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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Video recordings[X]
Sound recordings (15)
Audiocassettes (9)
DVDs (9)
Printed ephemera (8)
Art, American -- California -- 20th century (7)
Born digital (7)
Electronic records (digital records) (7)
Photographs, Original (7)
Women artists -- United States -- 20th century (7)
Color slides (6)
Oral histories (document genres) (6)
Women artists -- Archives (6)
Compact discs (5)
Feminism in art -- United States -- 20th century (5)
Getty Research Institute (5)
Photographic prints (5)
Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.) (5)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) (4)
Color negatives (4)
Lectures (4)
Performance art (4)
Performance art -- United States -- 20th century (4)
Videocassettes (4)
Women artists -- California -- Los Angeles (4)
African American art -- United States -- 20th century (3)
African American artists -- United States -- 20th century (3)
Art museums -- Educational aspects (3)
Art, Modern -- 20th century -- Criticism, interpretation, etc (3)
Artists -- California (3)
Artists -- United States -- Interviews (3)
CD-ROMs (3)
Chicago, Judy, 1939- (3)
Color transparencies (3)
Correspondence (3)
Digital media (3)
Ephemera (3)
Feminism and art -- United States -- 20th century (3)
Floppy disks (3)
Open reel audiotapes (3)
Performance art -- 20th century (3)
Transcripts (3)
Videodiscs (video recording disks) (3)
Videotapes (3)
Allyn, Jerri, 1952- (2)
Antin, Eleanor (2)
Art -- History (2)
Art -- Political aspects -- United States -- 20th century (2)
Art and music (2)
Art and social action -- United States -- 20th century (2)
Art galleries, Commercial (2)
Art historians -- United States -- Interviews (2)
Art, American -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (2)
Art, Modern -- 20th century (2)
Art, Modern -- Collectors and collecting (2)
Artists -- Political activity -- Los Angeles -- California -- 20th century (2)
Artists and community -- California -- 20th century (2)
Baldessari, John, 1931- (2)
Black-and-white negatives (2)
Black-and-white negatives -- 20th century (2)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) -- 20th century (2)
Color slides -- 20th century (2)
Congresses and conventions (2)
Edwards, Melvin, 1937- (2)
Experimental films (2)
Experimental films -- United States (2)
Foulkes, Llyn, 1934- (2)
Gauldin, Anne (2)
Gaulke, Cheri (2)
Gelatin silver prints (2)
Gelatin silver prints -- United States -- 20th century (2)
Getty Research Institute. Department of Architecture and Contemporary Art (2)
Getty Research Institute. Department of Research and Education (2)
Installations (Art) (2)
Irwin, Robert, 1928- (2)
J. Paul Getty Museum. Public Programs (2)
J. Paul Getty Museum. Public Programs Villa (2)
Jenkins, Ulysses, 1946- (2)
Kauffman, Craig, 1932-2010 (2)
McMillan, Jerry, 1936- (2)
Museum outreach programs (2)
Nengudi, Senga, 1943- (2)
Nonprofit organizations -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
Otis College of Art and Design (2)
Performance art -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
Photographs, Original. (2)
Posters (2)
Rosenthal, Rachel, 1926-2015 (2)
Sculpture, Modern -- 20th century (2)
Video art -- 20th century (2)
Video art -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
symposia (conferences) (2)
18th Street Arts Complex (1)
Ai, Weiwei (1)
American Museum of Ceramic Art (1)
Anger, Kenneth (1)
Architect-designed houses -- California (1)
Architects -- California -- Los Angeles (1)
Architectural design (1)
Architectural drawings (visual works) (1)
Architectural drawings -- 20th century (1)
Architectural drawings -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Architectural models (1)
Architecture -- California -- Los Angeles (1)
