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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Art, American -- California -- 20th century (3)
Audiocassettes (3)
Born digital (3)
Color negatives (3)
Color slides (3)
Feminism in art -- United States -- 20th century (3)
Posters (3)
Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.) (3)
Women artists -- Archives (3)
Women artists -- United States -- 20th century (3)
Avant-garde (Music) (2)
Black-and-white negatives -- 20th century (2)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) -- 20th century (2)
Bode, Arnold, 1900-1977 (2)
Brown, Earle, 1926-2002 (2)
Cage, John (2)
Color slides -- 20th century (2)
Color transparencies (2)
Gaulke, Cheri (2)
Gelatin silver prints (2)
Industrias Kaiser Argentina (2)
Lanza, Alcides (2)
Moretto, Nelly, 1925-1978 (2)
Nonprofit organizations -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
Open reel audiotapes (2)
Pellegrini, Aldo (2)
Proceedings (2)
Read, Herbert, 1893-1968 (2)
Sorenson, Christian (2)
Sorenson, Magda (2)
Vega, Jorge de la, 1930-1971 (2)
Villanueva, Carlos Raúl, 1900-1975 (2)
Women artists -- California -- Los Angeles (2)
8 x 8 (Motion picture) (1)
900 (Rome, Italy) (1)
Abba, Marta (1)
Acetate film (1)
Adenauer, Konrad (1)
Allyn, Jerri, 1952- (1)
Apollonio, Umbro, 1911- (1)
Apollonio, Umbro, 1911-1981 (1)
Architectural drawings (visual works) (1)
Arnoldo Mondadori editore (1)
Art and motion pictures (1)
Art and nuclear warfare (1)
Art galleries, Commercial--California (1)
Art, Asian (1)
Art, Latin America -- 20th century (1)
Art, Latin America--20th century (1)
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Art, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Art, Modern--20th century--Collectors and collecting--United States (1)
Artists -- Political activity -- Los Angeles -- California -- 20th century (1)
Artists--California--History--20th century (1)
Asher & Faure (1)
Asher, Betty (1)
Azeredo, Ronaldo (1)
Bann, Stephen (1)
Barr, Alfred H., Jr., 1902-1981 (1)
Barr, Alfred Hamilton, 1902-1981 (1)
Battana (1)
Bienal Americana de Arte (1)
Black-and-white negatives (1)
Black-and-white photographs -- Latin America -- 20th century (1)
Black-and-white photographs--Latin America--20th century (1)
Black-and-white prints (photographs) (1)
Black-and-white slides 1891-1920 (1)
Bompiani (Firm) (1)
Bontempelli, Alfonso (1)
Borgese, Giuseppe Antonio, 1882-1952 (1)
Borsi, Giosuè, 1888-1915 (1)
Boshier, Derek (1)
Bronzes (1)
Building sites -- Planning -- United States (1)
CD-ROMs (1)
Carducci, Giosuè, 1835-1907 (1)
Carmi, Eugenio, 1920- (1)
Cavallo di Troia (1)
Cecchi, Emilio, 1884-1966 (1)
Chicago, Judy, 1939- (1)
Chopin, Henri (1)
Chromogenic color prints (1)
Chromogenic color prints -- 20th century (1)
Cinematography, Abstract (1)
Cislaghi, Maria (1)
City Front Plaza (Chicago, Ill.) (1)
Clippings (information artifacts) (1)
Cobbing, Bob, 1920-2002 (1)
Collages (1)
Color negatives -- 20th century (1)
Color photographs (1)
Color slides -- Latin America -- 20th century (1)
Color slides--Latin America--20th century (1)
Comoedia (Milan, Italy) (1)
Compact discs (1)
Composers, Italian (1)
Concrete poetry (1)
Cornhill magazine (1)
Correspondence (1)
Corriere della sera (Milan, Italy) (1)
Cox, Kenelm (1)
D S H (Dom Sylvester Houédard), 1924-1992 (1)
Dadaism in motion pictures (1)
De Bretteville, Sheila Levrant (1)
Dia:Beacon (Art museum) (1)
Diazotypes (copies) (1)
Diffusion transfer prints (1)
Dramatists, Italian (1)
Dreams that money can buy (Motion picture) (1)
Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968 (1)
Eagle, Arnold (1)
Environment (Art) (1)
Essayists, Italian (1)
Exhibitions (1)
