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Irving Sandler papers, circa 1914-2001, bulk 1950-2000

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Sandler (Irving) Papers
Series VIII. Correspondence, 1956-2000 4.5 Linear Feet
Series VIII comprises letters from curators and faculty members inviting Sandler to lecture or participate in symposia or serve on juries; from university administrators regarding appointment, promotion or salary, and sometimes special programs or committees; from students thanking him for his courses or for help on dissertations or for writing recommendations; from colleagues or readers praising his books; from editors regarding submissions; and from publishers regarding book contracts and royalties. At the back of most files there is a small number of clippings and brochures relevant to the correspondence. (See also Series IX. Printed Matter)
61 1956-1967, undated
61 3 Correspondence, 1956
2 items. Letter from Sidney Hantman, with whom Sandler is proposing to make a documentary on De Kooning; letter from Hantman to MOMA.
61 4 1957
27 items. Twenty-three letters concern the De Kooning film projects, and are from Sandler, Hantman, H.W. Janson, and others. Two letters from artists thanking Sandler for understanding reviews.
61 5 1958
6 items. Four letters regarding Sandler reviews for aujourd'hui and one from William Philips inviting Sandler to review for Partisan Review.
61 6 1959
7 items. Letters arranging for Sandler to review for Konstrevy, a Swedish journal, and asking him to contribute to a book on younger American artists.
61 7 1960
14 items. Cards from the editor of Art International, directing Sandler as to which exhibitions to review; letters regarding Sandler's trip to Europe, grants that made the trip possible, and a description of what he accomplished there.
61 8 New York University, 1960-1966
ca. 50 items. Letters regarding courses Sandler taught, salary, and syllabi.
61 9 1961
22 items. Fourteen letters regarding reviews for Art International; two regarding reviews for the New York Post; some responses to reviews from readers; announcement for Martha Jackson Gallery show.
61 10 1962
10 items. Letters from readers responding to reviews; letters arranging for lectures.
61 11 1963
14 items. Letters regarding temporary employment as a critic or professor and application for a Guggenheim.
61 12 1964
26 items. Most letters regard Sandler's Guggenheim award; a few notes thanking Sandler for lecturing or serving as a panel member.
61 13 1965
22 items. More letters regarding the Guggenheim; letters related to Sandler public appearances.
61 14 1966
33 items. Notes from Artforum editor regarding Sandler reviews; request for catalog essays from Los Angeles County Museum and MOMA; letters regarding public appearances.
61 15 1967
22 items. Letters regarding teaching appointments, public appearances, and reviews.
61 1-2 undated
Ca. 50 postcards, greeting cards and invitations from art world friends.
62 1968-1976
62 1 1968
25 items. Letters from Howard Conant regarding Sandler's teaching appointment at NYU; other letters regarding teaching at Pratt, and lecture at Sarah Lawrence.
62 2 1969
15 items. Letters regarding position at NYU and enrollment in the Ph.D. program there; lecturing engagements.
62 3 Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1969-1975
27 items. Correspondence regarding the publication of The Triumph of American Painting, including contracts, blurbs, royalty statements, and a letter of advice from Barbara Rose.
62 4 1970
15 items. Letters of praise for Sandler's book; letters regarding teaching appointments and lectures.
62 5 1971
30 items. Letters regarding Sandler's resignation from NYU due to the Ph.D. required for promotion; letters about lecture engagements.
62 6 Harry Abrams, Inc., 1972-1999
Letters regarding publication of Sandler's book on Alex Katz, his essay in the Hirshhorn catalog, and his book on American art of the '70s and '80s; contracts and royalty statements.
62 7 1972
25 items. Letters regarding primarily teaching appointments and lectures.
62 8 1973
ca. 35 items. Letters regarding teaching appointments, lectures, award juries.
62 9 1974
ca. 40 items. Letters regarding approval of Sandler's dissertation proposal, arrangements for lectures and for serving as a juror for art competitions.
62 10 1975
ca. 40 items. Letters regarding Sandler's participation in NYU's Critics-in-Residence Program; arrangements for lectures at various U.S. colleges and museums.
62 11 1976
ca. 40 items. Letters regarding lectures, catalog essays and teaching appointments.
