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Luigi Salerno research papers, 1948-1996

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Finding aid for the Luigi Salerno research papers, 1948-1996
Series IV. Photographs, circa 1948-1992, undated 12.85 linear feet (28 boxes, 1 flatfile)
Series IV.B. Topics, undated
Although most of Salerno's photograph archive consists of artist files, in some cases he grouped related photographs by topic. These topical groupings are organized by school, geographic locale, site, subject, type of work or time period.
Arranged alphabetically by topical grouping assigned by the creator. Topical files were originally integrated alphabetically among the artist files, however, they have been moved to the end of the series to facilitate research.
Box Folder
50 5 Antichi
The file labeled "Antichi sec. XIV-XV-XVI" by Salerno, consists primarily of images of townscapes and early view paintings, several of which were published in the introductory chapters of I pittori di vedute in Italia: (1580-1830).
50 6 Architecture
Contains images of vedute.
50 7 Bagnaia, Villa Lante
Salerno published an article on the frescoes of Villa Lante, "Cavaliere d'Arpino, Tassi, Gentileschi and their assistants: a study of some frescoes in the Villa Lante Bagnaia," in a 1960 issue of The Connoisseur, and a short volume on the villa in 1969 with Angelo Cantoni, entitled Villa Lante di Bagnaia.
50 8-9 Bolognese
Includes a 1991 letter from the Musei civici d'arte antica, Bologna and a brief 1964 note from the Istituto per la collaborazione culturale, Enciclopedia universale dell'arte.
Costaguti (Palazzo Costaguti)
Oversize file contains one hand-colored, copy of a floor plan of Palazzo Costaguti, stamped and signed by Giuseppe Guerrieri, Rome, 55 x 71 cm.
Box Folder
50 10-11 Papers and images
1** Oversize
Decorative arts
Box Folder
50 12 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
60 23 Transparency
Box Folder
50 13 Drawings
50 14 Dutch
50 15 English
Includes an incomplete, first edition of the exhibition catalog I Fiamminghi e l'Italia; pittori italiani e fiamminghi dal XV al XVIII secolo, which has been heavily annotated.
50-51 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
60 24 Transparency
Includes two 1979 letters between Salerno and Jean Jacques Vannier of Paris.
Box Folder
51 4-10 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
60 25 Color photograph
Box Folder
51 11 Genoese
51 12-13 Lombards
51 14 Magic
Includes a 1974 letter from Giuseppe Bernardi of Torino regarding a painting in his possession.
Box Folder
52 1-4 Medieval
Includes a 1979 letter from Giuseppe de Vito Piscicelli of Rome and a number of letters dated 1983, including: one from Francesco Giovanetti of Naples and its corresponding response from Salerno; one from Giuseppe dalla Vecchia of Naples; one addressed to Raffaello Causa from Federico Zeri; one from Causa to Salerno; and an offprint of Salerno's article "Il dissenso nella pittura: Intorno a Filippo Napoletano, Caroselli, Salvator Rosa e altri."
Box Folder
52 5-11 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
60 26 Transparencies
Box Folder
52 12 Neapolitan
Includes 1971-1972 correspondence which relates to the 1972, Council of Europe exhibition The Age of Neoclassicism, from Anna Forlani Tempesti, The Arts Council of Great Britain, the Museo Glauco Lombardi of Parma, a copy of a letter from Augusta Ghidiglia Quintavalle to the Arts Council with its corresponding response and a brief note from Clelia Alberici to Salerno.
Box Folder
53 1-5 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
60 27 Color photograph
Board Folder
53 6 Nineteenth century
Box Folder
53 7 Palaces
Contains images of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Rome.
53-54 Sculpture
Box Folder
54 2 Sculpture - Chiesa di Gesù e Maria
54 6 Spain
Contains only a single article extract.
Box Folder
54 7-9 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
60 28 Transparency
Box Folder
54 10 Viterbese
Contains only a single article extract.

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