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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Futurism (Art)[X]
Futurism (Literary movement) (3)
Amendola Kühn, Eva (2)
Art, Italian -- 20th century (2)
Balla, Giacomo (2)
Boccioni, Umberto (2)
Clippings (information artifacts) (2)
Diaries (2)
Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso (2)
Photographic prints -- 20th century (2)
Photographs, Original (2)
Poems (2)
Pratella, Francesco Balilla (2)
Severini, Gino (2)
Sketches (2)
Aleramo, Sibilla (1)
Architectural criticism (1)
Architectural drawings (visual works) (1)
Architecture -- Italy -- 20th century (1)
Architecture, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Architecture, Modern -- Exhibitions (1)
Art criticism -- History -- 20th century -- Italy (1)
Audiocassettes (1)
Beyer, Oskar (1)
Boccioni a Venezia (1)
Boccioni, Umberto, 1882-1916 (1)
Bottai, B. (1)
Brizzi, Carlo (1)
Buzzi, Paolo (1)
Campanini, Gustavo (1)
Cangiullo, Francesco (1)
Cappa, Alberto (1)
Cappa, Amalia (1)
Caricatures (1)
Carli, Mario, 1889-1935 (1)
Carrà, Carlo (1)
Casavola, Franco (1)
Cecchi, Emilio (1)
Chio, Ada (1)
Cioffi, Giuseppe (1)
Clippings -- 20th century (1)
Croce, Benedetto, 1866-1952 (1)
Cubism (1)
D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 1863-1938 (1)
Dottori, Gerardo (1)
Eckardt, Wolf von (1)
Editions Sansot (1)
Education, Secondary--Egypt--Alexandria (1)
Eu terpein (1)
Experimental theater (1)
Expressionism (Art) (1)
Farfa (1)
Fascism and art -- Italy (1)
Fascism and literature -- Italy (1)
Fascism and women -- Italy (1)
Fascism in art (1)
Feininger, Lyonel (1)
Futurism (Art) -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Futurism (Art) -- Exhibitions (1)
Futurism (Music) (1)
Giuntini, Aldo (1)
Gropius, Walter (1)
Hahn, Marianne (1)
Hunter, Richard M. (1)
Italian literature -- 20th century (1)
Italian poetry -- 20th century (1)
Kandinsky, Wassily (1)
Le Corbusier (1)
Lissitzky, El (1)
Maas, Rosa (1)
Manifestoes (1)
Manifestoes -- 20th century (1)
Marinetti Cappa, Benedetta (1)
Mascagni, Pietro (1)
Masnata, Pino (1)
Meier, Günter (1)
Mendelsohn, Erich (1)
Mendelsohn, Esther (1)
Mendelsohn, Luise (1)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (1)
Mix, Silvio (1)
Morandi, Giorgio (1)
Mumford, Lewis (1)
Mussolini, Benito (1)
Neo-impressionism (Art) (1)
Neutra, Richard Joseph (1)
Nyst, Ray (1)
Orano, Paolo, 1875-1945 (1)
Oud, J. J. P. (Jacobus Johannes Pieter) (1)
Painting, Italian -- 20th century (1)
Pascoli, Giovanni, 1855-1912 (1)
Pevsner, Nikolaus (1)
Photographic prints (1)
Picasso, Pablo (1)
Pittura, scultura futuriste (1)
Poelzig, Hans (1)
Ponti sull'oceano (1)
Ponti, Gio (1)
Posener, Julius (1)
Posters -- 20th century (1)
Prampolini, Enrico (1)
Radio programs for children--Italy (1)
Roggero, Mario Federico (1)
Russolo, Luigi (1)
Savinio, Alberto, 1891-1952 (1)
Sciorilli, Eros (1)
Scores -- 20th century (1)
Scrapbooks -- 20th century (1)
Scripts (1)
Sculpture, Italian -- 20th century (1)
Severini, Gino, 1883-1966 (1)
Sironi, Mario (1)
Sketchbooks (1)
Slides (photographs) -- 20th century (1)
Sprovieri, Paolo (1)
Tato (1)
Television programs for children--Italy (1)
Velde, Henry van de (1)
Videocassettes (1)
Wagner, Otto (1)
Walden, Herwarth (1)
Watercolors (1)
Whittick, Arnold (1)
Wijdeveld, H. Th. (1)
Windisch, Käthe (1)
World War, 1914-1918 -- Campaigns -- Italy (1)
Worringer, Wilhelm (1)
Wright, Frank Lloyd (1)
Zevi, Bruno (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, 1876-1944
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 Title:  Filippo Tommaso Marinetti student notebooks and other papers,  