63 1976-1996
63 1 Harper & Row, 1976-1996
ca. 50 items, including letters, contracts, and royalty statements for Sandler's major books.
63 2 1977
ca. 50 items. Letters asking Sandler to sit on advisory committees, selection committees, art contest juries, and to lecture; thank you letters from students; material regarding the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art and Wave Hill.
63 3 1978
ca. 50 items. Letters asking Sandler to lecture on Rothko at the Guggenheim and other institutions, on Impressionism at the Scarsdale Women's Club, to jury the Hudson River Open II, to act as visiting professor at Barnard, and thanking him for various public appearances; clippings about his term as Acting Director at the Neuberger.
63 4-5 1979
ca. 50 items. Letters asking Sandler to serve as moderator on panel at the New Museum, to lecture on De Kooning in Cincinnati and on abstract expressionism at Drew; letter awarding him a full professorship at SUNY Purchase; correspondence with Amy Newman of Artforum regarding her edits of Sandler article "MOMA and the American Avant-garde"; clippings and brochures regarding Sandler public appearances.
63 6 Yale University, 1979-1990
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding an art exhibition of the work of Yale MFA graduates, for which Sandler was guest curator and author of catalog essay and panel discussion participant; Sandler notes; clipping (review of show).
64 1980-1982
64 1-2 1980
ca. 30 items. Letters regarding the installation of Richard Serra sculptures in Manhattan, Sandler's talk at the Des Moines Art Center, and other public appearances; brochures and clippings.
64 3 Delaware Art Museum, 1981-1995
ca. 30 items. Correspondence regarding the museum's interview program, for which Sandler interviewed artists such as Alex Katz and Eric Fischl before an audience.
64 4-5 1981
ca. 30 items. Letters from the Center for Advanced Studies, from Roger Berthoud, from Kathleen Goncharov, Naj Wickoff, Trudie Grace and others; brochures and announcements.
64 6-7 1982
ca. 60 items. Letter from Sandler requesting leave to complete book on 1960s art, with book proposal; many letters regarding public appearances at art institutions around the country; a lot of clippings and brochures documenting Sandler's participation in the art world.
65 1983-1985
65 1 1983
ca. 60 items. Letters regarding a visiting professorship at Columbia, a lecture at University of Regina, the La Jolla Museum, at Mount Holyoke, and other institutions; brochures and clippings.
65 2 1983 Jul-Dec
ca. 60 items. Letters regarding the appointment of Leon Golub to a professorship, requests to serve on juries, to lecture at UT Austin, to lecture on Philip Pearlstein at the Carnegie Institute, and from Eliza Rathbone, Anne Edgerton and others; clippings.
65 3 Whitney Museum, ca. 1983-2000
(1 of 2) Letters from museum staff regarding exhibitions involving Sandler, such as the Ad Reinhardt and Alex Katz, and regarding lectures, docent tours, and other musuem activities.
65 4 Whitney Museum, ca. 1983-2000
(2 of 2) Press releases, brochures, announcements, abstracts of papers presented at sixth annual symposium.
65 5 1984 Jan-Jun
ca. 60 items. Letters asking Sandler to lecture at Long Beach Museum, Pratt Institute, and from Dallas Ernst, Paula Baxter, Bess Meyerson (asking Sandler to serve on Art Selection Panel for NY City); brochures and clippings.
65 6 1984 Jul-Dec
Letters from various institutions regarding Sandler lectures, such as the Institute of Contemporary Art at U. of Pennsylvania, the Palm Springs Desert Museum, and from Bob Smith, Cole Young and others; clippings and brochures.
65 7 1985 Jan-Jun
ca. 60 items. Letters regarding Sandler's re-appointment from Art History to Visual Arts at SUNY Purchase, appearances at SFMOMA, Pratt, Skidmore, Cincinnati Art Museum, Archives of American Art, Robert Gray; letters from colleagues Gilbert Kinney, Valerie Livingston and others; clippings, brochures, press releases.
65 8 1985 Jul-Dec
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding public lectures at Yale, SFMOMA, Adelphi University; Exxon newsletter, issue of Art/World Vol. 10, No. 2.
