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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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 Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. recordings  
 Dates:  2008-2012 
 Abstract:  The collection principally comprises recordings produced from 2008 through 2012 as part of the Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. project. Project participants, including the Getty itself, conducted an extensive series of oral histories with many of Los Angeles' key artists, filmmakers, curators, collectors, and critics, focusing on postwar art (1945-1980). Many of the participating cultural institutions received funding from the Getty Foundation, which collected the resulting interviews. Exhibitions put on by the partner institutions and discussions with the their curators were documented by the Getty Research Institute, through a contract with Tremolo Productions. Material also includes transcripts of interviews; recordings of lectures, symposia, and panel discussions; short documentary films; and printed brochures and announcements related to the project. 
 Number:  IA40011 
 Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Pacific Standard Time: Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990 exhibition oral history interviews  
 Dates:  2011-2012 
 Abstract:  The resource comprises eight unedited videorecordings (with corresponding transcripts) of oral history interviews conducted with prominent Los Angeles architects from 2011 to 2012 as part of the Getty Research Institute's exhibition Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990. The exhibition examined the development of Los Angeles during the postwar years; the interviewees discuss this and related topics. 
 Number:  IA40025 
 Creator/Collector:  Sébah, Pascal, 1823-1886
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 Title:  Pascal Sébah views of Bursa  
 Dates:  1860-1875 
 Abstract:  The collection of 16 photographs by Pascal Sébah features views of the Turkish city of Bursa. 
 Number:  2002.R.42 
 Creator/Collector:  Patricia Faure Gallery
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 Title:  Patricia Faure Gallery records  
 Dates:  1952-2006 (bulk 1970-2006) 
 Abstract:  The Patricia Faure Gallery in Los Angeles, which began as Asher/Faure, exhibited internationally recognized artists such as Richard Artschwager, Philip Guston and Morris Louis along with less-known local artists such as Gwynn Murrill, Craig Kauffman and Jack Goldstein. The archive documents the period when the gallery was known as Asher/Faure between 1979 and 1994 and when it was under Faure's own name between 1994 and 2008. The bulk of the records comprises exhibition announcements and photographic documentation of artists' works in the form of prints, transparencies, slides and negatives. Also included are business papers such as sales and inventory lists, correspondence, financial statements and clippings. 
 Number:  2010.M.13 
 Creator/Collector:  Outerbridge, Paul
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 Title:  Paul Outerbridge papers  
 Dates:  1915-1979 (bulk 1922-1958) 
 Abstract:  The Paul Outerbridge papers document the American photographer's artistic and professional life from his earliest art studies in 1915 through his varied career as an innovator in advertising photography, a pioneer in color photography, and a freelance writer. The archive includes correspondence, notebooks and diaries, typescripts, drawings and sketches, business records, scrapbooks, a portfolio, autobiographical and biographical statements, and intermittent clippings and ephemera. 
 Number:  870520 
 Creator/Collector:  Signac, Paul, 1863-1935
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 Title:  Paul Signac letters and Signac family correspondence  
 Dates:  1860-1935 
 Abstract:  Letters from French painter Paul Signac to several colleagues discussing work in progress, exhibitions, contemporary art, the Société des Artistes Indépendants, and personal and financial matters. A significant number addressed to Edouard Fer, a neo-impressionist disciple whose independent means and connections enabled him to promote Signac's career. Other correspondents include Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, Georges Turpin, Henri Martineau, Georges Lecomte, and Luc-Albert Moreau. Most of the letters are Signac family correspondence; some of these are addressed by Paul Signac to his cousins. 
 Number:  870524 
 Creator/Collector:  Eisenman, Peter, 1932-
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 Title:  Peter Eisenman architectural drawings for House VI  
 Dates:  1972 
 Abstract:  Sixty-three architectural drawings in pencil, pen and marker on paper document the design development of House VI, one of Peter Eisenman's most important early polemical designs. Commissioned by Suzanne and Dick Frank, it was designed and built in 1972-1975, in Cornwall, Connecticut. All the drawings in this collection date from 1972. 
 Number:  920049 
 Creator/Collector:  Johnson, Philip, 1906-2005
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 Title:  Philip Johnson architectural projects  
 Dates:  1984-1995 
 Abstract:  American architect. Architectural drawings, study models, photographs, brochures, and miscellaneous papers, the bulk of which relate to the Franklin Square building, Washington, D.C., a project by John Burgee Associates with Philip Johnson. The collection also includes models and brochures for other projects by the firm, and papers relating to the Peter Lewis guesthouse, a project by the office of Philip Johnson. 
