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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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Al-Wahhāb, Abdu Rabbih (1)
Alary & Geiser (1)
Albumen prints -- Algeria -- 19th century[X]
Albumen prints -- Tunisia -- 19th century (1)
Algerian diaries -- 19th century (1)
Algerians -- Portraits (2)
Architecture -- Algeria (1)
Architecture, Islamic -- Algeria (1)
Architecture, Islamic -- Tunisia (1)
Architecture, Medieval -- Algeria -- Tlemcen (1)
Cabinet cards -- Algeria -- 19th century (1)
Cairol, L. (1)
Cartes-de-visite -- Algeria -- 19th century (3)
Clothing and dress -- Algeria (2)
Clothing and dress -- Tunisia (1)
Colonial administators -- Algeria -- Portraits (2)
Decugis, A. (1)
Diaries (1)
Double portraits -- Algeria -- 19th century (1)
Forums, Roman -- Algeria (1)
Gorges -- Algeria (1)
Gorges -- Algeria -- Algiers (1)
Group portraits -- Algeria -- 19th century (2)
Indigeneous peoples -- Tunisia -- Portraits (1)
Indigenous peoples -- Algeria (2)
Indigenous peoples -- Algeria -- Portraits (2)
Islamic architecture -- Algeria (3)
Jean, Geiser, 1848-1923 (1)
Judges (Islamic law) -- Algeria -- Portraits (1)
Karsenty, Elie (1)
Leroux, A. (Alexandre), 1832-1912 (1)
MacMahon, Edme Patrice Maurice, comte de, 1808-1893 (1)
Maigné, Léopold, active 1844-1872 (1)
Minarets -- Algeria -- Tlemcen (1)
Mosques -- Algeria (3)
Mosques -- Algeria -- Algiers (1)
Mosques -- Algeria -- Tlemcen (1)
Moulin, Félix Jacques (1)
Moulin, Félix Jacques Antoine, 1802-1879 (2)
Nomads -- Africa, North (1)
Oases -- Algeria (1)
Occupations -- Algeria -- History -- 19th century (1)
Occupations -- Tunisia -- History -- 19th century (1)
P. Famin & Cie (1)
Photograph albums -- Algeria -- 19th century (5)
Photographs, Original (5)
Photographs, Original. (2)
Pilter, J. G. (1)
Plants -- Algeria (1)
Portier, C. (Claude-Joseph), 1841-1910 (1)
Prod'hom, Jean (1)
Randon, Jacques Louis César Alexandre, comte, 1795-1871 (1)
Rigod, A. (1)
Sarrault & Lombard (1)
Sarrault, A. (1)
Streets -- Algeria (1)
Streets -- Algeria -- Algiers (1)
Studio portraits -- Algeria -- 19th century (4)
Studio portraits -- Tunisia -- 19th century (1)
Tombs -- Algeria (2)
Vernacular architecture -- Algeria (1)
Veuve Plasse & Oberty (1)
Visitors, foreign -- Algeria (1)
Women -- Algeria (2)
Women -- Tunisia (1)
1Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Souvenir d'Algérie  
 Dates:  1889 
 Abstract:  Photographs taken by an amateur photographer of sights and everyday life in late-nineteenth century Algiers are presented in two portfolios each titled Souvenir d'Algérie. 
 Number:  2008.R.15 
2Creator/Collector:  Moulin, Félix Jacques
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 Title:  Félix Moulin views of Algeria  
 Dates:  1856-1857 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises 14 photographs by Félix Jacques Moulin of the three nineteenth-century northern Algerian provinces of Algiers, Constantine, and Oran which he toured in 1856 and 1857. 
 Number:  93.R.24 
3Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Views of Algeria  
 Dates:  1897 
 Abstract:  This album of 39 photographs was assembled by an unidentified French couple who toured northern Algeria in 1897. 
 Number:  93.R.91 
4Creator/Collector:  Alary & Geiser
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 Title:  Alary & Geiser Algerian carte-de-visite album  
 Dates:  circa 1865 
 Abstract:  The album containing 33 cartes-de-visite by Alary & Geiser documents the architecture and people of Algeria in the 1860s. 
