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Halsted B. Vander Poel Campanian collection, circa 1570-1997

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Matteo Della Corte papers, 1890-1997, undated, bulk 1902-1961
Series I.A. Correspondence, 1901-1997, undated, bulk 1920-1962
Series I.B. Publications and other writing, 1890-1997, undated, bulk 1911-1960
Series I.C. Research materials, 1903-1997, undated, bulk 1903-1961
Series I.D. Miscellaneous professional papers, 1901-1997, bulk 1901-1960
Series I.E. Personal papers, 1899-1997, bulk 1901-1961
Series I.F. Memorials, 1962-1997
Series II. Tatiana Warscher papers, 1912-1997, bulk 1924-1960
Series II.A. Letters, 1924-1997, bulk 1924-1947
Series II.B. Writings, 1935-1997
Series II.C. Photographic documentation of Pompeii, 1912-1960
Series II.D. Research materials and miscellaneous professional papers, 1939-1997, undated
Series II.E. Personal papers, 1958-1959, undated
Series II.F. Memorials, 1960-1997
Series III. Vander Poel excavations at Pompeii, 1958-1982, undated, bulk, 1960-1965
Series III.A. Pompeii excavation notes, 1960-1964
Series III.B. Visual documentation of the Casa di Meleagro, 1959-1982
Series III.C. Casa di Meleagro research materials, 1958-1966, undated
Series III.D. Analysis and publication of the excavations, 1958-1965
Series IV. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum production materials, 1776-1996, undated, bulk, 1960-1992
Series IV.A. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars I: Register, 1972-1984, undated
Series IV.B. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars II: Toponymy, 1980-1983, undated
Series IV.C. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars III: The RICA Maps of Pompeii, 1967-1984
Series IV.D. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIIA: The Insulae of Regions I-V, 1980-1986, undated
Series IV.E. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIIB: The Insulae of Regions VI-VII, 1982-1996, undated
Series IV.F. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIIC: The Insulae of Regions VIII-IX, 1982-1993, undated
Series IV.G. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IIID: Extra Portam, 1967-1992, undated
Series IV.H. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IV: Bibliography, 1968-1990, undated, bulk, 1968-1976
Series IV.I. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars IVA: Index to the Bibliography, 1988-1993, undated
Series IV.J. Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum. Pars V: Cartography, 1776-1981, undated
Series IV.K. Alphabetical and numerical indices, 1967-1973, undated
Series IV.L. General material, 1885-1996, undated
Series V. New editions of early archaeological publications on Pompeii, 1796-1989
Series V.A. Translation of the early excavation records of R. de Alcubierre, undated
Series V.B. Early documentation of Pompeii by Edward Falkener, 1846-1851, undated
Series V.C. Material related to the work of Giuseppe Fiorelli, 1854-1979, undated
Series V.D. Research on the work of Wolfgang Helbig, undated
Series V.E. Early drawings of Pompeii by William Light, circa 1824-1828
Series V.F. Early measured drawings of Pompeii by Charles François Mazois, 1809-1981, undated
Series V.G. Research on Niccolini, Le case ed i monumenti di Pompei disegnati e descritti, 1854-1896, 1964-1966, undated
Series V.H. Piranesi prints of Pompeii, 1804-1989, undated
Series V.I. Research on Salomon Reinach, Répertoire de peintures grecques et romains, 1969-1980, undated
Series V.J. Photographic documentation related to G.E. Rizzo, La pittura ellenistico-romana, undated
Series V.K. Research on the plates of Henri Roux and Louis Barré, Herculanum et Pompéi, undated
Series V.L. Research on the work of Antonio Sogliano, 1912, undated
Series V.M. Research on Wilhelm Ternite, Wandgemälde aus Pompeji und Herculanum, 1839-1858, 1964, undated
Series V.N. Research on Wilhelm Zahn, Die schönsten Ornamente und merkwürdigsten Gemälde aus Pompeji, Herculanum und Stabiae, 1828-1859, 1963-1969, undated
Series V.O. Research on the plates in Real Museo Borbonico, undated
Series V.P. Research on Gli ornati delle pareti ed i pavimenti delle stanze dell'antica Pompei incisi in rame, 1796-1838, 1964-1972, undated
Series V.Q. Research on the plates in Le antichità di Ercolano esposte [Pd'E], undated
Series VI. Documentation of objects in the Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli, 1960-1971, undated
Series VI.A. Catalog of the Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli, 1960-1971, undated
Series VI.B. Photographic inventory of 1008 frescoes, undated
Series VI.C. Miscellaneous material, 1964, undated
Series VII. Research in Campanian Archaeology (RICA) research materials, 1724-1996, bulk, 1910-1992
Series VII.A. General textual sources for the study of Pompeii, 1724-1996
Series VII.B. Visual documentation of Pompeii, 1767-1975, undated
Series VII.C. Scholars' papers, 1837-1914, 1950-1967, undated
Series VII.D. Bibliographic projects, 1902-1985, undated
Series VII.E. Miscellaneous research, 1853-1923, 1958-1993, undated
Series VIII. Objects in the Campanian collection, 1960-1977, undated
Series IX. Administrative materials, 1980-1992, undated
Series X. Non-Campanian materials, circa 1570-1996, bulk, 1932-1992
Series X.A. Friedrich-Wilhelm von Hase papers, 1963-1995, undated
Series X.B. Margaret Murray papers, 1905-1954, undated
Series X.C. Material related to the art, archaeology and history of Italy, 1570-1996
Series X.D. Material related to the art, archaeology and history of various areas, 1937-1969, undated
Series X.E. Art and antique collection, 1905, 1932-1983, undated
Series X.F. Book collection, 1896-1992, undated
Series X.G. Miscellaneous topics, 1936-1994, undated
Vander Poel (Halsted) Campanian collection
Series I. Matteo Della Corte papers, 1890-1997, undated, bulk 1902-1961 101.7 linear feet, 22 flat file folders
Series I.E. Personal papers, 1899-1997, bulk 1901-1961 4.7 Linear Feet
Della Corte's personal papers (circa 250 items) comprise this subseries, including contracts, certificates, membership cards, calendars, receipts and family photographs. A brief summary of contents commissioned by Vander Poel has been added to most items. Vander Poel also added photographs. The organization of the material is roughly chronological.
