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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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8 (Group of architects) (1)
Administrative records (1)
Administrative reports (1)
Agendas (administrative records) (4)
Albini, Franco (1)
Amendments (administrative records) (1)
American University (Washington, D.C.) (1)
Anderle, Don (1)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (1)
Announcements (1)
Apartment houses--France--Marseille--Designs and plans (1)
Archaeological sites -- Conservation and restoration (1)
Architects--Europe--Correspondence (1)
Architectural drawings (visual works) (1)
Architectural records (1)
Architecture, Ancient -- Egypt (1)
Architecture, Modern--20th century--Congresses (1)
Architecture--California--Los Angeles (1)
Architecture--Decision making (1)
Architecture--Designs and plans (1)
Architecture--Roman influences (1)
Art -- Conservation and restoration (1)
Art -- Exhibitions (1)
Art -- Scholarships, fellowships, etc. (1)
Art Properties, Inc. (1)
Art and motion pictures (1)
Art education in action (1)
Art in education (1)
Art in motion pictures (1)
Art museum architecture (1)
Art museums -- Design and construction (1)
Art museums -- Public relations (1)
Art museums--Administration (1)
Art museums--Design and construction (1)
Art museums--Educational aspects (1)
Art objects -- Collectors and collecting (1)
Art teachers--Training of (1)
Art--Computer network resources (1)
Art--Exhibition techniques (1)
Art--Study and teaching (1)
Articles of incorporation (1)
Audiocassettes (2)
Aujame, Roger (1)
Awards (1)
Bakema, J. B. (Jacob Berend), 1914-1981 (1)
Besser, Howard (1)
Bierbauer, Virgil (1)
Bill, Max, 1908-1994 (1)
Bloc, André, 1896-1966 (1)
Blueline prints (3)
Blueprints (reprographic copies) (1)
Bodiansky, Vladimir, 1894-1966 (1)
Bonds (legal records) (1)
Bontridder, Albert (1)
Book proposals (1)
Books (1)
Bourgeois, Victor, 1897-1962 (1)
Braem, Renaat (1)
Bramlett, Norris (2)
Bramlett, Norris (Cagle Norris) (1)
British Council (Belgium) (1)
Brochures (5)
Brodzki, Constantin, 1924- (1)
Budgets (2)
Building materials (1)
Building permits (1)
Building sites--Planning (2)
Building--Details (1)
Building--Equipment and supplies (1)
Building--Estimates (1)
Buildings--Environmental engineering (1)
Buildings--Specifications (1)
Bush, Alfred (1)
Bush, Gertrude (1)
Business letters (1)
Bylaws (1)
Bézard, Norbert (1)
CD-ROMs (1)
Calendars (1)
Candilis, Georges (1)
Carlier, Charles (1)
Catalogs (1)
Check stubs (1)
Circulars (1)
City planners--Europe--Correspondence (1)
City planning--History--20th century--Congresses (1)
Claud Beelman & Associates (1)
Clippings (information artifacts) (6)
Clippings--20th century (1)
Coates, Wells, 1895-1958 (1)
Collection management (Libraries) (1)
Collins, James (1)
Color slides (1)
Columbia University (3)
Comité international pour la réalisation des problèmes d'architecture (1)
Condition surveys (1)
Contractors' operations (1)
Contracts (5)
Contribution à la charte de l'habitat : CIAM 9, Aix-en-Provence, 19-25 juillet 1953. (1)
Cornell University (1)
Correspondence (8)
Cultural property -- Conservation and restoration (1)
Deeds (1)
Delatte, Eugène (1)
Didesch, Marius (1)
Dinwiddie Construction Company (1)
Dobbs, Stephen M. (1)
Documentary films -- Production and direction (1)
Drafts (documents) (2)
Drawings (visual works) (1)
Duke, Lani (Leilani Lattin) (1)
Dunnett, Trevor (1)
Dwellings--California--Los Angeles, 1940-1950 (1)
Ecochard, Michel (1)
Eesteren, Cornelis van, 1897-1988 (1)
Eggericx, Jean-Jules, 1884-1963 (1)
Electronic documents (2)
Emery, Pierre-André (1)
Environmental monitoring (1)
Ephemera (1)
Exhibition announcements (1)
