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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Art, American -- California -- 20th century[X]
Video recordings (7)
Audiocassettes (6)
Born digital (6)
Printed ephemera (6)
Women artists -- Archives (6)
DVDs (5)
Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.) (5)
Women artists -- United States -- 20th century (5)
Artists -- California -- History -- 20th century (4)
Black-and-white negatives -- 20th century (4)
Color negatives (4)
Feminism in art -- United States -- 20th century (4)
Installations (Art) (4)
Performance art -- United States -- 20th century (4)
Photographs, Original (4)
Sound recordings (4)
Video recordings -- United States -- 20th century (4)
Women artists -- California -- Los Angeles (4)
Art, American -- California -- Exhibitions (3)
Baldessari, John, 1931- (3)
Black-and-white photographs -- 20th century (3)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) (3)
Color slides (3)
Letters (correspondence) -- United States -- 20th century (3)
Open reel audiotapes (3)
Performance art (3)
Videocassettes -- United States -- 20th century (3)
Videodiscs (video recording disks) (3)
Allyn, Jerri, 1952- (2)
Art, Modern -- 20th century -- Criticism, interpretation, etc (2)
Artists -- 20th century -- Correspondence (2)
Artists -- California -- Interviews (2)
Audiocasettes -- United States -- 20th century (2)
Audiotapes -- 20th century (2)
Black-and-white negatives (2)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) -- 20th century (2)
Chicago, Judy, 1939- (2)
Color photographs (2)
Color slides -- 20th century (2)
Color transparencies (2)
Cotton, Paul, 1939- (2)
Dine, Jim, 1935- (2)
Drawings -- United States -- 20th century (2)
Floppy disks (2)
Gauldin, Anne (2)
Gaulke, Cheri (2)
Hockney, David (2)
Johns, Jasper, 1930- (2)
Kienholz, Edward, 1927-1994 (2)
LeWitt, Sol, 1928-2007 (2)
McMillan, Jerry, 1936- (2)
Nonprofit organizations -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
Oldenburg, Claes, 1929- (2)
Performance art -- 20th century (2)
Performance art -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
Photographs, Original. (2)
Posters (2)
Tuchman, Maurice (2)
Video art -- United States -- 20th century (2)
Videocassettes (2)
Alexander, Robert (1)
Antin, Eleanor (1)
Arakawa, Shūsaku, 1936-2010 (1)
Arikha, Avigdor, 1929-2010 (1)
Art -- Political aspects -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Art and nuclear warfare (1)
Art dealers (1)
Art dealers -- Archives (1)
Art dealers -- Correspondence (1)
Art galleries, Commercial -- California (1)
Art, American (1)
Art, American -- 20th century (1)
Art, American -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Art, American -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century -- Exhibitions (1)
Artists -- Archives (1)
Artists -- California (1)
Artists -- California -- Los Angeles (1)
Artists -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Artists -- California -- Portraits (1)
Artists -- Political activity -- Los Angeles -- California -- 20th century (1)
Artists -- United States -- Interviews (1)
Artists books -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Artists' books (1)
Assemblage (Art) -- California (1)
Benglis, Lynda, 1941- (1)
Berman, Shirley (1)
Berman, Tosh (1)
Berman, Wallace (1)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Blueprints (reprographic copies) -- 20th century (1)
Brittin, Charles (1)
Brown, Joan (1)
Buchanan, Nancy, 1946- (1)
Burden, Chris, 1946-2015 (1)
Byars, James Lee (1)
Cameron, Marjorie (1)
Castelli, Leo (1)
Chamberlain, John, 1927-2011 (1)
Christo, 1935- (1)
Chromogenic color prints (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- 20th century (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Color negatives -- 20th century (1)
Color negatives -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Color photographs -- 20th century (1)
Color slides -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Color transparencies -- 20th century (1)
Color transparencies -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Compact discs -- 20th century (1)
