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The Special Collections and Institutional Archives departments create finding aids for the Getty Research Institute's archival and visual resource collections and for a few historical records of the J. Paul Getty Trust. A "finding aid" describes the scope and contents of a group of records and provides an inventory of materials within the records.

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101Creator/Collector:  Folgore, Luciano, 1888-1966
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 Title:  Luciano Folgore papers  
 Dates:  1890-1966 
 Abstract:  A comprehensive collection of materials tracing the career and work of prolific Futurist writer, Luciano Folgore, covering his involvement in that movement as well as his later pioneering work in Italian children's radio and television. The archive comprises a large volume of his manuscripts of poetry, theater, and prose, in addition to correspondence, clippings, photographs, books, and other printed and related matter. 
 Number:  910141 
102Creator/Collector:  Bontempelli, Massimo, 1878-1960
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 Title:  Massimo Bontempelli papers  
 Dates:  1865-1991 
 Abstract:  This collection details the creative output and life story of Italian writer and composer Massimo Bontempelli (1878-1960) through extensive correspondence and photographs (bulk 1920-1960), manuscripts, typescripts, drafts, clippings, and other media, a fair representation of his novels, plays, short stories, essays, lectures, reviews, and musical compositions, as well as documents about his personal relationships. It also contains papers of Giosuè Borsi, and Paola Masino. 
 Number:  910147 
103Creator/Collector:  Eckstein, Hans, 1898-
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 Title:  Hans Eckstein research files  
 Dates:  1897-1984 (bulk 1920-1984) 
 Abstract:  This collection reflects the major research interests of German scholar, Hans Eckstein, from archaeology to architectural history, including historic preservation, the rebuilding of post-World War II German cities, exhibitions, and museums, as well as his large circle of colleagues and friends. Materials include primarily correspondence and manuscripts, but also clippings, publications, and photographs. 
 Number:  910156 
104Creator/Collector:  Kurtz, Charles M. (Charles McMeen), 1855-1909
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 Title:  Charles M. Kurtz archive  
 Dates:  1870-1910 
 Abstract:  American art critic, editor, collector, dealer, and director of numerous arts organizations and expositions. Collection documents Kurtz's prominent role as arts administrator, and patron and promoter of the arts, and includes letters from notable figures in the late 19th- and early 20th-century art world, manuscripts, printed ephemera, and notebooks. 
 Number:  910163 
105Creator/Collector:  Rudofsky, Bernard, 1905-1988
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 Title:  Bernard Rudofsky papers  
 Dates:  ca. 1910-1987 
 Abstract:  Architect, exhibition organizer, and architectural theorist. Rudofsky's working papers consist of 56 notebooks with writings and drawings; magazine articles; magazine cover designs; ca. 150 drawings in watercolor, pencil, and crayon; plans, sketches, and photographs of his building projects in Brazil, Italy, and the United States; illustrated lectures; photographs of exhibition installations organized by Rudofsky; and examples of fashion designs. Also included are 33 travel notebooks (1948-1984) with many drawings, and ca. 5,500 color slides and ca. 125 black and white photographs taken during his travels. 
 Number:  920004 
106Creator/Collector:  Getty Research Institute. Research Library
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 Title:  Assorted papers relating to Bauhaus designers  
 Dates:  1919-1984 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of assembled material from the Bauhaus years of 1919-1933, as well as material influenced by Bauhaus designers up to 1984. Includes photographic prints, typescripts, offprints and publications, original graphics, clippings, sketches and drawings, weavings, curricula, and correspondence. 
 Number:  920020 
107Creator/Collector:  Lorant, Stefan, 1901-1997
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 Title:  Stefan Lorant collection  
 Dates:  ca. 1869-1993 (bulk 1920-1992) 
 Abstract:  A founder of modern pictorial journalism. Photographic documentation collected by Lorant represents German history from the Bismarck era to the Nuremberg Trials (ca. 1871-1946). A smaller portion of the collection consists of stills from Lorant's silent films and personal photographs of himself, his friends, and family. Extensive correspondence from his American years primarily concerns book projects. 
 Number:  920024 
108Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Minimal and Conceptual Art Documents  
 Dates:  1969-1989 
 Abstract:  An assembled collection of visual and written documentation, including correspondence and artists' statements, and photographs and drawings relating to gallery installations, sculptural pieces, conceptual pieces, land art, and performances. Includes artists' letters to German critic and editor Werner Lippert and Galleria Toselli in Milan, and materials pertaining to the exhibition Prospect 69 (Dusseldorf, 1969). Includes letters from artists and gallery owners to Konrad Fischer, and some Fluxus printed ephemera. 
 Number:  920025 
109Creator/Collector:  Schwarz, Heinrich, 1894-1974
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 Title:  Heinrich Schwarz papers  
 Dates:  1894-1974 
 Abstract:  Art historian, born in Prague. Manuscripts, correspondence, and printed materials related to Schwarz's research, writings, curatorial work, and teaching about photography, photography's relationship to art, the iconology of the mirror and the owl, and Austrian art, as well as optical phenomenon. Much material relates to Schwarz's popular work, D. O. Hill: Master of Photography. 
 Number:  920033 
110Creator/Collector:  Keller, Harald, 1903-1989
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 Title:  Harald Keller papers  
 Dates:  1929-1990 
 Abstract:  German art historian and teacher (1903-1989). Lecture notes, correspondence, and manuscripts compiled during Keller's 35-year academic career cover major periods and works in the history of art and architecture. Papers include research notes and annotated copies of several Keller publications, including his dissertation. The correspondence documents Keller's relationships with numerous art historians, including Richard Krautheimer, Christoph Frommel, Hans Sedlmayr, L.H. Heydenreich, K. Müller, Ulrich Middeldorf, and Rudolf Wittkower. 
