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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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 Creator/Collector:  M. Knoedler & Co
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 Title:  M. Knoedler & Co. records  
 Dates:  approximately 1848-1971 
 Abstract:  The records of M. Knoedler & Co. document the business of the prominent American art dealer from the mid-19th century to 1971. The archive traces the development of the once provincial American art market into one of the world's leading art centers and the formation of the private art collections that would ultimately establish many of the nation's leading art museums, such as the Frick Collection and the National Gallery of Art. It contains crucial provenance information on numerous artworks in private and public collections in the United States. The archive includes stock books, sales books and commission books; correspondence with collectors, artists, art dealers and other associates; photographs of the artworks sold by the gallery; records from the firm's offices in London, Paris and other cities; exhibition files; framing and restoration records, and records of the firm's Print Department. 
 Number:  2012.M.54 
 Creator/Collector:  M. Knoedler & Co.
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 Title:  M. Knoedler & Co. artist files  
 Dates:  approximately 1890-1971 
 Abstract:  The M. Knoedler & Co. artist files form part of the records of the firm of M. Knoedler & Co. described in the related finding aid for the collection. Due to their size, the artist files are described separately from the rest of the archive. The M. Knoedler & Co. artist files primarily document artworks handled by the New York office of Knoedler & Co. and represent the bulk of the materials in Series VII. Photographs. The photographs, along with research and descriptive information, document artworks purchased and sold by the firm or on consignment at the firm, as well as artworks offered for sale to the firm, but not acquired. In addition to photographs, each artist file typically includes "pedigree" documentation of the artworks, such as ownership history, bibliographies and expertise documentation. The photographs provide a visual record of the condition of the artwork at the time it was in the firm's stock and enable to distinguish works with similar titles or works whose titles have changed over time. Often they are the last record of works whose location is presently unknown. The titles indicated for the works are derived from the titles that Knoedler staff assigned the works in the stock books, the sales books or the inventory cards. When possible, abbreviations of the titles in the archive have been expanded and spelling mistakes corrected, but no attempt has been made to update the titles to current standards of the repositories for these works. When different sources in the archive provided titles that differed considerably, the different versions have been provided, when possible. The main finding aid for the The M. Knoedler & Co. records is available here: 
 Number:  2012.M.54.S7A 
 Creator/Collector:  Machado and Silvetti Associates, Inc.
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 Title:  Getty Villa renovation design records  
 Dates:  1994-2004 
 Abstract:  The records comprise architectural drawings and renderings, models, design research materials, construction administration records, photographs, and electronic files documenting the design and construction of the Getty Villa and Ranch House renovation from 1994-2004. The records were created by Machado and Silvetti Associates and serve as an overview and summary of the project. 
 Number:  IA10019 
 Creator/Collector:  Macpherson, Robert, 1815 or 1816-1872
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 Title:  Macpherson's Vatican Sculptures  
 Dates:  1863? 
 Abstract:  An album of 130 albumen photgraphs by Robert Macpherson of Greek and Roman sculpture held in the Vatican Museum, along with installation views of six of the halls housing the sculpture. The album documents the museum as it was arranged in the 1860s. 
 Number:  91.R.3 
 Creator/Collector:  Mahoney, Tom
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 Title:  Tom Mahoney research materials on Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution  
 Dates:  1890-1981 
 Abstract:  The Tom Mahoney Research Materials on Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution comprises materials related to an unpublished book by Mahoney with the working title "P-a-n-c-h-o V-i-l-l-a: Bandit...Rebel...Patriot...Satyr," which he began working on in the late 1920s. Included is a partial typescript for the book and a paste-up of photographic illustrations. Research materials include hand- or type-written notes and transcriptions; extensive files of clippings from revolution-era and post-revolution Mexican and American newspapers; related manuscripts and publications and research-related correspondence. Also included are research files on topics of interest to Mahoney, many of which relate to his book and magazine publications, such as The Great Merchants and The Story of Jewelry. 
