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Collection Inventories and Finding Aids

The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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 Creator/Collector:  F. Weber & Co.
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 Title:  F. Weber & Company, Inc. records  
 Dates:  1865-1973 
 Abstract:  Manufacturer of artists' materials, including paints, papers, and other supplies. Records contain trade catalogs and price lists, paint formula books, sample books, and business papers, trade catalogs and sample books of other companies, and lectures written and delivered by F. Weber. 
 Number:  950018 
 Creator/Collector:  Fassio, Juan (Juan Esteban)
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 Title:  Juan Fassio pataphysique collection  
 Dates:  1948-1978, undated 
 Abstract:  The pataphysique collection, compiled by Juan Esteban Fassio (1924-1980), offers a rich resource for the understanding of this movement and its ramifications outside of France. It features a wealth of correspondence with the most active members of the Collège de Pataphysique, research files, as well as a collection of rare ephemera and publications. 
 Number:  930091 
 Creator/Collector:  Feinblatt, Ebria
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 Title:  Ebria Feinblatt research papers  
 Dates:  1943-1989 
 Abstract:  Curator Ebria Feinblatt's research papers document her studies in seventeenth-century Bolognese ceiling painting and the development of quadratura illusionistic painting. The collection focuses on the work of Girolamo Curti, Domenico Maria Canuti, Angelo Michele Colonna and Agostino Mitelli, as well as their relationships with other artists and collaborators. 
 Number:  970034 
 Creator/Collector:  Fellows, Charles, Sir, 1799-1860
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 Title:  Charles Fellows correspondence  
 Dates:  1820-1879 (bulk 1839-1852) 
 Abstract:  Collection comprises drafts and handwritten copies of letters, as well as notes and inventories written and received by the British archaeologist Sir Charles Fellows (1820-1879). The letters and inventories describe Fellows's expeditions to Lycia, in present day Turkey, and most particularly, his excavation of Xanthus. Correspondence also concerns the display of Lycian artifacts at the British Museum. 
 Number:  970014 
 Creator/Collector:  Feminist Art Workers
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 Title:  Feminist Art Workers records  
 Dates:  1976-2013, undated 
 Abstract:  The archive consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual and born digital material documenting the performances, exhibitions, and administrative activities of the Feminist Art Workers. 
 Number:  2017.M.48 
 Creator/Collector:  Ferrez, Gilberto
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 Title:  Gilberto Ferrez collection of photographs of nineteenth-century Brazil  
 Dates:  1856-1940 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises almost 1,000 photographic prints from the oeuvre of the Brazilian photographer Marc Ferrez, whose work encompassed a photographic vision of imperial and early modern Brazil, as well as approximately 775 photographic prints by photographers active in Brazil from 1860 to 1940. The photographers represented include J. S. Affonso; Carlos Bippus; Fritz Büsch; Companhia Photographica Brazileira; Guilherme Gaensly; Gaensly & Lindemann; João Goston; Pedros Hees; Alberto Henschel; Revert Henrique Klumb; George Leuzinger; Guilhermo Liebenau; Augusto Malta; Augusto Militaõ de Azevedo; Mortimer; Augusto Riedel; and Stahl & Wahnschaffe. 
 Number:  92.R.14 
 Creator/Collector:  Finlay, Ian Hamilton
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 Title:  Ian Hamilton Finlay papers  
 Dates:  1948-1992 
 Abstract:  This collection details the career and work of Scottish concrete poet/artist, Ian Hamilton Finlay. It includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, garden designs, photographs, project files, clippings, catalogs, and other materials related to his work, his family, colleagues, friends, and the controversies that surrounded him. Materials collected by Simon Cutts, publisher of the Coracle Press. 
 Number:  890144 
 Creator/Collector:  Fischer, Ernst O. E.
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 Title:  Ernst O. E. Fischer collection of Max Ernst prints  
 Dates:  1912-1974 
 Abstract:  A collection of prints by leading Dada and Surrealist artist, Max Ernst, assembled by Ernst O.E. Fischer and comprising 164 sheets. Approximately 66 additional pieces in bound books are now part of the Library's core collection. It constitutes a comprehensive selection of the artist's graphic oeuvre and includes a number of unique examples. 
 Number:  P900001 
 Creator/Collector:  Fisher, Robert B., 1919-2004
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 Title:  Robert B. Fisher Collection of Views of Europe  
 Dates:  circa 1850-circa 1920 
 Abstract:  A collection of glass and paper stereographs, glass lantern slides, photographic prints (single and mounted in an album) and photomechanically illustrated travel booklets, primarily depicting European sites and cities, together with some genre scenes and a few non-European views. 
 Number:  94.R.30 
 Creator/Collector:  Fitchen, John
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 Title:  John Fitchen papers  
 Dates:  1927-1989 
 Abstract:  American architect and architectural historian. Most of the research materials relate to three of Fitchen's books: Construction of Gothic Cathedrals, The New World Dutch Barn, and Building Construction Before Mechanization. Other papers include designs, drawings, and sketchbooks, as well as correspondence with numerous architectural historians, primarily on the subject of medieval architecture. 
 Number:  910018 
 Creator/Collector:  Folgore, Luciano, 1888-1966
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 Title:  Luciano Folgore papers  
 Dates:  1890-1966 
 Abstract:  A comprehensive collection of materials tracing the career and work of prolific Futurist writer, Luciano Folgore, covering his involvement in that movement as well as his later pioneering work in Italian children's radio and television. The archive comprises a large volume of his manuscripts of poetry, theater, and prose, in addition to correspondence, clippings, photographs, books, and other printed and related matter. 
