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Souvenir of Java, 1860-1890

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Finding Aid for Souvenir of JAVA, 1860-1890

Scope and Content of Collection

This album includes views of the European and Chinese quarters of Batavia, and its canals and rivers. Scenes from the Chinese quarter (Glodok) include festivals and parades with floats and costumed figures, and the decorated coffin, funeral procession, and tomb of a local dignitary. There are portraits of indigenous officials and their retinues, and studio portraits and street shots of indigenous peoples including street vendors, gamelan orchestras, and theater troupes. Views of temple ruins include those on the Prambanan plain (Candi Lara Jonggrang and Candi Sewu), Borobudur, the large, free-standing sculptures of raksasa (giants) and other dieties from Singasari, and two views of the Kraton palace complex at Yogyakarta. There are also views of the countryside, hillside villages and plantations, processing plants, and natural landmarks such as the volcanoes at Tenger and Krakatoa. Most of the photographs are by Woodbury & Page; a few are attributed to Isidore van Kinsburgen. Also included are three studio portraits of North African people.

The album has red full-leather covers.

The photographs are numbered sequentially in their lower left corners up through number 79. Pages 80 through 88 are unnumbered. There are some modern pencil annotations on the mounts as noted; otherwise descriptions are provided by the cataloger.


In original order.

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