Architecture, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Architecture, Modern -- 20th century -- California, Southern (1)
Archives in art (1)
Archives users (1)
Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center (1)
Armory Center for the Arts (1)
Art -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Art -- Collectors and collecting -- United States (1)
Art -- Collectors and collecting -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Art -- Expertising (1)
Art -- Historiography -- Study and teaching (1)
Art -- Modern -- 20th century (1)
Art -- Provenance (1)
Art and nuclear warfare (1)
Art archives (1)
Art dealers (1)
Art dealers -- Archives (1)
Art dealers -- Sweden (1)
Art dealers -- Switzerland (1)
Art galleries, Commercial -- 20th century (1)
Art galleries, Commercial--California (1)
Art historians -- Research (1)
Art museum curators (1)
Art museums -- Exhibitions (1)
Art museums -- Exhibitions -- United States (1)
Art museums -- Planning (1)
Art, American -- 20th century (1)
Art, American -- 20th century -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. (1)
Art, Greek (1)
Art, Modern -- Exhibitions (1)
Art, Modern--20th century--Collectors and collecting--United States (1)
Art, Roman (1)
Artists (1)
Artists -- 20th century -- Correspondence (1)
Artists -- California -- History -- 20th century (1)
Artists -- California -- Interviews (1)
Artists -- California -- Los Angeles (1)
Artists -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Artists -- California -- Portraits (1)
Artists -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Artists books -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Artists--California--History--20th century (1)
Arts, American -- 20th century (1)
Arts, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Asher & Faure (1)
Asher, Betty (1)
Asian American art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Assemblage (Art) (1)
Audiocasettes -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Audiotapes (1)
Audiotapes -- 20th century (1)
Aufdermauer, Aufdi (1)
Avant-garde (Aesthetics) (1)
Bengston, Billy Al (1)
Benjamin, Karl (1)
Berenson, Bernard (1)
Berggruen & Cie (1)
Berman, Shirley (1)
Berman, Wallace, 1926-1976 (1)
Bey, Dawoud, 1953- (1)
Bezzola, Tobia (1)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Blum, Irving, , 1930- (1)
Bradley, Peter, 1940- (1)
Brant, Henry, 1913-2008 (1)
Braque, Georges (1)
Brittin, Charles (1)
Brogan, Jack (1)
Bruguera, Tania, 1968- (1)
Buchanan, Nancy, 1946- (1)
Building sites -- Planning -- United States (1)
Burden, Chris, 1946-2015 (1)
Byrnes, James B. (1)
CDS Gallery (1)
Cai, G. Q. (Guo-Qiang) (1)
California African-American Museum (1)
California Institute of the Arts (1)
Carrasco, Barbara, 1955- (1)
Castelli, Leo (1)
Celant, Germano (1)
Celmins, Vija, 1938- (1)
Ceramics -- 20th century -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. -- California (1)
Ceramics -- California -- 20th century -- History (1)
Chandler, Dana (1)
Chinese American artists -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Christo, 1935- (1)
Chromogenic color prints (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- 20th century (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
City Front Plaza (Chicago, Ill.) (1)
Classical antiquities (1)
Claxton, William (1)
Clippings (information artifacts) (1)
Collectors and collecting (1)
Color negatives -- 20th century (1)
Color photographs (1)
Community art projects (1)
Community art projects -- Los Angeles (Calif.) -- 20th century (1)
Computer drawings -- California -- 20th century (1)
Conceptual Art (1)
Conceptual Art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Contact sheets (1)
Corse, Mary, 1945- (1)
Cotton, Paul, 1939- (1)
Courthion, Pierre (1)
Cowans, Adger W. (1)
Cowles, Charles, 1941- (1)
