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Luigi Salerno research papers, 1948-1996

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Finding aid for the Luigi Salerno research papers, 1948-1996
Series III. Research files, 1950-1992, undated 11.6 linear feet (26 boxes)
Series III.E. Landscapes and vedute, 1967-1991, undated
A significant portion of the subseries relates to the planning of an unrealized 1971 show Paesaggio e veduta a Roma dal Seicento all'Ottocento. Materials related to the exhibition include annotated object checklists, notes, loan forms, institutional correspondence approving and rejecting loans and correspondence from the municipal government of Rome, as well as personal correspondence with Denis Mahon, Helen Mullaly and Terence Mullaly. The file also includes an object checklist from the Victoria and Albert Museum's 1968 exhibition Englishmen in Italy. "Post exhibition" material contains several drafts of an outline of complaints addressed to the mayor of Rome regarding the show's cancellation and a version signed by Andrea Busiri Vici, Salerno and Giuliano Briganti.
Repurposing his research from this aborted exhibition, Salerno published a three-volume, bilingual edition on Roman landscape painting entitled Pittori di paesaggio del Seicento a Roma, or, Landscape Painters of the 17th Century in Rome (1977-1980). Salerno's last major publication I pittori di vedute in Italia: (1580-1830), appeared in 1991. Although Salerno published separate works on landscape painting and view painting, images and notes regarding artists are frequently intermingled. This subseries includes many black-and-white photographs and photomechanical images of landscapes, view paintings and prints. It also contains notes on individual artists.
Images of various landscape and vedute artists include painters such as: Francesco Albotto, Nicolaas Pietersz Berchem, Canaletto, Gaspard Dughet, Adam Elsheimer, Jean-François Millet, Thomas Patch, Cornelius van Poelenburgh, Adam Pynacker, Salvator Rosa, Herman Saftleven, Willem Schellinks, Israël Silvestre and Thomas Wyck. Notes on individual artists include: Robert Adam, Paolo Anesi, Bernardo Bellotto, Nicolas-Didier Boguet, Charles-Louis Clérisseau, Alexander Cozens, John Robert Cozens, Louis Ducros, Philothée-François Duflos, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Pier Leone Ghezzi, Hans de Jode, Antonio Joli, Joseph Anton Koch, Hendrik Frans van Lint, Andrea Locatelli, Adrien Manglard, William Marlow, Hubert Robert, Carle Vernet and Claude-Joseph Vernet.
Paesaggio e veduta a Roma dal Seicento all'Ottocento, exhibition
Box Folder
14 4 Checklists and loan forms
14 5-6 Post exhibition
14 7 Notes
Various artists - Images
Box Folder
14 8 Photomechanical prints
Majority of images are taken from auction catalogs, however, file also includes a few black-and-white photographs.
14 9 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
57 16 Color photograph and transparency
Marine painters and others
Box Folder
14 10 Papers and images
Box Folder
57 17 Color photograph
Box Folder
14 11 Notes
File also includes an extract on Giambattista Bassi and a few images of figural works.
14-15 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
57 18 Transparency
Pittori di paesaggio del Seicento a Roma - Appendix
Includes correspondence from Clovis Whitfield, Daan Cevat, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the Toledo Museum of Art, as well as black-and-white photographs, illustration proofs and annotated text proofs for several of the entries. Materials on vedute, which are divided into the categories of foreign artists (artisti stranieri) and Italian painters (pittori italiani), are organized alphabetically by the artist's last name and consist of images, usually one or two per artist, publications and brief notes. Some of the images are the same as those published in the 1991 volume. Illustration proofs are photomechanical, AM halftones in blue ink. Also includes one letter from Benedict Nicolson, which is entirely unrelated and concerns his publication on Caravaggesque pictures.
Box Folder
15 4-6 Papers and proofs
Box Folder
57 19 Transparencies
Various photographs (landscapes, vedute and attributions)
Images are primarily organized by artist name.
Box Folder
15 7-11 Black-and-white photographs
Box Folder
57 20 Color photographs and transparency
Vedute - Foreign artists
Organized alphabetically by artist's last name. See page 383 in I pittori di vedute in Italia (1580-1830), for the "Artisti Stranieri - Indice."
15-16 Papers and images
Box Folder
57 21 Transparencies
Box Folder
16 4 Vedute - Miscellaneous artists
Vedute - Foreign artists and Italian painters
Salerno divided artists published in his monograph on view painting into these two categories. File includes artists represented in I pittori di vedute in Italia (1580-1830).
Box Folder
16 5-7 Papers and images
Box Folder
57 22 Transparencies
Box Folder
16 8 Research on view painting, the Grand Tour and other topics
Includes notes from the Vicariato.
16 9 Research notes on Manglard, Adrien and several others
16-17 Italian Landscape Painting, exhibition
Includes 1986-1988 correspondence from Lynn Federle Orr, curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Orr was planning a show and sent Salerno a list of artists which she intended to include to ask for his comments. Much of the file consists of photocopies of works of art by these artists. The show was unrealized.

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