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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976[X]
Clippings (information artifacts) (5)
Photographs (5)
Reports (5)
Financial records (4)
Legal documents (4)
Memorandums (4)
J. Paul Getty Museum (3)
Ledgers (account books) (3)
Letters (correspondence) (3)
Minutes (3)
Agendas (administrative records) (2)
Art objects -- Collectors and collecting (2)
Ashby, Allene (2)
Blueline prints (2)
Bramlett, Norris (2)
Bramlett, Norris (Cagle Norris) (2)
Contracts (2)
Fredericksen, Burton B. (2)
Garrett, Stephen, 1922- (2)
Hewins, Ralph (2)
Invoices (2)
Neuerburg, Norman (2)
Notes (2)
Photographic prints (2)
Ada Oil Corporation (1)
Amendments (administrative records) (1)
Architectural drawings (visual works) (1)
Architectural records (1)
Architecture--California--Los Angeles (1)
Architecture--Decision making (1)
Architecture--Designs and plans (1)
Architecture--Roman influences (1)
Art -- Exhibitions (1)
Art -- Expertising (1)
Art -- Private collections (1)
Art Properties, Inc. (1)
Art dealers -- France (1)
Art dealers -- Great Britain (1)
Art dealers -- United States (1)
Art museum architecture (1)
Art museums (1)
Art museums--Design and construction (1)
Art objects--Collectors and collecting (1)
Art--Exhibition techniques (1)
Articles of incorporation (1)
Audiocassettes (1)
Bache, Jules S. (Jules Semon), 1861-1944 (1)
Banks, Christine (1)
Bellini, Giovanni, 1426?-1516 (1)
Benson, Robert, 1850-1929 (1)
Berenson, Bernard, 1865-1959 (1)
Billionaires -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Billionaires--United States--20th century (1)
Birley, Oswald, 1880-1952 (1)
Black-and-white negatives (1)
Blueprints (reprographic copies) (1)
Bode, Wilhelm von, 1845-1929 (1)
Bonds (legal records) (1)
Book proposals (1)
Botticelli, Sandro, 1444 or 1445-1510 (1)
Brochures (1)
Brockwell, Maurice W., 1869-1958 (1)
Budgets (1)
Building materials (1)
Building permits (1)
Building sites--Planning (1)
Building--Details (1)
Building--Equipment and supplies (1)
Building--Estimates (1)
Buildings--Environmental engineering (1)
Buildings--Specifications (1)
Bylaws (1)
Check stubs (1)
Claud Beelman & Associates (1)
Clifford, Belene Ashby (1)
Collectors and collecting (1)
Columbia University (1)
Constable, John, 1776-1837 (1)
Contractors' operations (1)
David, Gérard, approximately 1460-1523 (1)
Decorative arts -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Deeds (1)
Dinwiddie Construction Company (1)
Douglas, R. Langton (Robert Langton), 1864-1951 (1)
Drafts (documents) (1)
Drawing, European -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Drawings (visual works) (1)
Dreyfus, Gustave, 1837-1914 (1)
Duveen Brothers (1)
Duveen, Henry J., 1854-1919 (1)
Duveen, Joseph Duveen, Baron, 1869-1939 (1)
Dwellings--California--Los Angeles, 1940-1950 (1)
Entrepreneurship -- 20th century (1)
Ephemera (1)
F. Kleinberger Galleries (New York, N.Y.) (1)
Fine Arts Corporation (J. Paul Getty) (1)
Fowles, Edward (1)
Frel, Jiří (1)
Frick, Henry Clay, 1849-1919 (1)
Friedländer, Max J., 1867-1958 (1)
G.K. Hall & Company (1)
Gaiola Corporation (1)
Garrett, Stephen (1)
Gaston, Teddy Getty, 1913- (1)
George F. Getty, Incorporated (1)
Getty Conservation Institute (1)
Getty Oil Company (1)
Getty Villa (Malibu, Calif.) (1)
Getty, George F. (George Franklin), 1855-1930 (1)
Getty, Sarah C. (Sarah Catherine) (1)
Giorgione, 1477 or 1478-1510 (1)
Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828 (1)
Greco, 1541?-1614 (1)
Gruen Associates (1)
Gulbenkian, Calouste Sarkis (1)
