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Halsted B. Vander Poel Campanian collection, circa 1570-1997

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Matteo Della Corte papers, 1890-1997, undated, bulk 1902-1961
Series I.A. Correspondence, 1901-1997, undated, bulk 1920-1962
Series I.B. Publications and other writing, 1890-1997, undated, bulk 1911-1960
Series I.C. Research materials, 1903-1997, undated, bulk 1903-1961
Series I.D. Miscellaneous professional papers, 1901-1997, bulk 1901-1960
Series I.E. Personal papers, 1899-1997, bulk 1901-1961
Series I.F. Memorials, 1962-1997
Series II. Tatiana Warscher papers, 1912-1997, bulk 1924-1960
Series II.A. Letters, 1924-1997, bulk 1924-1947
Series II.B. Writings, 1935-1997
Series II.C. Photographic documentation of Pompeii, 1912-1960
Series II.D. Research materials and miscellaneous professional papers, 1939-1997, undated
Series II.E. Personal papers, 1958-1959, undated
Series II.F. Memorials, 1960-1997
Series III. Vander Poel excavations at Pompeii, 1958-1982, undated, bulk, 1960-1965
Series III.A. Pompeii excavation notes, 1960-1964
Series III.B. Visual documentation of the Casa di Meleagro, 1959-1982
Series III.C. Casa di Meleagro research materials, 1958-1966, undated
Series III.D. Analysis and publication of the excavations, 1958-1965
Series IV. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum production materials, 1776-1996, undated, bulk, 1960-1992
Series IV.A. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars I: Register, 1972-1984, undated
Series IV.B. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars II: Toponymy, 1980-1983, undated
Series IV.C. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars III: The RICA Maps of Pompeii, 1967-1984
Series IV.D. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIIA: The Insulae of Regions I-V, 1980-1986, undated
Series IV.E. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIIB: The Insulae of Regions VI-VII, 1982-1996, undated
Series IV.F. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIIC: The Insulae of Regions VIII-IX, 1982-1993, undated
Series IV.G. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIID: Extra Portam, 1967-1992, undated
Series IV.H. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IV: Bibliography, 1968-1990, undated, bulk, 1968-1976
Series IV.I. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IVA: Index to the Bibliography, 1988-1993, undated
Series IV.J. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars V: Cartography, 1776-1981, undated
Series IV.K. Alphabetical and numerical indices, 1967-1973, undated
Series IV.L. General material, 1885-1996, undated
Series V. New editions of early archaeological publications on Pompeii, 1796-1989
Series V.A. Translation of the early excavation records of R. de Alcubierre, undated
Series V.B. Early documentation of Pompeii by Edward Falkener, 1846-1851, undated
Series V.C. Material related to the work of Giuseppe Fiorelli, 1854-1979, undated
Series V.D. Research on the work of Wolfgang Helbig, undated
Series V.E. Early drawings of Pompeii by William Light, circa 1824-1828
Series V.F. Early measured drawings of Pompeii by Charles François Mazois, 1809-1981, undated
Series V.G. Research on Niccolini, Le case ed i monumenti di Pompei disegnati e descritti, 1854-1896, 1964-1966, undated
Series V.H. Piranesi prints of Pompeii, 1804-1989, undated
Series V.I. Research on Salomon Reinach, Répertoire de peintures grecques et romains, 1969-1980, undated
Series V.J. Photographic documentation related to G.E. Rizzo, La pittura ellenistico-romana, undated
Series V.K. Research on the plates of Henri Roux and Louis Barré, Herculanum et Pompéi, undated
Series V.L. Research on the work of Antonio Sogliano, 1912, undated
Series V.M. Research on Wilhelm Ternite, Wandgemälde aus Pompeji und Herculanum, 1839-1858, 1964, undated
Series V.N. Research on Wilhelm Zahn, Die schönsten Ornamente und merkwürdigsten Gemälde aus Pompeji, Herculanum und Stabiae, 1828-1859, 1963-1969, undated
Series V.O. Research on the plates in Real Museo Borbonico, undated