box folder
80 1 Contracts, 1899-1932 11 leaves
Agreements and contracts relating to the rental and sale of the trattoria "Del Giardino" in Valle di Pompei; change in dowry contract.
80 2 Certificates, 1901-1904 10 leaves
Health certificates and proofs of citizenship.
80 3 Prescriptions [?], 1902 2 leaves
80 4 Train schedule for the Napoli-Sarno line, Jan 1907 1 item
80 5 Regia Università di Napoli, student identification card, 1907-1908 1 item
80 6 Calendars, 1910-1915 6 items
80 7 Bills and receipts, 1911-1951 92 leaves
80 8 Statements of military and civil service, 1921-1928 2 leaves
80 9-11 Membership cards, 1921-1934
80 9 Società nazionale "Dante Alighieri," 1921 1 item
80 10 Partito nazionale fascista and other fascist organizations, 1923-1934 10 items
80 11 Touring club italiano, 1924-1928 3 cards
80 12 Address book, circa 1930 1 book, 2 inserted booklets, 8 inserted leaves
Includes accounts of book sales
80 13 Party menus, 1932-1960 4 items
80 14 "Cronache della celebrazione delle nozze d'oro della copia Matteo Della Corte e Anna Pironti," 1960 1 booklet
box folder
82 1 Papal blessing, 1960 1 certificate
On the occasion of Della Corte's fiftieth wedding anniversary.
box folder
80 15 Visiting cards, undated 11 visiting cards
Includes two different types of Matteo Della Corte's visiting cards, as well as a visiting card of his wife, Anna.
80 16 Addresses, undated 23 cards
80 17 Poem about Pompeii, undated 1 leaf
Sent to Della Corte by T. Silberberg (?) of Vienna.
box folder
81 1 Miscellaneous religious items, undated 1 pamphlet, 6 leaves, 5 photographs
81-82 Photographs, 1913-1958, undated
See also Box 547.
box folder
81 2 Visitors to Pompeii, 1913-1936, undated 30 photographs
Original photographs and duplicate prints [added by Vander Poel?] showing Della Corte with various notable visitors to the site. Also includes signed presentation photographs of Ferdinand I of Romania and George V and Queen Mary of England.
81 3 Tatiana Warscher's 78th birthday party, 1 Jul 1958 3 photographs
81-82 Family photographs, undated
box folder
81 4 Miscellaneous 13 photographs
Photographs of Della Corte and his wife Anna, unidentified people and landscapes.
81 5 Della Corte family photographs from the Van Buren papers 4 photographs
Photographs of Anna Della Corte and Matteo [?] from the Van Buren papers. These items were added by Vander Poel, who was given the photographs by Nina Longobardi.
box folder
82 2 Large-format personal photographs 4 photographs
Photographs of Della Corte and unidentified group photograph. Also includes one copy print made by GRI in 2002.
box folder
547 2 Negatives of personal photographs, undated 8 glass plate negatives, 5 negatives; 13 x 18 cm. or smaller
Includes copy work negatives made by Vander Poel.
box folder
82 3 Paintings, 1930, undated 2 paintings
Small paintings after wall decoration at Pompeii. One painting signed by G. [?] Luciano, the other by Otto Westphal.
82 4 L'illustration, 1919 1 partial fascicle, 1 postcard
Contains cover, advertising section and five loose images from the 20 Dec edition. Also includes an Easter card.
484* Advertisements for the hotel run by Della Corte's father, undated 2 leaves
Cut down and reused as framing material.

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