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Irving Sandler papers, circa 1914-2001, bulk 1950-2000

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Sandler (Irving) Papers
Series III. Organizations and associations, 1937-2000 3 Linear Feet
Series III documents the various organizations and associations Sandler was involved with or that he followed the development of. Represented are artists' groups (i.e. Artists' Club; Artists' Space), galleries (Tanager; Reuben), artistic movements (E.A.T.; Fluxus), political art groups (Guerilla Girls; Artists' Tenants Association), and academic, critical or curatorial associations (College Art Association; International Association of Art Critics). Some of these entities are comprehensively documented over ten years or more. As Sandler often served on the board of these organizations, files may include correspondence among board members, membership rosters, and minutes of meetings, along with notes on panels or talks given, programs, brochures, and newsletters. This series documents the New York art world from the viewpoint of artists struggling to break in, to create an audience for work that is new or experimental. Sandler's committment to fostering these alternative spaces is evident in this series, along with his active role in mainstream organizations. The highlight of this series is the files on the famous Artists' Club, of which Sandler served as programming director from 1956 to 1962. Sandler's notes on panels and lectures given at the Club during the 1950s convey the kinds of issues that concerned artists as the aesthetic of Abstract Expressionism gave way to Pop and Performance. Party invitations capture the nature of socializing in the 1950s art world. Note that Box 46, f. 7 contains Sandler notes on conversations at the Cedar Bar with two or more artists. Although these are not club-sponsored events, all the artists involved are also featured in Club panels during the same years, so that placement in this series seemed most appropriate.
45 Ae-Ar, 1937-1995
45 1 Aesthetic Realism, 1955-1963
Letters to Sandler urging him to support the organization and complaining about the lack of recognition given to its leader, Eli Siegal; typescripts of manifestos about Aesthetic Realism; student paper on the Aesthetic Realism movement; Terrain Gallery announcements and press releases; two issues of Definition: A Journal of Events and Aesthetic Realism, nos. 7 and 16.
45 2 Allan Frumkin Gallery, 1979
Issue 7 of the gallery newsletter.
45 3 American Abstract Artists, 1937-1959
Notes on membership rosters; two announcements.
45 4 Anonima Group, 1963-1971
Invitations to openings and a panel discussion; offprint of article "The Anonima Group," by Helen Weinberg; 2 posters; 3 catalogs presenting work and theories of the Group.
45 5 art & project, 1970-1971
Five issues (nos. 22, 32, 36, 41, 42, ) of the group's Bulletin, each featuring a different artist.
45 6 Art Dealer's Association, 1978-1986
Letters regarding Sandler's participation in panels; notes on panels "For Love and Money: Dealers Choose" (n.d.), and "The Business of Art," 1985 Mar. 20; programs for several annual dinners; conference programs; newsletter; membership directory; catalog Twenty Galleries/ Twenty Years, 1982; 2 clipppings.
45 7 Art Workers' Coalition, 1967-1970
Notes on panel about the formation of the Coalition, and on panel about MOMA's policies in relation to the Coalition's demands; essay by Sandler "The Art Workers' Coalition: A Study of Aggression"; student papers; numerous press releases, manifestos and open letters; announcements of benefits and demonstrations; nine clippings.
45 8 Artists' & Critics' Forum, 1979-1995
Transcript of panel "Artist and Critic: The Nature of the Relationship"; announcement; issue of The Artist's and Critic's Forum (Vol. 2, No. 2).
45 9 Artists' Club, 1963-1982
Notes on a panel about the Club ( 1982); notes and drafts of writings about the Club; file of quotations, collected retrospectively, about a question addressed at the Club: "Is there a new academy?"; two student papers about the Club; 3 clippings.
45 10 Artists' Club, 1949-1957
Membership rosters for various years, lists of committee members, brief minutes of meetings.
46 Artists' Club; Cedar Bar, 1945-1967
46 1 Artists' Club, 1945-1958
Lists of panels and lectures offered at the Club, including topics and speakers. Some lists are retrospective reconstructions.
46 2 Artists' Club, n.d.
Membership rosters designating payment of dues and contributions to a New Year's Party.
46 3 Artists' Club Panels, 1952-1954
Notes on a panel with Holtzman, Resnick, Lassaw about the difficulty of using language to discuss visual images, on panel with Crehan and Ferren about meaning in art, on Paul Goodman lecture at the Club. Quotations from a letter from Belle Krasne about a panel.
46 4 Artists' Club Panels, 1955
Cards announcing Club panels or events; notes/transcripts of panels about Frank O'Hara's article "Nature and New Painting," photos of nature, Germinal Sculpture, sculptural influences on sculpture, and the Problem of the Abstract in Painting.
46 5 Artists' Club Panels, 1956
Cards announcing Club panels or events; notes/transcripts of panels on "Valid motivations for the artist today," "The Role of the Critic in Contemporary Art," and how works of art assume value.
46 6 Artists' Club Panels, 1957
Cards announcing Club panels or events; notes/transcripts of panels on "The Limitations and Possibilities of Sculpture," "Intent and the Face of Art," "Tastemakers in American Art," "The Accidental in Art," "The Artist's Involvement in Nature," "Color to the Contemporary Artist," "The Painter as His Own Poet."
