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Collection Inventories and Finding Aids

The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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181Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute Librarian Anne-Mieke Halbrook Records  
 Dates:  1971-2000, undated 
 Abstract:  Records comprise correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes and other administrative files dating from 1971 to 2000 pertaining to the work of Anne-Mieke Halbrook, Chief Librarian. The records provide insight to the administrative and resource development of the library at the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities (GCHAH) and its successor, the Getty Research Institute, as well as early projects the Research Library participated in, such as the Retrospective Reconversion Project. 
 Number:  IA60001 
182Creator/Collector:  Le Pautre, Jean, 1618-1682
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 Title:  Jean Le Pautre etchings  
 Dates:  ca. 1650-1750 
 Abstract:  This collection consists of 502 etchings after Le Pautre's own compositions, some published during his lifetime and some republished late. The etchings include historical, mythological, and biblical scenes, exterior and interior architecture, furniture, ornament, and trophies. From Theodore Besterman's collection. 
 Number:  P830001 
183Creator/Collector:  Della Bella, Stefano, 1610-1664
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 Title:  Stefano Della Bella etchings  
 Dates:  circa 1642-1650 
 Abstract:  Four suites of etchings by Stefano della Bella, comprising 35 prints. Primarily decorative, they depict genre scenes of people and animals (in rural settings), fantastic vases, panels of grotesques, and the Medici Villa Demidoff and its gardens near Florence. 
 Number:  P830003 
184Creator/Collector:  Hooghe, Romeyn de, 1645-1708
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 Title:  Romeyn de Hooghe etchings  
 Dates:  1667-ca.1700 
 Abstract:  Collection contains 59 prints on 67 sheets. Some are signed by Romeyn de Hooghe, some are attributed to him, and several are in his style or copied after him. Most relate to contemporary political, historical events and figures in Europe, and depict elaborate scenes with many details of costume, settings and objects. 
 Number:  P850001 
185Creator/Collector:  Goldberg, Donald
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 Title:  Donald Goldberg collection of French caricature  
 Dates:  1830-1853 
 Abstract:  A collection, assembled by Donald Goldberg, comprised entirely of 19th century French lithographs designed by two artists known by their pseudonyms, Paul Gavarni and Grandville, and featuring political and social caricature. 
 Number:  P890001 
186Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Italian theater prints  
 Dates:  circa 1550-1983 
 Abstract:  The Italian theater prints collection documents the development of stage design, or scenography, the architecture of theaters, and the iconography of commedia dell'arte characters and masks. 
 Number:  P980004 
187Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute
Sutnar, Ladislav
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 Title:  Getty Research Institute collection of Ladislav Sutnar papers,  
 Dates:  1897-1976 
 Abstract:  This finding aid describes five separate collections related to Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976), a pioneer of modern design, acquired by the Getty Research Institute (GRI) from 1991 to 2013. The archives document Sutnar's work in the areas of graphic design, product design and exhibition design in his native Czechoslovakia and in the United States. 
 Number:  Sutnar 
188Creator/Collector:  Middeldorf, Ulrich Alexander, 1901-1983 ·
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 Title:  Ulrich Alexander Middeldorf study photographs of sculpture and minor arts ·  
 Dates:  1925-1980 
 Abstract:  The study photographs of Ulrich Alexander Middeldorf, a German-American art historian, provide insight into how his work was conceived and organized. His principal publications concerned Tuscan sculptors of the quattrocento as well as bronzes, medals, and plaquettes. He was director of the Art Institute of Chicago, and, in Florence, served as director and librarian of the Kunsthistorisches Institute and director of the Longhi Institute. 
 Number:  83.P.3 
189Creator/Collector:  Palanti, Mario
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 Title:  Mario Palanti architectural records, Montevideo, Uruguay  
 Dates:  1919-1946 
 Abstract:  These papers of Mario Palanti (1885-1979) primarily document the planning and construction of the Palacio Salvo in Montevideo, Uruguay, as well as his dry masonry technique known as "palandomus." 
 Number:  910002 
190Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  DDR collections,  
 Dates:  1928-1993, (bulk 1950-1993) 
 Abstract:  The DDR collections, assembled from individual artists' and scholars' papers, chronicle the evolution of a national cultural policy in East German visual arts, art history, and architecture, through forty years of German Socialism. Well represented are the activities of the Union of Visual Artists (Verband Bildender Künstler, or VBK), the organization of its congresses and art exhibitions, and the editorial agendas of its journal Bildende Kunst. Also represented is the creation of a socialist history of German art, with a corresponding curriculum. Lastly, the collection documents activities of the Central Working Group for Architecture and Visual Arts (ZAG/AbK), whose responsibilities included architectural and urban policy. The DDR collections contain scant testimony of East Germany's alternative culture, prominent in the 1989 uprising. Rather the documents reflect official culture and the use of art as a medium for domestic propaganda. 