Curiger, Bice, 1948- (1)
Cézanne, Paul (1)
Dakin, Susanna (1)
Davis, Alonzo (1942-02-02) (1)
Davis, Dale B., 1945- (1)
Davis, Ronald, 1937- (1)
De Bretteville, Sheila Levrant (1)
Degas , Edgar (1)
Derain, André (1)
Design -- Congresses (1)
Dia:Beacon (Art museum) (1)
Diament Sujo, Clara (1)
Diaries -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Diaries -- United States -- 21st century (1)
Diazotypes (copies) (1)
Diffusion transfer prints (1)
Digital images (1)
Distel, Herbert (1)
Documentaries (motion picture genre) (1)
Drawings -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Drawings, European -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Drinkwater, Harry, 1919-2014 (1)
Driskell, David C. (1)
Electronic documents (1)
Ellin, Everett (1)
Environment (Art) (1)
Events (1)
Exhibitions (1)
Exhibitions -- New York (State) -- New York (1)
Experimental films -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Faure, Patricia, 1928- (1)
Faure, Patricia, 1928-2008 (1)
Feminist Art Workers (1)
Feminist Studio Workshop (1)
Ferus Gallery (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Ferus Gallery (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- History (1)
Films by Alexa Oona Schulz (Firm) (1)
Folk art (traditional art) (1)
Freeman House (Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Gaines, Charles, 1944- (1)
Galerie Bonnier (1)
Galerie Durand-Ruel (1)
Galerie Louis Carré (1)
Gallery 32 (1)
Gauguin, Paul (1)
Gehry, Frank O., 1929- (1)
Gelatin silver prints -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Getty Center (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities. Scholars and Conferences Department (1)
Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities. Seminars and Scholars Program (1)
Getty Foundation (1)
Getty Research Institute. Contemporary Programs and Research (1)
Getty Research Institute. Curatorial Department (1)
Getty Research Institute. Exhibitions (1)
Getty Research Institute. Scholars Program (1)
Getty Research Institute. Scholars and Seminars Program (1)
Getty Villa (Malibu, Calif.) (1)
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997 (1)
Goode, Joe, 1937- (1)
Graphic design (1)
Grinstein, Stanley (1)
Hammersley, Frederick, 1919-2009 (1)
Hard disks (1)
Harrington, Curtis (1)
Hassinger, Maren (1)
Heiss, Alanna (1)
Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery (1)
Herms, George, 1935- (1)
Hoefer, Wade, 1948- (1)
Hopkins, Henry, 1928-2009 (1)
Hoppe, Ragnar (1)
Hopps, Walter (1)
Industrial design (1)
Inkjet prints (1)
International Design Conference in Aspen (1)
J. Paul Getty Museum. Villa Program Coordination (1)
J. Paul Getty Trust (1)
Japanese American National Museum (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Japanese American artists -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Jordan, Larry, 1934- (1)
Just Above Midtown, Inc. (1)
Kahnweiler, Daniel Henry (1)
Kandinsky, Wassily (1)
Kaprow, Allan (1)
Klee, Paul (1)
Klick, Laurel, 1950- (1)
Koenig, Pierre (1)
Kohlmeyer, Agnes (1)
Kraft, Josy (1)
Krall, Deborah (1)
Lacy, Suzanne (1)
Laib, Wolfgang, 1950- (1)
Landscape architecture (1)
Learning and scholarship (1)
Ledgers (account books) (1)
Letters (correspondence) -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Light in art (1)
Literature, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Longhauser, Elsa Weiner (1)
Los Angeles (Calif.). Cultural Affairs Department (1)
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Gallery) (1)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1)
Los Angeles Filmforum (Firm) (1)
MM. Bernheim Jeune & cie (Paris, France) (1)
Maberry, Sue (1)
Magnetic disks (1)
Manuscripts (1)
Martinez, Daniel J. (1)
Mason, John, 1955- (1)
Matisse, Henri (1)
Mayhew, Richard, 1934- (1)
