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James E. B. Breslin research archive on Mark Rothko, 1900-1994 (bulk 1940-1990)

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Breslin (James E. B.) Research Archive on Mark Rothko
Series III. Topical research files, 1903-1991 7.2 Linear Feet 7 boxes, 1 flat file folder
Topical research files include notes, clippings, printed materials, and some correspondence organized into two subseries: A. Broad topics; B. Topics related to Mark Rothko. Both subseries are arranged alphabetically by topic, with James Breslin's miscellaneous notes and notebooks at the end of subseries B.
Series III A. Broad topics, 1925-1991 1 box(es)
Contains notes, clippings, and printed materials related to 21 broad topics, arranged alphabetically.
box folder
13 1-3 Abstract expressionism, 1956-1984
Notes, photocopied articles and other printed material concerning abstract expressionism, the New York School, and color field painting, including a portion of Francis M. Celentano's 1957 MA thesis, "The origins and development of abstract expressionism in the U.S.," New York University, and Selden Rodman's published interview with Mark Rothko (1957).
13, 24* Art market, 1940-1978
Notes and photocopied articles related to the art market in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
box folder
13 4 Art market in the 1940s, 1940-1978 8 items
13 5 Art market in the 1950s, 1950 1 item
13 6 Art market in the 1960s, 1966-1967 3 items
box folder
24* 1 Oversize articles, 1942-1956 6 items
Includes oversize photocopied articles about the art market in the 1940s and 1950s.
box folder
13 7 Artists and the marketplace, 1985-1988 3 items
Photocopied essays by Barbara Rosenblum (1985), Daniel Burn (1987), and Roger Lipsey (1988).
13, 24* Biographical writing, circa 1983-1992
box folder
13 8 circa 1983-1992 3 items
Includes James Breslin's handwritten notes and a photocopied draft of an essay by Breslin on the process of writing literary biography in general and Rothko's biography in particular.
box folder
24* 2 Oversize article, 1987 1 item
Article by Justin Kaplan about biographical writing.
box folder
13 9 Children's art, circa 1941, circa 1983-1992, undated 3 items
Photocopied notes and an outline by Mark Rothko on children's art and "traditional art" (circa 1941), a photocopied essay by Rothko on children and creativity, and James Breslin's handwritten notes on Wilhelm Viola's book, Child art and Franz Cizek (1936).
13 10 Collectors and collecting, 1971-1988 3 items
Photocopied articles and an essay fragment about art collectors and collecting in the United States. See also Series III B. Mark Rothko collectors.
13 11 Creativity, 1967, undated 2 items
Photocopied draft of an essay by Mark Rothko on the creative impulse (undated) and a photocopied essay by William G. Niederland, "Clinical aspects of creativity," from American imago (1967).
13 12 Cubism, circa 1983-1992 1 leaf
James Breslin's handwritten notes on Mark Rothko's views of cubism.
13 13 Death, 1944-1976 6 items
Photocopied articles and excerpts on death, the death of a parent, and suicide, including two essays on Syliva Plath's suicide and one on Leo Tolstoy's death. See also Series III B: Mark Rothko's death.
13 14-16 Depression, 1974 1 item
Photocopied book: Nathan S. Kline, From sad to glad: Kline on depression (New York: Putnam, 1974).
13 17 East Hampton, N.Y., 1976 2 items
Photocopied pages from Artists and East Hampton and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
13, 24* Genealogical research, 1983-1986
Information about conducting genealogical research.
box folder
13 18 Pamphlets and notes, 1983-1986 6 items
box folder
24* 3 Oversize article 1984 1 item
box folder
13 19 Jewish artists, 1925-1986 5 items
Clippings and photocopied articles and essays on the subject of Jewish artists in general.