Series V.P. Research on Gli ornati delle pareti ed i pavimenti delle stanze dell'antica Pompei incisi in rame, 1796-1838, 1964-1972, undated
Series V.Q. Research on the plates in Le antichità di Ercolano esposte [Pd'E], undated
Series VI. Documentation of objects in the Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli, 1960-1971, undated
Series VI.A. Catalog of the Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli, 1960-1971, undated
Series VI.B. Photographic inventory of 1008 frescoes, undated
Series VI.C. Miscellaneous material, 1964, undated
Series VII. Research in Campanian Archaeology (RICA) research materials, 1724-1996, bulk, 1910-1992
Series VII.A. General textual sources for the study of Pompeii, 1724-1996
Series VII.B. Visual documentation of Pompeii, 1767-1975, undated
Series VII.C. Scholars' papers, 1837-1914, 1950-1967, undated
Series VII.D. Bibliographic projects, 1902-1985, undated
Series VII.E. Miscellaneous research, 1853-1923, 1958-1993, undated
Series VIII. Objects in the Campanian collection, 1960-1977, undated
Series IX. Administrative materials, 1980-1992, undated
Series X. Non-Campanian materials, circa 1570-1996, bulk, 1932-1992
Series X.A. Friedrich-Wilhelm von Hase papers, 1963-1995, undated
Series X.B. Margaret Murray papers, 1905-1954, undated
Series X.C. Material related to the art, archaeology and history of Italy, 1570-1996
Series X.D. Material related to the art, archaeology and history of various areas, 1937-1969, undated
Series X.E. Art and antique collection, 1905, 1932-1983, undated
Series X.F. Book collection, 1896-1992, undated
Series X.G. Miscellaneous topics, 1936-1994, undated
Vander Poel (Halsted) Campanian collection
Series VII. Research in Campanian Archaeology (RICA) research materials, 1724-1996, bulk, 1910-1992 98.7 linear feet, 25 flat file folders, 2 rolls
Series VII.C. Scholars' papers, 1837-1914, 1950-1967, undated 6.7 linear feet, 2 flat file folders, 1 roll
In addition to the papers of Matteo Della Corte and Tatiana Warscher, which form the core of this archive, Vander Poel acquired smaller collections of material belonging to three other Campanian scholars. Pietro Soprano and G. Oscar Onorato were archaeologists who worked at Pompeii and other Campanian sites in the mid-twentieth century. H. J. Johnston-Lavis was one of the leading authorities on southern Italian volcanoes in the late nineteenth century.
Series VII.C.1. Pietro Soprano papers, 1881, 1959-1967, undated 3.7 linear feet, 2 flat file folders, 1 roll
Materials related to Pietro Soprano's research at Pompeii and Stabiae comprise this subseries. Soprano served as Area Head of the excavations at Stabiae from 1962 until his death in 1968, and had previously worked with the Pompeii excavations.
Soprano also acquired a portion of Matteo Della Corte's papers and library after his death. Vander Poel appears to have felt that he came by them unfairly and purchased many of these items after Soprano's own death in order to reassemble Della Corte's material (see Box 40, Folder 5 and Box 83, Folder 7).
Included here are photographs of the Stabiae excavations, plans of the site, bibliography on Pompeii and Herculaneum and notes on various Campanian topics.
430 Photographs of the Stabiae excavations, 1962-1967, undated
430 1 23 Aug 1962 6 photographs
Gragnano and Varano: Archivio fotografico degli Scavi di Pompei, negs. 2716-2719, 2721.
430 2 Dec 1962 2 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. 2353-2354.
430 3 21 May 1963 15 photographs
"Scavo Varano, Villa della Venditrice di Amorini": Archivio fotografico degli Scavi di Pompei, negs. 2896-2901, 2903, 2906-2910.
430 4 30 Jul 1965 36 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. D235-D270.
430 5 18 Oct 1965 8 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. D271-D278.
430 6 18 Jan 1966 21 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. D301-D306, D308-D321.
430 7 20 Jan 1966 18 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. D322-D338.
430 8 13 Feb 1967 21 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. D363-D374.