66 1986-1990
66 1 1986 Jan-Jun
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding appearances at SFMOMA, Adelphi University, Philadelphia Museum of Art; regarding a catalog essay for the Institute of Contemporary Culture, U. of Pennsylvania; letter from colleague Steve Ellis; brochures, clippings.
66 2 1986 Jul-Dec
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding public appearances at The Metropolitan Museum, the Walters Art Gallery; regarding catalog essay on Fritz Bultman for the New Orleans Museum of Art; press release, clippings, brochure.
66 3 Sydney Biennial, 1986
ca. 30 items. Notes; letters regarding arrangements for Sandler's travel and participation; photocopy of program; seminar schedule; press release; some material from earlier biennials.
66 4 1987 Jan-Jun
ca. 30 items. Letter from Sandler accepting role of traveling ambassador to the Costa Rican Art Museum; regarding public appearances at the Metropolitan Museum, the Tate, the Museum of Costa Rican Art; regarding Sandler's serving as nominator for the seventh annual Awards in the Visual Arts; posters, clippings, brochures.
66 5 1987 Jul-Dec
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding a visiting professorship at University of Delaware, public appearances at the Lannan Foundation (Florida), Brown University, Winnipeg Art Gallery, letters from colleagues Judith Bernstock, Ronald Broekman; brochures, clippings.
66 6 1988 Jan-Jun
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding public appearances at Tel Aviv University, Yale, the AICA Congress in Buenos Aires; letter from colleagues Gilbert Kinney; Sandler's reader's report of a book on American Art by Baur; brochures and clippings.
66 7 1988 Jul-Dec
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding Sandler's public appearances at the Brooklyn Museum, the Greenwich Library, Lehman College Art Gallery; letters from colleague Mattie Berhang; brochure, issue of La Cosa Año 1, No. 1.
66 8 1989 Jan-Jun
ca. 30 items. Letters regarding Sandler's public appearances at the National Academy of Design, Chapel Hill, Franklin and Marshall College, Illinois State University; from Florence Rubenfeld; brochures, issue of Art/World (Vol. 13 No. 7).
66 9 1989 Jul-Dec
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding Sandler's public appearances at Indiana University, Lowe Art Museum, Loft Artist Association; brochure and clipping.
66 10 MOMA/Shiga Conference, 1989 Jul 23
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding arrangements for Sandler's visit to Japan, notes for his talk, conference materials such as programs, schedules.
66 11 1990 Jan-Jun
ca. 15 items. Letter nominating Sandler for rank of Distinguished Professor at SUNY Purchase; letter arranging for lecture at University of North Carolina; photocopies of clippings.
66 12 1990 Jul-Dec
ca. 15 items. Letters regarding public appearances at CICA, SUNY Albany, Columbia University; brochures and posters.
67 1991-2000
67 1 1991 Jan-Jun
ca. 15 items. Letters regarding public appearances at CICA, and the Lowe Museum and Sandler's guest curating a sculpture show at Lincoln Plaza; the draft of his essay on Greenwich Village for the Museum of the City of New York exhibition; college newsletters.
67 2 1991 Jul-Dec
ca. 10 items. Letters regarding Sandler's public appearances in Rio de Janeiro, the Institute of Contemporary Art at University of Pennsylvania, his De Kooning interview from Marie-Anne Siehère, and from colleague Saryu Doshi.
67 3 1992
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding an essay on Pearlstein for the Butler Institute, an essay for a catalog of 20th century American art published by Prestel Verlag and the Royal Academy, an essay on John Ferren for the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, a talk given for Napa Contemporary Arts Foundation; brochures and announcements.
67 4 1994
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding Sandler's public appearances at the Neuberger and the Royal Academy, letter from Sandler recounting an experience with Professor Commager at Columbia, and another expressing his concern over the selection of paintings at the Royal Academy show; brochures.
67 5 Storm King Art Center, 1993-1999
ca. 10 items. Letters regarding Sandler's editing of an exhibition catalog about Mark di Suvero, and about his contribution to The Fields of David Smith; contracts.