13 20 Michelangelo's Biblioteca Laurenziana, Florence, 1934-1974 3 items
Photocopied articles and an essay.
box folder
14 1 Nietzsche and art, circa 1983-1992, undated 4 items
Includes a photocopied draft of an essay by Mark Rothko about The birth of tragedy by Friedrich Nietzsche, an excerpt from The birth of tragedy, and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
14 2 Pop art, 1962-1963 8 items
Photocopied articles.
14 3 Romanticism, 1955 1 item
Photocopied article by Lorenz Eitner, "The open window and the storm-tossed boat," Art bulletin, 1955.
14 4 Surrealism, 1946-1968 3 items
One page of James Breslin's handwritten notes, a photocopied article about Dada and surrealism (1968), and photocopied pages from an article profiling surrealists in the Museum of Modern Art Bulletin, 1946.
14 5-9 Travel, 1988-1991, circa 1983-1992
14 5 Latvia, 1988-1991
14 5 Papers, 1988-1991 9 items
Includes a packet of color picture postcards of the Daugava River, James Breslin's correspondence regarding travel arrangements to Latvia.
31 Audio recordings, 1988-1991 2 sound cassettes
C124-125: audio recordings of Breslin reading his notes from his trip to Daugavpils, Latvia.
Use copies available.
box folder
14 6 London, 1988 3 items
Includes lists of names and a car rental brochure.
14 7 Los Angeles, circa 1983-1992 2 items
Lists of names and contact information.
14 8 New York, circa 1983-1992 6 items
Includes a guide to New York City research resources and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
14 9 Miscellaneous, circa 1983-1992 5 Leaves
Notes and lists of names in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Portland, New Haven, and Washington, D.C.
Series III B. Topics related to Mark Rothko, 1903-1991 7 boxes, 1 flat file folder
Contains notes, clippings, and printed materials on topics related to Mark Rothko. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
14, 22 Addresses, circa 1983-1992
box folder
14 10 Addresses, circa 1983-1992 15 Leaves
Photocopied notecards with Mark Rothko's addresses between 1924 and 1970.
22 Addresses, circa 1983-1992 46 items
46 notecards with Mark Rothko's addresses between 1924 and 1970, filed in a white plastic index card file.
22 Art exhibitions, circa 1983-1992 80 items
80 index cards, each with the title, date and location of one or two Mark Rothko exhibitions, filed in a white plastic index card file.
box folder
14 11-27 Art historical scholarship and criticism: articles and essays, 1947-1991
Photocopied articles and essays about Mark Rothko and his work, arranged alphabetically by author with five brief pieces photocopied from Tiger's eye at the end.
14 11 Butor, Michel, 1962 1 item
"The mosques of New York, or, the art of Mark Rothko," in New-world writings (New York, 1962).
14 12 Byrnes, James, 1974 1 item
"Remembering Mark," in Mark Rothko: ten major works (Newport Beach, 1974).
14 13 Causey, Andrew, 1972 1 item
"Rothko through his paintings," Studio international (April 1972).
14 14 Cernuschi, Claude, 1986 1 item
"Mark Rothko's mature paintings" Arts magazine (May 1986).
14 15 Clearwater, Bonnie, 1985 1 item
"How Rothko looked at Rothko" Art news, 84 (November 1985).
14 16 Crehan, Hubert, 1954 1 item
"Rothko's wall of light" (1954)
14 17 Dunlop, Ian, 1979 1 item
"Edvard Munch, Barnett Newman, and Mark Rothko: the search for the sublime," Arts magazine (February 1979).
14 18 Edwards, Roy, 1971-1978 2 items
Two copies of "Working with Rothko," New American review, 12 (1971), and an essay draft, "Mark Rothko" (1978).
14 19 Hess, Thomas B., 1970 1 item
"Rothko: a Venetian souvenir," Art news (November 1970).
14 20 Kohlmeyer, Ida, 1982 1 item
"About Rothko," Arts quarterly (December 1982).
14 21 Kozloff, Max, 1965-1970 2 items
"The problem of color-light in Rothko," Artforum (September 1965) and "Mark Rothko (1903-1970)" (circa 1970).
