miss. Garden. Aggie. Mrs. Jamieson. Jenny. G. Jamieson. Elsie. Dated in pencil. Chinese reads: Kiukiang, British Consulate, Department of Trading. Portrait of the Jamieson family and servants.
2 22v 2004.R.11-22v [Blank page]
2 23r 2004.R.11-23r Photographer unknown, Lawn of Consulate in Kiukiang, 1881
Dated in pencil. Chinese reads: Kiukiang consulate.
2 23v 2004.R.11-23v [Blank page]
2 24r 2004.R.11-24r Photographer unknown, Chinese Bankers and Merchants, undated
Chinese reads: Hubei Provence Zeng-gong Ci. Group at temple of Zeng Guo-fan (?) Hand-colored albumen print.
2 24v 2004.R.11-24v Photographer unknown, [Hankow Bund from the River], undated
Collodion print.
2 24v 2004.R.11-25r Photographer unknown, Kewliong, R.C. Mission, Prince Henry of Prussia Coming Ashore, Crowd Watching, undated
Collodion print.
2 25v 2004.R.11-25v [Blank page]
2 26r 2004.R.11-26r [Blank page]
2 26v 2004.R.11-26v [Blank page]
2 27r 2004.R.11-27r Jui-chang - Ningpo Tao Tai (Autumn 1882) at Present Acting Nish Tai or Provincial Judge of Che-kiang, 1882
Chinese reads: Qing imperial supervisor(?) of Che-Kiang, Ningpo and Shaoxing military affairs(?).
2 27v 2004.R.11-27v Ningpo – Pagoda, undated
Chinese reads: Ningpo pagoda.
2 28r 2004.R.11-28r Avenue Leading to "T'ien Dong," Monastery near Ningpo, undated
Chinese reads: Ningpo Tien Dong.
2 28v 2004.R.11-28v At the Entrance of "Tien Dong," Ningpo, undated
Chinese reads: Tien Dong.
2 29r 2004.R.11-29r "Tien Dong" Monastery, undated
Chinese reads: Ningpo Tien Dong.
2 29v 2004.R.11-29v Joss Stone, near Ningpo, undated
Printed caption. Photograph was published in the Far East Magazine.
2 30r 2004.R.11-30r Shanghai Junk, undated
Chinese reads: Shanghai sand junk. Writing on junk: Ningpo Jinxianghe trading boat.
2 30v 2004.R.11-30v Cathedral, Shanghai, undated
2 31r 2004.R.11-31r [Blank page]
2 31v 2004.R.11-31v Shanghai,
In pencil: About the year 1879. Chinese reads: Shanghai huang-pu.
2 32r 2004.R.11-32r [Group of Ten Men], 1886
Date written in pencil. Includes seven Westerners and three Chinese men; possibly includes Brady.
2 33r 2004.R.11-33r Up the Soochow Creek, undated
Printed caption.
2 33v 2004.R.11-33v [Group of Western Men, Women, and Children on the Steps of a Building], 1886
Date written in pencil. Group includes Brady(?).
2 34r 2004.R.11-34r [Blank page]

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