McCarthy, Paul, 1945- (1)
McCullough, Barbara (1)
Meltzer, David (1)
Merchandise inventories (1)
Miami International Airport (1)
Minimal art (1)
Miró, Joan (1)
Mizuno, Riko (1)
Modern movement (Architecture) -- California (1)
Moffitt, Peggy (1)
Monet, Claude (1)
Mother Art (1)
Motherhood and the arts (1)
Motion pictures (1)
Motion pictures (visual works) (1)
Mullican, Lee, 1919-1998 (1)
Murrill, Gwynn, 1942- (1)
Musèe Rodin (1)
Naropa Institute (1)
Negatives (Photographs) (1)
Neuendorf, Hans (1)
Neville, Morgan (1)
Nielsen, Margaret, 1948- (1)
Nuclear disarmament--Citizen participation (1)
Okulick, John (1)
Old Post Office and Clock Tower (Washington, D.C.) (1)
Orange County Museum of Art (Calif.) (1)
Pacific Standard Time (Project) (1)
Painting, Abstract -- California -- Los Angeles (1)
Painting, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Paintings, European -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Paper airplanes (1)
Pashgian, Helen, 1934- (1)
Patricia Faure Gallery (1)
Penone, Giuseppe (1)
Performance art -- Periodicals (1)
Performing arts (1)
Photographic prints -- California -- 20th century (1)
Photography (1)
Picasso, Pablo (1)
Pindell, Howardena, 1943- (1)
Pomona College (Claremont, Calif.). Museum of Art (1)
Printed ephemera--California (1)
Printmaking Workshop (1)
Prints -- Technique (1)
Public art -- United States (1)
Public sculpture -- United States (1)
Randall, Herbert, 1936- (1)
Raven, Arlene (1)
Realia (1)
Redon, Odilon (1)
Robinson, Herb (1)
Romdahl, Axel L. (Axel Ludvig) (1)
Romero Brest, Jorge (1)
Rottenberg, Anda (1)
Ruscha, Edward (1)
Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery (1)
Saar, Betye (1)
Safety film (1)
Sala, Anri, 1974- (1)
Schneemann, Carolee, 1939-2019 (1)
Sex discrimination against women (1)
Shapiro, Joel (1)
Siegel, Suzanne (1)
Silagi, Laura (1)
Sisters of Survival (1)
Sketchbooks -- California -- 20th century (1)
Slides (photographs) (1)
Slides (photographs) -- 20th century (1)
Smith, Barbara Turner, 1931- (1)
Smith, Harry Everett, 1923-1991 (1)
Smith, Ming (1)
Social movements in art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Solakov, Nedko (1)
Sonnier, Keith, 1941- (1)
Stevens, Nelson, 1938- (1)
Studio Museum in Harlem (1)
Studio Z (Firm) (1)
Study models (1)
Svensk-franska konstgalleriet (Stockholm, Sweden) (1)
Szeemann, Harald (1)
Tarot (1)
Teske, Edmund, 1911-1996 (1)
Toderi, Grazia, 1963- (1)
UCLA Film and Television Archive (1)
USC Fisher Museum of Art (1)
Valentine, DeWain, 1936- (1)
Video art (1)
Video art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Video art--California--Exhibitions (1)
Video recordings -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Videocassettes -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Videocassettes -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Videotapes -- California -- Los Angeles -- 21st century (1)
Videotapes -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Videotapes -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 21st century (1)
Vincent Price Art Museum (1)
Waitresses (Group of artists) (1)
Weiner, Lawrence (1)
Williams, Mason, 1938- (1)
Williams, William T. (William Thomas), 1942- (1)
Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- History (1)
Women and peace (1)
Women's Graphic Center (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.) (1)
Zorio, Gilberto, 1944- (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Neville, Morgan
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 Title:  Cool School Oral History recordings  
 Dates:  2005-2006 
 Abstract:  Cool School Oral History interviews, 2005-2006 consist of interviews conducted for the 2007 documentary by Morgan Neville, The Cool School, about the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles from 1957-1966. 