 Number:  2002.M.39 
 Creator/Collector:  Johnson, Philip
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 Title:  Philip Johnson papers  
 Dates:  1908-2002 (bulk 1925-1998) 
 Abstract:  Documentation of the early and later career of architect Philip Johnson, especially representative of his early work, particularly his Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, and a number of little known, never constructed projects. The collection consists of photographs, printed and audiovisual materials, clippings, correspondence, legal documents, and manuscripts. 
 Number:  980060 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Photograph album of Canton  
 Dates:  1870s 
 Abstract:  The disbound album of 28 albumen photographs of Canton (Guangzhou), China and surrounding areas comprises a mix of Chinese scenes (temples, gardens, tea houses, rice fields) and images related specifically to the European community in Canton and its activities. 
 Number:  2010.R.3 
 Creator/Collector:  Aéro Mre. Indochine
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 Title:  Photograph albums of Indochina  
 Dates:  1932-1936 
 Abstract:  Two photograph albums documenting urban and rural aspects of French Indochina, compiled by a French pilot. 
 Number:  2001.R.21 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Photographic album of Rangoon  
 Dates:  circa 1896 
 Abstract:  Photographic album of Rangoon contains 47 cyanotype views of businesses in Rangoon, each paired with a full-page advertisement on the opposing page. Businesses depicted include general outfitters; provisioners; haberdashers; boot, shoe and saddle makers; purveyors of wine and spirits; chemists; tobacconists; sellers of pianos and other musical instruments; stationers, booksellers and publishers; banks; and coach works. A few views of local monuments, sites and government buildings are also present. These include the post office; government house; the public buildings; the Cantonment Garden; and the Shwedagon Pagoda. 
 Number:  2018.R.6 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Photographs of Twentieth-century Artists, Exhibitions, Installations, and Studio Views  
 Dates:  circa 1900-1990 
 Abstract:  A collection of assembled documentary and rare photographs of artists, art personalities (including dealers, collectors, art historians, art critics, and publishers), exhibitions, collections, installations, and studios. 
 Number:  90.R.11 
 Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts
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 Title:  Photographs of unpacking the Ludwig Collection  
 Dates:  1983 
 Abstract:  Records comprise photographs, and photocopies of the photographs, of the opening and unpacking of the Ludwig Collection of illuminated manuscripts purchased by the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1983. 
 Number:  IA20002 
 Creator/Collector:  Tuchman, Phyllis
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 Title:  Phyllis Tuchman interviews with artists  
 Dates:  1968-1987 
 Abstract:  The collection of 59 audio tapes records approximately 75 interviews conducted by art historian and critic Phyllis Tuchman with leading artists such as Carl Andre, Anthony Caro, John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, Philip Glass, Michael Heizer, Donald Judd, Roy Lichtenstein, John McCracken, Joan Mitchell, Frank Stella, Andy Warhol, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, among others. Also included are annotated transcriptions of interviews with eight artists. 
 Number:  2012.M.9 
 Creator/Collector:  Courthion, Pierre
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 Title:  Pierre Courthion papers  
 Dates:  1901-1987 
 Abstract:  The collection documents the scholarly, personal and professional pursuits and activities of noted art critic and art historian Pierre Courthion. The bulk of the material relates directly to Courthion's research and writing projects, consisting primarily of unpublished notes and edited typescript drafts of essays, articles and monographs, as well as related visual materials and correspondence. 
 Number:  890007 
 Creator/Collector:  Gigord, Pierre de
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 Title:  Pierre de Gigord Collection of Photographs of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey  
 Dates:  1850-1958 (bulk 1853-1930) 
 Abstract:  Spanning roughly one hundred years, the collection of over 6,000 photographic images forms a visual record of the late years of the Ottoman Empire and the formation and early years of the Republic of Turkey. The collection focuses on cultural and urban images, mainly of Constantinople (Istanbul), the capital of the Ottoman Empire, but other geographic areas, such as the Balkans, and other cities and towns within the empire such as Bursa and Smyrna (Izmir) are included, as are a few images from sites in Greece, Egypt, Jerusalem, India and China. The work of over 165 photographers is represented in the collection. The collection is supported by a small group of pamphlets and offprints regarding photography in the Ottoman Empire and by a small assemblage of photographic ephemera. 
