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Heinrich Geissler papers, 1857-1996, bulk 1960-1990

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Finding aid for the Heinrich Geissler Papers, 1857-1996, bulk 1960-1990
Series II. Other files, 1944-1992, undated 2.5 linear feet (6 boxes)
Geissler kept materials in this series separate from the geographically arranged files and files on individual artists. There are seven topical groups and two files of unsorted photographs and other research papers. The topical groups include photographs, notes and other papers on paintings of Italian and Spanish origin; materials concerning the Fryszmann collection; materials on Welt im Umbruch and Prag um 1600 exhibitions; photographs of artworks Geissler considered wrongly attributed; and photographs of artworks by artists he could not identify. Also included are contact sheets of Friedrich Thöne's photographic archive, along with notes by Geissler.
In original order.
Unidentified artists, 1957-1988, undated
Approximately 350 photographs, including five in color; illustrated matter; photocopies of printed and illustrated matter; notes; letters from Dieter Kuhrmann and Richard Harprath at Staatliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich, Eva Frodl-Kraft at Institut für Österreichische Kunstforschung in Vienna, G. Hirschmann at Stadtarchiv Nürnberg, Hans Aurenhammer at Österreichische Galerie in Vienna, Eckhard Schaar at Hamburger Kunsthalle, Nils Tellander, Max Hasse, Gustav Schwarting in Delmenhorst, Peter Volk at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Günter Irmscher in Cologne; and Geissler's correspondence with Christina von Marle and with Eva Winkler at L'Art Ancien in Zurich. Geissler box 59.
Box Folder
42 1-20 Black-and-white photographs and papers, 1957-1988, undated
Box Folder
62 44 Color photographs, undated
Paintings of Italian and Spanish origin, 1974-1979, undated
Fifty-four photographs, including one in color; six strips of negatives; illustrated and printed matter; one offprint; photocopies of illustrated matter; notes; letters to Geissler from Georg Himmelheber at Bayerisches Nationalmuseum and Richard Harprath at Staatliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich. Geissler box 59.
Box Folder
43 1-3 Black-and-white photographs and papers, 1974-1979, undated
Box Folder
62 45 Color photograph and negatives, undated
Box Folder
43 4 Fryszmann collection, Paris, 1989-1990, undated
Twenty-five photographs, photocopies of illustrated matter, Geissler's letters (carbon copies) to Rolf Biedermann at Städtische Kunstsammlungen in Augsburg, Pavel Preiss at the Nationalgalerie in Prague, and Achim Riether in Stuttgart. Geissler box 59.
Welt im Umbruch exhibition, Augsburg 1980, 1944, 1964-1988, undated
One hundred twenty-six photographs, including ten in color; illustrated matter; photocopies of printed and illustrated matter; one offprint; letters from Auke van der Woud at Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Eva Dencker in Zurich, Lorna Lowe in London, Jens [?] in Heidelberg, W. Wegner in Munich, E. Schilling, Matthias Winner at Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz Kupferstichkabinett, Kurt L[?] at Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, Wolfgang Lehner, J.H. Steiner in Larchmont, New York, Geissler's letter to Fräulein Reinsch, and his correspondence with Christa van Marle at Mak van Waay in Amsterdam and with David Brown at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, also a 1944 letter to Arthur Pelzer from Martin de Voss. Geissler box 59.
Box Folder
43 5-11 Black-and-white photographs and papers, 1944, 1964-1988, undated
Box Folder
62 46-47 Color photographs, undated
Paintings (wrong attribution), 1955-1990, undated
Approximately one hundred sixty photographs, including nine in color and two color polaroids; four color transparencies; illustrated matter; notes; Geissler's letters (carbon copies) to Friedhelm Beuker in Düsseldorf, J.R. Rogers in London, and Hildegard Weber at Augustiner Museum in Freiburg i. Br., letters to Geissler from W. Schönberger in Mainz, Sylvie Béguin at Musée du Louvre, Jan [?] at Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe, Harry Schlichtenmaier, Hans-Meinhard Bischoff in Berlin, Josef Dominick in Viersen-Helenabrunn, Wilhelm H. Köhler at Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz Gemäldegalerie, Eckhard von Knorre at Kunstsammlungen Augsburg, [?] Fischer at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, and Würzburger Katholisches Sonntagsblatt, and Geissler's correspondence with Herbert Keutner at Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, Michael D. Grünwald at Galerie Grünwald in Munich, P. Herbert Douteil CSSp in Cologne, and Oskar Scheidwimmer in Munich. Geissler box 59.
43-44 Black-and-white photographs and papers, 1955-1990, undated
Box Folder
62 48-51 Color photographs and transparencies, undated
Box Folder
45 1-23 Unsorted photographs, 1965-1977, undated
Four hundred twenty-three photographs, illustrated matter, Geissler's letter to Günther Grzimek in Friedrichshafen (folder 7), letter to Geissler from Armand Gobiet (folder 9), and a letter to Geissler from his mother (folder 10). Geissler box 59.
Prag um 1600 exhibition, Vienna 1988, 1983-1992, undated
Twenty-one photographs, including two in color; photocopies of printed and illustrated matter; notes; letters to Geissler from Jürgen Zimmer, Markus Graf Fugger, and Hans Georg Gmelin, Geissler's letter to Kurt [?], Geissler's correspondence with Thomas le Claire in Hamburg and Konrad Oberhuber at Albertina, and letters to Geissler's widow Monika Kopplin-Geissler from Achim Riether and Johannes Ramharter, with a transcript of Geissler's lecture held in connection with the Prag um 1600 exhibition (folder 1). Also present is Geissler's handwritten draft for the lecture (folder 5). Geissler box 59.
Box Folder
46 1-5 Black-and-white photographs and papers, 1983-1992, undated
Box Folder
62 52 Color photographs, undated
Contact sheets Friedrich Thöne's photographic archive, 1988, undated
Notes, letters to Geissler from Anne Röver at Kunsthalle Bremen and [?] at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, and fifty-three contact sheets reproducing approximately 1000 drawings and other artworks. A few personal photographs of Thöne are also present. The contact sheets are numbered, and frequently marked and annotated on verso. Included with the contact sheets are Geissler's handwritten notes regarding attribution, geographic locations, provenance information such as names of private collectors and museums, and other information pertaining to the artworks.
Geissler's correspondence concerning Thöne's photographic archive and the manuscript of Thöne's unpublished work Die deutsche Meisterzeichnung are filed in Series IV.C. (box 69).
Box Folder
46 6 Notes and letters, 1988, undated
46 7-28 Contact sheets, undated
Box Folder
47 1-10 Unsorted research files, 1975, 1981-1989, undated
Sixty-six photographs, illustrated matter, notes, photocopies of printed and illustrated matter, four offprints and other printed matter, letters to Geissler from Christl Karnehm, Johannes Erichsen at Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, Helene Petermann, [?] Büchner, Julius Held (folder 4), and Werner [Schade?], Geissler's letter (carbon copy) to S. Hofmann at Stadtarchiv Ingolstadt. Several items concern artworks by Hans Mielich and Hans Vredeman de Vries. Photographs in folders 9 and 10 were originally filed in a binder with correspondence.

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