Exhibitions (1)
Eyck, Aldo van, 1918-1999 (1)
Eysselinck, Gaston, 1907-1953 (1)
Falise, Ivon (1)
Faure, Jean-Pierre (1)
Financial records (4)
Financial statements (1)
Fine Arts Corporation (J. Paul Getty) (1)
Fitschy, Paul (1)
Flémalle-Haute (Belgium)--Maps (1)
Fondazione Memmo (Italy) (1)
Forbát, Alfréd, 1897-1972 (1)
Forms (documents) (1)
Forster, Kurt Walter (1)
Fredericksen, Burton B. (2)
Frel, Jiří (1)
Fry, Maxwell, 1899-1987 (1)
Functionalism (Architecture)--Congresses (1)
G.K. Hall & Company (1)
Gaiola Corporation (1)
Gardella, Ignazio (1)
Garrett, Stephen (1)
Garrett, Stephen, 1922- (2)
Gelderen, W. van (1)
George Eastman House (1)
Getty Art History Information Program (2)
Getty Center for Education in the Arts (1)
Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities (2)
Getty Conservation Institute (4)
Getty Education Institute for the Arts (2)
Getty Foundation (1)
Getty Foundation. Getty Leadership Institute (1)
Getty Information Institute (1)
Getty Research Institute (2)
Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities (2)
Getty Research Institute. Research Library (1)
Getty Villa (Malibu, Calif.) (1)
Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976 (4)
Gideon, S. (Sigfried), 1888-1968 (1)
Gifts (1)
Gombrich, E. H. (Ernst Hans) (1)
Goulden, Gontran (1)
Great Sphinx (Egypt) (1)
Gropius, Walter, 1883-1969 (1)
Gruen Associates (1)
Haas, Philip (1)
Halbrook, Anne-Mieke (1)
Hanekroot, Constant (1)
Hartland Thomas, M. (1)
Harvard University. Art Museums (1)
Havenith, Eliane (1)
Hay'at al-Āthār al-Mişrīyah (1)
Hebebrand, Werner, 1899-1966 (1)
Herbosch, Gustave (1)
Herrey, Herman (1)
Heymans, M. C. (1)
Hockney, David (1)
Hoffmann, Hubert, 1904-1999 (1)
Honegger, J. J. (1)
Hoste, Huib (1)
Housing--History--20th century--Congresses (1)
Hovens Greve, Hans (H. J. A.) (1)
Howell, Jill (1)
Howell, William, 1922-1974 (1)
Humanities -- Information technology (1)
Ibler, Drago, 1894-1964 (1)
Indexes (reference sources) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (10th : 1956 : Dubrovnik, Croatia) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (1st : 1928 : La Sarraz, Switzerland) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (2nd : 1929 : Frankfurt am Main, Germany) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (3rd : 1930 : Brussels, Belgium) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (4th : 1933 : Athens, Greece) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (5th : 1937 : Paris, France) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (6th : 1947 : Bridgwater, England) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (7th : 1949 : Bergamo, Italy) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (8th : 1951 : Hoddesdon, England) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture (9th : 1953 : Aix-en-Provence, France) (1)
International Congress for Modern Architecture. Belgian Section (1)
International style (Architecture)--Congresses (1)
Inventories (1)
Invoices (3)
J. Paul Getty Museum (5)
J. Paul Getty Museum. Department of Public Information and Visitor Services (1)
J. Paul Getty Trust (5)
J. Paul Getty Trust. Communications Department (1)
J. Paul Getty Trust. Public Affairs Department (2)
John Byers, Architect (1)
Kalivoda, František (1)
Keatinge-Clay, Paffard, 1926- (1)
Klutz, Edgard (1)
Koninck, L. H. de (Louis Herman), 1896- (1)
L'Equerre (Firm) (1)
Landscape construction (1)
Langdon and Wilson Architects (1)
Lasdun, Denys (1)
Le Corbusier, 1887-1965 (1)
Ledgers (account books) (1)
Legal documents (3)
Lekenne, J. (1)
Lenoir, P. (1)
Letters (correspondence) (4)
Library of Congress (1)
Ligeti, Forbat (1)
Lima, Viana de, 1913- (1)
Limperg, Koen (1)
Lists (1)
