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Nikolaus Pevsner miscellaneous papers, 1957-1979

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Finding aid for the Nikolaus Pevsner miscellaneous papers, 1957-1979
Series III. Research, 1958-1977 2.5 linear feet (4 boxes)
This series contains Pevsner's research files on a range of architectural topics and his pedagogical research on art and architecture education. Also included are Pevsner's study photographs of buildings and building details. Materials include photocopied articles, typescripts, correspondence, notes, clippings and photographs.
Arrangement note
Arranged into three groups: architectural topics; study photographs; pedagogical research.
18, 25 Architectural topics, 1958-1975
Box Folder
18 1 French Hopitaux, 1958
Articles and copy requests from University of Lyon.
18 2 La Salle Saint Sacredos, The Smithsonian, Prisons, 1960
Articles by P. Febvey, J. M. Goode, N. Johnson.
18 3 "Building Account of Henry III," 1962-1969
Determinating how cost, speed and construction problems influenced medieval design. Includes carbon typescript of forward and correspondence.
18 4 Mixed materials, 1967-1972
Vjesnik U Srijedu 14 VI (1972), negatives made by RIBA for Mellon book; Peale Museum (Baltimore)brochure; The Kokusai-Kentiku -- The International Review of Architecture (Japan) 1967.
18 5 "The Transformation of the Town Hall in England in the 19th Century," G. L. Hamilton, 1971-1975
Carbon typescript and correspondence.
18 6 La Defense, 1971-1972
Publications by EPAD regarding building. Photographs of the model and some of the buildings.
18 7 Handwritten notes labeled "agenda," 1972
Some notes labeled national monuments, government buildings, and theaters.
Box Folder
25 1 Zelegrom 7, 1972
Article by Alfred Albini with photographs of the Chicago Tribune building and others.
19-20 Study photographs, 1965-1974, undated
The study photographs are primarily of buildings and building details.
Box Folder
19 1 From American Historic Building Survey; U. S. Park Service, 1965
Also includes buildings in Zurich, Montreal, and Amsterdam.
19 2 Provident Building in Philadelphia and others, 1974
Xerox copies of phototgraphs of buildings, theaters, articles on Renaissance theaters, notes on a reprint (?) issued in 1974.
19 3-4 Some identified, undated
19 5 Some with plate numbers, some identified, undated
19 6 Some with plate numbers, folder labeled "Kasten, Uli," undated
19 7 From Bauhaus Archive, Courtauld Institute of Art, National Monuments Record of Scotland, undated
19 8 Subjects in various cities, undated
Buildings in Munich, Copenhagen, Richmond, VA; some from the Courtauld Institute of Art and the Virginia State Library; xerox copies of book plates and text, unidentified
19 9 Factories, arcades, Indiana State Capitol and others, undated
Box Folder
20 1 New Orleans meat market by Jacque Tanesse 1813 and others, undated
Subjects include the Clinatron Dome at St. Louis by Buckminster Fuller; xerox copies of pages from books and plates from books including the Bibliotheque National by Étienne-Louis Boulée.
20 2 Newprint pages of biographical entries, undated
Newsprint pages 350-358 for artists and architects, descriptions of objects and photographs, not identified.
20 3 Miscellaneous notes, undated
20 4 Color photographs from Fedden and Spence, undated
See also correspondence files.
20-21 Pedagogical Research, 1958-1977
Two panels discussed the teaching of art at the end of the 1950s. The first was The National Council for Diplomas in Art and Design. Its first report was known as the Summerson Report and was published in 1964. John Summerson was a distinguished architectural historian, curator of the Sir John Soane Museum and lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London. Pevsner was chair of the History of Art and Complementary Studies committee. The other panel was The National Advisory Council on Art Education, known as the Coldstream Council, and its first report was published in 1960.
Box Folder
20 5 Copies of examinations for art programs, Universities of London, Leeds, Reading, 1958-1962
20 6-10 Correspondence with universities regarding the survey of art teaching, 1959-1961
Includes prospectuses from University of London, Courtald Institute, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University of Wales, and materials from University of Edinburgh and Durham, Oxford.
20-21 Correspondence 1962-1977
Box Folder
20 11 Regarding panel on the teaching programs in schools of art, June 22, 1964
Box Folder
21 1 Regarding an opening at the Chesterfield College of Art and the teaching of nonrepresentational art. 1962-1965
21 2 Relating to teaching at Pennsylvania State University, 1968-1977
21 3 Regarding research fellow and student supervision at Birkbeck College, 1973-1977
21 4 With F. Walsh and A. Blunt, 1965-1966
F. Walsh, Secretary, National Council for Diplomas in Art regarding training of art historians, 1965 and Anthony Blunt, Courtauld Institute regarding council's collection of data on the teaching of art in British Universities 1966.
21 5 Replies to questionnaire from National Council: Summary Report for 30 universities, 1965-1966
Summary report of data, April 1966 for 30 British universities.
21 6 Requirements and courses in various colleges, 1965-1966, undated
Prospectus, University of Nottingham, Faculty of Arts 1965-1966; list of courses on the history of art, Unversity of Manchester.
21 7 Conferences on art education, 1965-1966
Conference on the Teaching of Art History, Chelsea College of Science and Techology, January 3-5, 1966, notes, program, correspondence; Conference in Art Education, Brighton College of Art, November 1965, program, correspondence.

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