 Number:  IA40027 
2Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum. Villa Program Coordination
J. Paul Getty Museum. Public Programs Villa
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 Title:  J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Villa public event recordings  
 Dates:  2006-2018 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of audiovisual recordings and ephemera of public programming events sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Museum that were held at the Getty Villa campus from 2006 to 2018. Events comprise lectures, conversations, panel discussions, symposia, seminars, colloquia, and workshops with curators, scholars, conservators, artists, and museum professionals. They were organized by the Museum's department of Public Programs at the Getty Villa. Recordings include born-digital files stored on CDs, DVDs, and Getty servers. 
 Number:  IA20035 
3Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum. Public Programs
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 Title:  J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Center public event recordings  
 Dates:  1998-2018, undated 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of audiovisual recordings of public programming events sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Museum that were held at the Getty Center campus from 1998 to 2018. One event is undated. Events comprise lectures, conversations, panel discussions, symposia, seminars, adult gallery courses, and special programs with curators, scholars, conservators, artists, and museum professionals. They were organized by the Museum's department of Public Programs at the Getty Center. Recordings include analog files stored on cassettes, and born-digital files stored on CDs, DVDs, and Getty servers. 
 Number:  IA20037 
4Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum. Public Programs
J. Paul Getty Museum. Public Programs Villa
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 Title:  J. Paul Getty Museum Public Programs performing arts recordings and ephemera  
 Dates:  1998-2018 
 Abstract:  The records comprise audiovisual recordings of performances sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Museum Public Programs department at the Getty Center and Getty Villa between 1998 and 2018, and documentation of the events from 1998 to 2013. Events include presentations in the series Friday Nights at the Getty, Saturday Nights at the Getty, Sounds of L.A., Selected Shorts, Gordon Getty Concerts, Summer Sessions, and Garden Concerts for Kids, as well as standalone performances. Recordings include audiocassettes, videocassettes, DAT tapes, and born-digital files stored on CDs, DVDs, and Getty servers. 
 Number:  IA40012 
5Creator/Collector:  International Design Conference in Aspen
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 Title:  International Design Conference in Aspen records  
 Dates:  1949-2006 
 Abstract:  Founded in 1951, the International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA) emulated the Bauhaus philosophy by promoting a close collaboration between modern art, design, and commerce. For more than 50 years the conference served as a forum for designers to discuss and disseminate current developments in the related fields of graphic arts, industrial design, and architecture. The records of the IDCA include office files and correspondence, printed conference materials, photographs, posters, and audio and video recordings. 
 Number:  2007.M.7 
6Creator/Collector:  Smith, Harry Everett, 1923-1991
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 Title:  Harry Smith papers  
 Dates:  1888-2010, bulk 1987-1990 
 Abstract:  The archive was assembled after the death of Harry Smith, polymath filmmaker, painter, and collector of American vernacular art, music, and artifacts. It contains correspondence from the last three years of Smith's life, a selection of Smith's manuscripts and art, most of his original films, his final audio project, Materials for the Study of Religion and Culture in the Lower East Side or Movies for Blind People, and a sizeable portion of his realia collections, including paper airplanes. 
 Number:  2013.M.4 
7Creator/Collector:  Koenig, Pierre
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 Title:  Pierre Koenig papers and drawings  
 Dates:  1925-2007 
 Abstract:  The archive of Los Angeles architect Pierre Koenig, consisting of drawings, photographs, documents, writings and client correspondence, and three models. The archive is an important resource for the study of Southern California Modernism, as well as for the study of pre-fabrication in housing in the United States. 
