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Irving Sandler papers, circa 1914-2001, bulk 1950-2000

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Sandler (Irving) Papers
Series VI. Notes and writings, ca. 1958-2000 1 Linear Feet
Series VI comprises notes and writings not in Series I or II. Panels in this series (as opposed to Series V) are not those Sandler organized but those he attended. Writings consist of a random compilation of reviews, brief lectures or introductions, and catalog essays.
57 Notes on panels, ca. 1960-2000
57 1 1960s
Notes on seven panels, including one typewritten transcript of a Philadelphia panel with Rosenberg, Guston, Motherwell, Reinhardt and Tworkov.
57 2 1970s
Notes on eight panels.
57 3 1980-1982
Notes on eleven panels.
57 4 1983-1986
Notes on nine panels.
57 5 1987-1989
Notes on twelve panels.
57 6 1990-1994
Notes on twenty panels.
57 7 1995-1999
Notes on sixteen panels.
57 8 2000
Notes on six panels.
57 9 n.d.
Notes on nineteen panels without dates.
58 Writings, , 1958-1997 n.d.
58 1 Provincetown Arts Festival, 1958
Typescript of review of the festival.
58 2 New Images of the Humanist Critic, 1959
Typescript of lecture given at the Club.
58 3 Casper Citron Radio Show interviews, 1950s
Thick file of handwritten questions Sandler asked his various art world guests on the show.
58 4 Black, White and Grey, 1961
Typescript of review of show at Wadsworth Atheneum.
58 5 French Painting from Delacroix to Picasso, 1961
Typescript of review of show organized by Volkswagen Company.
58 6 The New York School of Painters and Sculptors, 1967
Typescript of Sandler's dissertation proposal.
58 7 In the Galleries; New York Letter, 1960s
Fifteen typescripts of reviews that appeared in Sandler's columns in the New York Post and Art International.
58 20 Speech on Public Art, 1978
Introduction to panel about public sculpture featuring the following sculptors: Eloul, Meadmore, Rosenthal, Hadzi at the Ninth National/International Sculpture Conference, March 31-April 3, 1976, New Orleans.
58 8 Pluralism, 1979
Typescript of short lecture given at Parsons.
58 9 NEH applications, 1979-1999
Applications to the National Endowment for the Humanities for grants for various projects.
58 10 Constructivism, 1980
Typescript of introduction to the fourth Yaseen lecture on Constructivism at SUNY Purchase.
58 11 American Art of the 1960s, 1986
Research and drafts of "The Art-World Consensus" chapter of Sandler's book.
58 12 The Atelier Project, ca. 1987
Typescript of essay about a project for involving American artists and art in the SUNY program.
58 13 The New Minimalism, 198?
Introduction to and notes on a panel Sandler was on with new minimalists, such as Margaret Honda.
58 14 Philip Pearlstein, 1994
Photocopy of article by Sandler translated into Italian and published in Tema Celeste.
58 15 The Irascible Weldon Kees, 1998
Typescript of essay on Kees.
58 16 Essays for the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1998
Catalog essays on paintings by Hans Hofmann and Sam Francis.
58 17 Sotheby Auction, n.d.
Typescript of essay on a major auction of contemporary art.
58 18 The Museum of Modern Art and the American Avant-Garde, n.d.
58 19 Modernist American Drawing, 1979
Galley(?) of article published in Great Drawings of All Time: The Twentieth Century, Vol. 2, (Chapter VIII), edited by Victoria Thorson. Redding, CT: Talisman Books, 1979. Includes introductory essay, "Modernist American Drawing" and critical discussions by Judith Rosenthal in collaboration with Irving Sandler.
58 21 Notes, n.d.
Reading notes from Dyn, Editor and Publisher.
58 22 Quotes, n.d.
Quotes from Sandler interview to be used in book on Newman.
58 23 Miscellaneous, n.d.
Fragmentary or unidentified notes, drafts, and interview questions.
58 24 Miscellaneous, n.d.
Notes taken on small pieces of paper about Steinberg and Rosenberg.

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