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Michel de Maynard lantern slides of early twentieth-century China, 1906-1912

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Finding aid for the Michel de Maynard lantern slides of early twentieth-century China

Biographical / Historical

Michel de Maynard was a Franciscan missionary posted in China in the early twentieth-century from at least 1906 to 1912. His travels across north China coincided with the decline of the Chinese empire and the Qing dynasty and the beginnings of the Republic of China, including the revolution of 1911.

The few facts known about de Maynard are gleaned from the personal documents reproduced in the present collection and pertain specifically to at least part of his time in China. These documents include his French-Chinese passport issued by the Bureau of Foreign Affairs in Shaanxi province; his Chinese passport, dated September 1912; his Chinese-language calling card; and a Chinese-language contract for the rental of wagons and equipment required for a lengthy journey. The documents indicate that Maynard was granted permission to live, preach and conduct daily business in Shaanxi province, and that when he left China he traveled from the Shaanxi prefecture city of Hsing-an-fu to Peking (Beijing),and thence to the Shandong port city of Yen T'ai. Maynard is pictured in several slides: in number 5 he appears dressed "en chinois" and in number 7 he appears with a group of church officials and clerics.

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