 Number:  2006.M.30 
8Creator/Collector:  Diament Sujo, Clara
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 Title:  Clara Diament Sujo papers  
 Dates:  1944-2014 (bulk 1981-2008) 
 Abstract:  The papers of Clara Diament Sujo provide a comprehensive survey of the operations of CDS Gallery founded by the dealer and art critic in New York in 1981. There is also documentation on the center of contemporary art Estudio Actual created by Sujo in Caracas in 1968, as well as on her formative years studying with Jorge Romero Brest in Buenos Aires, and her writings and lectures. The archive comprises correspondence; financial records; scrapbooks; exhibition brochures; artist files; photographs; videos; and works on paper dedicated to Sujo. Among the artists represented by CDS Gallery and in the records are: Roberto Aizenberg; Jacobo Borges; Carlos Cruz-Diez; José Luis Cuevas; Stephen De Staebler; Wilfredo Lam; Roberto Matta; Henry Moore; José Clemente Orozco; Armando Reverón; Jesús Rafael Soto; Hedda Sterne; Joaquín Torres-García; and Adja Yunkers. 
 Number:  2018.M.31 
9Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute. Scholars Program
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute Scholars Program images and recordings  
 Dates:  1985-2013 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of digitized and analog audio recordings, video recordings, and photographs of the people and events related to the Scholars Program at the Getty Research Institute. The materials date 1985-2013 and include recordings and photographs of lectures, panel discussions, conferences, and other events hosted by the Getty Research Institute and given by Getty Scholars, staff, and invited speakers. The collection also includes portraits of the program scholars and photo releases signed by scholars. 
 Number:  IA20026 
10Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute. Department of Architecture and Contemporary Art
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute California Video exhibition project files and oral history recordings  
 Dates:  2006-2008 
 Abstract:  The records comprise the project files of the Department of Architecture and Contemporary Art (DACA) at the Getty Research Institute (GRI) for the California Video exhibition co-sponsored by the GRI and the J. Paul Getty Museum. Records include artist interviews conducted by Glenn Phillips and Carole Ann Klonarides and exhibition planning documents dating from 2006 to 2008 that include interviews, press, artist profiles, correspondence, contracts, ephemera, object lists and stills of videos featured in the exhibition. 
 Number:  IA60004 
11Creator/Collector:  Patricia Faure Gallery
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 Title:  Patricia Faure Gallery records  
 Dates:  1952-2006 (bulk 1970-2006) 
 Abstract:  The Patricia Faure Gallery in Los Angeles, which began as Asher/Faure, exhibited internationally recognized artists such as Richard Artschwager, Philip Guston and Morris Louis along with less-known local artists such as Gwynn Murrill, Craig Kauffman and Jack Goldstein. The archive documents the period when the gallery was known as Asher/Faure between 1979 and 1994 and when it was under Faure's own name between 1994 and 2008. The bulk of the records comprises exhibition announcements and photographic documentation of artists' works in the form of prints, transparencies, slides and negatives. Also included are business papers such as sales and inventory lists, correspondence, financial statements and clippings. 
 Number:  2010.M.13 
12Creator/Collector:  Waitresses (Group of artists)
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 Title:  The Waitresses records  
 Dates:  1971-2015, undated 
 Abstract:  The Waitresses was one of the first performance art groups to emerge from the Los Angeles Woman's Building. Founded in 1977 by Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin, the group used their collective experiences working as waitresses to explore feminist issues such as sex discrimination and wage inequality in the food service industry. Materials in the collection document the performances produced by the group from 1976 to 1985, as well as American Dining: A Working Woman's Movement, a performance produced by Jerri Allyn from 1986 to 1989. Materials also relate to a 25th anniversary re-staging of five performances in 2007, as well as other exhibitions and publications about The Waitresses after 1985. The collection consists of performance notes, scripts, costumes, photographs, press clippings, props and ephemera, research files related to social issues in the food service industry, and audiovisual recordings related to various performances and exhibitions. 
 Number:  2017.M.45 
13Creator/Collector:  Sisters of Survival
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 Title:  Sisters of Survival records  
 Dates:  1954-2015, undated 
 Abstract:  Sisters of Survival (S.O.S.) was an anti-nuclear performance group founded in 1981 by Cheri Gaulke, Jerri Allyn, Nancy Angelo, Anne Gauldin, and Sue Maberry. The archive consists primarily of project files documenting performances, exhibitions, and publications from Sisters of Survival's main period of activity from 1982 to 1985 and some later projects, and includes photographic materials, planning documents, ephemera, digital files, audiovisual materials, and exhibition materials. The archive also contains press clippings and promotional images, administrative files, and a small amount of materials by other anti-nuclear artists and activists. 