 Number:  2001.M.20 
 Creator/Collector:  Maigné, Léopold, active 1844-1872
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 Title:  Léopold Maigné, Monuments remarquables de Tlemcen XI, XII, XIII siècles: restaurés et photographiés de 1853 à 1864  
 Dates:  circa 1864 
 Abstract:  Monuments remarquables de Tlemcen XI, XII, XIII siècles restaurés et photographiés de 1853 à 1864 comprises twenty-one albumen photographs documenting sites restored and photographed by Léopold Maigné in and around Tlemcen, Algeria, during the mid-nineteenth century. Monuments depicted include the Mosque of Sidi Halaoui; the Mosque and Madrasa of Sidi Boumediene (Sidi Abu Madyan); a Muslim cemetery; the ruins of a princely tomb at Sidi Yacoub; the Mosque at Mansourah; the El Mechouar Mosque; and the minaret and fortifications of the Mosque at Agadir. 
 Number:  2018.R.26* 
 Creator/Collector:  Man Ray, 1890-1976
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 Title:  Man Ray letters and album  
 Dates:  1922-1976 
 Abstract:  A significant ensemble of letters and writings by or addressed to Man Ray and collected by his sister Elsie Ray Siegler and her daughter Naomi Savage. The letters provide a rich chronicle of Man Ray's personal and professional life from 1922 to 1976. Letters to Man Ray are from Dada and surrealist artists and authors, and document the dynamic artistic and literary scenes of the immediate pre- and post-World War II period in the United States. An album of Man Ray's predominately handwritten manuscripts supplements the letters. 
 Number:  930027 
 Creator/Collector:  Mapplethorpe, Robert
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 Title:  Robert Mapplethorpe papers and photographs  
 Dates:  circa 1850-2011, bulk 1970-1989 
 Abstract:  The papers and photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) span the artist's career, from his early drawings, collages and jewelry to his renowned photographic work in the 1970s and 1980s. The photographic material in the archive includes Polaroids, photographs, commercial commissions, test shots, and non-editioned prints from the same photography sessions as his editioned prints. Also included in the archive are films, personal and professional correspondence, studio documents, interviews, clippings, exhibition files, financial records, and collected items. 
 Number:  2011.M.20 
 Creator/Collector:  Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso
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 Title:  F.T. Marinetti and Benedetta Cappa Marinetti papers  
 Dates:  1902-1965 (bulk 1920-1939) 
 Abstract:  The founder and leader of the futurist movement. Married Benedetta Cappa, a futurist writer and artist, in 1923. Collection includes minor manifesto manuscripts, generally typewritten, sometimes translated or excerpted; a number of minor literary manuscripts; and 20,000 slides that reproduce the contents of Marinetti's five scrapbooks. Material on Benedetta includes handwritten corrected drafts of her three novels, and a number of essays and speeches. Some correspondence suggests the central role that Marinetti and Benedetta played relative to the other futurists, whose activities the collection selectively documents via manuscripts, photos, clippings, slides, posters, scrapbooks, and musical scores 
 Number:  920092 
 Creator/Collector:  Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, 1876-1944
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 Title:  Filippo Tommaso Marinetti correspondence and papers  
 Dates:  1886-1974 (bulk 1900-1944) 
 Abstract:  Writer and founder and leader of the Italian Futurist movement. Correspondence, writings, photographs, and printed matter from Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's papers, documenting the history of the futurist movement from its beginning in the journal Poesia, through World War I, and less comprehensively, through World War II and its aftermath. 
 Number:  850702 
 Creator/Collector:  Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, 1876-1944
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 Title:  Filippo Tommaso Marinetti student notebooks and other papers,  
 Dates:  1891-1943 
 Abstract:  Filippo Tomasso Marinetti's class notes, essays, and stories that he wrote for secondary school in Alexandria, Egypt. One notebook by Leone Marinetti. Selected correspondence, 1891-1943, with school friends and the school rector. Letters concerning the futurist enterprise from Gino Severini, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Umberto Boccioni, Mario Carli, Benedetto Croce, B. Bottai, Giovanni Pascoli, Paolo Orano, and Marinetti's French publisher Sansot. 