46 7 Cedar Bar Conversations, 1957-1958
Mostly typewritten notes summarizing conversations on art topics with groups of two or more artists, including Guston, Brach, Kline, Marsicano, Resnick, Lewitan, Passloff, Kantor, Dowden, Matter, Cherry, Spaventa, Pace, Kaldis, Modell, Bluhm, Reece, Gordon, Lund, Baber, McNeil, Richenberg, Ippolito, Stefanelli, Speyer, Fromboluti, Rosati, Kerkam,Tworkov, Buelman, Huetberg. Note that several of those listed participated in several conversations.
46 8 Artists' Club Panels, 1958
Cards announcing Club panels or events; notes/transcripts of panels on "Has the Situation Changed the Content?" "The Accidental in Art," "Nature?," "What We Don't Have to Do Anymore," "Patriotism and the American Home," "Hearsay: a Twentieth Century Panel," "The Manifesto of 'It Is'"; three untitled panels; student paper summarizing a night at the club; two invitations to club parties.
46 9 Artists' Club Panels, 1959
Cards announcing club panels or events; notes/transcripts of panels on "The Nature of Tradition," and "What is the New Academy?", with separate extended statements by Raymond Parker, Mike Loew, and E.A. Navaretta; invitation to a jazz party at the club.
46 10 Artists' Club Panels, 1960
Cards announcing club panels or events; notes/transcripts of panels on "What's Right, What's Wrong," "What Are the Issues?" "The Content of Figurative Art," "The Edge of Art," "What is the New Academy?"; and two untitled panels.
46 11 Artists' Club Panels, 1961
Cards announcing club panels or events; notes on the following panels: "Environmental Sculpture," "Assemblage," "Guggenheim Image," "Sculpture-- A Redefinition," two untitled panels.
46 12 Artists' Club Panels, 1962
Cards announcing club panels or events; notes on the following panels: "The Artist as Faust," "Art and Morality," two untitled panels.
46 13 Artists' Club Panels, 1963-1967
Cards announcing club panels or events; notes on a panel "Action and communication," an untitled panel, and a panel on 10th Street ( 1967)
46 14 Artists' Club Panels, n.d.
Notes on the following panels: "Implications of Style," "Image and Distance," "Four Points of View About Value," "Form vs. Space," "Historical Necessity," eight untitled; typewritten summary of Inre Ehrnezweig talk.
47 Artists Space, 1970-2000
47 1 Artists Space, 1970-1980
Correspondence, including letters from Trudie Grace to Sandler about the construction of the space, with details about plumbing, electricity etc., and concerns about which artists will exhibit there, and the establishment of by-laws. Many letters to the director or staff (copied to Sandler, who was on the board) regarding the Artists Space exhibition "The Nigger Drawings," objecting to the racism implicit in the title, with a reply by the artist Donald Newman, and an apology by the Artists Space staff.
47 2 Artists Space, 1980-2000
Correspondence between Artists Space and endowing organizations such as the Rothko Foundation and NEA. Some letters about the controversy surrounding the "Witnesses" show.
47 3 Artists Space, 1974-1989
Reports on the history of Artists Space, including "Pluralism's Progress: A Short History of Artists Space," by Nancy Princenthal; interviews with artists associated with Artists Space, such as Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Elizabeth Murray; and "A Report on the First Ten Years of the Committee for the Visual Arts/Artists Space," a 106 pp. self-evaluation.
47 4 Artists Space, 1970-2000
Sandler notes on various meetings and panels; brief drafts of introductions or presentations.
47 5 Artists Space, 1970-2000
Collection of the organization's press releases.
47 6 Artists Space, 1975-1983
Collection of printed matter from organization, including announcements, invitations, brochures, catalogs.
47 7 Artists Space, 1975-1983
Collection of clippings regarding the organization.
48 Ar-Co, 1959-1994
48 1 Artists Talk on Art, 1978-1993
Printed postcards announcing panels and exhibitions; letters mainly regarding the organization of panels; typewritten minutes of board meetings (Sandler was a board member) and reports regarding personality conflicts and other management issues; ca. 70 items of printed matter, including brochures, announcements, invitations.
48 2 Artists Tenants Association, 1961-1992
Correspondence with congressional representatives regarding threatened expiration of the Loft Law in New York City; statements issued by the organization regarding protection of artists' housing and studio space; issue of Artists Tenants Association Newsletter (no. 1); 4 clippings or photocopies of clippings.
48 3 Association for the Support and Diffusion of Art, 1974-1984
Correspondence with Minda De Gunzburg, Maurice Tuchman, and others regarding proposed projects, especially collaborations between French and American artists and critics; thick file of notes on various board meetings and proposals; list of names and typewritten proposals for lecture series and conferences and critiques of past conferences; four conference announcements.
48 4 Association of Artist-Run Galleries, ca. 1976
List of galleries belonging to the association; student paper about the Westbroadway Gallery; issue of Artists Review Art v.1, no. 3.