Experimental films (1)
Falqui, Enrico, 1901- (1)
Fascism--Italy (1)
Faure, Patricia, 1928-2008 (1)
Feminist Art Workers (1)
Feminist Studio Workshop (1)
Filliou, Robert (1)
Finlay, Ian Hamilton (1)
Floppy disks (1)
Foulkes, Llyn, 1934- (1)
Frank, Nino (1)
Furnival, John, 1933- (1)
Futurism (Literary movement) (1)
Gallian, Marcello, 1902-1968 (1)
Gauldin, Anne (1)
Gazzetta del popolo (1)
Getty Center (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
Glass negatives (1)
Gosewitz, Ludwig, 1936- (1)
Govoni, Corrado, 1884-1965 (1)
Graf, A. (1)
Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y.) (1)
Hard disks (1)
Heydt, Eduard von der (1)
Hindmarch, Brian (1)
Hoefer, Wade, 1948- (1)
Horovitz, Michael, 1935- (1)
Hunter, Sam, 1923- (1)
Hunter, Sam, 1923-2014 (1)
Irwin, Robert, 1928- (1)
J. Paul Getty Trust (1)
Jacob, Max, 1876-1944 (1)
Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum (1)
Kauffman, Craig, 1932-2010 (1)
Klick, Laurel, 1950- (1)
Kriwet, Ferdinand (1)
Landscape architecture (1)
Latham, John, 1921-2006 (1)
Letters (correspondence) (1)
Lettura (1)
Light in art (1)
Logue, Christopher, 1926-2011 (1)
Lucie-Smith, Edward (1)
Lydis, Mariette, 1894-1970 (1)
Maberry, Sue (1)
Magic realism (Literature) (1)
Malaparte, Curzio, 1898-1957 (1)
Malevich, Kazimir Severinovich, 1878-1935 (1)
Malipiero, Gian Francesco, 1882-1973 (1)
Malipiero, Riccardo, 1914-2003 (1)
Manuscripts (1)
Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, 1876-1944 (1)
Martinez, Daniel J. (1)
Masino, Paola, 1908-1989 (1)
Masks (1)
Mayer, Hansjörg, 1943- (1)
Miami International Airport (1)
Mon, Franz (1)
Moravia, Alberto, 1907-1990 (1)
Motion pictures (information artifacts) (1)
Murrill, Gwynn, 1942- (1)
Negri , Ada, 1870-1945 (1)
Nielsen, Margaret, 1948- (1)
Niikuni, Seiichi, 1925-1977 (1)
Novelists, Italian (1)
Nuclear disarmament--Citizen participation (1)
Ojetti, Ugo, 1871-1946 (1)
Okulick, John (1)
Old Post Office and Clock Tower (Washington, D.C.) (1)
Ortese, Anna Maria (1)
Otis College of Art and Design (1)
Panzini, Alfredo, 1863-1939 (1)
Patricia Faure Gallery (1)
Performance art (1)
Performance art -- 20th century (1)
Performance art -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Petrone, Icilio (1)
Phillips, Tom, 1927-2005 (1)
Pirandello, Luigi, 1867-1936 (1)
Plaster casts (1)
Poets, Italian (1)
Printed ephemera--California (1)
Prints (1)
Public art -- United States (1)
Public sculpture -- United States (1)
Quasimodo, Salvatore, 1901-1968 (1)
Raven, Arlene (1)
Rea, Domenico (1)
Reichardt, Jasia (1)
Richter, Hans, 1888-1976 (1)
Rivista italiana di drammaturgia (1)
Safety film (1)
Scores (1)
Sculpture, Modern -- 20th century (1)
Shapiro, Joel (1)
Sharkey, John, 1936-2014 (1)
Simonetti, Gianni-Emilio, 1940- (1)
Sisters of Survival (1)
Sketches (1)
Slides (photographs) (1)
Socialism--Italy--History (1)
Solt, Mary Ellen (1)
Sound poetry (1)
Sound recordings -- 20th century (1)
Study models (1)
Tempo (1)
Tempo presente (Rome, Italy) (1)
Ungaretti, Giuseppe, 1888-1970 (1)
University of California, Los Angeles (1)
Valori primordiali (1)
Videocassettes (1)
Videotapes (1)
Vigo, Edgardo Antonio, 1928-1997 (1)
Vittorini, Elio, 1908-1966 (1)
Volandum (1)
Vostell, Wolf, 1932-1998 (1)
With, Karl (1)
Women and peace (1)
Women's Graphic Center (Los Angeles, Calif.) (1)
World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.) (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Bienal Americana de Arte
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 Title:  Bienal Americana de Arte records  
 Dates:  1961-1969, 1977 
