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James E. B. Breslin research archive on Mark Rothko, 1900-1994 (bulk 1940-1990)

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Breslin (James E. B.) Research Archive on Mark Rothko
Series III. Topical research files, 1903-1991 7.2 Linear Feet 7 boxes, 1 flat file folder
Series III A. Broad topics, 1925-1991 1 box(es)
Contains notes, clippings, and printed materials related to 21 broad topics, arranged alphabetically.
box folder
13 1-3 Abstract expressionism, 1956-1984
Notes, photocopied articles and other printed material concerning abstract expressionism, the New York School, and color field painting, including a portion of Francis M. Celentano's 1957 MA thesis, "The origins and development of abstract expressionism in the U.S.," New York University, and Selden Rodman's published interview with Mark Rothko (1957).
13, 24* Art market, 1940-1978
Notes and photocopied articles related to the art market in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
box folder
13 4 Art market in the 1940s, 1940-1978 8 items
13 5 Art market in the 1950s, 1950 1 item
13 6 Art market in the 1960s, 1966-1967 3 items
box folder
24* 1 Oversize articles, 1942-1956 6 items
Includes oversize photocopied articles about the art market in the 1940s and 1950s.
box folder
13 7 Artists and the marketplace, 1985-1988 3 items
Photocopied essays by Barbara Rosenblum (1985), Daniel Burn (1987), and Roger Lipsey (1988).
13, 24* Biographical writing, circa 1983-1992
box folder
13 8 circa 1983-1992 3 items
Includes James Breslin's handwritten notes and a photocopied draft of an essay by Breslin on the process of writing literary biography in general and Rothko's biography in particular.
box folder
24* 2 Oversize article, 1987 1 item
Article by Justin Kaplan about biographical writing.
box folder
13 9 Children's art, circa 1941, circa 1983-1992, undated 3 items
Photocopied notes and an outline by Mark Rothko on children's art and "traditional art" (circa 1941), a photocopied essay by Rothko on children and creativity, and James Breslin's handwritten notes on Wilhelm Viola's book, Child art and Franz Cizek (1936).
13 10 Collectors and collecting, 1971-1988 3 items
Photocopied articles and an essay fragment about art collectors and collecting in the United States. See also Series III B. Mark Rothko collectors.
13 11 Creativity, 1967, undated 2 items
Photocopied draft of an essay by Mark Rothko on the creative impulse (undated) and a photocopied essay by William G. Niederland, "Clinical aspects of creativity," from American imago (1967).
13 12 Cubism, circa 1983-1992 1 leaf
James Breslin's handwritten notes on Mark Rothko's views of cubism.
13 13 Death, 1944-1976 6 items
Photocopied articles and excerpts on death, the death of a parent, and suicide, including two essays on Syliva Plath's suicide and one on Leo Tolstoy's death. See also Series III B: Mark Rothko's death.
13 14-16 Depression, 1974 1 item
Photocopied book: Nathan S. Kline, From sad to glad: Kline on depression (New York: Putnam, 1974).
13 17 East Hampton, N.Y., 1976 2 items
Photocopied pages from Artists and East Hampton and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
13, 24* Genealogical research, 1983-1986
Information about conducting genealogical research.
box folder
13 18 Pamphlets and notes, 1983-1986 6 items
box folder
24* 3 Oversize article 1984 1 item
box folder
13 19 Jewish artists, 1925-1986 5 items
Clippings and photocopied articles and essays on the subject of Jewish artists in general.
13 20 Michelangelo's Biblioteca Laurenziana, Florence, 1934-1974 3 items
Photocopied articles and an essay.
box folder
14 1 Nietzsche and art, circa 1983-1992, undated 4 items
Includes a photocopied draft of an essay by Mark Rothko about The birth of tragedy by Friedrich Nietzsche, an excerpt from The birth of tragedy, and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
14 2 Pop art, 1962-1963 8 items
Photocopied articles.
14 3 Romanticism, 1955 1 item
Photocopied article by Lorenz Eitner, "The open window and the storm-tossed boat," Art bulletin, 1955.
14 4 Surrealism, 1946-1968 3 items
One page of James Breslin's handwritten notes, a photocopied article about Dada and surrealism (1968), and photocopied pages from an article profiling surrealists in the Museum of Modern Art Bulletin, 1946.
14 5-9 Travel, 1988-1991, circa 1983-1992
14 5 Latvia, 1988-1991
14 5 Papers, 1988-1991 9 items
Includes a packet of color picture postcards of the Daugava River, James Breslin's correspondence regarding travel arrangements to Latvia.
31 Audio recordings, 1988-1991 2 sound cassettes
C124-125: audio recordings of Breslin reading his notes from his trip to Daugavpils, Latvia.
Use copies available.
box folder
14 6 London, 1988 3 items
Includes lists of names and a car rental brochure.
14 7 Los Angeles, circa 1983-1992 2 items
Lists of names and contact information.
14 8 New York, circa 1983-1992 6 items
Includes a guide to New York City research resources and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
14 9 Miscellaneous, circa 1983-1992 5 Leaves
Notes and lists of names in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Portland, New Haven, and Washington, D.C.

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