Lods, Marcel (1)
Logs (records) (1)
Lönberg-Holm, K. (Knud), 1895-1972 (1)
MUSE Film and Television (1)
Magazines (periodicals) (2)
Majlis al-A'lá lil-Āthār (Egypt) (1)
Maps (1)
Marseille (France)--Buildings, structures, etc (1)
Marseille (France)--Maps (1)
Meeren, Willy van der, 1923-2002 (1)
Merkelbach, Ben, 1901-1961 (1)
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.) (1)
Michel, Paul-Amaury, 1912-1988 (1)
Minutes (6)
Models (representations) (1)
Modern Architectural Research Group (1)
Modern movement (Architecture)--Congresses (1)
Moser, Karl, 1860-1936 (1)
Moser, Werner M. (Werner Max), 1896-1970 (1)
Motion pictures (1)
Motion pictures (visual works) (1)
Motion pictures -- Distribution (1)
Motion pictures -- Production and direction (1)
Moutschen, Joseph (1)
Mummy cases (1)
Mural painting and decoration -- Conservation and restoration -- Egypt -- Thebes (Extinct city) (1)
Museum Educational Site Licensing Project (1)
Museum buildings--California (1)
Museum buildings--Planning (1)
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1)
Museum publications (1)
Museum stores (1)
Museum trustees (1)
Museums -- Acquisitions (1)
Museums -- Press coverage (1)
Museums--Security measures (1)
Mühll, H. R. von der (1)
National Gallery of Art (U.S.) (1)
National Museum of American Art (U.S.) (1)
Nefertari, Queen, consort of Ramses II, King of Egypt (1)
Neuerburg, Norman (2)
Nicolas, J. (1)
Nonprofit organizations (2)
Nonprofit organizations -- Employees (1)
Nonprofit organizations--Administration (1)
Nonprofit organizations--Buildings (1)
Nonprofit organizations--Employees (1)
Nonprofit organizations--Management (1)
Notes (6)
Nueten, Charles van, 1899-1989 (1)
Olsen, O. (1)
Opbouw (Group of architects) (1)
Oral histories (document genres) (1)
Orsem (1)
Oshin , Arnold (1)
Painting -- Conservation and restoration (1)
Pamphlets (1)
Papers (document genres) (1)
Parent, Émile (1)
Pawek, Karl (1)
Peressutti, Enrico (1)
Permits (1)
Persitz, A. (1)
Persitz, H. (1)
Photographs (7)
Picture archiving and communication systems--United States (1)
Pictures in education--United States--Data processing (1)
Pineau, L. G. (1)
Planer, Paul (1)
Planned communities--Belgium--Designs and plans (1)
Plans (maps) (1)
Posters (1)
Pratt Institute (1)
Press releases (6)
Program for Art on Film (New York, N.Y.) (2)
Programs (1)
Proposals (2)
Publications (1)
Questionnaires (2)
Quétant, Francis, 1905-1953 (1)
Ranch houses (1)
Rationalism (Architecture)--Congresses (1)
Real property -- Italy (1)
Receipts (1)
Reports (9)
Reprographic copies (1)
Research institutes (1)
Resumes (1)
Rogers, Ernesto N. (1)
Rosters (1)
Roth, Alfred, 1903- (1)
Samuel, Godfrey (1)
Sanders, Walter (1)
Sandore, Beth (1)
Sauerländer, Willibald (1)
Schmeller, Alfred (1)
Schmidt, Hans, 1893-1972 (1)
Seals (artifacts) (1)
Sert, José Luis, 1902-1983 (1)
Servitudes (1)
Short subjects (1)
Site plans (1)
Sive, André (1)
Smithson, Alison Margaret (1)
Smithson, Peter, 1923-2003 (1)
Sneyers, Léon (1)
Soltan, Jerzy (1)
Sosset, Léon-Louis, 1913- (1)
Special events (1)
Speeches (1)
Stam, Mart, 1899-1986 (1)
Steiger, Rudolf, 1900-1982 (1)
Stevens, Herbert H (1)
Stock books (1)
Stynen, Léon, 1899-1990 (1)
Surveys (documents) (2)
Syrkus, Helena (1)
Syrkus, Szymon, 1893-1964 (1)
Team 10 (1)
Technical reports (1)
Tickets (1)
Tombs -- Egypt (1)
Tołwiński, Stanisław, 1895- (1)
Training manuals (1)
Transcripts (1)
Trant, Jennifer (1)
Tyrwhitt, Jaqueline (1)
Unité d'habitation (Marseille, France)--Designs and plans (1)
University of California, Los Angeles. Fowler Museum of Cultural History (1)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1)
University of Maryland at College Park (1)
University of Michigan (1)
