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Myra Dickman Orth research papers, 1952-2003

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Orth (Myra Dickman) research papers
Series II. Publications and research, 1970-2003 27.2 Linear Feet (65 boxes)
Subseries II.B. Lectures, 1962-2002 1.3 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
The subseries documents lectures and papers that Orth gave at colloquia, conferences, and seminars. It primarily consists of typescripts of the lectures and papers, with related documentation, including abstracts, notes, and correspondence. There are files related to conference sessions chaired by Orth and notes of lectures attended at conferences where Orth gave papers.
Arrangement is chronological, with undated typescripts and two files related to lectures attended at conferences filed at the end of the subseries.
box folder
11 1 "Morgan Library," The New York University, 1962
Paper given in Charles Sterling seminar on French Court Painting.
11 1 "Geoffroy Tory" (Warburg Institute), 1974
11 1 "François du Moulin" (Warburg Institute, Ernst Gombrich seminar), 1975
11 1 "Three Devotional Manuscripts of the French Renaissance" (Central Renaissance conference), 1979
11 1 "Francis I, Caesar, and the Empire in a Manuscript: Commentary on the Gallic Wars" (Johns Hopkins University), 1979
11 1 "The Manuscripts of Godefroy le Batave" (Warburg Institute, colloquium Manuscripts After the Invention of Printing), 1982
11 1 "The French Sixteenth Century Printed Books" (Tafts), 1982
11 1 "The Way of the Cross in Late Fifteenth Century French Art" (International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo), 1983
11 1 "A Rediscovered Series of Illuminations to Jacques le Lieur's Poem on the Passion (International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo), 1987
11 2-7 Chair of the session "Approaches to the Figural Arts" (College of American Art, 77th Annual Meeting, San Francisco), 1987-1989
Includes documentation related to the session's preparation, coordination and closing.
11 8 "Madame Sainte Anne: the Holy Kinship, the Royal Trinity and Louise of Savoy" (23rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo), 1988
11 8 "A Royal Funeral in Paris in 1531: The Epitaphia and the Heart Monument for Louise of Savoy (National Conference of the Renaissance Society of America, New York)," 1988
11 9 "The Eloquent King: Patronage and Humanism at the Court of Francis I" (The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and The School of Art), 1988-1989
box folder
12 1 "Antwerp Mannerist Model Drawings in French Renaissance Manuscripts" (The Historians of Netherlandish Art Conference, Cleveland), 1989
12 2 "Myth in Action: Shifting Allegiances at the Court of Francis I" (Barnard Medieval and Renaissance Conference, New York), 1989-1992
12 3 "The Manuscript Tradition in the French Renaissance" (Freie Universität, Berlin, and Getty Museum, Los Angeles), 1991
12 4 "Marguerite et la tradition du manuscrit à la Renaissance en France" (Colloquium of Pau), 1991-1996
Includes also photograph orders for the article "Radical beauty : Marguerite de Navarre's Illuminated Protestant Catechism and Confession."
12 5 "All the King's Men: Henri II and French Renaissance Manuscripts" (College of American Art, Seattle, and Oxford), 1993
12 5 "Jean du Tillet and the Illustration of the Grand recueil des roys for Charles IX" (The Robert Branner Forum, Columbia University), 1993
Talk with Elizabeth A. R. Brown.
12 5 "Manuscripts to Exhort King and Court in the French Renaissance" (Princeton), 1993
12 5 "Author as Entrepreneur" (International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo), 1993
12 5 "Marguerite de Navarre as a Book Collector" (Colloquium in Washington), 1994
12 6 "A Parisian Book Artist: The Master of François de Rohan, Manuscripts and Woodcuts" (Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, San Francisco), 1995
12 7 "What Goes Around: Bordures and Frames in French Renaissance Manuscripts" (Walters Art Gallery), 1995
12 7 "Power of Books and Power of Women in French Renaissance" (Colby College), 1995
12 8 "Louise de Savoie et le livre" (Colloquium of Blois), 1995-1998
12 9 "Portraits and Presentation Miniatures: François I and His Royal Secretaries" (Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, St. Louis), 1996
12 9 "Dedicating Women, Manuscript Culture in the French Renaissance: The Cases of Anne de Graville and Catherine d'Amboise" (Renaissance Society of America conference, Vancouver, and Pennsylvania State University), 1997
12 9 "L'enluminure au temps de Henri II" (École du Louvre et Musée National de la Renaissance), 1997
12 9 "Circles of Maternal Devotion: Manuscripts for Francis I and Louise of Savoy" (University of Pittsburgh), 1998
12 9 "Surveying French Renaissance Manuscript: Why and How" (Renaissance Society of America annual meeting, MD), 1998
12 9 "Complaints at the Court: The Illumination of Marguerite de Navarre's La Coche" (University of British Columbia medieval workshop), 1998
box folder
13 1 "Les puys en image : l'illustration des palinods de Rouen dans les manuscrits de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (ms. fr. 379 et 1537)" (Colloquium in Rouen), 1998-1999
13 2 "The Primacy of the Word in French Renaissance Psalms Manuscripts" (University of Bamberg), 1998-2000
13 3 "French Renaissance Books of Hours" (Cleveland Museum of Art), 1999-2001
13 4 "French Renaissance Manuscripts, Elegant Survivors" (University of California, Los Angeles, and Manuscript Study Group, Cambridge, MA), 1999-2001
13 5 "Reconsidering Radical Beauty: Marguerite de Navarre's Illuminated Evangelical Catechism and Confession (Arsenal, ms. 5096)" (Canadian Society of Renaissance Studies, Sherbrooke/Lennoxville), 1999
13 5 "The Blossoming of the Last Flowering: Exhibitions of French Late Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, 1982-1993" (College Art Association, 88th annual conference, New York), 1999-2000
13 5 "Guillaume du Choul's Antiquities of Rome" (Sixteenth Century Studies conference, Cleveland), 2000
13 5 "Lyon et Rome à l'antique : les illustrations dans les Antiquités romaines de Guillaume du Choul" (Colloquium of Lyon), 2000
13 6 "Family Values: Manuscripts as Gifts and Legacies among French Renaissance Women" (Colloquium of La Bretesche), 2000
Includes typescript of the paper given by Orth and typescripts of lectures attended.
13 7 "Simon Bourgouyn" (The Sixth Cardiff Conference, Santiago de Compostelle), 2001
13 8 "La splendeur renouvelée du manuscrit au temps de la Renaissance" (Sotheby's France, Paris), 2001
13 9 "Manuscript Illumination in Renaissance Paris: Something Old, Something New" (Medieval Academy Meeting, New York), 2001-2002
13 10 Attendance to the Historians of Netherlandish Art Conference (Antwerp, March 2002), 2002
Includes programs, tickets, and brochures.
13 11 Attendance to Medieval Manuscript Society Meeting (Baltimore, October 2002), 2002
Includes an expense report and correspondence.
13 12 "An Illuminated Protestant Catechism for Marguerite of Navarre: L'Initiatoire instruction en la religion chrestienne pour les enffans", undated
13 12 "French Renaissance Manuscripts: An Introduction" (University of Michigan), undated

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