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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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 Creator/Collector:  Qajar, Abdullah Mizra, 1850-1909
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 Title:  Abdullah Mirza Qajar album of Iran  
 Dates:  between 1883 and 1896 
 Abstract:  An album of 61 albumen photographs of Iran taken by Abdullah Mirza Qajar between 1883 and 1896. Although there are a few bird's-eye views of Tehran and some images of Qajar buildings, the photographs primarily depict buildings in ruins or disrepair located near towns and villages or in isolated settings. Locales present in the album include Kerman, Khurāsān, Qom, Ray, Dāmghān, Bāstāan, Qazvīn, Ribat-ī Machi, and Radkan. 
 Number:  2021.R.15 
 Creator/Collector:  AC Martin Partners
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 Title:  AC Martin Partners drawings and records on microfilm  
 Dates:  1906-2006 
 Abstract:  The AC Martin Partners drawings and records on microfilm document the significant role this prominent, multi-generational firm has played in shaping the built environment of Southern California throughout the last 100 years. The records consist predominantly of aperture cards mounted with microfilmed copies of over 67,000 architectural drawings, technical plans, and site surveys for civic, commercial, and residential projects predominantly in the greater Los Angeles area. These aperture cards are supported by microfilmed copies of project documentation for several early projects, and a selection of the professional correspondence of Albert C. Martin Senior. 
 Number:  2015.M.14 
 Creator/Collector:  Association Connaissance de l'histoire de l'Afrique contemporaine
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 Title:  ACHAC collection  
 Dates:  1880-ca. 1975 
 Abstract:  A consortium of scholars and researchers devoted to exploring and promoting discussion of race, iconography, and the colonial and post-colonial periods of Africa and Europe. The ACHAC collection documents the influence of French colonialism, both on Africa and on France itself, as represented in images produced and distributed through the media of French popular culture as well as in the personal photographs of European residents of the African colonies. Some materials concern Belgian and German colonies. 
 Number:  970031 
 Creator/Collector:  Huxtable, Ada Louise
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 Title:  Ada Louise Huxtable papers  
 Dates:  1859-2013 (bulk 1954-2012) 
 Abstract:  The Ada Louise Huxtable papers contain the writing and research of the outspoken architecture critic and ardent advocate of the contemporary preservation movement. Huxtable wrote 11 books and worked as a dedicated architecture critic at the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. This collection is comprised of correspondence, typescripts, photographs, awards and research files spanning her career as a writer and one of the most important voices in the field of architectural criticism during the second half of the twentieth century. 
 Number:  2013.M.9 
 Creator/Collector:  Åkerström, Åke, 1902-
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 Title:  Åke Åkerström papers  
 Dates:  1853-1991 (bulk 1927-1987) 
 Abstract:  The Åke Åkerström papers record the scholarly career of this Swedish classical archaeologist. Åkerström's research interests and publications ranged from architectural terracottas in Asia Minor to Etruscan tomb typology to Mycenaean pottery in Greece, and this breadth is reflected in the research notes, photographs, postcards, drawings, correspondence, manuscripts, and typescripts that constitute the Åkerström papers. The archive also includes a substantial amount of material that originated with Lennart Kjellberg and Axel W. Persson, earlier scholars whose work Åkerström continued. 
 Number:  940110 
 Creator/Collector:  Al-Wahhāb, Abdu Rabbih
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 Title:  Al Djazair and Tunis album  
 Dates:  1881 
 Abstract:  The album compiled by Abdu Rabbih al-Wahhāb contains photographs of the Maghreb region of North Africa. The first half features views of Algeria and Tunisia, while the second half is devoted to portraits of a variety of North African peoples. These are mainly studio portraits of prostitutes and dancers from various ethnic groups, although some male types, and dignitaries such as the Agha and Califa of Ouargla, are included. 
 Number:  2001.R.20 
 Creator/Collector:  Alary & Geiser
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 Title:  Alary & Geiser Algerian carte-de-visite album  
 Dates:  circa 1865 
 Abstract:  The album containing 33 cartes-de-visite by Alary & Geiser documents the architecture and people of Algeria in the 1860s. 
 Number:  91.R.6 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Alascheir railway, Asia minor, constructed by Samuel Bayliss, CE  
 Dates:  circa 1875 
 Abstract:  Alascheir Railway, Asia Minor, an album of 30 albumen prints by an unknown photographer, documents the completed extension of the Smyrna Cassaba railroad from Cassaba to Alascheir (Alaşehir), Turkey, which was constructed under the direction of Samuel Bayliss and completed in 1875. 