University of Virginia (1)
Van Ginkel, H. P. Daniel (Harmen Peter Daniel), 1920-2009 (1)
Vauthier, Arsène Marie Paul (1)
Verschaeren, August (1)
Videocassettes (1)
Videotapes (1)
Vital records (document genre) (1)
Voelcker, John (1)
Vogler, Eileen (1)
Vos, Herman, 1889-1952 (1)
Williams, Harold Marvin, 1928- (1)
Wilson, Gillian, 1941- (1)
Winter, P. (1)
Wissing (1)
Wogenscky, André, 1916-2004 (1)
Woods, Shadrach, 1923-1973 (1)
Wynants, Maxime (1)
Yamashita, Robert (1)
Zoning (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Getty Center for Education in the Arts
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 Title:  Stephen M. Dobbs records  
 Dates:  1984-1989, undated (bulk 1987-1989) 
 Abstract:  The records comprise the correspondence and subject files of Stephen M. Dobbs, Senior Program Officer for the Getty Center for Education in the Arts(GCEA), from 1987 to 1989. The records provide insight into the programs of the GCEA and its efforts to shape contemporary arts education in the United States through the development of the K-12 art education theory referred to as "discipline based art-education" (DBAE). 
 Number:  IA20027 
2Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum. Publications
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 Title:  Records  
 Dates:  1975-1999 
 Abstract:  These records were generated by the J. Paul Getty Trust Publications offices and departments and its related Editorial Committee during the course of day-to-day operations. The records comprise correspondence, memoranda, publishing proposals, budget information (including information from the J. Paul Getty Museum bookstore and the Getty Education Institute), and legal documents, 1975-1999. The bulk of the material contains meeting minutes and agendas; many of these meetings were the occasion to discuss publishing proposals. The records also include documentation on the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, and miscellaneous files regarding publishing activities of the Museum. 
 Number:  IA20005 
3Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  Ranch House records  
 Dates:  1921, 1945-1960s, 1975-1976, 1980s, 1999-2007, undated 
 Abstract:  Records consist of correspondence, memoranda, reports, legal documents, brochures, clippings, architectural drawings, and photographs, 1921, 1945-1960s, 1975-1976, 1980s, 1999-2007 and undated, that describe the history of, and planned and executed alterations and additions to, J. Paul Getty's Ranch House in Malibu, California. Also included is some administrative material relating to Ranch House personnel. 
 Number:  IA20021 
4Creator/Collector:  Getty Conservation Institute
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 Title:  Tomb of Nefertari project records  
 Dates:  1984-1996, 2005, undated 
 Abstract:  The Tomb of Nefertari project records date from 1984 to 1996, 2005, and undated and consist of files from the Getty Conservation Institute's (GCI) collaboration with the Egyptian Antiquities Organization (EAO), renamed the Supreme Council of Antiquities in 1994, to conserve the wall paintings in the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens, in Luxor, Egypt. Records document project planning, condition assessments, scientific analyses, conservation treatment, environmental monitoring, graphic documentation, site protection planning, and conservation training. The collection also contains press clippings and files relating to the GCI's efforts to disseminate information about the project through publications, videos, exhibitions, public presentations, press conferences, and press releases. There is also an internal GCI report evaluating the project in 2005. 
