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Michael Corris papers of the Art & Language New York group, 1965-2002

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finding aid for the Michael Corris papers of the Art & Language New York group, 1965-2002
Series III. Red-Herring, 1975-1981, undated 10.3 linear feet (4 boxes and 3 flatfiles)
This series is a collection of work related to the New York artist group Red-Herring. Several Art & Language New York members including Menard, Heller, and Burn were involved in Red-Herring projects. These projects are comprised of illustrations, a poster, postcards and texts for the group's publication, also called Red-Herring. Other materials in this series comprise contributions by the Red-Herring group to the journal, Main Trend, which was published by the AICU.
Arrangement note
Projects are arranged chronologically as originally devised by Michael Corris.
8, 20, 15*, 16* Materials related to the publication and editorial policy of Red-Herring, 1975-1978, undated
Box Folder
8 1 Miscellaneous materials, 1978
8 2 Drafts for editorial, 1978
8, 20 Materials for photomontage, undated
Box Folder
8 3 Photographs and other papers
Box Folder
20 10 Black and white negatives
8, 20, 15* New Clues Found in Realm of 'Culture Politics', 1975
Also includes miscellaneous photographs of Washington DC.
Box Folder
8 4 Contact print sheet and envelopes
Box Folder
20 11 Black and white negatives
15* Photomontage
Includes envelope signed by Michael Corris.
Box Folder
8 5 Photograph still from Lady in the Lake, undated
Obtained in 1975, used for the creation of New Clues Found in Realm of 'Culture Politics'.
8 6 Text for postcard for issue number one, 1976
8 7 Typographic materials for issue number one, undated
8, 16* Issue number one publicity materials, 1977
Box Folder
8 8 Postcard
16* Poster
Box Folder
8 9 Galley proofs for issue number one, undated
Box Folder
20 12 Government and the Arts, undated
Contains black and white negatives for illustration in issue number one.
Box Folder
8 10 Back cover photograph, 1977
Box Folder
20 13 Material for "Radical Appropriation" article, 1977
Contains negative for illustration for article in issue number one.
Box Folder
8 11 Letter from Michael Corris to Andrew Menard, 1977
8 12 "How Should We Criticise the Petite Bourgeois Intelligentsia?" 1978
Reply by editors to Preston Heller.
8 13 Letter from Michael Corris to editors of Red-Herring, 1978
Letter was never mailed.
8 14 Letter from Preston Heller to Michael Corris, 1978
8 15 Issue number two, 1978
Contains annotated issue.
8 16 Text for postcard for issue number two, 1978
8 17-28 Materials related to the relationship of Red-Herring to mass political/cultural groups in New York City, 1977-1981
8 17 Loren Schwartz, "A Summary of Criticism/Self-Criticism," 1977
8 18 "Toward Building AICU," 1977
8 19 Loren Schwartz, "Criticisms of 'Toward Building AICU,'" 1977
8 20 "A Self-Criticism on the Incorrect Line of 'Yenan Workshop' to Carry Out Revolutionary Cultural Work," 1977
8 21 "Role & Tasks of Revolutionary Artists & Writers in the U.S.A. Today," 1977
8 22 "Les Mystères de Red-Herring," 1978
8 23 Preston Heller, "In Response...," 1978
Remarks addressed to membership of AICU.
8 24 Anti-Imperialist Cultural Union flyer, 1978
8 25 The Yenan Theater Workshop flyer, 1978
The theater group is part of the AICU.
8 26-28 Main Trend, 1978-1981
Contains annotated issues numbers one, two and five.
8, 17* Propaganda Projects exhibition at Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, 1975-1977
Also in flatfiles 12**-14**.
Box Folder
8 29 And/Or calendar of events, 1977
12** Exhibition poster, 1977
Contains three variations of poster.
17* Art from exhibition, 1975-1976
Also in flatfiles 13**-14**.
13** Art & Language at National Gallery of Victoria, 1975
13** Mettere la Coda a Dove Non Va il Capo, 1976
13** Appendix: Letter to a Curator, 1976
17* Welcome to Venice framed, 1976
14** Welcome to Venice, 1976
14** Other exhibition projects by the editorial collective of Red-Herring, 1977
14** Class Struggle and the NEA
Contains paste-up for reproduction and a photoprint.
14** American Art in Belgium

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