 Number:  89.R.24 
 Creator/Collector:  Renger-Patzsch, Albert
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 Title:  Albert Renger-Patzsch papers  
 Dates:  1890-1980 (bulk 1924-1966) 
 Abstract:  German photographer associated with the art movement Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). The archive documents Renger-Patzsch's professional life, especially his work on book projects and commissions for industrial firms. It also includes technical details of his photographic workshop, and provides insight into his artistic views on photography as an independent art form, and on the aesthetic trends in photography in economically prosperous postwar Germany. 
 Number:  861187 
 Creator/Collector:  Ford, Francis Clare, 1828-1899
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 Title:  Album de vistas y costumbres de la provincia de Buenos Aires  
 Dates:  1844-1878 
 Abstract:  An album containing 77 photographs and 20 pencil tracings, compiled by the British diplomat Francis Clare Ford during his first posting to Buenos Aires in 1866. Included among the photographs are three joined panoramas of the city; views of the city's monuments and buildings; scenic views of the surrounding pampas and genre scenes depicting life on the pampas; and portraits of gauchos and indigenous peoples. There are also 20 sheets of pencil tracings made from León Palliere's depictions of life in the Argentine countryside taken from his Album Palliere, escenas americanas. 
 Number:  2016.R.39 
 Creator/Collector:  Pesce, Luigi, 1827-1864
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 Title:  Album fotografico della Persia  
 Dates:  1860 
 Abstract:  The album of photographs taken by Luigi Pesce contains 21 views of Tehran and environs, followed by 21 views of ancient Persian sites including the Achaemenid ruins of Persepolis, the Achaemenid tombs and Sasanian reliefs at Naqsh-i Rustam near Persepolis, and the Sasanian reliefs at Tāq-e Bostān. Pesce took the earliest documented photographs of Persepolis and some of the earliest photographs of Tehran. 
 Number:  2012.R.18 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Album of Mexican and French cartes-de-visite  
 Dates:  between 1861 and 1880 
 Abstract:  The album of cartes-de-visite by mostly unidentified photographers, assembled during the time of the French intervention in Mexico by an unknown person, contains photographs of Pre-Columbian related statuary; portraits of 19th-century Mexican presidents, military, and political figures; studio portraits of indigenous people, street vendors, and other professions; portraits of figures associated with the French in Mexico; portraits of Napoleon III and family; and portraits of the compiler's family and friends. 
 Number:  2000.R.25 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Album Photographique: Amélie-les-Bains et Cambodge  
 Dates:  1893-1894 
 Abstract:  An album of photographs showing the influence of French colonialism in Cambodia during the 1890s. 
 Number:  2002.R.17 
 Creator/Collector:  Rossi, Aldo, 1931-1997
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 Title:  Aldo Rossi papers  
 Dates:  1943-1999 
 Abstract:  The Aldo Rossi papers contain a selection of works by the prolific architect, writer, artist and theorist. The collection includes notebooks, lectures and course materials, assorted writings and correspondence, drafts for publications, clippings and ephemera. A set of architectural drawings for the Palazzo dei Congressi, Milan (not realized) consisting of preliminary sketches and design plans as well as an architectural design in pencil and oil are also included. 
 Number:  880319 
 Creator/Collector:  Liberman, Alexander
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 Title:  Alexander Liberman miscellaneous papers,  
 Dates:  1953-1997, undated 
 Abstract:  Alexander Liberman was an artist, photographer, and an influential art director of Vogue magazine from 1943 to 1962, then editorial director of Condé Nast publications until 1994. The collection contains Liberman's drafts, transcripts, mock-ups, sound recordings relating to "Vogue project," The Artist in his Studio and other publications. Also included are nine albums of photographs and clippings from Vogue and various newspaper reviews. 
 Number:  2003.M.30 
 Creator/Collector:  Liberman, Alexander
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 Title:  Alexander Liberman photography archive  
 Dates:  1911-1998 
 Abstract:  The archive contains photographs by Alexander Liberman, Russian-born photographer, art director of Vogue magazine, and editorial director of Condé Nast publications. Included in the collection are approximately 8,000 photographic prints, 50,000 transparencies, 90,000 negatives, 38 books of contact prints, and prints mounted for exhibition. The predominant subjects are artists and other cultural figures, and European historical sites. Also included are personal photographs of family and friends. 
 Number:  2000.R.19 
 Creator/Collector:  Kaprow, Allan
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 Title:  Allan Kaprow papers  
 Dates:  1940-1997 
 Abstract:  The Allan Kaprow Papers offer comprehensive documentation of an artistic career that spanned the latter half of the 20th century and continues into the 21st. Arranged chronologically so as to demonstrate the artist's passage from student of art and art history to practicing artist, art theorist and art educator, the collection contains drawings, term papers and notebooks from Kaprow's student days, followed by ca. 250 Project Files, comprising the complete extant documentation of Kaprow's Environments, Happenings, and Activities. 
