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Myra Dickman Orth research papers, 1952-2003

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Orth (Myra Dickman) research papers
Series I. Education, 1952-1995 2.5 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Series I documents Myra Orth's education at Cornell University, The New School for Social Research, The Institute of Fine Arts in New York, and seminars attended at the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes. Included are small notebooks in which Orth took notes during courses and seminars, and copies of her theses for the MA and PhD degrees at The Institute of Fine Arts.
Arranged in two subseries: Series I.A. Course notebooks; Series I.B. MA and PhD.
Subseries I.A. Course notebooks, 1954-1995 1.7 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Myra Orth kept extensive documentation in the form of small notebooks on the courses and seminars attended at Cornell University, The New School for Social Research, New York University, the Courtauld and the Warburg Institutes. Included are notebooks documenting seminars given by Colin Eisler, Charles Sterling, and Craig H. Smyth. Years after Orth completed her studies, her notebooks proved to be one of the most detailed records of lectures given by Vladimir Nabokov at Cornell University and were used in the publication of these lectures. Correspondence related to Nabokov's lectures, which was filed with Orth's notebooks, was left in situ in this series.
Arranged in four sections: Cornell University; The New School for Social Research; The New York University, Institute of Fine Arts; other notebooks and documentation.
Cornell University, 1952-1956
box folder
1 1 Fine Arts 101-102: Introduction to Fine Arts, 1952-1953
1 2 Fine Arts 505: Italian Renaissance Art, 1953-1954
1 2 Fine Arts 111-112: History of Architecture, 1954-1955
1 3 Fine Arts 424-425: History of American Architecture, 1954-1955
1 3 Fine Arts 309: English Renaissance Literature, 1954
1 3 Fine Arts 944: Baroque Painting Seminar, 1956
The New School for Social Research, 1961, undated
box folder
1 4 Modern Art, 1961
1 4 Music, undated
1 4 French, undated
The New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, 1962-1995
box folder
2 1 Colin Eisler: French Renaissance Art, 1962
2 1 José Lopez-Rey: Spanish Baroque, 1962
2 1 Charles Sterling: French 15th Century Art, 1962
2 1 Wolfgang Lotz: Italian Villa, 1962
2 2 Charles Sterling: French Court Painting, 1962
2 3 Harry Bober: Medieval Art, 1962-1963
2 4 Colin Eisler, Charles Sterling and Craig H. Smyth Seminars, 1962-1970
2 4 Henry Russell Hitchcock: XIXth Century Architecture, 1970
2 5 Press cuttings : Professor Ernst Gombrich and Institute of Fine Arts (NYU), 1959-1975
box folder
3 1 Robert Goldwater: Symbolism, 1971
3 1 Colin Eisler: North Italian Painting, 1971
3 1 Katherine Weill-Garris Posner: Renaissance Patronage, 1971
3 1 Colin Eisler: Transformations, 1971
3 2 Henry Russell Hitchcock: Northern Architecture, 1973
3 2 Irving Lavin: XVIIth Century Sculpture, 1973
3 3 Donald Posner: Caravaggio, 1973
3 3 Bibliography Seminar, 1973
3 3-4 Course listings, 1961-1995
Other notebooks and documentation, 1971-1992
box folder
4 1-3 Notebooks and papers, 1971-1982
Included are notebooks for seminars attended at The Warburg Institute, The Courtauld Institute, the Collège de France, and brochures and annual reports of the Warburg Institute.
4 4 Correspondence related to Vladimir Nabokov lectures, 1979-1992
Subseries I.B. MA and PhD, 1952-1976 0.8 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Orth's MA thesis was titled Geofroy Tory: The Illustrations and Decorations in his Printed Books of Hours (February 1964) and her PhD Progressive Tendencies in French Manuscript Illuminations (1515-1530): Godefroy le Batave and the 1520s Hours Workshop (February, 1976). Both were submitted to the New York University and prepared under the direction of Colin Eisler. The series includes copies of both theses, corrections, manuscript notes, and correspondence related to further research on the topics.
Arranged in two sections: MA thesis; PhD dissertation.
MA thesis, 1952-1971
box folder
5 1-2 Copy, undated
5 3-5 Correspondence, 1952-1971
PhD dissertation, 1976
box folder
5 6 Corrections, manuscripts notes and documentation, 1976
6 1-8 Copy, undated

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