 Dates:  1891-1943 
 Abstract:  Filippo Tomasso Marinetti's class notes, essays, and stories that he wrote for secondary school in Alexandria, Egypt. One notebook by Leone Marinetti. Selected correspondence, 1891-1943, with school friends and the school rector. Letters concerning the futurist enterprise from Gino Severini, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Umberto Boccioni, Mario Carli, Benedetto Croce, B. Bottai, Giovanni Pascoli, Paolo Orano, and Marinetti's French publisher Sansot. 
 Number:  890122 
2Creator/Collector:  Folgore, Luciano, 1888-1966
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 Title:  Luciano Folgore papers  
 Dates:  1890-1966 
 Abstract:  A comprehensive collection of materials tracing the career and work of prolific Futurist writer, Luciano Folgore, covering his involvement in that movement as well as his later pioneering work in Italian children's radio and television. The archive comprises a large volume of his manuscripts of poetry, theater, and prose, in addition to correspondence, clippings, photographs, books, and other printed and related matter. 
 Number:  910141 
3Creator/Collector:  Boccioni, Umberto
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 Title:  Umberto Boccioni papers  
 Dates:  1898-1986 
 Abstract:  The papers contain manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, photographs, clippings, ephemera, and other material by and about the Futurist artist and theoretician. The collection is especially representative of his Futurist period (1910-1915), and includes a number of essays, most of which were collected in the book, Pittura scultura futuriste (Dinamismo Plastico), as well as a compendium of articles regarding the 1985 show, Boccioni a Venezia. 
 Number:  880380 
4Creator/Collector:  Mendelsohn, Erich
Mendelsohn, Luise
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 Title:  Erich and Luise Mendelsohn papers  
 Dates:  1894-1992 
 Abstract:  The archive, from the estate of Luise Mendelsohn, comprises the personal correspondence and documents of the Mendelsohn family. Includes transcripts or originals of correspondence between Erich and Luise Mendelsohn (1910-1953) reflecting Erich Mendelsohn's architectural, aesthetic, and political development. Other papers concern Erich's architectural legacy and include manuscripts of Luise's unpublished autobiography and biographical notes on her husband, photographs of family life and architectural projects, microfilm copies of typescripts and drawings, audiotapes of lectures, and five drawings by Erich's students. 
 Number:  880406 
5Creator/Collector:  Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso
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 Title:  F.T. Marinetti and Benedetta Cappa Marinetti papers  
 Dates:  1902-1965 (bulk 1920-1939) 
 Abstract:  The founder and leader of the futurist movement. Married Benedetta Cappa, a futurist writer and artist, in 1923. Collection includes minor manifesto manuscripts, generally typewritten, sometimes translated or excerpted; a number of minor literary manuscripts; and 20,000 slides that reproduce the contents of Marinetti's five scrapbooks. Material on Benedetta includes handwritten corrected drafts of her three novels, and a number of essays and speeches. Some correspondence suggests the central role that Marinetti and Benedetta played relative to the other futurists, whose activities the collection selectively documents via manuscripts, photos, clippings, slides, posters, scrapbooks, and musical scores 
 Number:  920092