14 22 Kutner, Janet, 1975 1 item
"Brice Marden, David Novros, Mark Rothko: the urge to communicate through non-imagistic painting," Arts magazine (September 1975).
14 23 O'Doherty, Brian, 1970-1988 2 items
"Rothko," Art international (October 20, 1970), and an essay on Mark Rothko from American masters (1988).
14 24 Polcari, Stephen, 1979-1991 2 items
"The intellectual roots of abstract expressionism: Mark Rothko," Arts magazine (September 1979) and "Mark Rothko: 'In my beginning is my end,'" in Abstract expressionism and the modern experience (Cambridge, 1991).
14 25 Schjeldahl, Peter, 1979 1 item
"Rothko and belief," Art in America (March/April 1979).
14 26 Vallier, Dora, 1963 1 item
14 27 Tiger's eye, 1947-1948 5 items
14 28-30 Art historical scholarship: theses, 1971-1974, undated
Photocopied theses written about Mark Rothko and his work.
14 28 Baumgarten, Earlene, 1971 1 item
Thesis (MA): "Mark Rothko: the fullness of his 'empty canvases'" (1971).
14 29 Porter, Robert Fulton, 1974 1 item
Thesis (Ph.D.): "A critique of criticism: the mature paintings of Mark Rothko" (1974).
14 30 Unidentified "chronology thesis," undated 1 item
96 photocopied leaves of a thesis by an unidentified author, referred to in James Breslin's notes as the "chron thesis."
14 31-33 Art themes, 1945-1982, circa 1983-1992
Photocopied articles and James Breslin's notes on specific themes in Mark Rothko's artwork.
14 31 Crucifixion, circa 1983-1992 2 Leaves
14 32 Gender, 1982, circa 1983-1992 5 items
14 33 Myths, 1945, circa 1983-1992 2 items
15-16, 24* Artworks, 1946-1990, undated
Mostly photocopied printed material on specific artworks and groups of works, as well as notes, reproductions, and clippings. Arranged in chonological order by artwork.
box folder
15 1 Drawings, circa 1939, circa 1983-1992 2 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten notes on two drawings.
15 2 The Omen of the Eagle, 1942, circa 1983-1992 2 items
James Breslin's handwritten notes.
15 3 Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea, 1944, circa 1983-1992 7 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten notes.
15 4 Watercolors, 1946, 1946-1987 5 items
A letter (1987) to James Breslin from Deborah Wyth, archivist at the Brooklyn Museum, regarding the painting Vessels of Magic, and photocopied printed material regarding both Vessels of Magic and Sacrifice.
15, 24* Mark Rothko's art in 1949, 1949-1983
box folder
15 5 Notes and article, 1949 3 items
James Breslin's handwritten notes and a photocopied article by Douglas MacAgy (1949).
box folder
24* 4 Oversize article, 1983 1 item
Article by Thomas Albright, "The critical year for Rothko," Review, March 13, 1983.
box folder
15 6 Painting no. 10, 1950, circa 1983-1992 6 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten notes.
15, 24* Seagram murals, 1958-1959, 1958-1990
box folder
15 7 Correspondence, 1958-1990 4 items
Includes a photocopied letter from Sidney Janis to Phyllis Lambert at the House of Seagram confirming Mark Rothko's agreement with Seagram to execute approximately 500 to 600 square feet of paintings (1958) and a copy of the purchase order, as well as letters regarding the murals to James Breslin from the Museum of Modern Art (1990) and the Tate Gallery (1990), with a floor plan of the Four Seasons restaurant among the enclosures.