 Number:  940002 
191Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Portraits of performers  
 Dates:  1870-1951, undated (bulk 1870-1935) 
 Abstract:  The collection comprises 385 studio portraits dating from the 1870s to the 1930s of variety show artists including vaudeville, burlesque, minstrel and stage performers. The card-mounted portraits, primarily cabinet cards, depict sketch, character and comedic actors; singers; dancers; acrobats; gymnasts; contortionists; clowns; acrobatic cyclists; jugglers; aerialists and trapeze and wire artists; ventriloquists; minstrel singers and players; comedians; male and female impersonators; strongmen and strongwomen; show riders and other performers hailing from and photographed across Europe, the United States, Egypt, and Latin America. 
 Number:  2014.R.4 
192Creator/Collector:  Mesens, E. L. T. (Edouard Léon Théodore)
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 Title:  E. L. T. Mesens papers  
 Dates:  1917-1976 (bulk 1920-1971) 
 Abstract:  E.L.T. Mesens collected, supported, and promoted the work of surrealist artists and writers. The archive comprises comprehensive documentation of the Belgian surrealist's career as gallery director, editor, publisher, critic, musician, poet, and artist. Most significant are ca. 3,500 letters (1918-1971) to and from artists, musicians, writers, dealers, and others prominent in the art world, and ca. 800 photographs documenting art that Mesens exhibited or sold. 
 Number:  920094 
193Creator/Collector:  Rosenberg, Harold
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 Title:  Harold Rosenberg papers  
 Dates:  1923-1984 
 Abstract:  American art critic who developed the concept of "action painting" to describe the work of New York School painters such as De Kooning and Pollock. In 1967 Rosenberg became the regular art reviewer for The New Yorker. The papers offer a comprehensive view of his professional life from the early 1930s until his death in 1978, with the greatest portion of material from the 1960s and 1970s. 
 Number:  980048 
194Creator/Collector:  Reichardt, Jasia
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 Title:  Jasia Reichardt correspondence  
 Dates:  1956-1987 
 Abstract:  Jasia Reichardt correspondence, 1956-1987, consists mainly of correspondence between artists, writers, and Reichardt from 1965 to 1975 when she was Assistant Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, and Director of the Whitechapel Gallery. 
 Number:  890143 
195Creator/Collector:  Association Connaissance de l'histoire de l'Afrique contemporaine
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 Title:  ACHAC collection  
 Dates:  1880-ca. 1975 
 Abstract:  A consortium of scholars and researchers devoted to exploring and promoting discussion of race, iconography, and the colonial and post-colonial periods of Africa and Europe. The ACHAC collection documents the influence of French colonialism, both on Africa and on France itself, as represented in images produced and distributed through the media of French popular culture as well as in the personal photographs of European residents of the African colonies. Some materials concern Belgian and German colonies. 
 Number:  970031 
196Creator/Collector:  Pecci Blunt, Anna Laetitia
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 Title:  Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt print collection of views of Rome  
 Dates:  1589-circa 1860 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of 97 prints of views of the city of Rome, dating 1589 to circa 1860, from the library of collector, gallerist, philanthropist and patron of the arts, Countess Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt. 
 Number:  P850003 
197Creator/Collector:  Hopkins, Henry
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 Title:  Henry Hopkins papers  
 Dates:  1950-2005 
 Abstract:  The selected papers of curator, teacher, and museum director, Henry Hopkins, document his teaching at the University of California, Los Angeles, some of the exhibitions he curated, and his directorship at the Fort Worth Art Center Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Armand Hammer Museum of Art. 
 Number:  2006.M.1 
198Creator/Collector:  Boccioni, Umberto
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 Title:  Umberto Boccioni papers  
 Dates:  1898-1986 
 Abstract:  The papers contain manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, photographs, clippings, ephemera, and other material by and about the Futurist artist and theoretician. The collection is especially representative of his Futurist period (1910-1915), and includes a number of essays, most of which were collected in the book, Pittura scultura futuriste (Dinamismo Plastico), as well as a compendium of articles regarding the 1985 show, Boccioni a Venezia. 
 Number:  880380 
199Creator/Collector:  Hall, Manly P. (Manly Palmer)
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 Title:  Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts  
 Dates:  1500-1825 
 Abstract:  A collection of 243 manuscripts detailing the arts of Alchemy, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, and Masonry, gathered by Manly Palmer Hall, author and researcher in the realms of mysticism and the occult. 
 Number:  950053 
200Creator/Collector:  F. Weber & Co.
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 Title:  F. Weber & Company, Inc. records  
 Dates:  1865-1973 
 Abstract:  Manufacturer of artists' materials, including paints, papers, and other supplies. Records contain trade catalogs and price lists, paint formula books, sample books, and business papers, trade catalogs and sample books of other companies, and lectures written and delivered by F. Weber. 
 Number:  950018 
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