 Number:  IA30008 
5Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  Art and real estate holding companies records  
 Dates:  1939-1982, undated (bulk 1960-1982) 
 Abstract:  Records include correspondence, memoranda, letters, agenda, minutes, reports, financial documents, legal documents, photographs, and maps related to J. Paul Getty and his art and real estate holding companies (Art Properties, Inc.; Fine Arts Corporation; Gaiola Corporation), 1939, 1960-1982 and undated. The records provide a detailed legal and financial view of the activities of these holding companies during the last decades of Getty's life and the years immediately after his death. 
 Number:  IA20011 
6Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute Librarian Anne-Mieke Halbrook Records  
 Dates:  1971-2000, undated 
 Abstract:  Records comprise correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes and other administrative files dating from 1971 to 2000 pertaining to the work of Anne-Mieke Halbrook, Chief Librarian. The records provide insight to the administrative and resource development of the library at the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities (GCHAH) and its successor, the Getty Research Institute, as well as early projects the Research Library participated in, such as the Retrospective Reconversion Project. 
 Number:  IA60001 
7Creator/Collector:  Program for Art on Film (New York, N.Y.)
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 Title:  Program for Art on Film records  
 Dates:  1951-1999, undated (bulk 1984-1997) 
 Abstract:  Records include correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, minutes, financial and legal documents, films, CD-ROMs, slides, and ephemera produced and collected by the Program for Art on Film, 1951-1999 and undated. Included in the collection are records created and collected by the Program for Art on Film. Among the records created by the Program are correspondence, publications and related correspondence and memoranda, and films. Also included in the records are interviews with filmmakers, in both audio cassette and transcript format, information on two symposia organized by the Program, and records of the Advisory and Managing Committees. Materials collected by the Program include subject files, primarily on art historical topics and film-related topics; information on filmmakers, art historians and artists; brochures and catalogs from film production and distribution companies; information (catalogs, press releases, brochures) on art-related film festivals, both domestic and international; and published materials. 
 Number:  IA20008 
8Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Trust. Communications Department
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 Title:  J. Paul Getty Trust press releases and public outreach materials  
 Dates:  1954-1959, 1973-2019 (bulk 1983-2019) 
 Abstract:  The records comprise press releases, event calendars, magazines published by the Getty, and other materials created and disseminated by the J. Paul Getty Museum and the J. Paul Getty Trust, 1954-1959 and 1973-2019 (bulk 1983-2019). The records contain analog and digital files documenting the events and activities the Getty wished to publicize to the media and the public. 
 Number:  IA10011 
9Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum
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 Title:  Getty Villa construction records  
 Dates:  1960, 1964, 1968-1986, undated (bulk 1971-1974) 
 Abstract:  Correspondence, reports from the architects and builders, legal and financial documents, blueprints and models, photos, printed matter and oral histories, dating 1960, 1964, 1968-1986, undated (bulk 1971-1974) concern the design and construction of the J. Paul Getty Museum (Villa). 
 Number:  IA10001 
10Creator/Collector:  Besser, Howard
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 Title:  Museum Educational Site Licensing Project papers  
 Dates:  1983, 1992-1999, undated (bulk 1996-1998) 
 Abstract:  Papers consist of reports, printed matter, correspondence, letters, memoranda, notes, surveys, agenda, minutes, legal documents, and photographs, 1983, 1992-1999 and undated (bulk 1996-1998), created and used by Howard Besser, Principal Investigator and other participants in the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project, sponsored in part by the Getty Art History Information Program. The records describe the genesis, development, execution, and evaluation of the project. 
 Number:  IA20019 
11Creator/Collector:  International Congress for Modern Architecture. Belgian Section
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 Title:  Records of the CIAM Belgian Section  
 Dates:  1928-1958 (bulk 1934-1958) 
 Abstract:  Records of the CIAM Belgian section comprise the records of Paul Fitschy, Liège-based secretary of the Belgian Section of the International Congress for Modern Architecture (Congrès internationaux d'architecture moderne), as well as some CIAM-related documents obtained in separate acquisitions. Included are correspondence and documents generated by the Belgian section itself, the central CIAM secretariat in Switzerland, and associated CIAM national sections. The records reflect CIAM's development as an international organism, devoted to discussion and promotion of modern architecture and city planning. The CIAM congresses, particularly those from 1937 to 1956, are well documented, as are the day-to-day operations of the Belgian section. 
 Number:  850865