67 6 Christie's, 1994-2000
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding courses Sandler taught at Christie's, public appearances there, course descriptions, thank you notes.
67 7 1994
ca. 20 items. Letter from Sandler offering his services to the NY City Commissioner of Public Affairs; regarding public appearances at the National Gallery, the Art Museum of Western Virginia, the Walters Art Gallery; from colleague Susan Platt; brochures and clippings.
67 8 1995 Jan-Jun
ca. 20 items. Letter regarding a public appearance at Brigham Young University; letter from Brooklyn Museum consulting Sandler about an American art exhibition; brochures and announcements.
67 9 1995 Jul-Dec
ca. 10 items. Letter agreeing to be a consultant for a documentary on Pop Art, regarding essay for Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, regarding review of Professor Omer; offprint and clipping.
67 10 1996
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding Sandler's contribution to Weldon Kees book for Iowa, regarding lectures at the Woldenburg Art Center and the Hoffberger School of Painting; copy of US Court of Appeals decision on a case requiring licensing of artists who sell their work on the street.
67 11 1997
ca. 30 items. Letters regarding a book by Baykam, a catalog about Stamos, a BBC interview with Sandler, a public appearance at MOMA, a SUNY Purchase reception for Sandler; letter from Gail Stavitsky requesting information about Steve Wheeler; letters from Sandler requesting leave with pay from SUNY Purchase, agreeing to write an essay on Bryan, thanking Dr. Christoph Eggenberger for arranging the Meret Oppenheim exhibition at MOMA; brochures, clippings, announcements.
68 1998-2000
68 1 1998 Jan-Jun
ca. 30 items. Letters regarding Sandler's essay for the Israel Museum, Artforum's Q & A column, Sandler's talk on Patrick Heron at the Tate, an essay for a Seymour Lipton catalog; from colleagues Marilynn Tuma, Gilbert Edelson, Geroge Neubert; clippings and brochures.
68 2 1998 Jul-Dec
ca. 40 items. Letters from the Modern Art Museum in Vienna requesting Sandler's advice, regarding public appearances at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, New York Studio School, MOMA, Syracuse, Cincinnati Art Museum, Sandler's endorsement for the book Off Limits: Rutgers University and the Avant-garde, request for Sandler to write an essay for Crossroads of American Sculpture, and an essay for a George McNeil catalog; brochures and clippings.
68 3 Regarding trip to Russia, 1999
ca. 10 items. Materials regarding an international seminar on Contemporary Education for Contemporary Art, in St. Petersburg, including notes, itinerary and lists of participants.
68 4 Regarding trip to Rio, 1999
ca. 20 items. Materials regarding Sandler's participation in an international seminar "De Baudelaire à Critica Contemporanea," including letters, itineraries, and clippings.
68 5 Regarding trip to Barcelona, 1999
Materials regarding Sandler's participation in a conference organized in conjunction with the exhibition "Made in USA: Post-War North American Art"; poster and clippings.
68 6 Regarding trip to Frankfurt, 1999
Materials regarding Sandler's visit in conjunction with the exhibition "Between Life and Art," including typescript of his talk, notes, letters, itinerary and schedule, clippings.
68 7 1999 Jan-Jun
ca. 50 items. Letters regarding Sandler essay for Allgemeines Kunstlerlexikon, about interview with Barbara Michaels, public appearance at Brooklyn College, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, regarding Antonakos essay for Hudson Hills; brochures.
68 8 1999 Jul-Dec
ca. 20 items. Letters regarding recommendation for Gerald Silk, requesting nominations of artists for awards; letters from former students and artist; brochure and clipping.
68 9 2000
ca. 20 items. Letter requesting interview about Elaine De Kooning, a talk on Antonakos at Rose Art Museum, about Rosenberg panel at CAA, regarding Sandler essay on Andy Warhol and the Brillo box, Sandler being guest speaker at dinner honoring Andre Emmerich; brochures.
69 1966-1995
69 1 Permissions for Abstract Expressionism, 1966-1970
69 2-3 Permissions for The New York School, 1977-1978
69 4-5 Permissions for Art of the 1970s and 1980s, 1994-1995
69 6 Permissions from Archives of American Art, ca. 1971-1978

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