 Abstract:  The Bienal Americana de Arte records document the series of art salons and biennials sponsored by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA). The biennials were important events for exhibiting contemporary art in Latin America in the 1960s. Although regional in focus, they attracted significant international attention. An experimental music section in 1966 featured John Cage among several Latin American composers. The archive documents the planning, realization, and reception of the biennials, as well as two contemporary Latin American art salons. 
 Number:  970074 
2Creator/Collector:  Patricia Faure Gallery
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 Title:  Patricia Faure Gallery records  
 Dates:  1952-2006 (bulk 1970-2006) 
 Abstract:  The Patricia Faure Gallery in Los Angeles, which began as Asher/Faure, exhibited internationally recognized artists such as Richard Artschwager, Philip Guston and Morris Louis along with less-known local artists such as Gwynn Murrill, Craig Kauffman and Jack Goldstein. The archive documents the period when the gallery was known as Asher/Faure between 1979 and 1994 and when it was under Faure's own name between 1994 and 2008. The bulk of the records comprises exhibition announcements and photographic documentation of artists' works in the form of prints, transparencies, slides and negatives. Also included are business papers such as sales and inventory lists, correspondence, financial statements and clippings. 
 Number:  2010.M.13 
3Creator/Collector:  Woman's Building (Los Angeles, Calif.)
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 Title:  Woman's Building records  
 Dates:  1960-2016, undated 
 Abstract:  The Los Angeles Woman's Building was established in 1973 by artist Judy Chicago, designer Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, and art historian Arlene Raven. The Woman's Building was a center for women's art education and a facility for women's groups and organizations. During its time, the Woman's Building played a key role in the field of feminist art and arts education. Materials in the collection offer a comprehensive overview of the activities of the Woman's Building from 1973 to 1991, and document the organization's post-1991 projects. Materials were collected by Sue Maberry during her time as an artist and administrator of the Woman's Building and later as Director of Library and Instructional Technologies at Otis College of Art and Design. Materials consist of printed ephemera and photographic material related to educational programs, exhibitions, performances, events, and various collaborative projects. Included are administrative files, artist files, publications, correspondence, project files, audio and video recordings, and digital files produced for various projects. The collection also contains material documenting the Doin' It In Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman's Building exhibition held at Otis College of Art and Design in 2011-2012. 
 Number:  2017.M.43 
4Creator/Collector:  Bienal Americana de Arte
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 Title:  Bienal Americana de Arte records  
 Dates:  1961-1969, 1977 
 Abstract:  The Bienal Americana de Arte records document the series of art salons and biennials sponsored by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA). The biennials were important events for exhibiting contemporary art in Latin America in the 1960s. Although regional in focus, they attracted significant international attention. An experimental music section in 1966 featured John Cage among several Latin American composers. The archive documents the planning, realization, and reception of the biennials, as well as two contemporary Latin American art salons. 