Hainauer, Oscar (1)
Hals, Frans, 1584-1666 (1)
Holbein, Hans, 1460-1524 (1)
Hoppner, James, 1758-1810 (1)
Houdon, Jean Antoine, 1741-1828 (1)
Huntington, Henry Edwards, 1850-1927 (1)
Indexes (reference sources) (1)
Inventories (1)
J. Paul Getty Trust (1)
John Byers, Architect (1)
Kahn, Otto H., 1867-1934 (1)
Kann, Maurice (1)
Kann, Rodolphe (1)
Kitson, Penelope (1)
Kress, Samuel H. (Samuel Henry), 1863-1955 (1)
Landscape construction (1)
Langdon and Wilson Architects (1)
Le Vane, Ethel (1)
Lists (1)
Lotto, Lorenzo, 1480?-1556? (1)
Manuscripts (1)
Mellon, Andrew W. (Andrew William), 1855-1937 (1)
Memling, Hans, 1430?-1494 (1)
Minnehoma Oil and Gas Company (1)
Models (representations) (1)
Morgan, J. P. (John Pierpont), 1867-1943 (1)
Museum buildings--California (1)
Museum publications (1)
Museum stores (1)
Museums--Security measures (1)
Nonprofit organizations--Buildings (1)
Oil fields -- Oklahoma -- Osage Reservation (1)
Oklahoma Oil Corporation (1)
Oral histories (document genres) (1)
Painting, European -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Permits (1)
Petroleum -- History -- United States -- 20th century (1)
Planiscig, Leo, 1887-1952 (1)
Porcelain -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Press releases (1)
Publications (1)
Raeburn, Henry, Sir, 1756-1823 (1)
Ranch houses (1)
Raphael, 1483-1520 (1)
Real property -- Italy (1)
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669 (1)
Reprographic copies (1)
Reynolds, Joshua, Sir, 1723-1792 (1)
Romney, George, 1734-1802 (1)
Rugs -- Collectors and collecting (1)
San Joaquin Oil Company (1)
Sculpture, European -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Seals (artifacts) (1)
Servitudes (1)
Simon, Norton, 1907-1993 (1)
Stats (copies) (1)
Stock books (1)
Stotesbury, Edward Townsend, 1849-1938 (1)
Swarzenski, Georg, 1876-1957 (1)
Tapestry -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Telegrams (1)
Thos. Agnew and Sons Ltd (1)
Titian, approximately 1488-1576 (1)
Valentiner, Wilhelm Reinhold, 1880-1958 (1)
Van Dyck, Anthony, 1599-1641 (1)
Velázquez, Diego, 1599-1660 (1)
Vermeer, Johannes, 1632-1675 (1)
Vital records (document genre) (1)
Vogler, Eileen (1)
Widener, Joseph E. (Joseph Early), 1872-1943 (1)
Wildenstein and Company (New York, N.Y.) (1)
Wilson, Gillian, 1941- (1)
X rays (1)
Zoning (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Banks, Christine
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 Title:  J. Paul Getty and Ashby sisters papers  
 Dates:  1926-1992, undated 
 Abstract:  Records consist of personal correspondence and telegrams, clippings, a book, and photographs, 1926-1992 and undated, related to J. Paul Getty, Allene Ashby (Getty's second wife), and Belene Ashby. The records provide some information on the relationship between Getty and Allene, and Getty and Belene, through unpublished and published materials. 
 Number:  IA20013 
2Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  Art and real estate holding companies records  
 Dates:  1939-1982, undated (bulk 1960-1982) 
 Abstract:  Records include correspondence, memoranda, letters, agenda, minutes, reports, financial documents, legal documents, photographs, and maps related to J. Paul Getty and his art and real estate holding companies (Art Properties, Inc.; Fine Arts Corporation; Gaiola Corporation), 1939, 1960-1982 and undated. The records provide a detailed legal and financial view of the activities of these holding companies during the last decades of Getty's life and the years immediately after his death. 