430 9 undated 29 photographs
Soprintendenza alle antichità della Campania - Napoli, negs. D206-D221, D223-D228, D230-D234 and Archivio fotografico degli Scavi di Pompei, negs. 739-740.
430 10 Object photographs, undated 35 photographs
Material from the Stabiae (?) excavations, primarily pottery.
535* Plans, 1881, 1959, undated
See also Flat file folders 111**-112** and Roll 27**.
535* 1 Plans of Stabiae from Michele Ruggiero, Degli scavi di Stabia dal MDCCXLIX al MDCCLXXXII, 1881 13 reprographic copies
Copies of plates 1 and 8-19.
111** Comune di Castellammare di Stabia, 1959 1 reprographic copy
Scale 1:5000.
box folder
535* 2 Estratto dalla mappa, Comune di Castellammare di Stabia, undated 1 reprographic copy
Annotated; scale 1:2000.
535* 3 Stabia, Località S. Marco, undated 1 reprographic copy
Annotated; scale 1:200.
27** Villa rustica rinvenuta in località: Carmiano (Gargano), undated 1 reprographic copy
Plan and two sections by A. Uliano.
112** Progetto di fabbricato per abitazioni da costruirsi in Castellammare di Stabia alla via Grotta S. Biagio, 1:1000, undated 1 reprographic copy
Plan and section.
431 Bibliography, undated
Entries by region, insula and structure, with limited references added
431 1 Pompeii, Region I 1 notebook
431 2 Pompeii, Regions II and III 2 notebooks
431 3 Pompeii, Region V 1 notebook
431 4 Pompeii, Region VI 3 notebooks
431 5 Pompeii, Region VII 3 notebooks
431 6 Pompeii, Region VIII and IX 5 notebooks
431 7 Pompeii, Tombs 1 notebook
431 8 Herculaneum 1 notebook
box folder
432 1-2 Notes on names, undated 3 notebooks, 9 leaves
432 3 Ceramica pompeiana, undated 1 notebook (now unbound)
432 4 List of lectures on Pompeii, undated 1 leaf
432 5 Construction periods, undated 1 notebook
432 6 Building phases of Pompeii, undated 1 notebook
432 7 Stabiae, undated 1 notebook
432 8 Pompei in 60 immagini, undated 1 notebook
432 9 Daybook, 20 Aug 1966-29 Aug 1966 1 partial notebook
432 10 Structures, undated 1 notebook
Structure numbers and identifications keyed to unidentified numbering system.
432 11 Letter from Lamberto Lamberti, 13 Feb. 1964 5 leaves, 1 photograph
Regarding the piscina in a villa at Stabiae.
432 12 Miscellaneous photographs, undated 18 photographs
Objects, copy work photographs, views.
432 13 Miscellaneous materials, undated 5 leaves
Includes publication brochure.
Series VII.C.2. Giovanni Oscar Onorato papers, 1950-1962, undated 0.2 Linear Feet
Materials related to Oscar Onorato's research at Pompeii and other sites comprise this subseries. Onorato served as a member of the administration of the excavations at Pompeii and the Museo archeologico in Naples.
box folder
433 1 Notes on Regio VI, Ins. xv, circa 1950 8 leaves
Photocopies from NSA (1897) and RM (1898) with annotations by Onorato and notes.
433 2 Notes on Regio IX, Ins. ix, circa 1950 5 pages
Photocopies from NSA (1888-89) and RM (1889-90) with annotations by Onorato.
433 3 Sculpture from Taranto, 1962 2 leaves, 6 photographs, 1 envelope
Two letters from an unidentified correspondent (Fernando) regarding sculpture.
433 4 Etruscans at Pompei, undated 1 offprint, 23 leaves
Assembled material relating to Etruscans at Pompeii. Includes notes and charts as well as an offprint of Italo Sgobbo, "Gli Etruschi in Pompei alla luce di un nuovo documento," RendNap 31 (1956): 3-42 (a presentation copy to Domenico Mustilli with annotations and notes added by Onorato).