 Number:  970074 
5Creator/Collector:  With, Karl
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 Title:  Karl With papers  
 Dates:  1907-1984, bulk 1945-1966 
 Abstract:  Personal and professional papers of the German-born art historian and professor (1891-1980). The manuscripts, correspondence, lecture notes, clippings, photographs, glass negatives, and audio recordings in this collection document With's lifelong study of Asian and modern art and his teaching, most notably at the University of California, Los Angeles. 
 Number:  920096 
6Creator/Collector:  Feminist Art Workers
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 Title:  Feminist Art Workers records  
 Dates:  1976-2013, undated 
 Abstract:  The archive consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual and born digital material documenting the performances, exhibitions, and administrative activities of the Feminist Art Workers. 
 Number:  2017.M.48 
7Creator/Collector:  Sisters of Survival
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 Title:  Sisters of Survival records  
 Dates:  1954-2015, undated 
 Abstract:  Sisters of Survival (S.O.S.) was an anti-nuclear performance group founded in 1981 by Cheri Gaulke, Jerri Allyn, Nancy Angelo, Anne Gauldin, and Sue Maberry. The archive consists primarily of project files documenting performances, exhibitions, and publications from Sisters of Survival's main period of activity from 1982 to 1985 and some later projects, and includes photographic materials, planning documents, ephemera, digital files, audiovisual materials, and exhibition materials. The archive also contains press clippings and promotional images, administrative files, and a small amount of materials by other anti-nuclear artists and activists. 
 Number:  2017.M.47 
8Creator/Collector:  Eagle, Arnold
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 Title:  Arnold Eagle papers and films related to Hans Richter  
 Dates:  1927-1990, bulk 1946-1981 
 Abstract:  This collection documents the film collaborations and friendship of German-born Dadaist, Hans Richter, and New York photographer and cinematographer, Arnold Eagle. It includes color film footage, out-takes and audiotracks for several of Richter's post-World War II films, as well as letters, notes, scripts, sketches, photographs, printed material and storyboards. 
 Number:  970021 
9Creator/Collector:  Bontempelli, Massimo, 1878-1960
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 Title:  Massimo Bontempelli papers  
 Dates:  1865-1991 
 Abstract:  This collection details the creative output and life story of Italian writer and composer Massimo Bontempelli (1878-1960) through extensive correspondence and photographs (bulk 1920-1960), manuscripts, typescripts, drafts, clippings, and other media, a fair representation of his novels, plays, short stories, essays, lectures, reviews, and musical compositions, as well as documents about his personal relationships. It also contains papers of Giosuè Borsi, and Paola Masino. 
 Number:  910147 
10Creator/Collector:  Reichardt, Jasia
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 Title:  Jasia Reichardt archive of concrete and sound poetry  
 Dates:  1958-1975 
 Abstract:  British art critic, editor, and curator born in Poland. The collection consists of poetry in a variety of media: manuscripts and typescripts, screenprints and posters, collages and original graphics, sound recordings, photoprints, and objects. Artists include Ronaldo Azedredo, Stephen Bann, Derek Boshier, Eugenio Carmi, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Kenelm Cox, Robert Filliou, Ian Hamilton Finlay, John Furnival, Ludwig Gosewitz, Brian Hindmarch, Michael Horovitz, D.S. Houedard, Ferdinand Kriwet, John Latham, Christopher Logue, Edward Lucie-Smith, Hansjörg Mayer, Franz Mon, Seiichi Niikuni (and the Tokyo Assn. for the Study of Arts [ASA]), Tom Phillips, John Sharkey, Gianni-Emilio Simonetti, Mary Ellen Solt, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, and Wolf Vostell. 
 Number:  890143B 
11Creator/Collector:  Irwin, Robert, 1928-
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 Title:  Robert Irwin papers  
 Dates:  circa 1940-2011, bulk 1970-2011 
 Abstract:  Robert Irwin is a California artist associated with the Light and Space movement. His papers document many of Irwin's site-specific, primarily public artworks from the 1980s with correspondence, writings, clippings, drawings, photographs, models, and sound and video recordings. Additions (1999-2011) to the archive include papers, photographs, and drawings relating to the Getty central garden and other projects (ca. 1992-2011). 
 Number:  940081