 Number:  96.R.14 
 Creator/Collector:  Koenig, Pierre
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 Title:  Pierre Koenig papers and drawings  
 Dates:  1925-2007 
 Abstract:  The archive of Los Angeles architect Pierre Koenig, consisting of drawings, photographs, documents, writings and client correspondence, and three models. The archive is an important resource for the study of Southern California Modernism, as well as for the study of pre-fabrication in housing in the United States. 
 Number:  2006.M.30 
 Creator/Collector:  Zwart, Piet, 1885-1977
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 Title:  Piet Zwart Views of Manufacturing and Architecture  
 Dates:  1928-circa 1935 
 Abstract:  Photographs taken by designer Piet Zwart to be used in his typographical work for various manufacturing companies in the Netherlands. Also includes photographic prints of architectural exteriors and interiors, and prints that are more artistic in nature. 
 Number:  2002.R.47 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Poona Plague Pictures  
 Dates:  1897-1908, undated 
 Abstract:  The album, most likely compiled by Dr. C. H. B. Adams-Wylie, the plague medical officer at the General Plague Hospital in Poona (Pune), India, from 1897-1898, records the work of that hospital in great detail. The photographs portray the daily work of the hospital and include portraits of hospital staff, views of the hospital wards and grounds, and detailed close-up studies of plague patients. Photographs taken outside the hospital compound document the measures instituted by Pune's Special Plague Committee and enforced by the British and native soldiers, such as forced house inspections and the holding of residents within observation and segregation camps. 
 Number:  96.R.95 
 Creator/Collector:  Potteau, Jacques-Philippe, 1807-1876
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 Title:  Portraits from Jacques-Philippe Potteau's Collection anthropologique du Muséum de Paris  
 Dates:  1862-1865 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises a group of 33 portraits from Jacques-Philippe Potteau's Collection anthropologique du Muséum de Paris. The sitters include soldiers from the Tirailleurs algériens; members of diplomatic staff from French Cochinchina and Annam to Paris; Bohemians; and Swedes. Present are 12 pairs of frontal and profile portraits of individuals; two full-length seated portraits; a full-length standing portrait; and three frontal and two profile unmatched portraits. 
 Number:  2017.R.20 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Portraits of a British merchant family in Brazil  
 Dates:  between 1845 and 1865 
 Abstract:  The collection of cased photographs comprises 32 photographs, mostly portraits of the extended Youle family, a British merchant family residing in Recife, Brazil, in the mid-nineteenth century. Included are 14 daguerreotypes, 18 ambrotypes, one tintype, and two albumen prints. While the makers of most of the photographs in the collection are unidentified, three daguerreotypes that did not originate with the Youle family were made by Fredricks and Weeks in Recife in 1851. 
 Number:  95.R.30 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Portraits of performers  
 Dates:  1870-1951, undated (bulk 1870-1935) 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises 385 studio portraits dating from the 1870s to the 1930s of variety show artists including vaudeville, burlesque, minstrel and stage performers. The card-mounted portraits, primarily cabinet cards, depict sketch, character and comedic actors; singers; dancers; acrobats; gymnasts; contortionists; clowns; acrobatic cyclists; jugglers; aerialists and trapeze and wire artists; ventriloquists; minstrel singers and players; comedians; male and female impersonators; strongmen and strongwomen; show riders and other performers hailing from and photographed across Europe, the United States, Egypt, and Latin America. 
 Number:  2014.R.4 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Portraits of Peruvians  
 Dates:  circa 1855-circa 1939 
 Abstract:  A collection of negatives for formal studio portraits, mainly of middle- and upper-class Limeños, taken in Peru. 
 Number:  96.R.85 
 Creator/Collector:  Program for Art on Film (New York, N.Y.)
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 Title:  Program for Art on Film records  
 Dates:  1951-1999, undated (bulk 1984-1997) 
 Abstract:  Records include correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, minutes, financial and legal documents, films, CD-ROMs, slides, and ephemera produced and collected by the Program for Art on Film, 1951-1999 and undated. Included in the collection are records created and collected by the Program for Art on Film. Among the records created by the Program are correspondence, publications and related correspondence and memoranda, and films. Also included in the records are interviews with filmmakers, in both audio cassette and transcript format, information on two symposia organized by the Program, and records of the Advisory and Managing Committees. Materials collected by the Program include subject files, primarily on art historical topics and film-related topics; information on filmmakers, art historians and artists; brochures and catalogs from film production and distribution companies; information (catalogs, press releases, brochures) on art-related film festivals, both domestic and international; and published materials. 
 Number:  IA20008