15 8-9 Articles, 1958-1989 8 items
Photocopied articles about the Seagram Building, the Four Seasons restaurant, the architecture of Philip Johnson, Mark Rothko's withdrawal from his agreement with Seagram, and the subsequent acquisition by the Tate Gallery of several paintings originally commissioned for the Four Seasons.
box folder
24* 5 Oversize articles, 1954-1959 5 items
Photocopied articles about the Seagram Building and the Four Seasons restaurant.
box folder
15 10 Four Seasons, 1984-1989 17 items
Publicity material for the Four Seasons restaurant, including photocopied articles, reviews, and a booklet commemorating "one hundred seasons."
15 11 Notes, circa 1983-1992 30 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten and typed notes.
15 12-13 Painting no. 207, 1961, 1965-1988
15 12 1965-1987 3 items
Photocopied letter from Mark Rothko to Mell Rothko (1965) regarding Painting no. 207 (Red Over Dark Blue on Dark Gray) and a draft of an essay by James Breslin with comments by Jenny Franchot (1987).
15 13 Student papers, 1988 9 items
Photocopied essays by Breslin's undergraduate students, primarily on the topic of Painting no. 207.
15, 24* Harvard murals, 1962, 1962-1990
box folder
15 14 Correspondence and notes, 1962-1990 12 items
Photocopied letters from the Fogg Museum archives (1962-1977), including one from Mark Rothko to Nathan Pusey, president of Harvard University (1962), letters from the Fogg Museum to James Breslin (1989-1990), Breslin's extensive handwritten notes, and photocopied notes from the Fogg registrar (1979?).
15 15 Printed material, 1965-1988, undated 6 items
Reviews and articles regarding an exhibition of the Harvard murals at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum in 1988, and two photocopied essays, one by Dore Ashton (1965) and one by Dana Cranmer (undated).
box folder
24* 6 Oversize article, 1985 1 item
Article by Eileen Garred, "Selection of Mark Rothko works given to Fogg," Harvard University gazette, April 26, 1985.
15, 24* Rothko Chapel, Houston, 1964-1967, 1965-1991, circa 1983-1992
box folder
15 16 Contracts and letters, 1965-1971 7 items
Includes photocopied letters between Bernard Reis and the Menil Foundation (1971), and one from Dominique de Menil to Rothko (1964), as well as photocopied contracts between Mark Rothko and the University of St. Thomas (1965) and the Institute of Religion (1969).
15 17-18 Articles, 1971-1989
Assorted clipped and photocopied articles on the de Menil family and the artwork in the Rothko Chapel.
box folder
24* 7 Oversize articles, 1984-1986 2 items
One clipped and one copied article about Dominique de Menil, her collection and her family.
box folder
15 19 Publicity, 1971-circa 1991 4 items
Statements, brochures, and flyers relating to the Rothko Chapel.
15 20-21 Notes, circa 1983-1992 12 items
Approximately 90 leaves of James Breslin's notes and two original file folders.
16, 24* Black paintings, 1969-1970, 1971-1985, circa 1983-1992
box folder
16 1 Article, 1971, circa 1983-1992 2 items
Photocopied article (1971) and James Breslin's notes.
box folder
24* 8 Oversize article, 1985 1 item
box folder
16 2 Paintings, 1930s-1970, circa 1983-1992 61 Leaves
James Breslin's notes on various paintings by Mark Rothko.
16, 24* Works of art on paper, 1930s-1970, 1985
Articles about exhibitions of Mark Rothko's works of art on paper at the National Gallery of Art, 1984, the Guggenheim Museum, 1985, and the San Francisco Museum of Art, 1986, as well as James Breslin's handwritten notes.
box folder
16 3 Article and notes, 1985 2 items
box folder
24* 9 Oversize articles, 1984-1986 3 items
16, 24* Childhood and early education, 1903-1991
Includes notes and printed materials related to Mark Rothko's childhood and early education in Dvinsk, Russia (now Daugavpils, Latvia), and Portland, Oregon.
16, 24* Russia and Latvia, 1944-1970, circa 1983-1992
box folder
16 4 Printed materials, 1903-1971 9 items
Photocopied printed materials, including an article and excerpts from books, among them a chapter from The Jews in Latvia (1971).