Computer drawings -- California -- 20th century (1)
Conceptual Art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Dakin, Susanna (1)
De Bretteville, Sheila Levrant (1)
Diaries -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Diaries -- United States -- 21st century (1)
Diazotypes (copies) (1)
Diebenkorn, Richard (1)
Diffusion transfer prints -- 20th century (1)
Distel, Herbert (1)
Dye diffusion transfer prints -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Dye difussion transfer prints -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Erenberg, Sam (1)
Feminism and art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Feminist Art Workers (1)
Feminist Studio Workshop (1)
Ferus Gallery (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Flavin, Dan, 1933-1996 (1)
Floppy disks -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Gelatin silver negatives -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Gelatin silver prints (1)
Gelatin silver prints -- 20th century (1)
Gelatin silver prints -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Gelatin silver prints -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Gelatin silver prints -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Graham, Dan, 1942- (1)
Guston, Philip, 1913-1980 (1)
Hammersley, Frederick, 1919-2009 (1)
Hedrick, Wally Bill (1)
Herms, George (1)
Inkjet prints (1)
Jahrmarkt, Joan (1)
Jeanne-Claude, 1935-2009 (1)
Judd, Donald, 1928-1994 (1)
Kaprow, Allan (1)
Kitaj, R. B. (1)
Klick, Laurel, 1950- (1)
Klüver, Billy, 1927-2004 (1)
Kosuth, Joseph (1)
Kowalski, Piotr, 1927-2004 (1)
Krall, Deborah (1)
Lacy, Suzanne (1)
Leavin, Margo, 1936- (1)
Leavitt, William (1)
Leo Castelli Gallery (1)
Light and space (Art movement) (1)
Light art -- California, Southern (1)
Lippard, Lucy R. (1)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1)
M. Knoedler & Co (1)
Maberry, Sue (1)
Man Ray, 1890-1976 (1)
Martinez, Daniel J. (1)
Mason, Fred (1)
McCarthy, Paul, 1945- (1)
Minimal art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Morris, Robert, 1931-2018 (1)
Mother Art (1)
Motherhood and the arts (1)
Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Negatives (Photographs) -- 20th century (1)
Neville, Morgan (1)
Nordman, Maria (1)
Nuclear disarmament--Citizen participation (1)
Oral histories (document genres) (1)
Orr, Elizabeth, 1984- (1)
Orr, Eric, 1939-1998 (1)
Otis College of Art and Design (1)
Performance art -- Periodicals (1)
Pop art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Printed ephemera -- 20th century (1)
Public art -- California (1)
Raven, Arlene (1)
Restany, Pierre (1)
Rosenthal, Rachel, 1926-2015 (1)
Ruscha, Edward (1)
Schapiro, Meyer, 1904-1996 (1)
Schneemann, Carolee, 1939-2019 (1)
Sex discrimination against women (1)
Siegel, Suzanne (1)
Silagi, Laura (1)
Sisters of Survival (1)
Sketchbooks -- California -- 20th century (1)
Slides (photographs) -- 20th century (1)
Smith, Alexis, 1949- (1)
Smith, Barbara Turner, 1931- (1)
Smith, David, 1906-1965 (1)
Smith, Hassel (1)
Sound recordings -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Soutine, Chaim, 1893-1943 (1)
Space (Art) (1)
Starr, Sandra Leonard (1)
Tinguely, Jean, 1925-1991 (1)
Video art -- 20th century (1)
Video art -- California -- Los Angeles (1)
Videocassettes -- California -- Los Angeles -- 20th century (1)
Videotapes (1)
Videotapes -- California -- Los Angeles -- 21st century (1)
Videotapes -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Videotapes -- United States -- Los Angeles -- 21st century (1)
Waitresses (Group of artists) (1)
Weiner, Lawrence (1)
Women and peace (1)
Women's Graphic Center (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.) (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Neville, Morgan
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 Title:  Cool School Oral History recordings  
 Dates:  2005-2006 
 Abstract:  Cool School Oral History interviews, 2005-2006 consist of interviews conducted for the 2007 documentary by Morgan Neville, The Cool School, about the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles from 1957-1966. 