433 5 Population of Pompei, undated 1 offprint, 18 leaves
Assembled material relating to the population of Pompeii. Contains notes and manuscript elements stapled into an offprint of Antonio Sogliano, "La popolazione di Pompei," Memoria Accademia pontaniana nella Tornata (1911): 1-14.
433 6 Pozzuoli, Schede popolazione, undated 4 leaves
433 7 Notes on painting, undated 3 leaves
Notes on Rizzo and Bianchi-Bandinelli, "Studi sulla pittura pompeiana" removed from Onorato's copy of Elia "Nota per lo studio...", (Box 335, Folder 10).
433 8 Bibliographic notes, undated 1 leaf
Series VII.C.3. Henry James Johnston-Lavis papers, 1837-1914, undated 2.8 Linear Feet
Born in Britain in 1856, Henry James Johnston-Lavis became interested in geology as a boy. Although he went on to pursue a medical degree at University College, London, he never abandoned his early interest in geology. In 1880 he moved to Naples as a consulting physician, where his geologic interests turned to Vesuvius and volcanoes. To the extent that, in 1893, Johnston-Lavis became Professor of Volcanology at the Regia Università. He was a prolific author producing over 200 works, the majority of which were on volcanology. In 1895, Johnston-Lavis moved to France, where he wrote on his twin interests of geology and medicine until his death in a car accident in 1914. Upon his death, the majority of his collection, including geological and volcanological specimens, photographs, books, paintings and engravings, went to University College, London, where they today form the Johnston-Lavis collection.
As part of his volcanic research, Vander Poel acquired a smattering of Johnston-Lavis material. This subseries contains correspondence, manuscripts on volcanological, medical and general topics, offprints of his articles and miscellaneous material.
box folder
434 1-19 Correspondence, 1874-1899, undated
The Johnston-Lavis correspondence is presented chronologically.
434 1 Geologists' Association of London, 9 Mar 1874 1 letter (1 leaf)
Letter received by Johnston-Lavis with notification of his election as a member.
434 2 Geological Society of London, 11 Feb 1875 1 letter (1 leaf)
Letter received by Johnston-Lavis with notification of his election as a member.
434 3 Le Havre (France). Le mairie de la ville, 4 Aug 1877 1 letter (1 leaf)
Invitation received by Johnston-Lavis to a congress of the Association française pour l'avancement des Sciences.
434 4 United States Geological Survey, 18 Mar 1887 1 letters (1 leaf)
Letter received by Johnston-Lavis acknowledging receipt of offprints.
434 5 Armstrong, Mitchell and Co., 1889 2 letters (2 leaves)
Letter received by Johnston-Lavis ending his appointment; letter suggesting that he could retain an honorary title with the company.
434 6 Scottish Geographical Society, 1889-1899 3 letters (3 leaves)
Letters received by Johnston-Lavis concerning his membership in the Society.
434 7 Council of the Anglo-American Institute of Naples, 14 Apr 1890 1 letter, 1 note, 1 visiting card, 1 envelope
Copy of a letter of regret sent by Johnston-Lavis for missing meeting; visiting card of Dr. M.W. Gardner with congratulations; note with lists of acceptances and refusals.
434 8 British Museum (Natural History), 8 Aug 1890 1 letter (1 leaf)
Letter received by Johnston-Lavis acknowledging receipt of an offprint.
434 9 Italy. Ministero dell'istruzione, 1890-1892 4 letters (4 leaves)
Letters received concerning his election as a member.
434 10 Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti degli zelanti di Acireale, 9 Apr 1891 1 letter (1 leaf)
Letter received with notification of election as a member.
434 11 Regia Università di Napoli, 1892 2 letters (2 leaves)
Letters received by Johnston-Lavis concerning his appointment.
434 12 Congresso medico internazionale, 4 Jul 1893 1 letter (1 leaf)
Letter received with notification of election as member of the organizing committee of the eleventh congress.
434 13 Edinburgh Geological Society, 1893 2 letters (2 leaves)
Letter received with notification of election as a member; the Society's Transactions Vol. VI have been sent.
434 14 Directeur du concours médical, 27 Oct 1896 1 letter (2 leaves)
Draft of letter sent by Johnston-Lavis protesting the editing of his article, "Medecins étrangers."