16 5-6 Dvinsk: the rise and decline of a town, 1944 3 items
Includes two photocopies of a book by Yudel Flior, translated from the Yiddish by Bernard Sachs.
box folder
24* 10 Oversize Latvian newspapers, 1990-1991 3 items
box folder
16 7 Michashek, Russia, undated 2 items
A photocopied poem about a town near Dvinsk.
1** Maps, undated 8 items
Oversize photocopied maps of Latvia, some annotated by James Breslin.
box folder
16 8 Education in Russia, 1976, circa 1983-1992, undated 5 items
Includes a photocopied article, notes, and two photocopied chapters from Zvi Halevy, Jewish schools under czarism and communism (1976).
16 9 Notebooks, circa 1983-1992 3 items
Two notebooks and photocopied pages from a train schedule: "Poland/U.S.S.R."
16 10 Notes, circa 1983-1992 26 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten notes.
16, 24* Portland, Oregon, 1944-1970
box folder
16 11 Printed material, 1913-1980 11 items
Includes photocopied articles and pages from Portland city directories (1912-1944).
box folder
24* 11 Oversize Portland newspaper, 1976 1 item
Scribe: a record of Jewish life, May 1976.
box folder
16 12-13 Notes, circa 1983-1992 11 items
Approximately 67 leaves of James Breslin's notes and an original file folder with notes on front.
16 14 Portland Public School District, Failing School, 1914 2 items
Copy of a census form for Mark Rothko and a class roster with his name on it.
16 15 Portland Public School District, Shattuck School, 1913-1917 8 items
Includes copies of census and registration forms (1915-1917), class rosters, annual reports on Portland public schools (1913-1917), and James Breslin's notes.
16, 24* Portland Public School District, Lincoln High School, 1917-1921
Includes copies of Mark Rothko's student record with the grades cut out, class rosters, student registration forms, annual reports on Portland public schools, pages from the Cardinal, a Lincoln High School publication with contributions by Mark Rothko, an article about the admission of three students to Yale University, Rothko among them, and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
box folder
16 16 Records, 1917-1921 7 items
box folder
24* 11 Oversize materials, 1917-1921 4 items
box folder
17 1 Citizenship, 1924-1938, 1987 8 items
Includes photocopies of naturalization and citizenship documents for Mark Rothko.
17 2 Mark Rothko collectors, 1957-1968 19 items
Photocopied letters from the following collectors to Mark Rothko: Ben Heller, Felice Massie, Carlin Burden, Mrs. Robert L. Baumgarten, Charles Carpenter, Barbara Guest, Becky and Julius W. Allen, Morton Kligerman, Donald Blinken, and Edgar F. Berman.
17, 24* Death, 1970 5 items
Articles about Mark Rothko published soon after his suicide.
box folder
17 3 1970, circa 1983-1992 5 items
Includes an essay draft by James Breslin, "Mark Rothko, Suicide and the Problems of Biography" (undated).
box folder
24* 12 Oversize articles, 1970 2 items
box folder
17 4-8 Financial files, 1959-1972
17 4-5 Financial statements, 1961-1967 7 items
Includes photocopied statements of assets, liabilities, and net worth for Mark and Mell Rothko, and James Breslin's handwritten notes and calculations regarding Mark Rothko's financial state in the 1960s.
17 6 Sales, 1959-1972 26 items
Photocopies of assorted invoices and lists of Mark Rothko works sold and James Breslin's handwritten notes relating to sales of Rothko's work. Purchasing and selling parties include: Franz Meyer, Ben Heller, Lawrence Rubin, Marlborough Galleries, Sidney Janis Gallery, Mrs. Harry L. Bradley, New London Gallery, Mrs. M. Lane, Alistair MacAlpine, William S. Rubin, Whitney Museum, and Beyeler Gallery.