 Number:  2017.M.47 
14Creator/Collector:  Mother Art
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 Title:  Mother Art records  
 Dates:  1973-2017, undated 
 Abstract:  The Mother Art records document the Los Angeles collective's artistic engagement with sociopolitical concerns relating to maternity, domesticity, and women's issues through photographs, posters, ephemera, press kits, and audio and videorecordings. 
 Number:  2017.M.60 
15Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute interviews regarding Harald Szeemann  
 Dates:  2016-2017 
 Abstract:  The records comprise oral histories conducted with artists and curators about the Swiss curator Harald Szeemann, whose archive is in the Special Collections of the Getty Research Institute. Records date from 2016 to 2017 and include digital video interviews as well as transcripts and translations for select interviews. 
 Number:  IA60008 
16Creator/Collector:  Feminist Art Workers
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 Title:  Feminist Art Workers records  
 Dates:  1976-2013, undated 
 Abstract:  The archive consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual and born digital material documenting the performances, exhibitions, and administrative activities of the Feminist Art Workers. 
 Number:  2017.M.48 
17Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute African American Art History Initiative Oral Histories  
 Dates:  2018-2022 
 Abstract:  The records comprise oral histories conducted with postwar African American artists under the auspices of the Getty Research Institute's African American Art History Initiative. Records date from 2018 to 2022 and will accrue over the duration of the Initiative. Records include digital video interviews of individual artists conducted by the Oral History Center at the University of California, Berkeley and group interviews facilitated by the Getty Research Institute. Contracts, digital and physical transcripts, and images for select interviews are also included. 
 Number:  IA60010 
18Creator/Collector:  Galerie Bonnier
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 Title:  Records of Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet (Stockholm, Sweden) and the Galerie Bonnier  
 Dates:  1918-1997 
 Abstract:  Complete business records of the Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet, Stockholm, Sweden (1918-1974) and the successor gallery, Galerie Bonnier, Geneva, Switzerland (1961-1997). The combined galleries dealt in Impressionist, Post-impressionist, Cubist, German Expressionist, and early abstract art. 
 Number:  990074 
19Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute public event records and recordings  
 Dates:  1998-2020 
 Abstract:  The materials consist of audio recordings, video recordings, images, planning materials and ephemera that document public events sponsored by the Getty Research Institute from 1998 to 2020. The materials include audiocassettes and born-digital files. The events include lectures, discussions, film and video screenings, and collaborative symposia with other arts institutions. The events focus on topics related to art history, performance art, provenance, digital humanities, architecture and the contemporary arts. 
 Number:  IA40002 
20Creator/Collector:  Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.)
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 Title:  Woman's Building records  
 Dates:  1960-2016, undated 
 Abstract:  The Los Angeles Woman's Building was established in 1973 by artist Judy Chicago, designer Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, and art historian Arlene Raven. The Woman's Building was a center for women's art education and a facility for women's groups and organizations. During its time, the Woman's Building played a key role in the field of feminist art and arts education. Materials in the collection offer a comprehensive overview of the activities of the Woman's Building from 1973 to 1991, and document the organization's post-1991 projects. Materials were collected by Sue Maberry during her time as an artist and administrator of the Woman's Building and later as Director of Library and Instructional Technologies at Otis College of Art and Design. Materials consist of printed ephemera and photographic material related to educational programs, exhibitions, performances, events, and various collaborative projects. Included are administrative files, artist files, publications, correspondence, project files, audio and video recordings, and digital files produced for various projects. The collection also contains material documenting the Doin' It In Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman's Building exhibition held at Otis College of Art and Design in 2011-2012. 
 Number:  2017.M.43 
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