434 15 Cyclists' Touring Club, 14 Dec 1899 1 letter and enclosure (3 leaves)
Letter received by Johnston-Lavis with clarification of his role as Consul for Beaulieu.
434 16 Geological Magazine, undated 1 letter (2 leaves)
Draft of letter sent by Johnston-Lavis justifying his use of the metric measurements.
434 17 Unidentified, undated 1 letter (3 leaves)
Draft of letter sent by Johnston-Lavis replying to Prof. Lobley's letter criticizing one of his reviews.
434 18 Unidentified, undated 1 letter (2 leaves)
Draft of letter sent by Johnston-Lavis replying to criticism of an earlier letter in a publication, concerning a Dr. Allinson.
434 19 List of letters, undated 2 leaves
Listing of letters in archive.
434 Manuscripts, 1886, undated
Included in the Johnston-Lavis papers are several manuscripts. They vary from fairly complete drafts of published articles to pieces of unidentified work. They also vary as to topic, covering volcanology and geology, medical matters and social and political issues. The manuscripts are arranged roughly according to subject matter and then chronologically. See also oversize Box 535*.
434, 535* "De la relation existant entre l'activité du Vesuve et certains phenomènes meteorologiques et astronomiques, 1886
Lecture read before the Royal Society of London in 1886, later published as an article.
box folder
434 20 Manuscript 26 leaves
Text in French written on back of announcements for lecture in Nice, "On the History and the Late Eruption of Vesuvius."
box folder
535* 4 Chart 1 leaf
box folder
434 21 "Richerche petrografiche e geologiche sulla Valsesia by E. Artini and G. Melzi," undated 2 leaves
Review written in English
434 22 Translation into English of "I travertini e le Acque Albule nei dintorni di Tivoli" by Signor Pietro Lezi [?], undated 10 leaves
Includes Italian manuscript.
434 23 Chapter summaries for work on earthquakes, undated 2 leaves
One page written on verso of "Subscription list to Notices on the Earthquakes of Ischia and 1881 and 1883."
434 24 Description of the structure of a volcano, undated 1 leaf
Incomplete, page 3 only.
434 25 "Descriptions des regions volcaniques," undated 2 leaves
434 26 Notes prepared for paper of Tamborini [?] on the mineralogy of Vesuvius, undated 8 leaves
Text in Italian with English title and annotations in French.
434 27 Notes or draft of article on volcanology, undated 11 leaves
434 28 Bibliography for volcanology and geology, undated 4 leaves
434 29 Bibliography on earthquakes and volcanology, undated 13 leaves
434 30 "The destruction of ancient glass," undated 4 leaves
434 31 "Analyse d'une série de cas d'hypertension et d'hypotension traités à Vittel," undated 13 leaves
Manuscript and incomplete typescript with carbon copy.
434 32 "Sources de déséquilibre physiologique," undated 3 leaves
Two versions in French and English.
434 33 "Autres exemples illustrant des cas de toxémies chroniques à Vittel," undated 6 leaves
434 34 "Further examples illustrating cases of chronic toxaemias at Vittel," undated 54 leaves
Multiple typescript drafts with annotations and corrections; includes cases not in the British Medical Journal publication.
434 35 Cacodylate of soda, undated 2 leaves
His experiences with and opinions of.
434 36 "A few facts of physiology in plain words," undated 7 leaves
Early draft in English and a cleaner version in French.
434 37 "La question des médecins étrangers en France," undated 8 leaves
Text in English and French; addition/different draft on back of circular.
434 38 "The Decline of British Patriotism in Medecine: its disastrous results," undated 20 leaves
Two manuscript versions and an incomplete typescript.
434 39 Untitled work on "the future of mankind," undated 3 leaves
434 40 Untitled work on "the vast strides that the world has made along the road of civilization," undated 9 leaves
434 41 Untitled work on "the scientific discoveries modifying the social facies of civilization," undated 2 leaves
434 42 "A Constitution and Government based on Natural Laws," undated 3 leaves
434 43 "A Natural Constitution and Government," undated 34 leaves
Three versions with slightly varying titles.