17 7 Taxes, 1963-1968 5 items
Photocopied state and federal tax returns for Mark and Mary Alice Rothko (1963, 1965-1966, 1968).
17 8 Social security, 1968 1 item
Photocopied letter from Bernard Reis to Charles S. Ferber at the Social Security Administration, New York, NY.
17 9-11 Health, 1968-1969, circa 1983-1992
17 9 Medical bills, 1968-1969 10 items
Photocopies of Mark Rothko's medical bills, primarily from Dr. Albert W. Grokoest (Grokest in James Breslin's book), but also including emergency room bills.
17 10 Heart condition, circa 1983-1992 5 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten notes concerning Mark Rothko's heart condition.
17 11 Psychological state, circa 1983-1992 33 Leaves
James Breslin's handwritten notes on Mark Rothko's psychological state, including notes on the subject of shame.
box folder
24* 13 Immigration, 1912-1913, circa 1983-1992 4 items
Copies of ship manifests of "alien passengers" for United States immigration and one page of James Breslin's notes.
box folder
17 12-15 Legal files, 1968-1978
17 12 Last will and testament, 1968 1 item
Photocopy of Mark Rothko's will.
17 13 Mark Rothko estate collection inventory, circa 1983-1992, undated 5 items
Includes photocopied inventories of the artworks owned by the Mark Rothko estate at the time of Rothko's death and James Breslin's handwritten notes.
17, 24* Trial of Mark Rothko estate executors and Frank Lloyd, 1970-1978
Notes, documents, and articles relating to the trial following Mark Rothko's death: Kate Rothko versus the executors of the Mark Rothko estate (Bernard Reis, Theodoros Stamos, and Morton Levine) and Frank Lloyd, owner of Marlborough Galleries, New York. See also the individuals' files in Series I and the Marlborough Galleries and Rothko Foundation files in Series II.
box folder
17 14-15 Documents, 1970-1978 9 items
Includes photocopies of Rita Reinhardt's deposition and excerpts from the affidavits of Kate Rothko and Gustave Harrow.
box folder
24* 14 Oversize letter from Stanley Kunitz, 1978 1 item
Photocopy of Stanley Kunitz's letter to the editor published in the New York times, June 25, 1978.
box folder
17 16-19 Mark Rothko's notes and writing fragments, 1954-circa 1990, undated
17 16 Teaching notebook [?], 1954 14 Leaves
Photocopy of Mark Rothko's notebook with a list of names and grades and what appear to be lecture notes.
17 17 Scribble book, undated 6 items
Includes a photocopy of Mark Rothko's "scribble book" (34 leaves) and two typed transcriptions (24 leaves), as well as James Breslin's handwritten notes.
17 18 Hebrew notebook, undated 3 items
Two photocopies of Mark Rothko's Hebrew notebook (28 and 31 leaves) and a typed English translation (8 leaves).
17 19 Notes and writing fragments, undated 24 Leaves
16 leaves of photocopied handwritten notes by Mark Rothko and eight leaves of typed writing fragments and drafts, some with titles: "What and how I can say," "Private and public," "Space I" and "Space II."
box folder
18 1-6 James Breslin's notebooks and general notes, circa 1983-1992
18 1 Notebooks, 2 items
Two notebooks filled with James Breslin's notes about Mark Rothko and his artwork.
18 2 Notebooks, 2 items
Two mostly blank notebooks, one with 18 pages of James Breslin's notes about Mark Rothko and his artwork, the other with 12 pages of notes.
18 3 Notebook, 1 item
A mostly blank notebook with seven pages of James Breslin's notes about Mark Rothko and his artwork.
18 4-6 General notes, 94 Leaves
James Breslin's general notes relating to Mark Rothko and his artwork.
22 Miscellaneous notes, 1 index card file
A blue plastic index card file containing cards with James Breslin's miscellaneous notes. The first 62 cards are written on; more than 100 are blank.

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