 Number:  920043 
111Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Caricatures of salons and artists  
 Dates:  1785-1910 
 Abstract:  Caricatures of salons and artists, 1785-1910 Approximately 720 caricatures, most taken from French journals, but also some prints and original drawings. Items parody various aspects of French culture: the Parisian salons and other art exhibitions; current events and society; and art, literary, and political figures. 
 Number:  920048 
112Creator/Collector:  Eisenman, Peter, 1932-
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 Title:  Peter Eisenman architectural drawings for House VI  
 Dates:  1972 
 Abstract:  Sixty-three architectural drawings in pencil, pen and marker on paper document the design development of House VI, one of Peter Eisenman's most important early polemical designs. Commissioned by Suzanne and Dick Frank, it was designed and built in 1972-1975, in Cornwall, Connecticut. All the drawings in this collection date from 1972. 
 Number:  920049 
113Creator/Collector:  Raphael, Max, 1889-1952
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 Title:  Max Raphael papers  
 Dates:  1931-1990 
 Abstract:  Modernist art historian, born in Poland (1889), died in the United States (1952). Papers contain approximately 6 linear feet of manuscripts (many unpublished) on philosophy, artists and art (ancient, medieval and modern), the sociology of art, architects and architecture, as well as the natural sciences, literature and Marxism. Correspondence among his disciple Ilse Hirschfeld, his wife, Emma Raphael, Claude Schaefer, his literary executor and disciple, and publishers, editors, students, and scholars documents the efforts to translate, interpret, and publish his writings after his death. These letters, many of which are copies transcribed by Hirschfeld, primarily date between 1952-1989 and number over 2,000. In addition there are ca. 50 postcards, telegrams and letters from Max Raphael to Ilse Hirschfeld, 1932 and 1952. Forty-four reels of microfilm contain copies of the Raphael papers in the Germanishes Nationalmuseum, Nuremburg. 
 Number:  920050 
114Creator/Collector:  Jastrow, Elisabeth
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 Title:  Elisabeth Jastrow papers  
 Dates:  1870-1971 (bulk 1916-1965) 
 Abstract:  The Elisabeth Jastrow papers document the life and scholarship of this émigré archaeologist who left Germany due to the anti-Semitic policies of the Third Reich. The archive contains personal and professional correspondence, unpublished manuscripts, extensive research notes and photographic documentation on terracotta arulae from Magna Grecia, and teaching notes, as well as material related to her father, Ignaz Jastrow. 
 Number:  920062 
115Creator/Collector:  Horn, Walter William, 1908-1995
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 Title:  Walter Horn papers  
 Dates:  1917-1989 
 Abstract:  Research archive of the art historian Walter William Horn (1908-1995) comprises manuscripts, field notes, drawings, correspondence, publications, blueprints, photographs, slides, and negatives compiled during Horn’s research of medieval timber-framed vernacular structures such as barns, halls, churches, and hospitals in England, France, and the Lowlands. Horn used much of this material in works written with his frequent collaborator, the architect Ernest Born. 
 Number:  920087 
116Creator/Collector:  Born, Ernest, 1898-
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 Title:  Ernest Born architectural drawings of medieval aisled timber halls  
 Dates:  ca. 1944-ca. 1981 
 Abstract:  Architect and professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Architectural drawings document English, French, and Dutch and Belgian vernacular buildings of the 13th and 14th centuries, including churches, tithe barns, manor halls, hospitals, and market halls. 
 Number:  920089 
117Creator/Collector:  Unidentified
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 Title:  Middle Eastern and North African Portraits  
 Dates:  circa 1860-circa 1889 
 Abstract:  Studio portraits or other posed shots of indigenous Middle Eastern and North African individuals, produced for a European audience. 
 Number:  93.R.31 
118Creator/Collector:  Poupard-Lieussou, Y. (Yves)
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 Title:  Yves Poupard-Lieussou correspondence and collected papers on Dada and Surrealism  
 Dates:  1905-1984 (bulk 1956-1979) 
 Abstract:  French scholar of Dada and surrealism, and vice president of the Association pour l'Étude de Dada et du Surréalisme. Collection consists of correspondence received by Poupard-Lieussou from artists, writers, publishers, critics, and scholars, mainly 1956-1979. Includes bio-bibliographic notes, drawings, photographs, printed materials, and manuscripts (some unpublished or rare texts) given to Poupard by his correspondents or sometimes hand-copied by himself. 
 Number:  930004 
119Creator/Collector:  Oldeberg, Andreas, b.1892
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 Title:  Andreas Oldeberg papers  
 Dates:  circa 1940-1975 
 Abstract:  Authority on ancient Scandinavian metalwork and metallurgy. The Andreas Oldeberg papers are comprised of research data for metal artifacts from Sweden dating from the Bronze Age through the Middle Ages, as well as a small amount of analysis relating to these objects. 
 Number:  930009 
120Creator/Collector:  Steindl, Josef
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 Title:  Josef Steindl furniture design  
 Dates:  1888-1928 
 Abstract:  Architect and professor at the Royal Technical School for Woodworking in Wal. Mesertitsch, and a noted designer of modern, functional furniture in the 20th century. Steindl designed primarily bentwood and metal tubular furniture. He was, however, also a master of historical furniture styles as seen in his work of the 1880s and 1890s and in the ornamentation for his bentwood pieces. Collection comprises 315 original drawings and 571 photographic prints of furniture designs by Steindl, many in historical styles of the 1890s. 
 Number:  930025 
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