48 5 British American Arts Association, 1987
Three letters; 3 symposium brochures.
48 6 Cape Cod Art Association, 1959
Brief letters regarding Sandler serving as juror; press release.
48 7 CEC, 1999
Agenda and other items for program committee members.
48 8 COBRA, 1960-1965
Five exhibition brochures of artists in the COBRA group, shown at the Lefebre Gallery.
48 9 Coenties Slip, 1974
Brochure of an exhibition of the work of artists, including Robert Indiana and Agnes Martin, who lived on Coenties Slip and formed a small community on that street.
48 10 College Art Association of America, 1974-1994
Correspondence regarding Sandler's appointment to the Board; panel proposals and post-panel critiques; minutes of meetings about the Mather Award; program of 1978 CAA convention when Sandler was in charge of the Artists' sessions and Lucy Sandler the Art History sessions; other programs, brochures and newsletters.
48 11 Art Journal (CAA), 1980-1991
Letters and memos regarding the direction of the journal, disputes as to its biases, and staff resignations.
48 12 Cowboy Artists of America, 1980
An issue (vol. 8) of the newsletter of the men's art council of the Phoenix Art Museum.
49 E-Ka, 1957-2000
49 1 Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), 1966-1971
Fragments of drafts of a talk about Hulton and another about art and technology; press releases/announcements about the organization's philosophy, projects, exhibitions, and recitals; program for "9 evenings: theater and engineering"; issue of Techne (vol. 1, no. 1); issue of A.T.I. Newsletter (vol.2, no.1); 3 issues of E.A.T. News (vol. 1, no.1; vol. 2, no.1; vol(?), no. 3); clippings.
49 2 Fluxus, 1962-1993
A few examples of mail art; Sandler notes on "Fluxus at Whitney" panel; brief notes and drafts about Fluxus; typescript of "Fluxus: A Post-Definitive History," by Peter Frank and Ken Friedman; press releases; announcements; two posters; issue of Fluxus cc five three (1964).
49 3 Group Material, 1986-1991
Press release; issue of Inserts, ca. 1986.
49 4 Jean Freeman Gallery, n.d.
Press releases with black and white photos of work announced.
49 5 Group Zero, 1961
Press release from Howard Wise Gallery about Group Zero.
49 6 Guerilla Art Action Group, 1969-1999
Manifestos protesting MOMA's elitism.
49 7 Guerilla Girls, 1985-1993
Invitation to a Benefit; issue of Hot Flashes (vol 1, no.1).
49 8 Gutai Group, 1957-1958
Press releases from Martha Jackson Gallery about the group.
49 9 Independent Curators Incorporated, 1981-2000
Numerous letters to Sandler, who was on the exhibition committee, regarding meetings, programs, panels, and exhibitions; press releases from "Concepts in Construction," an ICI exhibition that Sandler curated (see also Series V. Exhibitions and Panels); typescript of Bill Arning essay on Liquiform; eight brochures, two newsletters, 1 benefit party program.
49 10 International Association of Art Critics, 1965-2000
Letters to Sandler regarding meetings, elections to the board, programs; notes on meetings and typescript of a review of a conference; membership lists, announcements, press releases, statement of by-laws, association rules.
49 11 International Association of Art Critics, 1980-2000
Seventeen AICA newsletters.
49 12 It Is, 1965
49 13 Kanawha Arts Alliance, 1980
Letter and clipping.
50 N-Or, 1948-1998
50 1 Neo-Surrealists, 1957
Minutes of a meeting at Dave Lund's house.
50 2 Organization of Independent Artists, 1977-1983
Letters concerning Sandler's service on the board of directors and on the advisory panel for selecting artists for Greene Space; 3 newsletters; 3 announcements; 1 poster.
50 3 Park Place, 1966
Student paper on the group; 4 announcements; 1 poster.
50 4 Portable Gallery, 1962
Bulletin 1.
50 5 Pulsa, 1970
Clipping. See also E.A.T.
50 6 Reuben Gallery, 1965
Announcement; brochure.
50 7 Sculpture Club, 1957-1961
Five cards announcing meetings; minutes of three meetings.
50 8 Sculpture Space, Inc., 1976-1985
Letters regarding Sandler's participation in panels; press release and information for artists; brochure; catalog; clippings.
50 9 SITE, 1978-1980
Press release; 3 brochures; 2 photos.
50 10 Society of Young American Artists, 1957
Invitation to exhibition and panel.
50 11 Southern Rim, 1983
Notes about this exhibition that defines an artistic milieu; brochure.
50 12 Subjects of the Artist School, 1948-1966
Sandler notes and drafts about the school founded by Rothko, Motherwell, and others; student paper on the school; 1 page catalog.
50 13 Sun Gallery, 1959-1981
List of exhibitions; article on the gallery; announcement.
50 14 Tanager Gallery, 1957
Typewritten transcript of meeting from 1957 May 3; Sandler's notes and drafts about the gallery; lists of artists; student paper; seven announcements; 1 brochure; photocopy of clipping.

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