 Number:  910141 
 Creator/Collector:  Ford, Charles Henri
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 Title:  Charles Henri Ford papers  
 Dates:  1906-1989 (bulk 1939-1989) 
 Abstract:  American poet, playwright, painter, and publisher. The Charles Henri Ford archive contains correspondence, manuscripts, ephemera, art works, and newspaper clippings relating to himself, his companion, Pavel Tchelitchew, and a large circle of friends, artists, and literary figures. 
 Number:  900194 
 Creator/Collector:  Ford, Francis Clare, 1828-1899
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 Title:  Album de vistas y costumbres de la provincia de Buenos Aires  
 Dates:  1844-1878 
 Abstract:  An album containing 77 photographs and 20 pencil tracings, compiled by the British diplomat Francis Clare Ford during his first posting to Buenos Aires in 1866. Included among the photographs are three joined panoramas of the city; views of the city's monuments and buildings; scenic views of the surrounding pampas and genre scenes depicting life on the pampas; and portraits of gauchos and indigenous peoples. There are also 20 sheets of pencil tracings made from León Palliere's depictions of life in the Argentine countryside taken from his Album Palliere, escenas americanas. 
 Number:  2016.R.39 
 Creator/Collector:  Fotocelere Coloniale
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 Title:  Fotocelere Coloniale, Asmara and the roads of Eritrea  
 Dates:  between 1930 and 1955 
 Abstract:  The album of 110 photographs taken by Fotocelere Coloniale in the 1930s documents the roads built between Asmara, the newly-designated capitol of the Italian colony of Eritrea, and the country's other major cities as part of the infrastructure built by the fascist regime to bolster the growth of the manufacture of commodities such as buttons, cooking oil, pasta, construction materials, meat, tobacco, hide, and other household goods. Also included are 20 loose snapshots taken at a later date by an amateur photographer who was in the region in the late-1940s or early-1950s. 
 Number:  2015.R.8 
 Creator/Collector:  Francis, Sam, 1923-1994
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 Title:  Sam Francis papers  
 Dates:  1916-2010 (bulk 1950-1994) 
 Abstract:  California born artist Sam Francis was a second generation Abstract Expressionist painter who incorporated influences of Jungian psychology, Buddhism, and Japanese aesthetics into the urban and angst-ridden painting style of the New York School. After living abroad in Paris and Japan, he settled in Los Angeles, where he founded a fine art print press, the Litho Shop, a book press, Lapis Press, and painted prolifically until his death in 1994. The papers document his exhibitions, business ventures, friendships, five marriages, and childhood. 
 Number:  2004.M.8 
 Creator/Collector:  Frank Brothers
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 Title:  Frank Brothers records  
 Dates:  1929-2005 
 Abstract:  The Frank Brothers records contain material from the Frank Brothers furniture company, an influential, Long Beach, California-based organization, active between 1930 and 1982, credited with defining and promoting mid-century modern furniture design on the West Coast. 
 Number:  2009.M.19 
 Creator/Collector:  Fredericks, Claude
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 Title:  Banyan Press archive  
 Dates:  1946-1986 
 Abstract:  Small press founded in 1946 by Claude Fredericks. Archive comprises a complete set of the publications, primarily poetry, and other printed matter from The Banyan Press and Claude Fredericks (1946-1986). Also includes related correspondence, manuscripts, account books, and reviews. 
 Number:  900230A 
 Creator/Collector:  Fredericks, Claude
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 Title:  Claude Fredericks papers  
 Dates:  circa 1850-1988 (bulk 1941-1988) 
 Abstract:  Personal papers of the American dramatist, poet, and teacher. Includes his literary writings (1933-1940), notebooks (1945-1988), lecture notes for literature classes taught at Bennington College (1961-1988), letters received (1944-1988), and printed ephemera documenting plays, concerts and exhibits attended (1950-1988), and travel (1944-1988). Photographs portray family (circa 1850-1964) and friends, writers, artists, dancers, and musicians. 
 Number:  900230B 
 Creator/Collector:  French & Company (New York, N.Y.)
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 Title:  French & Company records  
 Dates:  1910-1998 (bulk 1950-1960) 
 Abstract:  The French & Company records document some of the activities of the art dealership and primarily date from the period of Spencer Samuels's directorship, ca. 1950-1960. Papers relate to legal and business operations, financial matters, the board of directors, business deals, artwork sales, exhibitions, and publicity for the firm. 
 Number:  990051 
 Creator/Collector:  French & Company (New York, N.Y.)
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 Title:  French & Company stock sheets and ledgers  
 Dates:  1909-1968 
 Abstract:  Stock sheets, stock books, ledgers, and assorted papers document the objects, primarily decorative arts pieces, bought and sold by the New York art dealer, French & Company, between 1909 and 1968. 
 Number:  840027 
 Creator/Collector:  Freuler, D.
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 Title:  D. Freuler, Holyrood, 124, avenue de Wagram, Paris  
 Dates:  circa 1870-1879 
 Abstract:  The album of twenty albumen photographs by D. Freuler documents Holyrood, an opulent Parisian townhouse on Avenue de Wagram designed by Charles des Anges, that was home to Marie Sinclair, Lady Caithness and duchesse de Pomár, the second wife of James Sinclair, Earl of Caithness. 
 Number:  90.R.72 
 Creator/Collector:  Friedman, Yona
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 Title:  Yona Friedman papers  
 Dates:  1956-2006 
 Abstract:  The Yona Friedman papers contain manuscripts, sketches and drawings, and photographs and slides documenting the broad intellectual activity of this visionary architect and planner. In his primary role as a theoretician, Friedman was a key participant in many of the defining architectural discussions of the second half of the twentieth century, including topics such as megastructures, prefabrication and modular construction, adaptability and participatory design. 
 Number:  2008.M.51