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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Clippings (information artifacts) (2)
Correspondence (2)
Drawings (visual works) (2)
Manuscripts for publication (2)
Notes (2)
Offprints (2)
Photographs, Original (2)
Address books (1)
Aerial photographs (1)
Aldanov, Mark Aleksandrovich (1)
Altars--Italy, Southern (1)
Altars--Italy--Sicily (1)
Architecture, Domestic -- Italy -- Pompeii (Extinct city) (1)
Architecture, Roman -- Italy -- Pompeii (Extinct city) (1)
Art and photography (1)
Audiotapes (1)
Autochromes (1)
Barnabei, Felice (1)
Barré, Louis (1)
Berberova, Nina Nikolaevna (1)
Bieber, Margarete, b. 1876 (1)
Brinckmann, Elsa (1)
Camera lucidas--History (1)
Camera obscuras (1)
Certificates (1)
Color photography (1)
Color photography--History (1)
Color slides (1)
Concordances (1)
Copy prints (1)
Corpus Topographicum Pompeianum (1)
Decorative arts (1)
Decorative arts--Europe (1)
Decorative arts--France (1)
Decorative arts--History (1)
Della Corte, Matteo (1)
Della Valle, Guido (1)
Ephemera (1)
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Italy -- Gravina di Puglia Region (1)
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Italy -- Herculaneum (Extinct city) (1)
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Italy -- Pompeii (Extinct city) (1)
Excavations (Archaeology) -- Italy -- Stabiae (Extinct city) (1)
Falkener, Edward (1)
Family portraits (1)
Fiorelli, Giuseppe (1)
García y García, Laurentino (1)
Gell, William, Sir (1)
Glass negatives--20th century (1)
Hahn, Beate (1)
Hase, Friedrich-Wilhelm von (1)
Helbig, Wolfgang (1)
Hill, David Octavius, 1802-1870 (1)
House, John (1)
Indexes (reference sources) (1)
Inscriptions, Latin (1)
Inventories (1)
Jacobsthal, Paul, 1880-1957 (1)
Jastrow, Ignaz, 1856-1937 (1)
Johnston-Lavis, Henry James (1)
Kelsey, Francis W. (1)
Kohn, Hedwig (1)
Korsak, V. (1)
La Porta, Armando (1)
Labruzzi, Carlo (1)
Maiuri, Amedeo (1)
Maps (1)
Mau, August (1)
Mazois, François (1)
Medals (1)
Microfilms (1)
Minto, Antonio (1)
Mirrors (1)
Mosaics, Roman -- Italy -- Pompeii (Extinct city) (1)
Mural painting and decoration, Roman -- Italy -- Pompeii (Extinct city) (1)
Murray, Margaret Alice (1)
Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli (1)
Museum exhibits (1)
Negatives (photographic) (1)
Newhall, Beaumont, 1908-1993 (1)
Newsletters (1)
Niccolini, Fausto (1)
Niccolini, Felice (1)
Notebooks (1)
Nowotny, Eduard (1)
Oberlander, Cornelia Hahn (1)
Onorato, Giovanni Oscar (1)
Optics and art (1)
Owls (1)
Pais, Ettore (1)
Peep shows--History (1)
Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders), Sir (1)
Photobooks (1)
Photocopies (1)
Photograph albums (1)
Photographers (1)
Photographs--20th Century (1)
Photography (1)
Photography--Europe (1)
Photography--France (1)
Photography--History (1)
Photography--Negatives (1)
Photography--Processing (1)
Photomechanical processes (1)
Photomosaic maps (1)
Piranesi, Giovanni Battista (1)
Plans (drawings) (1)
Plans (maps) (1)
Postcards (1)
Prints (visual works) (1)
Proofs (printed matter) (1)
Pélissier, Georges Constantin (1)
Refugees, Jewish--United States (1)
Reprographic copies (1)
Rossini, Luigi (1)
Rostovtzeff, Michael Ivanovitch (1)
Roux, Henri (1)
Schwarz, Elisabeth (1)
Schwarz, Heinrich, 1894-1974 (1)
Scifoni, Guido (1)
Sculpture (visual work) (1)
Sommer, Giorgio (1)
Soprano, Pietro (1)
Spinazzola, Vittorio (1)
Stereographic prints (1)
Sterographs--20th Century (1)
Ternite, Wilhelm (1)
Terra–cotta sculpture--Italy, Southern (1)
Terra–cotta sculpture--Italy--Sicily (1)
Tiffany and Company (1)
Tracings (1)
Translations (1)
Typescripts (1)
Van Buren, A.W. (1)
Vander Poel, Halsted B. (1)
VanderPoel, Halsted B. (1)
Volcanoes Italy (1)
Waele, Jos de (1)
Warscher, Tatiana (1)
Warsher, Tatiana (1)
Watercolors (paintings) (1)
Winckelmann, Johann Joachim (1)
Women archaeologists (1)
Zahn, Wilhelm (1)
Zancani Montuori, Paola (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Schwarz, Heinrich, 1894-1974
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 Title:  Heinrich Schwarz papers  
 Dates:  1894-1974 
 Abstract:  Art historian, born in Prague. Manuscripts, correspondence, and printed materials related to Schwarz's research, writings, curatorial work, and teaching about photography, photography's relationship to art, the iconology of the mirror and the owl, and Austrian art, as well as optical phenomenon. Much material relates to Schwarz's popular work, D. O. Hill: Master of Photography. 
 Number:  920033 
2Creator/Collector:  Pélissier, Georges Constantin
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 Title:  Georges Pélissier Photographs and Papers  
 Dates:  ca. 1872-1925 
 Abstract:  Art historian, lecturer, and cultural advisor to Tiffany and Company. In his wide travels, Pélissier both collected and created photographic images on diverse subjects, including buildings, monuments, gardens, city views, decorative arts, as well as family and friends. The images in this collection represent various formats and processes, including stereographs, lantern slides, glass negatives, and rare Lumière autochromes. Materials used to present, preserve, and repair stereo views are included, as well as some original stereo view boxes. The small representation of Pélissier's writing includes photocopies of several articles and partial essays, mostly concerning decorative arts. 
 Number:  94.R.66 
3Creator/Collector:  Jastrow, Elisabeth
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 Title:  Elisabeth Jastrow papers  
 Dates:  1870-1971 (bulk 1916-1965) 
 Abstract:  The Elisabeth Jastrow papers document the life and scholarship of this émigré archaeologist who left Germany due to the anti-Semitic policies of the Third Reich. The archive contains personal and professional correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, extensive research notes and photographic documentation on terracotta arulae from Magna Grecia, and teaching notes, as well as material related to her father, Ignaz Jastrow. 
 Number:  920062 
4Creator/Collector:  VanderPoel, Halsted B.
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 Title:  Halsted B. Vander Poel Campanian collection  
 Dates:  circa 1570-1997 
 Abstract:  The Halsted B. Vander Poel Campanian collection is an archive devoted to the historiography of archaeological investigations conducted around the Bay of Naples, with particular emphasis on Pompeii. Comprised of manuscripts, photographs, maps, plans, drawings and the papers of Matteo Della Corte and Tatiana Warscher, it is a comprehensive resource for researching the excavations at Pompeii and the surrounding area. 
 Number:  2002.M.16