 Number:  IA20011 
3Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  J. Paul Getty family collected papers  
 Dates:  1880s-1989undated 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises collected materials related to art collector and oil tycoon J. Paul Getty and his parents, George F. Getty I and Sarah C. Getty. The collected papers on J. Paul Getty include some of his personal and business correspondence and other documents, dating from 1909 to 1976, providing insight into his art collecting activities, his business concerns, and his personal and family relationships. The materials also contain documents postdating Mr. Getty's death (1977, 1980-1989) that concern the management of his estate and eulogize his life and accomplishments. The George F. Getty I and Sarah C. Getty papers, dating from 1890 to 1939, primarily comprise family and oil business correspondence and offer researchers a glimpse into the Getty household. The collection includes correspondence, art and furniture inventories, financial records, legal documents, publications, ephemera, and photographs, dating from around the 1880s to 1989. 
 Number:  IA20009 
4Creator/Collector:  Hewins, Ralph
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 Title:  Collected papers for biography of J. Paul Getty  
 Dates:  Circa 1890s-1973, 1984, undated (bulk 1957-1973) 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises material created or collected by Ralph Hewins in the course of researching and writing the biography The Richest American: J. Paul Getty (1960). The material dates from around the 1890s to 1973 and includes correspondence that discusses Hewins' writings about Getty, a number of unpublished manuscripts, personal photographs given to Hewins by Mr. Getty, and other related photographs, clippings, and ephemera belonging to Hewins. 
 Number:  IA20012 
5Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum. Publications
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 Title:  Records  
 Dates:  1975-1999 
 Abstract:  These records were generated by the J. Paul Getty Trust Publications offices and departments and its related Editorial Committee during the course of day-to-day operations. The records comprise correspondence, memoranda, publishing proposals, budget information (including information from the J. Paul Getty Museum bookstore and the Getty Education Institute), and legal documents, 1975-1999. The bulk of the material contains meeting minutes and agendas; many of these meetings were the occasion to discuss publishing proposals. The records also include documentation on the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, and miscellaneous files regarding publishing activities of the Museum. 
 Number:  IA20005 
6Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  Ranch House records  
 Dates:  1921, 1945-1960s, 1975-1976, 1980s, 1999-2007, undated 
 Abstract:  Records consist of correspondence, memoranda, reports, legal documents, brochures, clippings, architectural drawings, and photographs, 1921, 1945-1960s, 1975-1976, 1980s, 1999-2007 and undated, that describe the history of, and planned and executed alterations and additions to, J. Paul Getty's Ranch House in Malibu, California. Also included is some administrative material relating to Ranch House personnel. 
 Number:  IA20021 
7Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum
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 Title:  Getty Villa construction records  
 Dates:  1960, 1964, 1968-1986, undated (bulk 1971-1974) 
 Abstract:  Correspondence, reports from the architects and builders, legal and financial documents, blueprints and models, photos, printed matter and oral histories, dating 1960, 1964, 1968-1986, undated (bulk 1971-1974) concern the design and construction of the J. Paul Getty Museum (Villa). 
 Number:  IA10001 
8Creator/Collector:  Duveen Brothers
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 Title:  Duveen Brothers records  
 Dates:  1876-1981 (bulk 1909-1964) 
 Abstract:  Notable art dealers from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. The records provide a detailed view of the Duveen Brothers business activities in London, Paris, and New York. Although the archive extends from 1876 to 1981, the bulk of the material dates from Joseph Duveen's tenure as president of the firm, 1909-1939, and the period 1939-1964 when Edward Fowles directed the firm (with Armand Lowengard until 1943). The mass of documents, such as cables and letters, invoices, and ledger and stock books, give a day-by-day account of art dealing, business strategy, and the individuals involved. Included are some records from the Kleinberger Galleries, 1906-1971, and 6 linear feet of Edward Fowles's papers. 
 Number:  960015