 Number:  91.R.6 
5Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Views and Peoples of Algeria  
 Dates:  circa 1867-1868 
 Abstract:  The album contains 82 photographs of Algeria and includes landscapes and portraits. 
 Number:  2002.R.9 
6Creator/Collector:  Maigné, Léopold, active 1844-1872
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 Title:  Léopold Maigné, Monuments remarquables de Tlemcen XI, XII, XIII siècles: restaurés et photographiés de 1853 à 1864  
 Dates:  circa 1864 
 Abstract:  Monuments remarquables de Tlemcen XI, XII, XIII siècles restaurés et photographiés de 1853 à 1864 comprises twenty-one albumen photographs documenting sites restored and photographed by Léopold Maigné in and around Tlemcen, Algeria, during the mid-nineteenth century. Monuments depicted include the Mosque of Sidi Halaoui; the Mosque and Madrasa of Sidi Boumediene (Sidi Abu Madyan); a Muslim cemetery; the ruins of a princely tomb at Sidi Yacoub; the Mosque at Mansourah; the El Mechouar Mosque; and the minaret and fortifications of the Mosque at Agadir. 
 Number:  2018.R.26* 
7Creator/Collector:  Pilter, J. G.
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 Title:  J. G. Pilter, Tour in Algeria  
 Dates:  1872 
 Abstract:  A manuscript journal containing texts, photographs, maps, and letters documenting Englishman J. G. Pilter's travels in Algeria in 1872. 
 Number:  93.R.33 
8Creator/Collector:  Moulin, Félix Jacques Antoine, 1802-1879
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 Title:  Félix Moulin photographs of Algerians  
 Dates:  1856-1857 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises twenty-one albumen photographs of Algerians taken by French photographer Félix Moulin during his eighteen-month trip to Algeria from 1856 to 1857. Included are portraits of Algerian chiefs, holy men, scholars, musicians and dancers, fishermen, and water carriers. Also included are a few portraits of French administrators in Algeria. 
 Number:  2022.R.2 
9Creator/Collector:  Portier, C. (Claude-Joseph), 1841-1910
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 Title:  Claude-Joseph Portier Algérie photograph album  
 Dates:  circa 1867 
 Abstract:  An album of 29 photographs of Algiers and environs taken by Claude-Joseph Portier circa 1867. 
 Number:  2017.R.17 
10Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Carte-de-visite album of Algeria  
 Dates:  1870s-1880s 
 Abstract:  The carte-de-visite album contains 50 cartes-de-visite of Algeria and Algerians by various photographers including Jean Geiser and Alexandre Leroux; a two-part panorama of Algiers by Jean Geiser made from two joined horizontal cabinet cards; and a panoramic view of Oran by A. Decugis showing the port and military hospital, also on a horizontal cabinet card. 
 Number:  2019.R.1 
11Creator/Collector:  Moulin, Félix Jacques Antoine, 1802-1879
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 Title:  Félix Moulin Algérie album and loose photographs  
 Dates:  1856-1889 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises an album entitled Algérie containing 25 albumen photographs by Félix-Jacques-Antoine Moulin and 14 loose albumen prints of Algeria, ten of which are by Moulin, along with one photograph each by P. Famin & Cie (Paul Famin) and Veuve Plasse & Oberty, and two photographs by unidentified photographers. 
 Number:  2021.R.6 
12Creator/Collector:  Al-Wahhāb, Abdu Rabbih
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 Title:  Al Djazair and Tunis album  
 Dates:  1881 
 Abstract:  The album compiled by Abdu Rabbih al-Wahhāb contains photographs of the Maghreb region of North Africa. The first half features views of Algeria and Tunisia, while the second half is devoted to portraits of a variety of North African peoples. These are mainly studio portraits of prostitutes and dancers from various ethnic groups, although some male types, and dignitaries such as the Agha and Califa of Ouargla, are included. 
 Number:  2001.R.20