 Number:  IA40027 
2Creator/Collector:  Erenberg, Sam
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 Title:  Sam Erenberg papers  
 Dates:  1965-2012 
 Abstract:  The papers highlight Erenberg's career as a painter, bookmaker, filmmaker, and installation and performance artist. The archive includes correspondence, photographs, and project files documenting Erenberg's exhibition history; relations with artists, curators, and gallerists; and the development of various projects including experimental films, installations, and artists' books. 
 Number:  2012.M.52 
3Creator/Collector:  Orr, Eric, 1939-1998
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 Title:  Eric Orr documentary photographs and papers  
 Dates:  1959-2012, undated 
 Abstract:  The Eric Orr papers consist primarily of photographic prints, slides, transparencies, and negatives that document the Light and Space movement artist's paintings, sculptures, and public fountains. Also present are schematic drawings and plans for Orr's public works and ephemera, clippings, and administrative files that detail Orr's life and practice. 
 Number:  2017.M.13 
4Creator/Collector:  Waitresses (Group of artists)
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 Title:  The Waitresses records  
 Dates:  1971-2015, undated 
 Abstract:  The Waitresses was one of the first performance art groups to emerge from the Los Angeles Woman's Building. Founded in 1977 by Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin, the group used their collective experiences working as waitresses to explore feminist issues such as sex discrimination and wage inequality in the food service industry. Materials in the collection document the performances produced by the group from 1976 to 1985, as well as American Dining: A Working Woman's Movement, a performance produced by Jerri Allyn from 1986 to 1989. Materials also relate to a 25th anniversary re-staging of five performances in 2007, as well as other exhibitions and publications about The Waitresses after 1985. The collection consists of performance notes, scripts, costumes, photographs, press clippings, props and ephemera, research files related to social issues in the food service industry, and audiovisual recordings related to various performances and exhibitions. 
 Number:  2017.M.45 
5Creator/Collector:  Sisters of Survival
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 Title:  Sisters of Survival records  
 Dates:  1954-2015, undated 
 Abstract:  Sisters of Survival (S.O.S.) was an anti-nuclear performance group founded in 1981 by Cheri Gaulke, Jerri Allyn, Nancy Angelo, Anne Gauldin, and Sue Maberry. The archive consists primarily of project files documenting performances, exhibitions, and publications from Sisters of Survival's main period of activity from 1982 to 1985 and some later projects, and includes photographic materials, planning documents, ephemera, digital files, audiovisual materials, and exhibition materials. The archive also contains press clippings and promotional images, administrative files, and a small amount of materials by other anti-nuclear artists and activists. 
 Number:  2017.M.47 
6Creator/Collector:  Feminist Art Workers
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 Title:  Feminist Art Workers records  
 Dates:  1976-2013, undated 
 Abstract:  The archive consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual and born digital material documenting the performances, exhibitions, and administrative activities of the Feminist Art Workers. 
 Number:  2017.M.48 
7Creator/Collector:  Mother Art
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 Title:  Mother Art records  
 Dates:  1973-2017, undated 
 Abstract:  The Mother Art records document the Los Angeles collective's artistic engagement with sociopolitical concerns relating to maternity, domesticity, and women's issues through photographs, posters, ephemera, press kits, and audio and videorecordings. 
 Number:  2017.M.60 
8Creator/Collector:  Starr, Sandra Leonard
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 Title:  Sandra Leonard Starr papers related to California assemblage art  
 Dates:  1960-1995, bulk 1986-1988 
 Abstract:  The collection contains art historian, curator and gallery director Sandra Leonard Starr's papers related to her 1988 exhibition and catalog titled, Lost and Found in California: Four Decades of Assemblage Art. Included are her research files on artists, production material for the exhibition and publication, and audio recordings and transcripts of Starr's interviews with 12 significant figures in the California art scene from 1940 to 1987, including artists Robert Alexander, Cameron, Richard Diebenkorn, George Herms, and Edward Kienholz. 