 Number:  890122 
 Creator/Collector:  Maynard, Michel de
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 Title:  Michel de Maynard lantern slides of early twentieth-century China  
 Dates:  1906-1912 
 Abstract:  Lantern slides taken by Michel de Maynard, a Franciscan missionary in China, document Chinese culture and missionary activity during the last days of the Qing dynasty, the revolution of 1911, and the birth of the Chinese Republic, notably in Shaanxi province. Subjects include landscapes, buildings, cultural monuments, formal and informal portraits, scenes of daily life, religious and cultural practices, and the revolution of 1911. 
 Number:  2002.R.43 
 Creator/Collector:  McElroy, Robert R.
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 Title:  Robert R. McElroy photographs of happenings and early performance art  
 Dates:  1959-2012 
 Abstract:  Robert R. McElroy's photographs document performance art and exhibitions by New York artists that took place during the late-1950s to the mid-1960s. Included are prints, contact sheets, negatives, and slides. The collection features photographs of works by Jim Dine, Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, and Robert Whitman. 
 Number:  2014.M.7 
 Creator/Collector:  McMillan, Jerry
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 Title:  Jerry McMillan photographs of the Los Angeles art scene in the 1960s and 1970s  
 Dates:  1957-2014 
 Abstract:  The collection contains a near complete archive of Jerry McMillan's artistic output including approximately 7,000 negatives, 150 contact sheets, and 375 prints, as well as magazine articles, exhibition announcements, and other ephemera. There is also a small selection of McMillan's mixed media artworks, including two of McMillan's photo-bag sculptures and a multimedia collage. 
 Number:  2015.M.10 
 Creator/Collector:  Mendelsohn, Erich
Mendelsohn, Luise
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 Title:  Erich and Luise Mendelsohn papers  
 Dates:  1894-1992 
 Abstract:  The archive, from the estate of Luise Mendelsohn, comprises the personal correspondence and documents of the Mendelsohn family. Includes transcripts or originals of correspondence between Erich and Luise Mendelsohn (1910-1953) reflecting Erich Mendelsohn's architectural, aesthetic, and political development. Other papers concern Erich's architectural legacy and include manuscripts of Luise's unpublished autobiography and biographical notes on her husband, photographs of family life and architectural projects, microfilm copies of typescripts and drawings, audiotapes of lectures, and five drawings by Erich's students. 
 Number:  880406 
 Creator/Collector:  Mesens, E. L. T. (Edouard Léon Théodore)
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 Title:  E. L. T. Mesens papers  
 Dates:  1917-1976 (bulk 1920-1971) 
 Abstract:  E.L.T. Mesens collected, supported, and promoted the work of surrealist artists and writers. The archive comprises comprehensive documentation of the Belgian surrealist's career as gallery director, editor, publisher, critic, musician, poet, and artist. Most significant are ca. 3,500 letters (1918-1971) to and from artists, musicians, writers, dealers, and others prominent in the art world, and ca. 800 photographs documenting art that Mesens exhibited or sold. 
 Number:  920094 
 Creator/Collector:  Michelson, Annette
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 Title:  Annette Michelson papers  
 Dates:  1861-2018 (bulk 1958-2004) 
 Abstract:  The Annette Michelson papers represent the dynamic career of the American art and film critic, translator, editor, and scholar. The collection comprises correspondence, research material, writings by Michelson and others, and papers related to various conferences. Michelson's papers span her broad range of interests in avant-garde production in both contemporary art and experimental cinema. 
 Number:  2014.M.26 
 Creator/Collector:  Middeldorf, Ulrich Alexander
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 Title:  Ulrich Alexander Middeldorf papers  
 Dates:  1925-1981 
 Abstract:  German-American art historian who specialized in the areas of sculpture, bronzes, and the applied arts. The bulk of the collection consists of Middeldorf's research files: clippings and bibliographic notations about the arts, particularly sculpture, drawings, Renaissance medals, and applied arts such as costumes, textiles, furniture, and metalwork. 