434 44 Report on the Third Annual Dinner of the British Chamber of Commerce for the Alpes Maritime and the Principality of Monaco, undated 4 leaves
box folder
435 1-17 Offprints, 1892-1914
435 1 Harrogate as seen by an Outsider. Harrogate, 1892 1 pamphlet
Reprinted from the Harrogate Herald.
435 2 "The Basic Eruptive Rocks of Gran (Norway) and their Interpretation. A criticism." Geological Magazine 4 (1894): 252 1 offprint
435 3 "The Highwood Mountains of Montana and Magmatic Differentiation. Report of the Liverpool Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 1896 1 offprint
435 4 "Su una roccia contenente leucite trovata sull"Etna." Bollettino della Società italiana dei microscopisti 1 (1889): 26-29 1 offprint
435 5 Notes on the Eruption of Vesuvius, April 1906 1 pamphlet
Compilation of three short articles from 1906.
435 6 "De la rélation éxistant entre l'activité di Vésuve et certains phénomènes météorologiques et astronomiques." Bulletin de la Société belge de géologie 21 (1907): 303-324 2 offprints
435 7 "Note sur le remarquable volcan de Tritriva au centre de l'ile de Madagascar." Bulletin de la Société belge de géologie 22 (1908): 103-115 1 offprint
Written with Alexandre Bourdariat.
435 8 "On Chlormanganokalite, a new Vesuvian mineral." Mineralogical Magazine 15 (1908): 54-61 1 offprint
Written with J. L. Spencer.
435 9 "Mécanisme de l'activité volcanique." Compte rendu des travaux du neuvième congrés international de géographie (1908): 1-14 1 offprint
435 10 "The Mechanism of Volcanic Action, being the opening address to section III (Vulcanology) of the International Geographical Congress." Geological Magazine 5 (1909): 433-443 1 offprint
435 11 "The Mechanism of Volcanic Action." Smithsonian Report for 1909 : 305-315 1 offprint
Reprinted from the Geological Magazine.
435 12 "Renal Calculi and Calcium Metabolism." British Medical Journal 10 Jun 1911 1 offprint
435 13 "Hypertension, Blood Viscosity, and Capillary Spasm." British Medical Journal 15 Jul 1911 1 offprint
435 14 "Physiological Disequilibrium or Chronic Toxaemias and the Principles of their Treatment." American Journal of Physiologic Therapeutics 2 (1911): 84-91 1 offprint
435 15 "Sphygmomanometry and Pachon's Oscillometer." British Medical Journal 13 Jan 1912 1 offprint
435 16 "Further Examples Illustrating Cases of Chronic Toxaemias at Vittel." British Medical Journal 3 Feb 1912 1 offprint
435 17 "Zonal Structure in Colloids." Nature 19 Feb 1914 1 offprint
435-437 Miscellaneous material, 1837-1906, undated
See also oversize Box 535*.
box folder
435 18 "Elenco di titoli del Dottore Enrico Giacomo Johnston-Lavis, undated 6 leaves
Handwritten list of Johnston-Lavis' degrees, affiliations and publications up to 1887.
435 19 Legal document, 2 Mar 1837 2 leaves
435 20 List of errata from unidentified work, undated 3 leaves
435 21 Seating chart for banquet in honor of of Sir Joseph Lister, President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1896 1 leaf
435 22 Address by the Marquis of Salisbury to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1894 1 reprint
435 23 Address by Sir William Crookes to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1898 1 reprint
435 24 Announcement of class in animal physiology, 1876 1 leaf
On Michaelmas Term, Evening Class schedule for the Royal Polytechnic College.
box folder
535* 5 Announcements for lectures on Vesuvius, 1903-1906, undated 3 leaves
436 Scrapbook, 1876-1891 1 notebook
Clippings, offprints, lecture announcements, covering the period from 1876-1891, primarily concerned with Johnston-Lavis' geological activities.
437 Journal, 1884-1901 1 notebook
Diary of Johnston-Lavis' wife, Antonia.

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