 Number:  2011.M.22 
9Creator/Collector:  Tuchman, Maurice
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 Title:  Maurice Tuchman papers  
 Dates:  1949-1998, undated 
 Abstract:  Maurice Tuchman (Jacksonville, Florida, 1936) is one of the most important curators to have emerged from Los Angeles, and his papers form a significant resource for the study of Southern California art history from the early 1960s to the 1990s. The archive documents many of Tuchman's projects both at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where he served as curator from 1964 to 1994, an those done outside the institution as a scholar and art consultant. His professional files include most notably his appointment books from 1965 to 1994, and the photographs he took during the installation of Art and Technology (1971). A large section of personal correspondence, photographs and miscellaneous papers is also present, together with some audiovisual materials. 
 Number:  2015.M.19 
10Creator/Collector:  Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.)
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 Title:  Woman's Building records  
 Dates:  1960-2016, undated 
 Abstract:  The Los Angeles Woman's Building was established in 1973 by artist Judy Chicago, designer Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, and art historian Arlene Raven. The Woman's Building was a center for women's art education and a facility for women's groups and organizations. During its time, the Woman's Building played a key role in the field of feminist art and arts education. Materials in the collection offer a comprehensive overview of the activities of the Woman's Building from 1973 to 1991, and document the organization's post-1991 projects. Materials were collected by Sue Maberry during her time as an artist and administrator of the Woman's Building and later as Director of Library and Instructional Technologies at Otis College of Art and Design. Materials consist of printed ephemera and photographic material related to educational programs, exhibitions, performances, events, and various collaborative projects. Included are administrative files, artist files, publications, correspondence, project files, audio and video recordings, and digital files produced for various projects. The collection also contains material documenting the Doin' It In Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman's Building exhibition held at Otis College of Art and Design in 2011-2012. 
 Number:  2017.M.43 
11Creator/Collector:  Smith, Barbara Turner, 1931-
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 Title:  Barbara T. Smith papers  
 Dates:  1927-2012, undated, bulk 1948-2012 
 Abstract:  Barbara Turner Smith (American, born 1931) is one of the most influential figures in the history of performance and feminist art in Southern California. Her work – which has taken the varied forms of painting, drawing, installation, video, performance, and artists' books, and often involves her own body – explores concepts that strike at the core of human nature, including male and female sexuality, physical and spiritual sustenance, ecology, technology, and death. The archive, which offers an exceptionally rich resource for Smith's highly personal artistic practice, contains 160 diaries, 54 sketchbooks, hundreds of drawings, more than 850 vintage prints, thousands of negatives and contact sheets, approximately 90 films and 1100 audio and video tapes, in addition to all the notes, plans, and archival records related to her artistic projects from her student days forward. The archive encompasses not only Smith's career as an artist, but also her work as a writer, teacher, and advocate of the arts in Los Angeles. 
 Number:  2014.M.14 
12Creator/Collector:  Leavin, Margo, 1936-
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 Title:  Margo Leavin Gallery records  
 Dates:  1947-2017, bulk 1966-2013 
 Abstract:  In nearly forty-two years of operation as one of the foremost art venues in Los Angeles (1970 -2012), Margo Leavin Gallery presented over five hundred exhibitions. Grounded in Minimalism and Pop Art, the gallery showed a mix of works by both New York and Los Angeles artists such as Dan Flavin and Claes Oldenburg, and gradually moved into the terrain of Conceptual Art, representing artists such as Alexis Smith, John Baldessari, and Sherrie Levine. In 1976 Wendy Brandow joined the gallery staff, and became Director and Partner in 1989. Brandow played a key role in the gallery: she was active in all aspects of the enterprise, from conceptualizing and organizing exhibition to managing business affairs, and was instrumental in engaging with a younger, conceptually oriented generation of artists such as Larry Johnson, Stephen Prina, Christopher Williams, and Roy Dowell. Leavin and Brandow placed numerous works at the world's top museums, had a profound effect on the art world of the city, and made an indisputable contribution to the international acclaim accorded to Los Angeles Conceptual Art. 
 Number:  2015.M.5