 Number:  840024 
 Creator/Collector:  Mizuno Gallery
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 Title:  Mizuno Gallery records  
 Dates:  1955-2005 (bulk 1966-1988) 
 Abstract:  The Mizuno Gallery occupies an important place in the history of postwar art in Los Angeles as a venue for contemporary art from 1967 to 1984. The archive includes gallery ephemera, postcards, letters, installation shots and other photographs documenting gallerist Riko Mizuno's close relationship with the artists she exhibited, and with collectors and other art world personalities. The most extensively represented artists are Vija Celmins, Billy Al Bengston, and Henry Miller. 
 Number:  2010.M.84 
 Creator/Collector:  Morin, Felix
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 Title:  Views of the Caribbean  
 Dates:  1870s-1880s 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises 25 mounted albumen photographs taken throughout the Caribbean in the 1870s and 1880s. Locales represented include: Trinidad, Saint Vincent, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Martinique, Nevis, Saint Thomas, and Saint Kitts. Three photographs of Trinidad are signed Felix Morin in the negative. 
 Number:  97.R.50 
 Creator/Collector:  Moro, César, 1903-1956
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 Title:  César Moro papers  
 Dates:  1854-1997 (bulk 1925-1956) 
 Abstract:  The papers of Peruvian Surrealist poet and artist César Moro include notebooks, drafts of poems, manuscripts of articles, personal diaries, exhibition catalogs, photographs, and correspondence with a number of other artists of the era, including André Coyné, Benjamin Péret, Paul Éluard, Leonora Carrington, Wolfgang Paalen, and Rufino Tamayo. Also included are two collages by Moro, a watercolor by Alice Rahon [Paalen], an etching by Wolfgang Paalen, and several works by patients with mental illness at the Hospital Larco Herrera, where Moro taught art. The collection also includes books and journals from Moro's personal library. 
 Number:  980029 
 Creator/Collector:  Mother Art
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 Title:  Mother Art records  
 Dates:  1973-2017, undated 
 Abstract:  The Mother Art records document the Los Angeles collective's artistic engagement with sociopolitical concerns relating to maternity, domesticity, and women's issues through photographs, posters, ephemera, press kits, and audio and videorecordings. 
 Number:  2017.M.60 
 Creator/Collector:  Moulin, Félix Jacques
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 Title:  Félix Moulin views of Algeria,  
 Dates:  1856-1857 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises 14 photographs by Félix Jacques Moulin of the three nineteenth-century northern Algerian provinces of Algiers, Constantine, and Oran which he toured in 1856 and 1857. 
 Number:  93.R.24 
 Creator/Collector:  Mourey, Gabriel, 1865-1943
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 Title:  Gabriel Mourey letters received  
 Dates:  1887-1913 (bulk 1898-1906) 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises 31 letters and postcards sent to the French art critic Gabriel Mourey by 9 correspondents, most of them Belgian artists. An additional 20 letters are from Emile Gallé. 
 Number:  900251 
 Creator/Collector:  Mouvement lettriste
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 Title:  Lettrist movement papers  
 Dates:  1949-1988 
 Abstract:  Assorted material from the Lettrist movement, including manuscripts, printed essays and tracts, and exhibition ephemera. 
 Number:  900263 
 Creator/Collector:  Mühl, Otto
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 Title:  Otto Mühl papers  
 Dates:  circa 1918-circa 1997 
 Abstract:  The archive of Otto Mühl, co-founder and one of the main participants of Viennese Actionism, and founder of the living experiment known as the Friedrichshof Commune, includes his complete diaries and a wealth of theoretical writings about Actionism, the concept of Action Analysis, and life in a commune as an alternative model of society. Also present is his correspondence; legal documents relating to court proceedings against Mühl and other participants of Viennese Actionism; approximately 1000 negatives and contact sheets of Mühl's actions taken by the Austrian photographer Ludwig Hoffenreich; circa 165 sketchbooks with drawings and writings by Mühl; and a collection of press reviews of Viennese Actionism published in Austrian and German newspapers in the 1960s and 1970s. Also included is correspondence of Otto Mühl's family, various family documents and records, hundreds of personal photographs, and Mühl's juvenile drawings and writings. 
 Number:  2011.M.38