 Number:  980063 
 Creator/Collector:  Schardt, Alois J. (Alois Jakob), 1889-1955
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 Title:  Alois Schardt papers and photographs  
 Dates:  1917-1983, undated (bulk 1917-1956) 
 Abstract:  This collection is comprised of photographs, negatives, lectures, transcripts, correspondences, and other ephemera documenting Alois Schardt's career as a German art historian and museum director before, during, and after World War II. After being forced from job at the National Gallery of Berlin in 1933, Schardt was censored by the Nazi party. He left for the United States in 1940 with his photographs. The bulk of this collection consists of photographs and negatives, primarily of Christian art and architecture. His photographs for publication can also be found in the collection. Also present are lectures in English, transcripts of Schardt's published and unpublished manuscripts, and personal and professional correspondence. 
 Number:  910172 
 Creator/Collector:  Oldeberg, Andreas, b.1892
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 Title:  Andreas Oldeberg papers  
 Dates:  circa 1940-1975 
 Abstract:  Authority on ancient Scandinavian metalwork and metallurgy. The Andreas Oldeberg papers are comprised of research data for metal artifacts from Sweden dating from the Bronze Age through the Middle Ages, as well as a small amount of analysis relating to these objects. 
 Number:  930009 
 Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt collection of maps of Rome  
 Dates:  1557-1883 
 Abstract:  The collection of forty-two maps of the city of Rome dates from the mid-16th century to the late 19th century, and originally formed part of the library of collector, philanthropist, gallerist and patron of the arts, Countess Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt (1885-1971). Included are maps by the printmakers Nicolas Beatrizet, Ambrogio Brambilla, Étienne Dupérac, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, and Giuseppe Vasi. 
 Number:  P850002 
 Creator/Collector:  Pecci Blunt, Anna Laetitia
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 Title:  Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt print collection of views of Rome  
 Dates:  1589-circa 1860 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of 97 prints of views of the city of Rome, dating 1589 to circa 1860, from the library of collector, gallerist, philanthropist and patron of the arts, Countess Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt. 
 Number:  P850003 
 Creator/Collector:  Willan, Anne
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 Title:  Anne Willan papers  
 Dates:  1570-2018 
 Abstract:  The papers of Anne Willan, a British-American expert in French gastronomy, provide a comprehensive survey of the operations of the École de cuisine La Varenne founded by Willan in Paris in 1975 and of Willan's writings and TV programs. The papers consist of correspondence, brochures, drafts, typescripts, press clippings, photographs, videos, and electronic records. The archive also includes drawings, ephemera, manuscripts and prints collected by Willan and her husband Mark Cherniavsky. Dating from the 16th to the late 20th century, these works illuminate the preparation and consumption of food and its display in England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States. 
 Number:  2018.M.15 
 Creator/Collector:  Michelson, Annette
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 Title:  Annette Michelson papers  
 Dates:  1861-2018 (bulk 1958-2004) 
 Abstract:  The Annette Michelson papers represent the dynamic career of the American art and film critic, translator, editor, and scholar. The collection comprises correspondence, research material, writings by Michelson and others, and papers related to various conferences. Michelson's papers span her broad range of interests in avant-garde production in both contemporary art and experimental cinema. 
 Number:  2014.M.26 
 Creator/Collector:  Sevruguin, Antoin, 1851-1933
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 Title:  Antoin Sevruguin photographs of Persia  
 Dates:  1880s-1890s 
 Abstract:  The 97 photographs in this collection are representative of Antoin Sevruguin's all-encompassing documentation of Persia, and comprise a mixture of studio portraits, outdoor vernacular scenes and landscapes. 
 Number:  2017.R.25 
 Creator/Collector:  Eagle, Arnold
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 Title:  Arnold Eagle papers and films related to Hans Richter  
 Dates:  1927-1990, bulk 1946-1981 
 Abstract:  This collection documents the film collaborations and friendship of German-born Dadaist, Hans Richter, and New York photographer and cinematographer, Arnold Eagle. It includes color film footage, out-takes and audiotracks for several of Richter's post-World War II films, as well as letters, notes, scripts, sketches, photographs, printed material and storyboards. 
 Number:  970021 
 Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  Art and real estate holding companies records  
 Dates:  1939-1982, undated (bulk 1960-1982) 
 Abstract:  Records include correspondence, memoranda, letters, agenda, minutes, reports, financial documents, legal documents, photographs, and maps related to J. Paul Getty and his art and real estate holding companies (Art Properties, Inc.; Fine Arts Corporation; Gaiola Corporation), 1939, 1960-1982 and undated. The records provide a detailed legal and financial view of the activities of these holding companies during the last decades of Getty's life and the years immediately after his death. 
 Number:  IA20011 
 Creator/Collector:  Getty Education Institute for the Arts
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 Title:  Art Education History Archives project  
 Dates:  1998-1999 
 Abstract:  The records consist of a Getty Education Institute sponsored program to video-record interviews with leading art educators of the 1980s and 1990s. The resulting 45 VHS cassette recordings and transcriptions produced during 1998 and 1999, document the ideas and programs of the Getty Center for Education in the Arts, later known as the Getty Education Institute, that helped shape contemporary arts education in the United States. 
 Number:  IA20034 
 Creator/Collector:  J. Paul Getty Trust. Office of the President
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 Title:  Art Works: Behind the Scenes at the Getty production materials  
 Dates:  1995-1998 (bulk 1997) 
 Abstract:  The records date from 1995 to 1998 and primarily comprise audiovisual and production materials generated by the Getty film project Art Works: Behind the Scenes at the Getty (1997). Materials comprise film reels, tapes, contracts, daily logs, storyboards, and other printed and electronic documentation on the project. Art Works is a 28-minute promotional film created to highlight the activities of the five programs of the Trust that were active during the time leading up to the opening of the Getty Center in 1997: the Getty Conservation Institute, Getty Grant Program, Getty Information Institute, Getty Education Institute, and Getty Museum. The film briefly spotlights the newly-opened Getty Center facility and highlights cultural heritage sites such as the Magao Grottoes, the Baltit Fort, and the Bonampak murals. 
 Number:  IA40013 
 Creator/Collector:  Petronio, Arthur
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 Title:  Arthur Petronio papers  
 Dates:  1919-1971 
 Abstract:  Small archive of Arthur Petronio, composer of verbophonic works, or works at the intersection of poetry and music. 
 Number:  980053 
 Creator/Collector:  Arthur Tooth & Sons
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 Title:  Arthur Tooth & Sons stock inventories and accounts,  
 Dates:  1871-1959 
 Abstract:  Art dealer, based in London. Records comprise an incomplete series of stock inventories of the main London branch of the firm, 1871-1941, and 2 volumes from the New York branch, 1906-1924. 
 Number:  860679 
 Creator/Collector:  Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976
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 Title:  Assorted building plans  
 Dates:  1906, 1941-1967, undated 
 Abstract:  Records consist of blueprints, architectural drawings, a photograph, and a manuscript, 1906, 1941-1967 and undated, that depict and describe buildings having some relationship to J. Paul Getty, the Getty family and Getty businesses. 
 Number:  IA20014 
 Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute. Research Library
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 Title:  Assorted papers relating to Bauhaus designers  
 Dates:  1919-1984 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of assembled material from the Bauhaus years of 1919-1933, as well as material influenced by Bauhaus designers up to 1984. Includes photographic prints, typescripts, offprints and publications, original graphics, clippings, sketches and drawings, weavings, curricula, and correspondence. 
 Number:  920020 
 Creator/Collector:  Le Plongeon, Augustus, 1826-1908
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 Title:  Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon Papers  
 Dates:  circa 1840-1937 (bulk 1860-1910) 
 Abstract:  The collection documents the archaeological excavations, fieldwork, research, and writings of the nineteenth-century photographers, antiquarians, and amateur archaeologists Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, the first persons to systematically excavate and photograph the Maya sites of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal (1873-1886). The couple's pioneering work in documenting Maya sites and inscriptions with photography, which in many cases recorded the appearance of sites and objects that have subsequently been damaged or lost, was overshadowed in their own lifetimes by their theories of Maya cultural diffusion, and in particular by their insistence that the Maya founded ancient Egypt. The Le Plongeon's work, and evidence of their wide-ranging interests, is found in manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, and photographs. The collection also contains papers belonging to Maude and Henry Field Blackwell, who inherited the literary estate of the Le Plongeons. 
 Number:  2004.M.18 
 Creator/Collector:  Le Plongeon, Augustus, 1826-1908
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 Title:  Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon Photographs of Chichén Itza, Uxmal and Yucatán  
 Dates:  1873-1910 
 Abstract:  Photographs by Augustus and Alice Dixon Le Plongeon document Maya architecture and sculpture at the archaeological sites of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal in the Yucatán peninsula. Images of Yucatán towns, flora, fauna, and peoples are also included in the collection. 
 Number:  2007.R.8